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@LittleHuba LittleHuba released this Nov 11, 2019

This is a new minor release of Xournal++.

Important notice: From this release onward, the 1.0.x series will be in maintenance mode and will only receive bugfixes. For new features (but potentially breaking changes), use the master branch.

Windows users: the installer provided below may not work correctly (see #1600). We are currently looking into a fix.

  • Fixed currently editing textboxes not exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed line tool breaking when snap-to-grid is disabled.
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@LittleHuba LittleHuba released this Oct 15, 2019

This is a new minor release of Xournal++ that fixes a serious bug in version 1.0.14.

Attention: Please see the 1.0.14 patch notes before installing this version.

Known serious bugs: The line tool with grid snap disabled does not render correctly (#1580).

  • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting strokes would crash the program.
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@Technius Technius released this Oct 12, 2019 · 206 commits to master since this release

This is a new minor release of Xournal++ that includes many bugfixes as well as some quality-of-life enhancements and new experimental features.

Attention: users who installed with make install will need to follow special instructions to update. See the "Breaking change" section of

Known serious bugs: Pasting strokes will cause a crash. A new minor release will fix this bug shortly.

The summary of changes is listed below. For the full changelog, see For a list of all issues and PRs related to 1.0.14, see the 1.0.14 milestone.

  • Text field bugfixes
  • Latex tool enhancements
  • Image tool bugfixes
  • Misc quality-of-life enhancements
  • New experimental floating toolbox
  • Improved input handling, bugfixes
  • Updated preferences window
  • Fixed some crashing issues
  • Refactoring and other non-user visible changes
  • Other misc features and bugfixes
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  • nightly
  • 7a728c6
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  • nightly
  • 7a728c6
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@Technius Technius released this Sep 1, 2019 · 458 commits to 4798e251f0a75c1e0a8c5356814b25a2e687b0a1 since this release

Automated nightly build for Xournal++ 1.1.0


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  • 967abf7 Merge pull request #1697 from Febbe/master
  • dc0e1e1 fixup release pipeline
  • c408957 Short fixup attempt of the release pipeline
  • 0fb1388 add more requested changes to spline tool
  • 4d81e4a moving and deleting of last circled vertex added
  • c79ff94 add more requested changes
  • e18af1d Merge pull request #1687 from Febbe/clang-tidy-identifier-naming
  • eb50c1e add requested changes to spline tool
  • 80b9f70 add basic spline tool
  • 0c9a515 adjusted formatting
  • 3c5db47 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 8052bee Merge pull request #1684 from Febbe/modernize_formating_applied
  • 0056b32 Merge pull request #1682 from Febbe/modernize_formating
  • bf3c63f applied formatting
  • 8b8a71c clang-format-file
  • 802bc13 update clang-format to current stable version
  • 6b5de78 Merge pull request #1675 from StatErik/zoom_input_fix [ #1668 ]
  • f2f6979 zoom input fix
  • 578f436 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • e39414a Merge pull request #1663 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • 7597251 Upgraded gcc version on the linux build chain to v9.2.1.
  • a8bc96a refactor the portaudio integration
  • 4bca599 Merge pull request #1678 from MrMallIronmaker/goto-fix
  • ec8a2c7 minor formatting changes to make clang happy
  • 397ba4d replace accelerator for activate_default
  • a66c5b6 Merge pull request #1676 from ChiDal/master
  • c0892f3 Update
  • 6726c65 Fix #1667 by updating icon path for most dialogs
  • 6e27963 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 6786f48 Merge pull request #1653 from Technius/issue-1637
  • 97eb788 Fix sidebar preview menu Move Up/Down not disabled on first/last page
  • ec7fbae Update translation template [skip ci]
  • f43fa36 Fix #1651: null pointer dereference in pen input handling
  • 831d677 Merge pull request #1634 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • b708c89 Manually fixed google checks
  • 3415e6b Update translation template [skip ci]
  • a798e7d Merge pull request #1650 from MuTaTeD/master
  • 3f7970b Image Insert Crash Resolved
  • 48b5dab Merge pull request #1641 from pbirkants/fix-debuild
  • ea0eee1 Merge pull request #1640 from pbirkants/fix-deb-package-name
  • 0789368 Fix dh_auto_build command
  • b9f8578 Override CMake package name
  • fabe9e1 New Crowdin translations (#1605)
  • 1fcd79c Update translation template [skip ci]
  • c3f45b8 Merge pull request #1633 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • f63991b include system headers as system headers
  • 83c143b fixup clang-tidy file to not report on GTK macros definitions
  • 0d3704d Merge pull request #1630 from matepak/master
  • 364748f Update translation template [skip ci]
  • a8ea671 Merge pull request #1624 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • e770382 fix obvious regression
  • 616b390 Fixed test for modifiers keys
  • 0b26e45 Add tar package to Windows Build instructions [ #1623 ]
  • df7efd6 Merge pull request #1626 from matepak/master [ #1583 ]
  • fd7c237 Fix #1583 Can't bold when Caps Lock is enabled
  • f2bdff9 clang-format fixup
  • 985d094 clang-tidy applied everything in .clang-tidy file,
  • 7e36e8f clang-tidy hicpp-*
  • 4ee8fa4 clang-tidy google-*
  • 6af347b clang-tidy cppcoreguidelines-*
  • 95cec85 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 8b54787 Merge pull request #1620 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • 62fb7df Fix clean builds failing due to translations (closes #1604)
  • 0833f58 misc-* only fixups
  • da1160d Merge pull request #1613 from LittleHuba/fix_current_page
  • 4cf542b apply clang-tidy performance-*
  • 6c2b7a7 Reintroduce algorithm to select current page when scroll changes
  • c00660b Fix arrow tip scaling with length + coordinate system draw direction
  • 53f47fd Finish poll and update with results
  • 9f8537f Fix path in Mac pipeline
  • 52acc26 Merge pull request #1603 from xournalpp/LittleHuba-fix-macOS
  • b4e9da8 Increase reliability of MacOS pipeline
  • 9df5af0 Switch to Xournal++ provided Debian Docker image
  • 84e7ba5 Merge pull request #1558 from xournalpp/clean_repo
  • c83fcc2 New Crowdin translations (#1581)
  • 9ee8acd Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 621913d Merge pull request #1599 from Technius/new-versioning
  • ecb62bc Update versioning and changelog
  • 07d35b6 Merge pull request #1602 from andreasb242/debian-build
  • b1a10a8 Try to fix debian build
  • c2bfdf3 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 07f04c3 Merge pull request #1589 from Febbe/apply_clang_tidy
  • ac58350 clang-format 8 and 10 differ...
  • eeca675 Apply clang format for HEAD~40
  • a2e98f4 clang-tidy init
  • 19bc485 Initial commit of clang-tidy cleanups with nearly all modernize-* flags
  • 7897992 Add notice for rendering poll to Readme
  • 006473e Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 225fb14 Merge pull request #1574 from Technius/issue-1573
  • c98caf1 Fix #1580
  • 865c8b8 Fix audio playback failure not showing message to user
  • c533ab9 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • ef5976a Merge pull request #1577 from y2kmurali/master
  • 79e49c3 Merge pull request #1590 from xournalpp/pr-freeze/master
  • f3828e2 Merge pull request #1547 from Febbe/pr-freeze/clang-tidy
  • 7690114 Merge pull request #1545 from st4ll1/remove_arrayiterator
  • ab1af77 Performance and stile fixes
  • 8e8d971 refactor Point
  • 9727aff Merge pull request #1584 from Maniform/patch-1
  • ff694be Update fr_FR.po
  • a3e8901 Merge pull request #1579 from xournalpp/l10n_master
  • f305de6 New translations Polish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 980b4c7 Fix textbox issues when exporting pdf
  • 8787163 Merge pull request #1576 from doraeric/master
  • e2cdcb2 update traditional Chinese translation
  • f2535dd Merge pull request #1540 from Technius/issue-1401
  • 1e0cbc7 fix up
  • c186ca0 [skip ci] Merge pull request #1567 from nodeg/master
  • 3162e01 Refactor DoubleArrayAttribute to use std::vector
  • 81519f5 fix CircleRecognizer
  • 5516e9e clang format
  • fd189b1 add missing include
  • f4b7a4f add small documentation for for_first_then_each
  • b4217ce use begin(), remove unused pointer
  • 202ab89 improve xournalview changes
  • 2d83b7e Stroke improvements
  • 81e09ab ToolHandler change improvement
  • 0638344 run clang format
  • 5ef275d remove Arrayiterator from XournalView
  • 2283224 remove Arrayiterator from stroke
  • 3c44f90 remove Arrayiterator from ToolHandler
  • ab340a8 remove xjo_type_attrib
  • 81aeeba remove Arrayiterator from ToolHandler
  • 7f93595 Fixed misspelling of openSUSE and SUSE.
  • 73772c0 Merge pull request #1562 from Technius/ci/format-diff-lines
  • 9f56ccc Fix triggering on deleted files
  • c6b3dbe Update translation template [skip ci]
  • e7dd5d7 Merge pull request #1560 from LittleHuba/inputsystem_default
  • 0dee6d8 Update changelog
  • b81df44 Make new inputsystem default
  • 731d143 Improve Windows documentation
  • 238a0d9 Move documentation for MacOS
  • 9ff6c83 Remove check-source script as tests should do this
  • e0e3989 Remove Eclpise project files and add them to gitignore
  • bd0643b Remove travis
  • 3885d9c Add debian docker file
  • 6956f0a clean up pipelines
  • 167f45f New Crowdin translations (#1548)
  • cbe349c Merge pull request #1556 from xournalpp/azure-pipelines-msys
  • fe44da3 Audio playback seek feature (#1520)
  • 07b7565 Update pipelines for new MSYS-blob
  • 288ed24 Create MSYS blob pipeline
  • ce92bb0 Merge pull request #1552 from xournalpp/disable_auto_transl_gen
  • df592bb Use multithreaded builds in cmake
  • 179c35d Update pipelines to build translations for build consistency
  • d942bc2 Merge pull request #1529 from LittleHuba/fix_audio_threading
  • dae7d88 Update
  • 98dc5c9 Merge pull request #1555 from Technius/buildsys/cpp17fix
  • a317e63 Fix build configuration
  • 88e1672 [skip ci] Merge pull request #1549 from Technius/readme/flatpak
  • 84290e5 Disable automatic translation generation on every build
  • 9ee6a82 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • 337c2bb Merge pull request #1551 from xournalpp/azure-pipelines-fix-translations
  • 5ad5bbd Fix translation pipeline
  • a34ece6 Merge pull request #1469 from nicolae-stroncea/patch-1
  • ed94ca8 Reimplement zoom gesture internally and remove GTK implementation (#1528)
  • 99d89dc Fix potential underflow issue with vorbis consumer resulting in audio gaps and clicks
  • 7625ac7 Improve waiting algorithm for vobis producer when queue reached max size
  • 59a0eab Switch to size_t for audio queue length
  • fc021bc Help the Windows compiler understand templating for std::min...
  • 218f0b3 Add math header for Windows compatibility
  • fe3b308 Add internal locking to AudioQueue
  • 0b40a92 Merge pull request #1488 from xournalpp/pr-freeze/master
  • 246e5a1 [skip ci] Merge pull request #1541 from Technius/ci/new-diff-lines
  • 3a30827 Add flatpak build instructions and move manifest
  • ec7736e Update translation template [skip ci]
  • a911a39 Update to version 1.0.15
  • a88f65f [skip-ci] Merge pull request #1543 from xournalpp/test-ci-versioning
  • 831c031 Merge pull request #1544 from Technius/issue-1542 [ #1511 ]
  • bca4083 Add a clang-tidy conf file
  • 6f2c062 Update build_linux.yml
  • 1b806ae Use true/false
  • ee1c82f Use std min/max/abs
  • 16e1220 Replace NULL with nullptr
  • d134616 removed memory checks
  • cbc506e Added copyright notice to FindCXX17.cmake
  • fa33dc4 removed memory checks
  • fe8f84a Switch to c++17
  • d1cae6f Fix segfault when pasting strokes (regression due to #1511)
  • 334e509 New Crowdin translations (#1537)
  • 686d900 Fix automatic releases by pushing tags
  • 8a5fc42 Merge pull request #1530 from xournalpp/azure-release-debian
  • 3e77842 Template dependencies installation for Ubuntu Pipeline
  • 815d8fa Add lsb-release to dependencies of Debian [skip ci]
  • 8cd6275 Add gettext to dependencies of Debian [skip ci]
  • 16a5362 Add libxml2 to dependencies of Debian [skip ci]
  • 035f0e8 Install dependencies for Linux Pipeline separate per OS [skip ci]
  • 7def46e Use own Debian Docker image with sudo-capability [skip ci]
  • decd0de Use non-slim to have sudo [skip ci]
  • 2c59d5c Debian latest does not provide slim so use stretch-slim
  • 01651e9 Add Debian Image to build
  • fe0cdcf Improve utility script
  • 5fa95d0 [skip ci] Merge pull request #1538 from michaelschufi/windows-build
  • ae90813 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • e774c08 Update version to 1.0.14
  • 8d276aa updating and clarifying windows build readme
  • e34cd37 Merge pull request #1511 from Febbe/fix-undefined-behaviour
  • 742499a Fixed undefined behaviour
  • bc351d7 [skip ci] Update CI configuration
  • 6fcd715 New Crowdin translations (#1525)
  • 676d766 For our sanity, generate release builds with debug info
  • 64716c7 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • f2b8276 Merge pull request #1474 from Technius/changelog
  • d19ce11 Merge pull request #1522 from xournalpp/fix-versioning
  • 3f38d55 Update Release pipeline to use internal features for versioning
  • e1e2726 Fix condition in Release Pipeline
  • e9d0586 Fix Dependency in Release Pipeline
  • 0b7d89c Fix CI for build number
  • cbb20a4 Set Build Number for Release
  • 3563fee Improve Versioning
  • 31f5acc Merge pull request #1492 from Febbe/master
  • 244b51f Merge pull request #1509 from xournalpp/1482
  • 94ce38d Removed call of recalculate()
  • 586fc7c improved const correctness in Settings [ #1491 ]
  • fdee4f8 New Crowdin translations (#1494)
  • 331c441 Update build instructions for Linux
  • 74bf8ff Add notice that a tool like make is required for manual build to instructions (#1482)
  • af2e107 Add changelog
  • 1bf50eb Revert "Fix wrongly used compile definitions "
  • 7a25ac8 Fix wrongly used compile definitions
  • 2ed3d8b Updated the issue template, for better informations.
  • 7c5b75a Merge pull request #1504 from Febbe/fix#1491
  • 4345180 Fix #1491
  • d376373 Update translation template [skip ci]
  • df36c5a Merge pull request #1493 from Febbe/fix#1081
  • 53b77d6 Fix #1081
  • 698e5f5 Merge pull request #1495 from Technius/toolbar-manage-issue
  • a9d0775 Fix toolbar manage dialog not opening
  • 2d5d885 Merge pull request #1431 from xournalpp/l10n_master
  • 87aa1b6 New translations Spanish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 0abac24 New translations Spanish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 234830c New translations Spanish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 08aa8aa New translations Finnish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 786cd7d New translations French from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 10346f7 New translations Russian from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • a00f740 New translations Croatian from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 4b261b2 New translations Polish from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 2973406 New translations Klingon from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 56597a1 New translations Italian from Crowdin [skip ci]
  • 69739ee New translations German from Crowdin [skip ci]

This list of changes was auto generated.

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  • 1.0.12
  • cc44b20
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  • 1.0.12
  • cc44b20
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@Technius Technius released this May 26, 2019

This is a new minor release of Xournal++ and includes many bugfixes, as well as a few new features. Summary:

  • Added new experimental input system that should fix a lot of issues related to input handling (can be enabled from Preferences > Input System).
  • Added experimental stroke filter (can be enabled in Preferences > Drawing Area) to allow selections using drawing tool
  • Added ability to double click on selected objects (e.g. text fields and LaTeX) to begin editing them (only available with the new input system enabled)
  • Fixed some issues with selections
  • Fixed some issues involving autosaving
  • Improved LaTeX editor experience, as well as bug fixes
  • Fixed text editor copying and pasting to the wrong clipboard
  • Fixed many zoom issues while in presentation mode
  • Fixed some other miscellaneous issues

The full change log can be found here.

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@andreasb242 andreasb242 released this Apr 2, 2019

A lot of Bugfixes and improvements.
Support for a new, future, Fileformat.

No macOS Build on this release, needs new build instructions, not done yet.
(new dependency to libzip)

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  • 1.0.8
  • 4442e1e
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  • 1.0.8
  • 4442e1e
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@andreasb242 andreasb242 released this Feb 16, 2019 · 1460 commits to master since this release

A lot of Bugfixes and improvements. One of the big one:

And a lot more!

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  • 1.0.7
  • 4d28632
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  • 1.0.7
  • 4d28632
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@andreasb242 andreasb242 released this Jan 19, 2019 · 1686 commits to master since this release

Multiple fixes and improvements.
e.g. HighDPI Support.

Still some bugs pending, especially on Windows / Mac.

For still open and fixes Issues see the issues.

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@andreasb242 andreasb242 released this Jan 5, 2019 · 1827 commits to master since this release

First alpha Build for macOS:

  • Translation working
  • Menubar working


  • Pressure Sensitivity is not yet working #569
  • HighDPI is not really supported #172

Still alpha, and may contains errors

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@andreasb242 andreasb242 released this Jan 4, 2019 · 1852 commits to master since this release

There is now a new script which creates an .app for macOS.

This is the first build which seems to be working. I'll upload it for testing purpose, this is not a release for all day work.

  • Pressure Sensitivity is not working #569
  • Translation seems to be missing
  • Menubar should be on top #680
  • HighDPI is not really supported #172

Use only for testing

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