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FAQ: Configuration

How to use a different ASG language pack

Starting from the release 2.1.5, ASP Stats Generator translation is default to English. Read the following instructions if you want to switch to an other language.

  1. Place the language file in the /myasg/languages folder. The default ASG package is shipped with a few translations including English and Italian. You can always create your own copying the file /myasg/languages/english.asp and translating all available strings. Please consider [http://forums.weppos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19 to share it] once completed.

  2. Open the file /myasg/config.asp and search for the line

    %><!--#include file="languages/english.asp" --><%
  3. Replace the inclusion with your own translation file.

    %><!--#include file="languages/italiano.asp" --><%
  4. Save the changes.