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FAQ: Errors and Troubleshooting

ASG doesn't track any record

If your instance of ASP Stats Generator is not tracking any record, there can be more than one explanation and, off course, for each explanation there's a valid solution. However, it's impossible to provide a specific solution before being able to know exactly what is the error that causes ASG to now work correctly.

To know something more about the issue load the file count.asp in your browser and read the error message. For instance, assuming ASP Stats Generator is installed at http://localhost/myasg/, then open http://localhost/myasg/count.asp.

Here's an example of an error message.

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'
Operation must use an updateable query.
/myasg/count.asp, line 412 

Read the error message and fix the problem. If you can't figure out the problem yourself, search the [ASG error forum|http://forums.weppos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18]. Probably someone else fell into your same problem and solved it.

The page is displaying a broken image

ASP Stats Generator uses an image to pass client side parameters to the server side tracking engine. If for some reason a server side error occurred, the script stops and a fails to redirect to the image source causing a broken image to be displayed in the HTML page.

If for some reason this happens you need to figure out the reason of the error following the instructions in the previous FAQ.

I installed two ASG instances on the same domain but they conflict each other

To improve loading performances and reduce the number of database queries, ASP Stats Generator stores configuration settings into a number of ASP Application variables. Because variables doesn't contain an unique prefix, installing multiple instances on the same domain (or multiple domains sharing the same IIS application pool) will cause conflicts.

This is a known bug and a ticket has already been filed.

Nevertheless a workaround exists. Learn more about [how to install multiple ASP Stats Generator instances on the same domain|faq-installation].