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@github-actions github-actions released this Jun 4, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr RTOS version 2.6.0.

Major enhancements with this release include:

  • Logging subsystem overhauled
  • Added support for 64-bit ARCv3
  • Split ARM32 and ARM64, ARM64 is now a top-level architecture
  • Added initial support for Arm v8.1-m and Cortex-M55
  • Removed legacy TCP stack support which was deprecated in 2.4
  • Tracing subsystem overhaul including expansion for tracing points and added support for Percepio Tracealyzer
  • Device runtime power management (PM), former IDLE runtime, was completely overhauled.
  • Added an example standalone Zephyr application in its own Git repository:

The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.

Security Vulnerability Related

The following CVEs are addressed by this release:

More detailed information can be found in:

  • CVE-2021-3581: Under embargo until 2021-09-04

Known issues

You can check all currently known issues by listing them using the GitHub
interface and listing all issues with the bug label <>_.

API Changes

  • Driver APIs now return -ENOSYS if optional functions are not implemented. If the feature is not supported by the hardware -ENOTSUP will be returned. Formerly -ENOTSUP was returned for both failure modes, meaning this change may require existing code that tests only for that value to be changed.

  • The wait_for_usb_dfu function now accepts a k_timeout_t argument instead of using the CONFIG_USB_DFU_WAIT_DELAY_MS macro.

  • Added disconnect reason to the disconnected callback of :c:struct:bt_iso_chan_ops.

  • Align error handling of bt_l2cap_chan_send and bt_iso_chan_send so when an error occur the buffer is not unref.

  • Added lwm2m_engine_delete_obj_inst function to the LwM2M library API.

Deprecated in this release




  • DT_DMAS_LABEL_BY_IDX, DT_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME, DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_IDX, and DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME were deprecated in favor of utilizing DT_DMAS_CTLR and variants.

  • USB HID specific macros in <include/usb/class/usb_hid.h> are deprecated in favor of new common HID macros defined in <include/usb/class/hid.h>.

  • USB HID Kconfig option USB_HID_PROTOCOL_CODE is deprecated. USB_HID_PROTOCOL_CODE does not allow to set boot protocol code for specific HID device. USB HID API function usb_hid_set_proto_code() can be used instead.

  • USB HID class API is changed by removing get_protocol/set_protocol and get_idle/set_idle callbacks. These callbacks are redundant or do not provide any additional value and have led to incorrect usage of HID class API.

  • The CONFIG_OPENOCD_SUPPORT Kconfig option has been deprecated in favor of CONFIG_DEBUG_THREAD_INFO.

  • Disk API header <include/disk/disk_access.h> is deprecated in favor of <include/storage/disk_access.h>.

  • flash_write_protection_set().

  • The CONFIG_NET_CONTEXT_TIMESTAMP is removed as it was only able to work with transmitted data. The same functionality can be achieved by setting CONFIG_NET_PKT_RXTIME_STATS and CONFIG_NET_PKT_TXTIME_STATS options. These options are also able to calculate the RX & TX times more accurately. This means that support for the SO_TIMESTAMPING socket option is also removed as it was used by the removed config option.

  • The device power management (PM) APIs and data structures have been renamed from device_pm_* to pm_device_* since they are not device APIs but PM subsystem APIs. The same applies to enumerations and definitions, they now follow the PM_DEVICE_* convention. Some other API calls such as device_set_power_state and device_get_power_state have been renamed to pm_device_state_set and pm_device_state_get in order to align with the naming of other device PM APIs.

  • The runtime device power management (PM) APIs is now synchronous by default and the asynchronous API has the _async sufix. This change aligns the API with the convention used in Zephyr. The affected APIs are pm_device_put and pm_device_get.

  • The following functions, macros, and structures related to the kernel work queue API:

    • k_work_pending() replace with k_work_is_pending()
    • k_work_q_start() replace with k_work_queue_start()
    • :c:struct:k_delayed_work replace with :c:struct:k_work_delayable
    • k_delayed_work_init() replace with k_work_init_delayable
    • k_delayed_work_submit_to_queue() replace with k_work_schedule_for_queue() or k_work_reschedule_for_queue()
    • k_delayed_work_submit() replace with k_work_schedule() or k_work_reschedule()
    • k_delayed_work_pending() replace with k_work_delayable_is_pending()
    • k_delayed_work_cancel() replace with k_work_cancel_delayable()
    • k_delayed_work_remaining_get() replace with k_work_delayable_remaining_get()
    • k_delayed_work_expires_ticks() replace with k_work_delayable_expires_get()
    • k_delayed_work_remaining_ticks() replace with k_work_delayable_remaining_get()

Removed APIs in this release

  • Removed support for the old zephyr integer typedefs (u8_t, u16_t, etc...).

  • Removed support for k_mem_domain_destroy and k_mem_domain_remove_thread

  • Removed support for counter_read and counter_get_max_relative_alarm

  • Removed support for device_list_get

Stable API changes in this release

  • Kernel

    • Added k_mem_unmap() so anonymous memory mapped via k_mem_map() can be unmapped and virtual address reclaimed.

    • Added the ability to gather more statistics for demand paging, including execution time histograms for eviction algorithms and backing stores.


  • ARC

    • Added new ARCv3 64bit ISA support and corresponding HS6x processor support
    • Hardened SMP support
    • Various minor fixes/improvements for ARC MWDT toolchain infrastructure
    • Refactor of ARC Kconfig
  • ARM

    • AARCH32

      • Added support for null pointer dereferencing detection in Cortex-M.
      • Added initial support for Arm v8.1-m and Cortex-M55.
      • Added support for preempting threads while they are performing secure calls in Cortex-M.
      • Added support for memory region generation by the linker based on device tree node information in Cortex-M.
      • Cleaned up definitions of SoC-specific memory regions in the common Cortex-M linker script.
      • Added support for clearing NXP MPU region configuration during Zephyr early boot stage.
      • Disallowed fpu hard ABI when building Non-Secure applications with TF-M on Cortex-M33.
      • Enhanced register information dump in fault exceptions in Cortex-R.
      • Fixed spurious interrupt handling in Cortex-R.
    • AARCH64

      • SMP support
      • MMU dynamic mappings with page table sharing.
      • Userspace (unprivileged) thread support.
      • Standalone SMCCC support.
      • XIP support.
      • ARM64 is now a top-level standalone architecture.
      • Support for Cortex-R82 and Armv8-R AArch64 MPU.
      • Cache management support.
      • Revamped boot code.
      • Full FPU context switching.
  • x86

    • Added SoC configuration for Lakemont SoC.

    • Removed kconfig CONFIG_CPU_MINUTEIA as there is no user of this option.

    • Renamed kconfig CONFIG_SSE* to CONFIG_X86_SSE*.

    • Extended the pagetable generation script to allow specifying additional memory mapping during build.

    • x86-32

      • Added support for kernel image to reside in virtual address space, allowing code execution and data manipulation via virtual addresses.


  • Audio

    • Split up ISO handling from audio handling, and moved the latter to its own directory.
    • Added the Volume Offset Control Service and client.
    • Added the Audio Input Control Service and client.
    • Added the Volume Control Service and client.
  • Host

    • Added basic support for Direction Finding.
    • Added support for CTE connectionless transimission and reception over periodic advertising.
    • Refactored the HCI and ECC handling implementations.
    • Stopped auto updating the device name in the adv data.
    • Added support for logging security keys to be used by an air sniffer.
    • Fixed a bonding issue where the local bond data was not being updated after the remote device had removed it when the peer was not using the IRK stored in the bonding information.
    • Implemented the directory listing object to OTS.
    • Added a function to access the bt_conn_iso object.
    • Added a new configuration option for writeable device name.
    • Added a new configuration option for minimum encryption key size.
    • Added support for keypress notifications as an SMP responder.
    • Added a new option, BT_LE_ADV_OPT_FORCE_NAME_IN_AD, which forces the device name to appear in the adv packet instead of the scan response.
    • Added a security level check when sending a notification or indication.
    • Added the ability to send HCI monitor traces over RTT.
    • Refactored the Bluetooth buffer configuration for simplicity. See the commit message of 6483e12 for more info.
    • Added support for concurrent advertising with multiple identities.
    • Changed the logic to disable scanning before setting the random address.
    • Fixed a crash where an ATT timeout occurred on a disconnected ATT channel.
    • Changed the pairing procedure to fail pairing when both sides have the same public key.
    • Fixed an issue where GATT requests could deadlock the RX thread.
    • Fixed an issue where a fixed passkey that was previously set could not be cleared.
    • Fixed an issue where callbacks for "security changed" and "pairing failed" were not always called.
    • Changed the pairing procedure to fail early if the remote device could not reach the required security level.
    • Fixed an issue where GATT notifications and Writes Without Response could be sent out of order.
    • Changed buffer ownership of bt_l2cap_chan_send.
      The application must now release the buffer for all returned errors.
  • Mesh

    • Added CDB handle key refresh phase.
    • Added the ability to perform replay checks on SeqAuth.
    • Added the sending of a Link Close message when closing a link.
    • Added a Proxy callback structure for Node ID enabling and disabling.
    • Added a check for the response address in the Configuration Client.
    • Introduced a new acknowledged messages API.
    • Reworked the periodic publication timer and poll timeout scheduling logic.
    • Added reporting configured LPNTimeout in cfg_srv.
    • Ensured that provisioning output count number is at least 1.
    • Ensured to encrypt initial friend poll with friend credentials.
    • Stopped resetting the PB ADV reliable timer on retransmission.
  • Bluetooth LE split software Controller

    • Removed support for the nRF5340 PDK. Use the nRF5340 DK instead.
    • Added basic support for Direction Finding.
    • Added support for CTE connectionless transimission and reception over periodic advertising.
    • Added support for antenna switching in the context of Direction Finding.
    • Added an invalid ACL data length check.
    • Added basic support for the ISO Adaptation Layer.
    • Added experimental support for Broadcast Isochronous Groups and Streams.
    • Added partial experimental support for Connected Isochronous Groups and Streams.
    • Implemented extended connection creation and cancellation.
    • Changed the policy to ignore connection requests from an already-connected peer.
    • Added a control procedure locking system.
    • Added GPIO PA/LNA support for the Nordic nRF53x SoC series.
    • Added FEM support for the nRF21540 IC.
    • Added a new radio API to configure the CTE RX path.
  • HCI Driver

    • Added support for the Espressif ESP32 platform.

Boards & SoC Support

  • Added support for these SoC series:

    • STM32F205xx
    • STM32G03yxx, STM32G05yxx, STM32G070xx and STM32G0byxx
    • STM32G4x1, STM32G4x3 and STM32G484xE
    • STM32WL55xx
    • Nuvoton npcx7m6fc, and npcx7m6fc
    • Renesas R-Car Gen3
    • Silicon Labs EFR32FG13P
    • ARM MPS3-AN547
    • ARM FVP-AEMv8A
    • ARM FVP-AEMv8R
    • NXP LS1046A
    • X86 Lakemont
  • Removed support for these SoC series:

    • ARM Musca-A
  • Made these changes in other SoC series:

    • Added Cypress PSoC-6 pinctrl support.
    • STM32 L4/L5/WB series were updated for better power management support (CONFIG_PM=y).
    • Backup SRAM added on a selection of STM32 series (F2/F4/F7/H7)
    • Set TRACE_MODE to asynchronous and enable trace output pin on STM32 SoCs
  • Changes for ARC boards:

    • Added nSIM and QEMU simulation boards (nsim_hs6x and qemu_arc_hs6x) with ARCv3 64bit HS6x processors
    • Enabled MPU on qemu_arc_hs and qemu_arc_em boards
    • Added cy8c95xx GPIO expander support to HSDK board
  • Added support for these ARM boards:

    • Actinius Icarus
    • Actinius Icarus SoM
    • Laird Connectivity BL654 Sensor Board
    • Laird Connectivity Sentrius BT6x0 Sensor
    • EFR32 Radio BRD4255A Board
    • MPS3-AN547
    • RAK4631
    • Renesas R-Car H3ULCB
    • Ronoth LoDev (based on AcSIP S76S / STM32L073)
    • nRF9160 Thing Plus
    • ST Nucleo F030R8
    • ST Nucleo G0B1RE
    • ST Nucleo H753ZI
    • ST Nucleo L412RP-P
    • ST Nucleo WL55JC
    • ST STM32G071B Discovery
    • Thingy:53
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-30/35: BMD-300-EVAL, BMD-301-EVAL, and BMD-350-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-330: BMD-330-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-34/38: BMD-340-EVAL and BMD-341-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-34/38: BMD-345-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-360: BMD-360-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-BMD-34/48: BMD-380-EVAL
    • u-blox EVK-ANNA-B11x
    • u-blox EVK NINA-B11x
    • u-blox EVK-NINA-B3
    • u-blox EVK NINA-B40x
  • Added support for these ARM64 boards:

    • fvp_base_revc_2xaemv8a
    • fvp_baser_aemv8r
    • nxp_ls1046ardb
  • Removed support for these ARM boards:

    • ARM V2M Musca-A
    • Nordic nRF5340 PDK
  • Removed support for these X86 boards:

    • up_squared_32
    • qemu_x86_coverage
    • minnowboard
  • Made these changes in other boards:

    • cy8ckit_062_ble: Refactored to configure by pinctrl.
    • cy8ckit_062_ble: Added support to SCB[uart] with interrupt.
    • cy8ckit_062_ble: Added support to SCB[spi].
    • cy8ckit_062_ble: Added board revision schema.
    • cy8ckit_062_wifi_bt: Refactored to configure by pinctrl.
    • cy8ckit_062_wifi_bt: Added support to SCB[uart] with interrupt.
    • lpcxpresso55s16: Board renamed from lpcxpresso55s16_ns to lpcxpresso55s16 since the board does not have Trusted Firmware M (TF-M) support.
    • lpcxpresso55s28: Removed lpcxpresso55s28_ns config since the board does not have Trusted Firmware M (TF-M) support.
    • mimxrt685_evk: Added support for octal SPI flash storage, LittleFS, I2S, OS timer, and power management.
    • mimxrt1060_evk: Added support for QSPI flash storage, LittleFS, and mcuboot.
    • mimxrt1064_evk: Added support for mcuboot.
  • Added support for these following shields:

    • FTDI VM800C Embedded Video Engine Board
    • Generic ST7735R Display Shield
    • Semtech SX1272MB2DAS LoRa Shield

Drivers and Sensors

  • ADC

    • Added support on TI CC32xx.
    • Added support on ITE IT8xxx2.
    • Added support for DMA and HW triggers in the MCUX ADC16 driver.
    • Added ADC emulator.
    • Moved definitions of ADC acquisition time macros so that those macros can be used in dts files.
  • Bluetooth

    • The Kconfig option CONFIG_BT_CTLR_TO_HOST_UART_DEV_NAME was removed. Use the zephyr,bt-c2h-uart chosen node <devicetree-chosen-nodes> directly instead.
  • CAN

    • A driver for CAN-FD based on the Bosch M_CAN IP was added. The driver currently supports STM32G4 series MCUs. Additional support for Microchip SAM and NXP chips is in progress.

    • The CAN ISO-TP subsystem was enhanced to allow padding and fixed

  • Clock Control

    • On STM32 series, system clock configuration has been moved from Kconfig to DTS. Usage of existing Kconfig dedicated symbols (CONFIG_CLOCK_STM32_FOO) is now deprecated.
    • Added clock control driver for Renesas R-Car platform
  • Console

    • Added UART_CONSOLE_INPUT_EXPIRED and UART_CONSOLE_INPUT_EXPIRED_TIMEOUT Kconfig options to notify the power management module that UART console is in use now and forbid it to enter low-power states.
  • Counter

    • Added support for ESP32 Counter
  • DAC

    • Added support for Microchip MCP4725
  • Disk

    • Added SDMMC support on STM32L4+
  • Display

    • Added support for ST7735R
  • Disk

    • Moved disk drivers (disk_access_*.c) to drivers/disk and renamed according to their function.
    • Fixed CMD6 support in USDHC driver.
    • Fixed clock frequency switching after initialization in sdmmc_spi.c driver.
  • DMA

    • Added support on STM32G0 and STM32H7

    • Added support for EEPROM emulated in flash.
  • ESPI

    • Added support for Microchip eSPI SAF
  • Ethernet

    • Added simulated PTP clock to e1000 Ethernet controller. This allows simple PTP clock testing with Qemu.
    • Separated PTP clock from gPTP support in mcux and gmac drivers. This allows application to use PTP clock without enabling gPTP support.
    • Converted clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET in mcux driver.
    • Changed to allow changing MAC address in gmac driver.
    • Driver for STM32H7 is now using specific memory layout to fit DMA constraints for RAM accesses.
  • Flash

    • flash_write_protection_set() has been deprecated and will be removed in Zephyr 2.8. Responsibility for write/erase protection management has been moved to the driver-specific implementation of the flash_write() and flash_erase() API calls. All in-tree flash drivers have been updated, and the protect implementation removed from their API tables. During the deprecation period user code invoking flash_write_protection_set() will have no effect, but the flash_write() and flash_erase() driver shims will wrap their calls with calls to the protect implementation if it is present in the API table. Out-of-tree drivers must be updated before the wrapping in the shims is removed when the deprecation period ends.
    • Added QSPI support on STM32F7.
  • GPIO

    • :c:struct:gpio_dt_spec: a new structure which makes it more convenient to access GPIO configuration in the devicetree <dt-guide>.
    • New macros for initializing gpio_dt_spec values:
    • New helper functions for using gpio_dt_spec values: gpio_pin_configure_dt, gpio_pin_interrupt_configure_dt
    • Remove support for GPIO_INT_* flags in gpio_pin_configure(). The feature has been deprecated in the Zephyr 2.2 release. The interrupt flags are now accepted by gpio_pin_interrupt_configure() function only.
    • STM32 GPIO driver now supports clock gating using PM_DEVICE and PM_DEVICE_RUNTIME
    • Added GPIO driver for Renesas R-Car platform
  • Hardware Info

    • Added support on Silicon Labs Gecko SoCs
  • I2C

    • Added support on STM32F2
  • I2S

    • Added support for NXP LPC devices
  • IEEE 802.15.4

    • Fixed various issues in IEEE 802.15.4 L2 driver.

    • nrf5:

      • Made HW Radio Capabilities runtime.
      • Enabled CSMA-CA on serialized host.
      • Changed driver to load EUI64 from UICR.
    • rf2xx:

      • Added support for tx mode direct.
      • Added support for tx mode CCA.
      • Added support to enable promiscuous mode.
      • Added support to enable pan coordinator mode.
  • Interrupt Controller

    • Moved shared interrupt controller configuration to be based on devicetree.
  • LED

    • Add support for LED GPIO
    • Added power management support for LED PWM
  • LoRa

    • Added support for SX1272
  • Modem

    • Converted wncm14a2a, quectel-bg9x, hl7800 and ublox-sara-r4 drivers to use new DT device macros.
    • Changed GSM modem to optionally do a factory reset when booting.
    • Added autostarting support to GSM modem.
    • Added wait for RDY instead of polling AT in BG9X.
    • Fixed PDP context management for BG9X.
    • Added TLS offload support to ublox-sara-r4.
    • Made reset pin optional in ublox-sara-r4.
    • Fixed potential buffer overrun in hl7800.
    • Fixed build errors on 64-bit platforms.
    • Added support for dialup modem in PPP driver.
  • PWM

    • Added support on STM32F2 and STM32L1.
    • Added support on Silicon Labs Gecko SoCs.
  • Sensor

    • Added support for STM32 internal (CPU) temperature sensor.
    • Refactored mulitple ST sensor drivers to use gpio_dt_spec macros and common stmemc routines, support multiple instances, and configure ODR/range properties in device tree.
    • Added SBS 1.1 compliant fuel gauge driver.
    • Added MAX17262 fuel gauge driver.
    • Added BMP388 pressure sensor driver.
    • Added Atmel SAM QDEC driver.
    • Added TI FDC2X1X driver.
    • Added support for MPU9250 to existing MPU6050 6-axis motion tracking driver.
    • Refactored BME280 temperature/pressure sensor driver.
    • Added BMI270 IMU driver.
    • Added Nuvoton tachometer sensor driver.
    • Added MAX6675 cold-junction-compensated K-thermocouple to digital converter.
  • Serial

    • Extended Cypress PSoC-6 SCB[uart] driver to support interrupts.
    • Added UART driver for Renesas R-Car platform
  • SPI

    • Added Cypress PSoC-6 SCB[spi] driver.
    • Default SPI_SCK configuration is now pull-down for all STM32 to minimize power consumption in stop mode.
  • Timer

    • Added x86 APIC TSC_DEADLINE driver.
    • Added support for NXP MCUX OS Timer.
    • Added support for Nuvoton NPCX system timer.
    • Added CMT driver for Renesas R-Car platform.
  • USB

    • Added support on STM32H7
    • Added attached event delay to usb_dc_nrfx driver
  • Watchdog

    • Added support for TI CC32xx watchdog.
  • WiFi

    • Converted eswifi and esp drivers to new DT device macros

    • esp:

      • Fixed hostname configuration.
      • Removed POSIX API dependency.
      • Renamed offloading driver from esp to esp_at.
      • Added esp32 wifi driver support.


  • CoAP:

    • Fixed coap_find_options() to return 0 when options are empty.
  • DHCPv4:

    • Fixed DHCPv4 dependency to network event management options.
  • DNS:

    • Added locking to DNS library prevent concurrent access.
    • Added 10ms delay when rescheduling query timeout handler in DNS. This allows applications to run and handle the timeout gracefully.
    • Added support for reconfiguring DNS resolver when DNS servers are changed. This is supported by DHCPv4 and PPP.
  • HTTP:

    • Added support for storing numeric HTTP error code in client API.
  • IPv4:

    • Added IGMPv2 support to IPv4.
    • Removed IPv4 multicast address check when selecting source address during TX.
  • LwM2M:

    • Fixed query buffer size so that it is large enough to encode all query strings.
    • Added data validation callback.
    • Fixed Register/Update to use link_format writer.
    • Added application/link-format content writer.
    • Removed .well-known/core handling.
    • Introduced attribute handling helper functions.
    • Removed obsolete LWM2M_IPSO_TIMESTAMP_EXTENSIONS option.
    • Added IPSO Buzzer, Push Button, On/Off Switch, Accelerometer, Pressure Sensor, Humidity, Generic Sensor and Temperature object implementation to support object model in version 1.1
    • Unified reusable resources creation.
    • Added support for object versioning.
    • Changed to allow cancel-observe to match path.
    • Made pmin and pmax attributes optional.
    • Added API function to delete object instance.
    • Fixed Registration Update send on object creation.
    • Changed to only parse TLV from the first block.
    • Changed to trigger registration update only when registered.
  • Misc:

    • Added UDP packet sending support to net-shell.
    • Fixed source network interface setting when sending and when there are multiple network interfaces.
    • Changed connection managed to ignore not used network interfaces.
    • Added locking to network interface API function calls.
    • Changed to allow application to disable IPv4 or IPv6 support for a network interface.
    • Added support for virtual network interfaces.
    • Added support for IPv4/v6 tunneling network interface.
    • Added net events notification for PPP dead and running states.
    • Added PPP LCP MRU option support.
    • Added PPP IPCP IP and DNS address peer options support.
    • Added support for network packet capturing and sending data to external system for analysis.
    • Enabled running without TX or RX threads. By default, one RX thread and no TX thread is created. If userspace support is enabled, then one RX and one TX thread are created. This improves the network transmit latency when a packet is sent from application.
    • Changed to push highest priority net_pkt directly to driver when sending and if there is at least one TX thread.
    • Changed to use k_fifo instead of k_work in RX and TX processing. This prevents k_work from accessing already freed net_pkt struct. This also improves the latency of network packets when the data is passed between different network threads.
    • Changed to check network interface status when sending and return ENETDOWN to the application if data cannot be sent.
    • Fixed echo-server sample application and set netmask properly when VLAN is enabled.
  • OpenThread:

    • Added microseconds timer API support.
    • Changed to switch radio off when stopping diagnostics.
    • Enabled CSL delayed transmissions.
    • Added CSL transmitter and receiver API support.
    • Changed to init NCP after USB communication is established.
    • Aligned with the new NCP API.
    • Aligned with the new CLI API.
    • Introduced new OpenThread options.
    • Added Link Metrics API support.
    • Selected ECDSA when SRP is enabled.
    • Made child related options only visible on FTD.
    • Changed OT shell not to execute OT commands when shell is not ready.
  • Socket:

    • Added SO_PROTOCOL and SO_TYPE get socket option.
    • Added MSG_WAITALL receive socket option flag.
    • Added MSG_TRUNC socket option flag.
    • Added support for close method for packet sockets.
    • Added locking to socket API function calls.
    • Added support for SO_BINDTODEVICE socket option.
    • Added support for SO_SNDTIMEO socket option.
    • Made NET_SOCKETS_POSIX_NAMES be on by default. This allows application to use normal BSD socket API calls without adding the zsock prefix.
    • Added sample application to use SO_TXTIME socket option.
  • TCP:

    • Implemented ISN calculation according to RFC6528 in TCP. This is optional and enabled by default, and can be disabled if needed.
    • Removed legacy TCP stack support.
    • Changed TCP to use private work queue in order not to block system work queue.
  • TLS:

    • Fixed userspace access to TLS socket.
    • Added socket option support for setting and getting DTLS handshake timeout.


  • Reworked USB classes configuration. Various minor fixes in USB DFU class.

  • USB HID class

    • Removed get_protocol/set_protocol from USB HID class API.
    • Allowed boot interface Protocol Code to be set per device.
    • Rework idle report implementation.
  • Samples

    • Allowed to build USB Audio sampe for different platforms.
    • Added SD card support to USB MSC sample.
    • Reworked USB HID sample.

Build and Infrastructure

  • Improved support for additional toolchains:

    • Support for the Intel oneApi toolchain.
  • Devicetree


    • the 96b-lscon-3v3 and 96b-lscon-1v8 compatible properties <dt-important-props> now have linaro, vendor prefixes, i.e. they are now respectively :dtcompatible:linaro,96b-lscon-3v3 and :dtcompatible:linaro,96b-lscon-1v8.

      This change was made to bring Zephyr's devicetrees into compliance with an upstream Linux regular expression used to validate compatible properties. This regular expression requires a letter as the first character.

  • West (extensions)

    • This section only covers west west-extensions maintained in the zephyr repository. For release notes on west's built-in features, see west-release-notes.

    • Changes to the runners backends used for flashing and debugging commands <west-build-flash-debug>:

      • bossac runner: added legacy mode option into extended SAM-BA bootloader selection. This extends compatibility between Zephyr and some Arduino IDE bootloaders.

      • jlink runner: Zephyr thread awareness is now available in GDB by default for application builds with :option:CONFIG_DEBUG_THREAD_INFO set to y in kconfig. This applies to west debug, west debugserver, and west attach. JLink version 7.11b or later must be installed on the host system, with JLink 7.20 or later strongly recommended.

      • jlink runner: default west flash output is less verbose. The old behavior is still available when run as west --verbose flash.

      • jlink runner: when flashing, this runner now prefers a .hex file generated by the build system to a .bin. Unlike .bin, the HEX format includes information on the image's address range in flash, so this works better when flashing Zephyr images linked for locations other than the target's boot address, e.g. images meant to be run by bootloaders. The .bin file is still used as a fallback if a HEX File is not present.

      • openocd runner: support for west debug and west attach has been fixed. Previously with this runner, west debug behaved like west attach should, and west attach behaved like west debugserver should.

      • pyocd runner: board-specific pyOCD configuration files in YAML can now be placed in :file:support/pyocd.yaml inside the board directory. See :zephyr_file:boards/arm/reel_board/support/pyocd.yaml for an example, and the pyOCD documentation for details on its configuration format.

    • west spdx: new command which can be used to generate SPDX software bills of materials for a Zephyr application build. See west-spdx.

Libraries / Subsystems

  • Disk

    • Disk drivers (disk_access_*.c) are moved to drivers/disk and renamed according to their function. Driver's Kconfig options are revised and renamed. SDMMC host controller drivers are selected when the corresponding node in devicetree is enabled. Following application relevant Kconfig options are renamed: CONFIG_DISK_ACCESS_RAM -> CONFIG_DISK_DRIVER_RAM, CONFIG_DISK_ACCESS_FLASH -> CONFIG_DISK_DRIVER_FLASH, CONFIG_DISK_ACCESS_SDHC -> CONFIG_DISK_DRIVER_SDMMC.
  • Management

    • MCUmgr

      • Fixed an issue with the file system management failing to open files due to missing initializations of fs_file_t structures.
      • Fixed an issue where multiple SMP commands sent one after the other would corrupt CBOR payload.
      • Fixed problem where mcumgr over shell would stall and wait for retransmissions of frames.
  • CMSIS subsystem

    • Moved CMSIS portability layer headers to include/portability/cmsis_os.h and include/portability/cmsis_os2.h
  • Power management

    • device_pm_control_nop has been removed in favor of NULL when device PM is not supported by a device. In order to make transition easier for out-of-tree users a macro with the same name is provided as an alias to NULL. The macro is flagged as deprecated to make users aware of the change.

    • Devices set as busy are no longer suspended by the system power management.

    • The time necessary to exit a sleep state and return to the active state was added in zephyr,power-state binding and accounted when the system changes to a power state.

    • Device runtime power management (PM), former IDLE runtime, was completely overhauled.

      • Multiple threads can wait an operation (pm_device_get_async and pm_device_put_async) to finish.
      • A new API pm_device_wait was added so that drivers can easily wait for an async request to finish.
      • The API can be used in pre-kernel <api_term_pre-kernel-ok> stages.
      • Several concurrence issues related with atomics access and the usage of the polling API have been fixed. Condition variables are now used to handle notification.
  • Logging

    • Introduced logging v2 which allows logging any variable types (including floating point variables). New version does not require transient string duplication (log_strdup()). Legacy mode remains and is still the default but user API is not changed and modes are interchangeable. CONFIG_LOG2_MODE_DEFERRED or CONFIG_LOG2_MODE_IMMEDIATE enable logging v2. Logging backend API is extended to support v2 and the most popular backends (UART, shell) are updated.
  • Shell

    • Added CONFIG_SHELL_BACKEND_DUMMY_BUF_SIZE option that allows to set size of the dummy backend buffer; changing this parameter allows to work around issue, where output from command, shell that is gathered by the dummy backend, gets cut to the size of buffer.
  • Storage

    • Added persistent write progress to stream_flash.
  • Task Watchdog

    • This new subsystem was added with this release and allows supervision of individual threads. It is based on a regularly updated kernel timer, whose ISR is never actually called in regular system operation.

      An existing hardware watchdog can be used as an optional fallback if the task watchdog itself gets stuck.

  • Tracing

    • CONFIG_TRACING_CPU_STATS was removed in favor of CONFIG_THREAD_RUNTIME_STATS which provides per thread statistics. The same functionality is also available when Thread analyzer is enabled with the runtime statistics enabled.
    • Expanded and overhauled tracing hooks with more coverage and support for tracing all kernel objects and basic power management operations.
    • Added support for Percepio Tracealyzer, a commercial tracing tool which now has built-in support for Zephyr. We now have the Percepio tracerecorder integrated as a module.
    • Expanded support for the new hooks in SEGGER Systemview and enhanced the description file with support for all APIs.
  • Debug

    • SEGGER Systemview and RTT SDK updated to version v3.30
  • OS

    • Reboot functionality has been moved to subsys/os from subsys/power. A consequence of this movement is that the <power/reboot.h> header has been moved to <sys/reboot.h>. <power/reboot.h> is still provided for compatibility, but it will produce a warning to inform users of the relocation.


  • HALs are now moved out of the main tree as external modules and reside in their own standalone repositories.

Trusted Firmware-m

  • Synchronized Trusted-Firmware-M module to the upstream v1.3.0 release.

  • Configured QEMU to run Zephyr samples and tests in CI on mps2_an521_nonsecure (Cortex-M33 Non-Secure) with TF-M as the secure firmware component.

  • Added Kconfig options for selecting the desired TF-M profile and build type

  • Added Kconfig options for enabling the desired TF-M secure partitions

  • Added a new sample to run the PSA tests with Zephyr

  • Added a new sample to run the TF-M regression tests using the Zephyr build system

  • Added support for new platforms

    • BL5340 DVK
    • STM32L562E DK
  • NOTE: Trusted-Firmware-M can not currently be used with mbedtls 2.26.0 when PSA APIs are enabled in mbedtls (MBEDTLS_USE_PSA_CRYPTO and MBEDTLS_PSA_CRYPTO_C). If both TF-M and mbedtls are required, mbedtls must be used without the PSA APIs. This will be resolved in a future update to mbedtls.


  • Documentation look and feel has been improved by using a new stylesheet.
  • Doxygen is now run by Sphinx using the doxyrunner custom extension. The new extension centralizes multiple scattered workarounds that existed before in a single place.
  • Doxygen now runs with WARN_AS_ERROR enabled.
  • Documentation known warnings are now filtered using a custom Sphinx extension:
    warnings_filter. This extension removes the need of post-processing the Sphinx output and allows to use the -W option (treat warnings as errors) which has been enabled by default.
  • External content, e.g. samples and boards documentation is now handled by the external_content extension.
  • Sphinx is now run in parallel mode by default (-j auto).
  • The documentation helper Makefile has been moved from the repository root to the doc folder.

Tests and Samples

  • Twister's dt_compat_enabled_with_alias() test case filter was deprecated in favor of a new dt_enabled_alias_with_parent_compat() filter. The old filter is still supported, but it may be removed in a future release.

    To update, replace uses like this:

       filter: dt_compat_enabled_with_alias("gpio-leds", "led0")


       filter: dt_enabled_alias_with_parent_compat("led0", "gpio-leds")
  • Add a feature which handles pytest script in twister and provide an example.

  • Provide test excution time per ztest testcase.

  • Added and refined some testcases, most of them are negative testcases, to improve the test code coverage:

    • Testcases of x86's regular/direct interrupts and offload job from ISR.
    • Testcases of SMP, and enabled SMP for existed testing of semaphore, condvar, etc.
    • Testcases of memory protection, userspace and memory heap.
    • Testcases of data structure include stack, queue, ringbuffer and rbtree.
    • Testcases of IPC include pipe, poll, mailbox, message queue.
    • Testcases of synchronization include mutex, semaphore, atomic operations.
    • Testcases of scheduling and thread.
    • Testcases of testing for arch_nop() and errno.
    • Testcases of libc and posix API.
    • Testcases of log and sensor subsystem.

Issue Related Items

These GitHub issues were addressed since the previous 2.5.0 tagged release:

  • #35962 - drivers using deprecated Kconfigs
  • #35955 - Bluetooth: Controller: Regression in connection setup
  • #35949 - can: mcan: sjw-data devicetree configuration is not written correctly
  • #35941 - subsys: tracing: sysview: No SEGGER_SYSVIEW.h in path
  • #35926 - Shell tab-completion with more than two levels of nested dynamic commands fails
  • #35924 - Help with Configuring Custom GPIO Pins
  • #35916 - drivers: TI cc13xx_cc26xx: build error when PM is enabled (serial, entropy, spi, i2c modules)
  • #35911 - shield sample sensorhub does not produce and meaningful data
  • #35910 - LIS2MDL reporting wrong temperature
  • #35896 - frdm_k64f: build failure missing dt-bindings/clock/kinetis_sim.h: No such file or directory
  • #35890 - Build system ignores explicit ZephyrBuildConfiguration_ROOT variable
  • #35882 - Fixed width documentation makes DT bindings docs unreadable
  • #35876 - Bluetooth: host: CCC store not correctly handled for multiple connections
  • #35871 - LPS22HH sensor reporting wrong pressure data
  • #35840 - Bluetooth: host: L2CAP enhanced connection request conformance test issues
  • #35838 - Bluetooth: ISO: BIG termination doesn't fully unref the connection
  • #35826 - LORAWAN Compatibility with nrf52832 and sx1262
  • #35813 - Zephyr Native Posix Build Uses Linux Build Machine Headers out of Sandbox
  • #35812 - ESP32 Factory app partition is not bootable
  • #35781 - Missing response parameter for HCI_LE_Set_Connectionless_IQ_Sampling_Enable HCI command
  • #35772 - Support C++ exceptions on NIOS2
  • #35764 - tests: kernel: threads: no multithreading: fails with CONFIG_STACK_SENTINEL=y
  • #35762 - SAMPLES: shell_module gives no console output on qemu_leon3
  • #35756 - ESP32 Ethernet Support
  • #35737 - drivers: can: mcan: sjw not initialized when CAN_FD_MODE is enabled
  • #35714 - samples: subsys: testusb: I want to know how to test in window10.
  • #35713 - tests: kernel.scheduler.multiq: test_k_thread_suspend_init_null failure
  • #35694 - No console output from NIOS2 Max10
  • #35693 - gpio_mcux_lpc.c uses devicetree instance numbers incorrectly
  • #35686 - Bluetooth: Crash in bt_gatt_dm_attr_chrc_val when BLE device is disconnected during discovery process
  • #35681 - Unable to get ouput for samples/subsys/logging/logger and samples/philosophers
  • #35677 - samples/subsys/console/getchar and samples/subsys/console/getline build breaks for arduino_nano_33_ble
  • #35655 - Arm64: Assertion failed when CONFIG_MP_CPUS >= 3.
  • #35653 - ARC MWDT toolchain put __start and __reset at different address
  • #35633 - Out of bound read: Multiple Coverity sightings in generated code
  • #35631 - [Coverity CID: 205610] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/kernel.h (Generated Code)
  • #35630 - [Coverity CID: 205657] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/sample_driver.h (Generated Code)
  • #35629 - [Coverity CID: 207968] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/counter.h (Generated Code)
  • #35628 - [Coverity CID: 207976] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/counter.h (Generated Code)
  • #35627 - [Coverity CID: 208195] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/gpio.h (Generated Code)
  • #35626 - [Coverity CID: 210588] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/dac.h (Generated Code)
  • #35625 - [Coverity CID: 211042] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/socket.h (Generated Code)
  • #35624 - [Coverity CID: 214226] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/uart.h (Generated Code)
  • #35623 - [Coverity CID: 215223] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/net_ip.h (Generated Code)
  • #35622 - [Coverity CID: 215238] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/net_ip.h (Generated Code)
  • #35621 - [Coverity CID: 219477] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/pwm.h (Generated Code)
  • #35620 - [Coverity CID: 219482] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/pwm.h (Generated Code)
  • #35619 - [Coverity CID: 219496] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/ztest_error_hook.h (Generated Code)
  • #35618 - [Coverity CID: 219506] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_ctrl.h (Generated Code)
  • #35617 - [Coverity CID: 219568] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/net_if.h (Generated Code)
  • #35616 - [Coverity CID: 219586] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/net_if.h (Generated Code)
  • #35615 - [Coverity CID: 219648] Uninitialized scalar variable in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/test_syscalls.h (Generated Code)
  • #35614 - [Coverity CID: 219725] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/kernel.h (Generated Code)
  • #35613 - [Coverity CID: 225900] Out-of-bounds access in tests/net/lib/dns_addremove/src/main.c
  • #35612 - [Coverity CID: 229325] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_msg2.h (Generated Code)
  • #35611 - [Coverity CID: 230223] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_msg2.h (Generated Code)
  • #35610 - [Coverity CID: 232755] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_ctrl.h (Generated Code)
  • #35609 - [Coverity CID: 235917] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_msg2.h (Generated Code)
  • #35608 - [Coverity CID: 235923] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_msg2.h (Generated Code)
  • #35607 - [Coverity CID: 235933] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/gpio.h (Generated Code)
  • #35606 - [Coverity CID: 235951] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_ctrl.h (Generated Code)
  • #35605 - [Coverity CID: 236005] Out-of-bounds read in /zephyr/include/generated/syscalls/log_ctrl.h (Generated Code)
  • #35604 - [Coverity CID: 236129] Unused value in drivers/adc/adc_lmp90xxx.c
  • #35603 - [Coverity CID: 236130] Wrong sizeof argument in drivers/adc/adc_lmp90xxx.c
  • #35596 - Bluetooth: Cannot connect if extended advertising is enabled in prj.conf
  • #35586 - Timer based example on docu using nrf52-dk compile error.
  • #35580 - Fault when logging
  • #35569 - tests/lib/mem_alloc failed with arcmwdt toolchain
  • #35567 - some mwdt compiler options can't be recognized by zephyr_cc_option
  • #35561 - Issue with fat_fs example on nucleo_f767zi
  • #35553 - all menuconfig interfaces contain sound open firmware/SOF text
  • #35543 - samples: subsys: display: lvgl: is run on nucleo_f429zi and nucleo_f746zg but should be skipped
  • #35541 - sockets_tls: when using dtls with sara-r4 modem, handshake hangs if no reply
  • #35540 - tests: ztest: error_hook: fails on nucleo_g071rb and nucleo_l073rz
  • #35539 - tests: drivers: spi: spi_loopback: test failed since #34731 is merged
  • #35524 - tests: samples: led: LED PWM sample fails on nrf platforms
  • #35522 - doc: Current section is not shown in the side pane nor the page top cookie
  • #35512 - OpenThread can't find TRNG driver on nRF5340
  • #35509 - tests: timer: Unstable tests using timer at nrf platforms
  • #35489 - samples: net: gsm_modem: build fails if CONFIG_GSM_MUX=y
  • #35480 - pm: device_runtime: pm_device_request can block forever
  • #35479 - address is not a known kernel object exception with arcmwdt toolchain
  • #35476 - bluetooth: controller assertion when scanning with multiple active connections
  • #35474 - The dma-stm32 driver don't build for STM32F0 MCUs
  • #35444 - drivers: sensor: sbs-gauge: The sbs-gauge cannot be read from sensor shell
  • #35401 - Enabling POSIX_API leads to SSL handshake error
  • #35395 - STM32F4: Infinite reboot loop due to Ethernet initialization
  • #35390 - net.socket.tls.tls_ext: frdm_k64f test failure
  • #35383 - Can't setup ISO Broadcast Demo on nrf53dk
  • #35380 - sys: timeutil: inconsistent types for local times
  • #35363 - bt_gatt_discover() retunrs incorrect handle (offset by -1)
  • #35360 - Power consumption nRF52
  • #35352 - [Coverity CID: 215376] Out-of-bounds access in drivers/sensor/lis2dh/lis2dh_trigger.c
  • #35351 - [Coverity CID: 219472] Unrecoverable parse warning in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect/src/mem_domain.c
  • #35350 - [Coverity CID: 236055] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/modbus/modbus_core.c
  • #35349 - [Coverity CID: 236057] Unrecoverable parse warning in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect/src/mem_domain.c
  • #35348 - [Coverity CID: 236060] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/ppp/ppp_l2.c
  • #35347 - [Coverity CID: 236064] Dereference null return value in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull.c
  • #35346 - [Coverity CID: 236069] Out-of-bounds access in tests/lib/c_lib/src/main.c
  • #35345 - [Coverity CID: 236074] Out-of-bounds access in tests/lib/c_lib/src/main.c
  • #35344 - [Coverity CID: 236075] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/controller/hci/hci.c
  • #35343 - [Coverity CID: 236079] Untrusted divisor in subsys/bluetooth/controller/hci/hci.c
  • #35342 - [Coverity CID: 236085] Dereference after null check in samples/userspace/prod_consumer/src/app_a.c
  • #35341 - twister: Hardware map creation is buggy (+ inaccurate docs)
  • #35338 - USB: ethernet CDC ECM/EEM support is broken
  • #35336 - tests: samples: power: samples/subsys/pm/device_pm/sample.power.ospm.dev_idle_pm fails on nrf52 platforms
  • #35329 - samples: gsm_modem: Compilation failed, likely related to logging changes
  • #35327 - Sensor Code for CC3220sf
  • #35325 - Shell: Kernel: Reboot: echo is abruptly terminated
  • #35321 - Improve STM32: Serial Driver,Handle uart mode per instance
  • #35307 - ARM64 system calls are entered with interrupts masked
  • #35305 - Linking order when using both TF-M and Mbed TLS
  • #35299 - PM suspend IPC message sporadically not being delivered
  • #35297 - STM32 SPI - wrong behavior after PR 34731
  • #35286 - New logging breaks eclipse
  • #35278 - LittleFs Sample will not build for qemu_riscv64 sample target
  • #35263 - device_pm_control_nop is used in dac_mcp4725.c
  • #35242 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run kernel common testcases failed on ADSP
  • #35241 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run interrupt testcases failed on ADSP
  • #35236 - tests: doc: Document generation process FAILS with valid module samples:
  • #35223 - Coverity [CID 221772]: Wrong operator used in logging subsystem, multiple violations
  • #35220 - tests: dma: memory-to-memory transfer fails on stm32f746zg nucleo board
  • #35219 - tests: driver: dma test case loop_transfer fails on stm32 with dmamux
  • #35215 - tests/kernel/msgq/msgq_usage failed on hsdk board
  • #35209 - tests/kernel/mem_heap/mheap_api_concept failed on hsdk board
  • #35204 - PPI channel assignment for Bluetooth controller is incorrect for nRF52805
  • #35202 - smp atomic_t global_lock will never be cleared when a thread oops with global_lock is set
  • #35200 - tests/kernel/smp failed on hsdk board
  • #35199 - Queues: there is no documentation about queue's implementation.
  • #35198 - frdm_k64f leave idel fails
  • #35197 - Zephyr Project Development with 2 Ethernet Interfaces Supported (eth0, and eth1)
  • #35195 - doc, coding guidelines: broken CERT-C links
  • #35191 - GIT Checkout of Master Branch is 2.6.0rc1 versus west update as 2.5.99
  • #35189 - Coding Guidelines: Resolve the issues under Rule 21.2
  • #35187 - Version selection not working
  • #35176 - strtol crashes
  • #35175 - quectel-bg9x crashes in modem_rssi_query_work
  • #35169 - esp32: uart_poll_in never ready for UART2 only
  • #35163 - [Coverity CID: 236009] Wrong sizeof argument in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/
  • #35162 - [Coverity CID: 235972] Wrong sizeof argument in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/
  • #35161 - [Coverity CID: 235962] Unused value in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_map/src/main.c
  • #35160 - [Coverity CID: 235930] Unused value in kernel/mmu.c
  • #35159 - [Coverity CID: 232698] Uninitialized scalar variable in samples/net/sockets/txtime/src/main.c
  • #35158 - [Coverity CID: 224630] Uninitialized scalar variable in subsys/net/ip/igmp.c
  • #35157 - [Coverity CID: 221380] Uninitialized scalar variable in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_iso.c
  • #35156 - [Coverity CID: 235979] Unchecked return value in drivers/sensor/iis2mdc/iis2mdc_trigger.c
  • #35155 - [Coverity CID: 235677] Unchecked return value in drivers/gpio/gpio_cy8c95xx.c
  • #35154 - [Coverity CID: 233524] Unchecked return value in include/drivers/dma.h
  • #35153 - [Coverity CID: 236006] Structurally dead code in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/
  • #35152 - [Coverity CID: 235986] Structurally dead code in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/
  • #35151 - [Coverity CID: 235943] Reliance on integer endianness in include/sys/cbprintf_cxx.h
  • #35150 - [Coverity CID: 225136] Out-of-bounds write in tests/kernel/sched/deadline/src/main.c
  • #35149 - [Coverity CID: 234410] Out-of-bounds read in tests/kernel/sched/preempt/src/main.c
  • #35148 - [Coverity CID: 236015] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/mock_backend.c
  • #35147 - [Coverity CID: 236012] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs_client.c
  • #35146 - [Coverity CID: 235994] Out-of-bounds access in tests/kernel/interrupt/src/interrupt_offload.c
  • #35145 - [Coverity CID: 235984] Out-of-bounds access in include/sys/cbprintf_cxx.h
  • #35144 - [Coverity CID: 235944] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs_client.c
  • #35143 - [Coverity CID: 235921] Out-of-bounds access in include/sys/cbprintf_cxx.h
  • #35142 - [Coverity CID: 235914] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35141 - [Coverity CID: 235913] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35140 - [Coverity CID: 231072] Out-of-bounds access in tests/kernel/sched/preempt/src/main.c
  • #35139 - [Coverity CID: 229646] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vocs.c
  • #35138 - [Coverity CID: 229545] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/canbus/isotp/conformance/src/main.c
  • #35137 - [Coverity CID: 225993] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/canbus/isotp/conformance/src/main.c
  • #35136 - [Coverity CID: 235916] Operands don't affect result in drivers/adc/adc_stm32.c
  • #35135 - [Coverity CID: 235911] Negative array index write in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/mock_backend.c
  • #35134 - [Coverity CID: 222151] Negative array index write in tests/subsys/logging/log_msg2/src/main.c
  • #35133 - [Coverity CID: 232501] Missing varargs init or cleanup in subsys/logging/log_msg2.c
  • #35132 - [Coverity CID: 236003] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35131 - [Coverity CID: 235998] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35130 - [Coverity CID: 235997] Logically dead code in drivers/adc/adc_stm32.c
  • #35129 - [Coverity CID: 235990] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35128 - [Coverity CID: 235970] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35127 - [Coverity CID: 235965] Logically dead code in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/
  • #35126 - [Coverity CID: 235961] Logically dead code in tests/subsys/logging/log_api/src/
  • #35125 - [Coverity CID: 235956] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35124 - [Coverity CID: 235955] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35123 - [Coverity CID: 235954] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35122 - [Coverity CID: 235952] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35121 - [Coverity CID: 235950] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35120 - [Coverity CID: 235934] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs.c
  • #35119 - [Coverity CID: 235932] Logically dead code in samples/sensor/adxl372/src/main.c
  • #35118 - [Coverity CID: 235919] Logically dead code in samples/sensor/bmg160/src/main.c
  • #35117 - [Coverity CID: 235945] Incorrect sizeof expression in include/sys/cbprintf_cxx.h
  • #35116 - [Coverity CID: 235987] Incompatible cast in include/sys/cbprintf_cxx.h
  • #35115 - [Coverity CID: 236000] Improper use of negative value in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/
  • #35114 - [Coverity CID: 221976] Division or modulo by zero in tests/drivers/can/timing/src/main.c
  • #35113 - [Coverity CID: 235985] Dereference before null check in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vcs_client.c
  • #35112 - [Coverity CID: 235983] Dereference after null check in samples/sensor/max17262/src/main.c
  • #35111 - [Coverity CID: 234630] Dereference after null check in tests/net/dhcpv4/src/main.c
  • #35110 - [Coverity CID: 220616] Arguments in wrong order in tests/subsys/canbus/isotp/conformance/src/main.c
  • #35108 - tests: drivers: pwm: pwm_api: failed on nucleo_f207zg
  • #35107 - Atmel SAM E70 / Cortex-M7 fails to boot if CONFIG_NOCACHE_MEMORY=y
  • #35104 - arch.interrupt.gen_isr_table.arm_mainline: fails on lpcxpresso55s16_ns
  • #35102 - testing.ztest.error_hook: fails on lpcxpresso55s16_ns
  • #35100 - libraries.libc.sprintf_new: fails on lpcxpresso55s16_ns and lpcxpresso55s69_ns
  • #35099 - benchmark.kernel.application.fp.arm: Illegal load of EXC_RETURN into PC on lpcxpresso55s16_ns and lpcxpresso55s69_ns
  • #35097 - arch.interrupt: fails on NXP Cortex-M0+ platforms
  • #35091 - enc424j600 does not work
  • #35089 - stm32h7: systematic crash at each second boot with NETWORKING=y
  • #35083 - dts: stm32mp1: SPI2 mixup with SAI2, SPI3 mixup with SAI3
  • #35082 - intel_adsp_cavs15: All the testcases run failed on ADSP
  • #35079 - acrn_ehl_crb: build warnings for old APIC_TIMER configs
  • #35076 - acrn_ehl_crb does not work with CPUs >1
  • #35075 - .west/config west.yml and zephyr versioning during project development
  • #35073 - timer: cortex_m_systick: uptime drifting in tickless mode
  • #35060 - tests/kernel/common: test_nop failed on ARMV7_M_ARMV8_M_MAINLINE
  • #35058 - Bluetooth: deadlock when canceling from settings commit handler
  • #35051 - CONFIG_LOG2 fails for floating point output with warning and bad output
  • #35048 - mcuboot with enabled serial recovery does not compile
  • #35046 - Tracing shows k_busy_wait() being executed very often on nRF platforms
  • #35043 - NXP: Build error : ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'elftools'
  • #35041 - Crash in net-shell when invoking "net dns" command
  • #35036 - STM32: Wrong uart_event_tx len calculation
  • #35033 - samples/boards: stm32 pm blinky fails when run with twister
  • #35028 - frdm_k64f: failed to run tests/subsys/pm/power_mgmt/
  • #35027 - frdm_k64f: failed to run testcase tests/drivers/adc/adc_emul/
  • #35026 - sam_e70b_xplained: failed to run testcases tests/drivers/adc/adc_emul/
  • #35013 - Bluetooth: Controller: Out-of-Bound ULL context access during connection completion
  • #34999 - Using BT_ISO bluetooth hci_usb sample, and enable, but still shows no command supported
  • #34989 - Implement arch_page_phys_get() for ARM64
  • #34979 - MIMRT685-EVK board page has broken links
  • #34978 - misleading root folder size in footprint reports
  • #34969 - Documentation still mentions deprecated macro DT_INST_FOREACH_STATUS_OKAY
  • #34964 - net regression: Connection to Zephyr server non-deterministically leads to client timeout, ENOTCONN on server side
  • #34962 - tfm: cmake: Toolchain not being passed into psa-arch-tests
  • #34950 - xtensa arch :The source code version is too old
  • #34948 - SoF module is not pointing at Zehpyr repo
  • #34935 - LwM2M: Block transfer with TLV format does not work
  • #34932 - drvers/flash/nrf_qspi_nor: high power consumption on nrf52840
  • #34931 - dns resolve timeout leads to CPU memory access violation error
  • #34925 - tests/lib/cbprintf_package fails to build
  • #34923 - net.socket.get_addr_info: frdm_k64f test fails
  • #34917 - arch.interrupt.arm| arch.interrupt.extra_exception_info: lpcxpresso55s28 series: test failure
  • #34915 - arch.interrupt.gen_isr_table.arm_mainline:lpcxpresso55s16_ns/lpcxpresso55s28: interrupt 57 does not work
  • #34911 - tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect: frdm_k82f/frdm_k64f unexpected fatal error
  • #34909 - dma_loopback:lpcxpresso55s28_ns driver test failure
  • #34904 - uart_mcux_lpuart: Enable driver to work with CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n
  • #34903 - doc: Target name is wrong for rcar_h3ulcb board
  • #34891 - mcumgr timeout due to smp_shell_process stalling
  • #34880 - Convert SoF Module to new kwork API
  • #34865 - CONFIG_NET_SOCKETS_PACKET interferes with other network traffic (gptp, IP)
  • #34862 - CAN ISO-TP implementation not using local work queue
  • #34852 - Some bluetooth advertising packages never get transmitted over-air (Bluetooth Mesh application)
  • #34844 - qemu_cortex_a53_smp: tests/ztest/error_hook failed after enabling the FPU context switching support
  • #34840 - CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n is not tested on hardware platforms
  • #34838 - tests/subsys/logging/log_msg2 failes on qemu_cortex_a53
  • #34837 - Unstable multi connections between NRF52840
  • #34827 - tests: power management: test_power_state_trans fails on nrf boards
  • #34796 - x86 jlink runner fails on M1 macs
  • #34794 - LIS2DH Hard Fault when INT2 is not defined
  • #34788 - APIC timer does not support SMP
  • #34777 - semaphore and condvar_api tests fails after ARM64 FPU context switch commit on qemu_cortex_a53_smp
  • #34772 - Mixed usage of signed/unsigned integer by the logging subsystem
  • #34757 - west update: Default behavior should fetch only --depth 1
  • #34753 - Building and Debugging Zephyr for Native Platform on Linux using VSCode and/or QtCreator
  • #34748 - Native posix: Segmentation fault in case of allocations without explicit heap assignment
  • #34739 - tests/arch/arm/arm_no_multithreading/arch.arm.no_multithreading fails to build on a number of platforms
  • #34734 - Can handler doesn't compile with CONFIG_USERSPACE
  • #34722 - nvs: possibility of losing data
  • #34716 - flash: spi_nor: build fails when CONFIG_SPI_NOR_SFDP_RUNTIME is enabled
  • #34696 - Unable to select LOG_DICTIONARY_SUPPORT when TEST_LOGGING_DEFAULTS=y
  • #34690 - net: process_rx_packet() work handler violates requirements of Workqueue Threads implementation
  • #34687 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run tests/kernel/semaphore/semaphore/ failed on ADSP
  • #34683 - MCUboot not confirm image when using 'west flash'
  • #34672 - stm32h7: issue with CONFIG_UART_ASYNC_API=y
  • #34670 - smp_svr sample configured for serial port with shell management enabled does not work
  • #34669 - uart_read_fifo() reads only 2 chars on nucleo STM32L43KC and nRF52840-DK
  • #34668 - i2c_ite_it8xxx2.c fails to build - possibly related to device_pm_control_nop changes
  • #34667 - posix_apis:mimxrt685_evk_cm33 timeout in test_posix_realtime
  • #34662 - many udp networking cases fail on nxp platforms
  • #34658 - TF-M integration samples do not work with GNU ARM Embedded having GCC v10.x.x
  • #34656 - STM32 ADC - read of multiple channels in a sequence
  • #34644 - CAN - Bus Driver Sample
  • #34635 - BME280 build error
  • #34633 - STM32: Mass conversion of boards to dts based clock control configuration
  • #34624 - Coding guidelines 15.7 PR causes tests failures
  • #34605 - flash_stm32h7x.c fails to build
  • #34601 - sample: bluetooth: beacon: USAGE FAULT after few seconds on board b_l4s5i_iot01a
  • #34597 - Mismatch between ot ping and net ping
  • #34593 - Using hci_usb with Bluez 5.55 or 5.58
  • #34585 - mec15xxevb_assy6853: test_timeout_order in tests/kernel/common assertion failed
  • #34584 - kernel: workqueue thread is occasionally not invoked when kernel is run in cooperative mode only
  • #34583 - twister failing: fails platform native_posix, test lib/cmsis_dsp/filtering
  • #34581 - Unable to work with SX1276 Lora module.
  • #34570 - IPC samples running secure but configured nonsecure (AN521)
  • #34568 - Compilation error with zephyr 2.3.0
  • #34563 - net: lib: sockets: Unable to select() file descriptors with number >= 32
  • #34558 - Compilation error with Log v2 and CONFIG_LOG_PRINTK
  • #34541 - per-adv-sync-create doesn't work on nRF52840, ./tests/bluetooth/shell/
  • #34538 - STM32 temperature sensor
  • #34534 - west sign regression when HEX file not exists
  • #34527 - Cpp compiling error: expected primary-expression before 'char'. _Generic macros problem
  • #34526 - logging tests fails to build on a number of platforms
  • #34515 - samples: net: syslog_net: hard fault when running on frdm_k64f
  • #34505 - mimxrt1050_evk:failed to run testcases tests/net
  • #34503 - up_squared and ehl_crb: test fails from timeout in application_development.cpp.libcxx.exceptions
  • #34500 - thingy52 lis2dh12 sensor values too large
  • #34495 - logger: Logger API cannot be compiled with C++
  • #34492 - Logging still broken with SOF
  • #34482 - net_tunnel_virtual:frdm_k64f: build failure
  • #34474 - MPS2-AN385 SRAM does not match what the documentation page says
  • #34473 - Add Requirements repository with infrastructure and placeholder requirements
  • #34469 - nrf53: nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpunet not executing.
  • #34463 - LwM2M bootstrap DELETE operation not working
  • #34462 - samples: net: sockets: packet: reception stops working after a while
  • #34461 - Unable to use PWM pins with STM Nucleo H743ZI
  • #34443 - Document font display is incomplete
  • #34439 - Logging subsystem causes build to fail with LLVM
  • #34434 - subsys: testsuite: ztest framework breaks if run in cooperative mode only
  • #34426 - RFC: API Change: USB HID remove get_protocol/set_protocol/get_idle/set_idle callbacks
  • #34423 - twister build issue with arm64
  • #34419 - significant build time increase with new logging subsystem
  • #34416 - Configuration HAS_DTS has no function, preventing compile for vendors without device tree
  • #34409 - mDNS response on link local when using DHCPv4 and AutoIP/Static IP
  • #34403 - Logging disable function causes Zephyr hard lockup
  • #34402 - spi: spi_nrfx_spim: wrong clock frequency selected
  • #34397 - Update getting started docs to reflect gdb python requirements
  • #34387 - Error message in include/linker/kobject-text.ld is unclear
  • #34382 - fs/nvs: if closing ATE has to high offset NVS iterates up to the end of flash.
  • #34372 - CPU Lockups when using own Log Backend
  • #34369 - Driver esp for wifi got a dead lock.
  • #34368 - Cmake's Python path breaks after using west build --pristine
  • #34363 - k_work: incorrect return values for synchronous cancel
  • #34355 - LittleFS sample code catch an "undefined symbol 'ITCM_ADDR' referenced in expression" in linker step
  • #34345 - samples/net/civetweb/websocket_server fails to build
  • #34342 - No output on SWO pin (STM32L4)
  • #34341 - SWO logging and DWT timing collision
  • #34329 - lwm2m: pmin and pmax attributes should be optional
  • #34325 - hal: microchip: Missing Wake bit definitions
  • #34309 - unable to connect to azure iot hub via mqtt protocol
  • #34308 - SPI transceive function only transmitting first tx_buffer on Sifive's MCU
  • #34304 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run tests/kernel/queue/ failed on ADSP
  • #34295 - TensorFlow Lite Micro Module
  • #34280 - Add USB to LPCXpresso55S69 board
  • #34275 - drivers: led_pwm: Improper label assignment
  • #34272 - twister: Add memory footprint info to json report
  • #34270 - NVS read after consecutive restarts.
  • #34265 - BME280 Pressure calculation
  • #34264 - CI: twister: Add merged report from all sub-builds to buildkite build artifacts
  • #34262 - Unable to find detailed documentation on pinmux driver development
  • #34249 - Unable to initialize on STM32F103RE + Quectel EC21 using BG9x driver
  • #34246 - LoRa driver sending opcode of commands without parameters
  • #34234 - UART NS16550 Underflow Issue During Clearing Port
  • #34233 - OpenThread build issues
  • #34231 - uzlib (decompression library)
  • #34229 - C++ Exception Support in qemu_riscv32 emulation
  • #34225 - BBC micro:bit v1.5 LSM303AGR-ACCEL
  • #34216 - Using nrfx_gpiote library with spi(nrf52840)
  • #34214 - codes reference weak variable are optimized out
  • #34209 - BLE Mesh Provisioning generates value 0 outside of Specification for Blink, Beep, or Vibrate
  • #34206 - Question: Is zephyrproject actively maintaining the windows-curses sub-project?
  • #34202 - MPU Fault when running central coded bluetooth and ENC28J60 dhcpv4_client
  • #34201 - Fatal error when perform "bt phy-update" if there is not any connections at ./tests/bluetooth/shell
  • #34197 - samples: telnet: Tab completion not working in telnet shell
  • #34196 - st_lis2mdl: LSM303AGR-MAGN not detected
  • #34190 - Newbie: Simple C++ List App Builds for QEMU but not Native Posix Emulation
  • #34184 - video samples fail to build
  • #34178 - apds9960 sensor sample does not build on STM32
  • #34165 - SNTP fails to close the used socket
  • #34154 - AArch64 PR reviews and merges are lagging behind
  • #34152 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run tests/kernel/smp/ failed on ADSP
  • #34149 - Invalid link in Zephyr document to ACRN page
  • #34145 - Convert NXP kinetis boards to have pindata in devicetree
  • #34134 - USB do not works if bootloader badly use the device before
  • #34117 - ehl_crb: tests/kernel/context tests failed
  • #34116 - mec15xxevb_assy6853: tests/kernel/mutex/sys_mutex/
  • #34107 - Convert tests/benchmarks/mbedtls/src/benchmark.c to new kwork API
  • #34106 - Convert tests/kernel/pending/src/main.c to new kwork API
  • #34104 - Convert tests/benchmarks/footprints/src/workq.c to new kwork API
  • #34103 - Convert drivers/console/uart_mux.c to new kwork API
  • #34102 - Convert drivers/serial/uart_sam0.c to new kwork API
  • #34101 - Convert subsys/mgmt to new kwork API
  • #34100 - Convert subsys/shell/shell_telnet to new kwork API
  • #34099 - Convert subsys/tracing/cpu_stats.c to new kwork API
  • #34098 - Convert samples/drivers/led_sx1509b_intensity to new kwork API
  • #34097 - Convert samples/boards/reel_board/mesh_badge to new kwork API
  • #34096 - Convert samples nrf clock_skew to new kwork API
  • #34095 - Convert CAN to new kwork API
  • #34094 - Convert ubsys/ipc/rpmsg_service/rpmsg_backend.c to new kwork API
  • #34093 - Convert bluetooth to new kwork API
  • #34092 - Convert usb to new kwork API
  • #34091 - Convert uart_stm32.c to new kwork API
  • #34090 - Convert video_sw_generator.c to new kwork API
  • #34082 - Bullets are broken in documentation
  • #34076 - Unrecognized characters generated during document construction
  • #34068 - DOC BUILD FAIL
  • #34046 - Failed to build arm64 architecture related board
  • #34045 - samples: subsys: mgmt: smp_srv: UDP sample does not boot on frdm_k64f
  • #34026 - RISCV32 QEMU illegal instruction exception / floating point support
  • #34023 - test_prevent_interruption has wrong data type for key
  • #34014 - Toolchain Compile Error of RISC-V(rv32m1-vega board)
  • #34011 - NRF52840 DTS questions
  • #34010 - [Coverity CID: 220531] Copy into fixed size buffer in tests/net/socket/misc/src/main.c
  • #34009 - [Coverity CID: 220532] Unrecoverable parse warning in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_peripheral_iso.c
  • #34008 - [Coverity CID: 220533] Improper use of negative value in tests/net/socket/misc/src/main.c
  • #34007 - [Coverity CID: 220534] Out-of-bounds access in tests/arch/arm/arm_no_multithreading/src/main.c
  • #34006 - [Coverity CID: 220535] Dereference before null check in subsys/net/l2/virtual/virtual.c
  • #34005 - [Coverity CID: 220536] Pointer to local outside scope in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_engine.c
  • #34004 - [Coverity CID: 220537] Uninitialized pointer read in tests/net/virtual/src/main.c
  • #34003 - [Coverity CID: 220538] Logically dead code in subsys/net/l2/virtual/virtual.c
  • #34002 - [Coverity CID: 220539] Improper use of negative value in tests/net/socket/misc/src/main.c
  • #34001 - [Coverity CID: 220540] Uninitialized scalar variable in samples/drivers/flash_shell/src/main.c
  • #34000 - [Coverity CID: 220541] Dereference before null check in subsys/net/lib/capture/capture.c
  • #33986 - TCP stack doesn't handle data received in FIN_WAIT_1
  • #33983 - example-application module: add trivial driver
  • #33981 - example-application module: add board zxa_board_stub
  • #33978 - MCP2515 wrong BRP value
  • #33977 - Question: How best to contribute drivers upstream?
  • #33974 - The stm32wb55rc MCU does not operate on zephyr
  • #33969 - Hardfault error caused by ARM Cortex m0 non-4-byte alignment
  • #33968 - ESP32 Porting GSM Module Compile Error
  • #33967 - The printed total size differs from calculated from .json
  • #33966 - STM32: I-cache & D-cache
  • #33965 - example-application module: add trivial project
  • #33956 - tests: kernel: fpu: Several tests related to fpu fail on nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuappns
  • #33954 - I2C scan in UART shell is not detecting any I2C devices on ESP32
  • #33951 - periodic_adv not working with nRF5340 DK
  • #33950 - periodic_adv not working with nRF5340 DK
  • #33929 - subsys: logging: Sample app doesn't build if using Werror and logging with latest SDK
  • #33925 - Rework hl7800 driver to use new work queue APIs
  • #33923 - GSM modem automatic operation selection mode problems
  • #33911 - test:twr_ke18f: tests/kernel/sched/schedule_api - kernel_threads_sched_userspace cases meet out our space
  • #33904 - having issue compile a shell program and it is bug likely
  • #33898 - intel_adsp_cavs15: running testcases failed tests/kernel/workq/work on adsp
  • #33897 - Bluetooth: extended advertising can't restart after connection
  • #33896 - Device tree: STM32L4 defines can1 node for chips which do not support CAN peripheral
  • #33895 - Device tree: STM32L412 and STM32L422 are missing nodes
  • #33890 - Continuous Integration check patch false warnings
  • #33874 - twister: Add skip as error feature
  • #33868 - Bluetooth: controller: connectable advertisement disable race condition
  • #33866 - uart: TX_DONE occurs before transmission is complete.
  • #33860 - DEPRECATED, a replacement suggestion should be found somewhere
  • #33858 - tests: ztest: test trigger_fault_access from tests/ztest/error_hook fails on em_starterkit_em7d_v22
  • #33857 - atomic xtensa build fail
  • #33843 - ESP32 example does not connect to WiFi
  • #33840 - [Coverity CID: 220301] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33839 - [Coverity CID: 220302] Uninitialized scalar variable in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_rw_link_format.c
  • #33838 - [Coverity CID: 220304] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33837 - [Coverity CID: 220305] Logically dead code in drivers/gpio/gpio_nrfx.c
  • #33836 - [Coverity CID: 220306] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33835 - [Coverity CID: 220309] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33834 - [Coverity CID: 220310] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33833 - [Coverity CID: 220311] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33832 - [Coverity CID: 220312] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33831 - [Coverity CID: 220313] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/services/ots/ots_obj_manager.c
  • #33830 - [Coverity CID: 220314] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/bluetooth/services/ots/ots_dir_list.c
  • #33829 - [Coverity CID: 220315] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33828 - [Coverity CID: 220316] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33827 - [Coverity CID: 220317] Unchecked return value in tests/kernel/pipe/pipe_api/src/test_pipe_contexts.c
  • #33826 - [Coverity CID: 220318] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33825 - [Coverity CID: 220319] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33824 - [Coverity CID: 220320] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33823 - [Coverity CID: 220321] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33822 - [Coverity CID: 220413] Explicit null dereferenced in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33821 - [Coverity CID: 220414] Unused value in tests/subsys/logging/log_backend_fs/src/log_fs_test.c
  • #33820 - [Coverity CID: 220415] Uninitialized scalar variable in tests/posix/common/src/pthread.c
  • #33819 - [Coverity CID: 220417] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/modbus/modbus_core.c
  • #33818 - [Coverity CID: 220418] Destination buffer too small in subsys/modbus/modbus_raw.c
  • #33817 - [Coverity CID: 220419] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #33816 - [Coverity CID: 220420] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33815 - [Coverity CID: 220421] Incorrect sizeof expression in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33814 - [Coverity CID: 220422] Extra argument to printf format specifier in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33813 - [Coverity CID: 220423] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/ppp/ppp_l2.c
  • #33812 - [Coverity CID: 220424] Out-of-bounds access in drivers/watchdog/wdt_mcux_imx_wdog.c
  • #33811 - [Coverity CID: 220425] Destination buffer too small in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33810 - [Coverity CID: 220426] Out-of-bounds access in tests/lib/c_lib/src/main.c
  • #33809 - [Coverity CID: 220427] Unchecked return value in tests/posix/common/src/pthread.c
  • #33808 - [Coverity CID: 220428] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vocs.c
  • #33807 - [Coverity CID: 220429] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/ppp/ppp_l2.c
  • #33806 - [Coverity CID: 220430] Operands don't affect result in tests/lib/c_lib/src/main.c
  • #33805 - [Coverity CID: 220431] Extra argument to printf format specifier in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33804 - [Coverity CID: 220432] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c
  • #33803 - [Coverity CID: 220433] Printf arg count mismatch in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33802 - [Coverity CID: 220434] Resource leak in tests/lib/mem_alloc/src/main.c
  • #33801 - [Coverity CID: 220435] Extra argument to printf format specifier in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33800 - [Coverity CID: 220436] Explicit null dereferenced in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33799 - [Coverity CID: 220437] Wrong size argument in tests/lib/mem_alloc/src/main.c
  • #33798 - [Coverity CID: 220438] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/audio/vocs_client.c
  • #33797 - [Coverity CID: 220439] Destination buffer too small in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33796 - [Coverity CID: 220440] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33795 - [Coverity CID: 220441] Untrusted loop bound in subsys/modbus/modbus_client.c
  • #33794 - [Coverity CID: 220442] Pointless string comparison in tests/lib/c_lib/src/main.c
  • #33793 - [Coverity CID: 220443] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33792 - [Coverity CID: 220444] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/modbus/modbus_raw.c
  • #33791 - [Coverity CID: 220445] Unchecked return value in subsys/logging/log_backend_fs.c
  • #33790 - [Coverity CID: 220446] Printf arg count mismatch in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33789 - [Coverity CID: 220447] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/modbus/modbus_raw.c
  • #33788 - [Coverity CID: 220448] Out-of-bounds access in tests/subsys/modbus/src/test_modbus_raw.c
  • #33787 - [Coverity CID: 220449] Unused value in tests/subsys/logging/log_backend_fs/src/log_fs_test.c
  • #33786 - [Coverity CID: 220450] Untrusted loop bound in subsys/modbus/modbus_client.c
  • #33785 - [Coverity CID: 220451] Resource leak in tests/lib/mem_alloc/src/main.c
  • #33784 - [Coverity CID: 220452] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c
  • #33783 - [Coverity CID: 220453] Extra argument to printf format specifier in tests/lib/sprintf/src/main.c
  • #33768 - Rpmsg initialisation on nRF53 may fail
  • #33765 - Regular loss of a few connection intervals
  • #33761 - Documentation: K_WORK_DEFINE usage is not shown in workqueue doc
  • #33754 - xtensa sys timer Interrupt bug?
  • #33745 - west attach silently downgrades to debugserver for openocd runner
  • #33729 - flash_write() in STM32L0 MCU throws hard fault
  • #33727 - mec15xxevb_assy6853: multiple tests failed due to assertion failure at kernel/sched.c:841
  • #33726 - test:mimxrt1010_evk: tests/kernel/sched/schedule_api - kernel_threads_sched_userspace cases meet out our space
  • #33721 - STM32 serial driver configure api doesn't set correct datalength when even or odd parity is used.
  • #33712 - kernel/poll: no error happened when mutil-threads poll a same event at a same time.
  • #33702 - cfb sample build error for esp32 when SSD1306 is enabled
  • #33697 - dts:dt-bindings No OCTOSPIM dt-bindings available for stm32h723
  • #33693 - cmake -E env: unknown option '-Wno-unique_unit_address_if_enabled'
  • #33667 - tests: kernel: timer: Test timeout_abs from tests/kernel/timer/timer_api hangs causing test scenarios to fail
  • #33665 - tests: kernel: timer_api fails with hard fault in CONFIG_TICKLESS_KERNEL
  • #33662 - Make twister dig deeper in directory structure to find additional .yaml files
  • #33658 - Question: How is NUM_IRQS determined for example for STM32F401xC
  • #33655 - Add support for board: Nucleo-L412RB-P
  • #33646 - Expose net_ipv4_create, net_ipv6_create, and net_udp_create in standard header
  • #33645 - Random MAC after RESET - NRF52832
  • #33641 - API Meeting Minutes
  • #33635 - subsys/ipc/openamp sample on QEMU not working when debugging
  • #33633 - NXP imx rt1064 evk: Application does not boot when flash/flexSPI driver is enabled
  • #33629 - tests: subsys: logging: Tests from /tests/subsys/logging/log_backend_fs fail on nrf52840dk
  • #33625 - NVS: replace dev_name parameter by device reference in nvs_init()
  • #33612 - Add support to get adv address of a per_adv_sync object and lookup per_adv_sync object from adv address
  • #33610 - ARC: add ARCv3 HS6x support
  • #33609 - Question about memory usage of the binary zephyr.exe
  • #33600 - Master is broken at build-time when SRAM is mapped at an high address
  • #33593 - acrn_ehl_crb: general tests and samples execution slowdown
  • #33591 - wordlist (kobject hash) is not generated correctly when using high addresses for SRAM on 64-bit platforms
  • #33590 - nrf: Debugging any test fails when CORTEX_M_DEBUG_NULL_POINTER_EXCEPTION_DETECTION_DWT is enabled
  • #33589 - SSD1306 driver no longer works for I2C displays
  • #33583 - nRF SPI CS control: CS set / release delay is longer than configured
  • #33572 - esp_event: SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_DISCONNECTED for wifi sample for esp32 board
  • #33568 - Test tests/arch/x86/info fails for ehl_crb
  • #33567 - sof: framework is redefnining MAX, MIN to version with limited capabilities
  • #33559 - pin setting error on frdm_kl25z boards
  • #33558 - qemu_cortex_a53_smp and qemu_x86_64 failed in tests/kernel/condvar/condvar while enabling for SMP
  • #33557 - there is no network interface to work with for wifi sample for esp32 board
  • #33551 - tests: SMP: Two threads synchronize failed using mutex or semaphore while both doing irq_lock()
  • #33549 - xt-xcc unknown field 'obj' specified in initializer
  • #33548 - xt-xcc does not support deprecated attribute
  • #33545 - ehl_crb: tests/arch/x86/info failed.
  • #33544 - ehl_crb: portability.posix.common.posix_realtime failed.
  • #33543 - ehl_crb: tests/subsys/edac/ibecc failed.
  • #33542 - reel_board: samples/subsys/usb/hid/ timeout failure
  • #33539 - ehl_crb: tests/kernel/mem_heap/mheap_api_concept failed.
  • #33529 - adafruit_feather_nrf52840 dts not setting I2C controller compat (was: SSD1306 DTS properties not being generated in devicetree_unfixed.h)
  • #33526 - boards: Optimal way to have customized dts for my project.
  • #33525 - ST Nucleo G071RB board support issue
  • #33524 - minor: kswap.h is included twice in kernel/init.c
  • #33523 - Bossac runner flashes at an incorrect offset
  • #33516 - socket: tcp application crashes when there are no more net buffers in case of reception
  • #33515 - arm64/mmu: Are you sure it's OK to use atomic_cas before the MMU is initialized?
  • #33512 - build: build target is always out-of-date
  • #33509 - samples: tests: watchdog: samples/subsys/task_wdt breaks nrf platforms performace
  • #33505 - WS2812 SPI LED driver with DMA on nrf52 bad SPI data
  • #33498 - west: Question on west flash --hex-file behavior with build.dir-fmt
  • #33491 - fwrite() function will cause the program to crash when wrong parameters passed
  • #33488 - Ring buffer makes it hard to discard items
  • #33479 - disk_access_spi_sdhc: Missing stop/end bit
  • #33475 - Need to add device node for UART10 in dts/arm/st/h7/stm32h723.dtsi
  • #33464 - SYS_INIT initialize priority "2-9" ordering error
  • #33459 - Divide zero exception is not enabled in ARC
  • #33457 - Fail to build ARC zephyr with MetaWare toolchain
  • #33456 - lorawan: unconfirmed messages leave stack in busy state
  • #33426 - a few failures with CONFIG_HCI_ACL_DATA_SIZE in nightly builds
  • #33424 - tests: ztest: Test from tests/ztest/error_hook fails on nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuappns
  • #33423 - tests: portability: tests/portability/cmsis_rtos_v2 fails on nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuappns
  • #33422 - samples/subsys/usb/dfu/sample.usb.dfu fails on multiple platforms in daily build
  • #33421 - Add BT_LE_FEAT_BIT_PER_ADV checks for periodic advertising commands
  • #33403 - trigger_fault_divide_zero test case didn't run divide instruction
  • #33381 - West debug does not work with Bluetooth shell and nRF52840 DK
  • #33378 - Extended advertising switch on / switch off loop impossible
  • #33374 - Network interface routines are not thread safe
  • #33371 - mec15xxevb_assy6853: tests/drivers/gpio/gpio_basic_api/ failed
  • #33365 - Add STM32H7 Series USB Device Support
  • #33363 - Properly indicate ISR number in SystemView
  • #33356 - Using AT HOST fails build
  • #33353 - work: k_work_schedule from running work item does not schedule
  • #33352 - Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense constantly resetting.
  • #33351 - uart peripheral outputs 7 bits when configured in 8 bits + parity on stm32
  • #33348 - ip/dhcpv4 is not thread-safe in SMP/preemptive thread configurations
  • #33342 - disco_l475_iot1: Multiple definitions of z_timer_cycle_get_32, etc.
  • #33339 - API/functions to get remaining free heap size
  • #33330 - Poll on DTLS socket returns -EAGAIN if bind & receive any data.
  • #33326 - The gpio-map for adafruit_feather_stm32f405 looks like it contains conflicts
  • #33324 - Using bluetooth hci_usb sample, and set periodic adv enable, but bluez still shows no command supported
  • #33322 - Questions on ztest : 1) Can twister/ztests run on windows? 2) Project structure
  • #33319 - Kernel doesn't validate lock state on swap
  • #33318 - [Coverity CID: 219722] Resource leak in tests/lib/mem_alloc/src/main.c
  • #33317 - [Coverity CID: 219727] Improper use of negative value in tests/lib/cbprintf_package/src/main.c
  • #33316 - [Coverity CID: 219724] Side effect in assertion in tests/kernel/queue/src/test_queue_contexts.c
  • #33315 - [Coverity CID: 219723] Side effect in assertion in tests/kernel/queue/src/test_queue_contexts.c
  • #33314 - [Coverity CID: 219726] Side effect in assertion in tests/kernel/lifo/lifo_usage/src/main.c
  • #33313 - [Coverity CID: 219728] Untrusted array index read in subsys/bluetooth/host/iso.c
  • #33312 - [Coverity CID: 219721] Untrusted array index read in subsys/bluetooth/host/iso.c
  • #33311 - [Coverity CID: 219729] Logically dead code in lib/os/cbprintf_packaged.c
  • #33303 - __ASSERT does not display message or register info in v2.5.0
  • #33291 - Using both NET_SOCKETS_SOCKOPT_TLS and POSIX_API fails build
  • #33280 - drivers: serial: nrf uarte: The application receives one more byte that was received over UART
  • #33273 - The z_smp_reacquire_global_lock() internal API is not used any where inside zephyr code base
  • #33269 - ILI9341 (ILI9XXX) set orientation function fails to update the display area correctly
  • #33265 - Power Management Overhaul
  • #33261 - gatt_notify too slow on Broadcast
  • #33253 - STM32G4 with USB-C PD: Some pins cannot be used as input by default
  • #33239 - lib/rbtree: Remove dead case in rb_remove()
  • #33238 - tests: drivers: pwm api fails on many boards
  • #33233 - uart9 missing from <st/h7/stm32h7.dtsi>
  • #33218 - Incorrect documentation CONFIG_LOG_STRDUP_MAX_STRING
  • #33213 - Configuring a project with a sub-project (e.g. nRF5340) and an overlay causes an infinite configuring loop
  • #33212 - GUI configuration system (ninja menuconfig) exists with an error when the windows key is pressed
  • #33208 - cbprintf: Package size calculation is using best case alignment
  • #33207 - twister: Add option to load list with quarantined tests
  • #33203 - Bluetooth: host: ISO: Missing terminate reason in ISO disconnected callback
  • #33200 - USB CDC ACM sample application fails to compile
  • #33196 - I2C doesn't work on STM32F103RE
  • #33185 - TCP traffic with IPSP sample not working on 96Boards Nitrogen
  • #33176 - tests: kernel: Multiple test cases from tests/kernel/workq/work_queue are failing
  • #33173 - tests/kernel/workq/work_queue fails on sam_e70_xplained
  • #33171 - Create Renesas HAL
  • #33169 - STM32 SPI Driver - Transmit (MOSI) Only - Infinite Loop on Tranceive
  • #33168 - CONFIG_HEAP_MEM_POOL_SIZE=64 doesn't work
  • #33164 - Newlib has no synchronization
  • #33153 - west flash cannot find OpenOCD
  • #33149 - subsys: canbus: canopen EDSEditor / libedssharp version that works with Zephyr's CANopenNode
  • #33147 - Not able to build blinky or set toolchain to zephyr
  • #33142 - fs_mount for FAT FS does not distingush between no file system and other errors
  • #33140 - STM32H7: Bus fault when reading corrupt flash sectors
  • #33138 - invalid west cmake diagnostics when using board alias
  • #33137 - Enabling DHCP without NET_MGMT shouldn't be allowed
  • #33127 - Improve documentation user experience
  • #33122 - Device-level Cache API
  • #33120 - iotdk: running testcase tests/kernel/mbox/mbox_api/ failed
  • #33114 - tests: mbox_api: testcase test_mbox_data_get_null has some bugs.
  • #33104 - Updating Zephyr to fix Work Queue Problems
  • #33101 - DNS resolver misbehaves if receiving response too late
  • #33100 - tcp2 not working with ppp
  • #33097 - Coverity ID links in associated GitHub issues are broken
  • #33096 - [Coverity CID :215373] Unchecked return value in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_rd_client.c
  • #33095 - [Coverity CID :215379] Out-of-bounds write in subsys/mgmt/osdp/src/osdp_cp.c
  • #33094 - [Coverity CID :215381] Resource leak in samples/net/mdns_responder/src/service.c
  • #33093 - [Coverity CID :215391] Unchecked return value from library in samples/net/mdns_responder/src/service.c
  • #33092 - [Coverity CID :215392] Logically dead code in subsys/mgmt/osdp/src/osdp_cp.c
  • #33091 - [Coverity CID :219474] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_scan.c
  • #33090 - [Coverity CID :219476] Dereference after null check in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_conn.c
  • #33089 - [Coverity CID :219556] Self assignment in drivers/espi/host_subs_npcx.c
  • #33088 - [Coverity CID :219558] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33087 - [Coverity CID :219559] Out-of-bounds access in tests/arch/arm/arm_interrupt/src/arm_interrupt.c
  • #33086 - [Coverity CID :219561] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33085 - [Coverity CID :219562] Out-of-bounds access in tests/bluetooth/tester/src/gatt.c
  • #33084 - [Coverity CID :219563] Dereference after null check in arch/x86/core/multiboot.c
  • #33083 - [Coverity CID :219564] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_engine.c
  • #33082 - [Coverity CID :219566] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33081 - [Coverity CID :219572] Untrusted value as argument in tests/net/lib/coap/src/main.c
  • #33080 - [Coverity CID :219573] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_client/src/coap-client.c
  • #33079 - [Coverity CID :219574] Side effect in assertion in tests/subsys/edac/ibecc/src/ibecc.c
  • #33078 - [Coverity CID :219576] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33077 - [Coverity CID :219579] Out-of-bounds read in drivers/ipm/ipm_nrfx_ipc.c
  • #33076 - [Coverity CID :219583] Operands don't affect result in drivers/clock_control/clock_control_npcx.c
  • #33075 - [Coverity CID :219588] Out-of-bounds access in tests/bluetooth/tester/src/gatt.c
  • #33074 - [Coverity CID :219590] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/mesh/proxy.c
  • #33073 - [Coverity CID :219591] Untrusted divisor in drivers/sensor/bme680/bme680.c
  • #33072 - [Coverity CID :219593] Logically dead code in tests/arch/x86/pagetables/src/main.c
  • #33071 - [Coverity CID :219595] Dereference before null check in subsys/net/ip/net_context.c
  • #33070 - [Coverity CID :219596] Out-of-bounds read in tests/kernel/interrupt/src/dynamic_isr.c
  • #33069 - [Coverity CID :219597] Untrusted value as argument in tests/net/lib/coap/src/main.c
  • #33068 - [Coverity CID :219598] Out-of-bounds access in tests/bluetooth/tester/src/gatt.c
  • #33067 - [Coverity CID :219600] Unchecked return value in drivers/watchdog/wdt_wwdg_stm32.c
  • #33066 - [Coverity CID :219601] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33065 - [Coverity CID :219603] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33064 - [Coverity CID :219608] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33063 - [Coverity CID :219609] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33062 - [Coverity CID :219610] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33061 - [Coverity CID :219611] Dereference after null check in subsys/net/ip/tcp2.c
  • #33060 - [Coverity CID :219613] Uninitialized scalar variable in lib/cmsis_rtos_v1/cmsis_signal.c
  • #33059 - [Coverity CID :219615] Out-of-bounds access in tests/arch/arm/arm_irq_advanced_features/src/arm_zero_latency_irqs.c
  • #33058 - [Coverity CID :219616] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/coap/coap_link_format.c
  • #33057 - [Coverity CID :219619] Untrusted divisor in subsys/bluetooth/controller/hci/hci.c
  • #33056 - [Coverity CID :219620] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33055 - [Coverity CID :219621] Uninitialized scalar variable in tests/net/socket/getaddrinfo/src/main.c
  • #33054 - [Coverity CID :219622] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/coap/coap.c
  • #33053 - [Coverity CID :219623] Out-of-bounds read in drivers/ipm/ipm_nrfx_ipc.c
  • #33051 - [Coverity CID :219625] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/mesh/proxy.c
  • #33050 - [Coverity CID :219628] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_engine.c
  • #33049 - [Coverity CID :219629] Operands don't affect result in drivers/clock_control/clock_control_npcx.c
  • #33048 - [Coverity CID :219631] Out-of-bounds read in drivers/espi/espi_npcx.c
  • #33047 - [Coverity CID :219634] Out-of-bounds access in tests/net/lib/dns_addremove/src/main.c
  • #33046 - [Coverity CID :219636] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_engine.c
  • #33045 - [Coverity CID :219637] Untrusted value as argument in tests/net/lib/coap/src/main.c
  • #33044 - [Coverity CID :219638] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33043 - [Coverity CID :219641] Out-of-bounds access in tests/bluetooth/tester/src/gatt.c
  • #33042 - [Coverity CID :219644] Side effect in assertion in tests/subsys/edac/ibecc/src/ibecc.c
  • #33040 - [Coverity CID :219646] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/net/lib/coap/coap.c
  • #33039 - [Coverity CID :219647] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33038 - [Coverity CID :219649] Operands don't affect result in kernel/sem.c
  • #33037 - [Coverity CID :219650] Out-of-bounds access in samples/bluetooth/central_ht/src/main.c
  • #33036 - [Coverity CID :219651] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/mesh/net.c
  • #33035 - [Coverity CID :219652] Unchecked return value in drivers/gpio/gpio_stm32.c
  • #33034 - [Coverity CID :219653] Unchecked return value in drivers/modem/hl7800.c
  • #33033 - [Coverity CID :219654] Out-of-bounds access in tests/net/lib/dns_addremove/src/main.c
  • #33032 - [Coverity CID :219656] Uninitialized scalar variable in tests/kernel/threads/thread_stack/src/main.c
  • #33031 - [Coverity CID :219658] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_client/src/coap-client.c
  • #33030 - [Coverity CID :219659] Side effect in assertion in tests/subsys/edac/ibecc/src/ibecc.c
  • #33029 - [Coverity CID :219660] Untrusted divisor in drivers/sensor/bme680/bme680.c
  • #33028 - [Coverity CID :219661] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #33027 - [Coverity CID :219662] Inequality comparison against NULL in lib/os/cbprintf_packaged.c
  • #33026 - [Coverity CID :219666] Out-of-bounds access in tests/bluetooth/tester/src/gatt.c
  • #33025 - [Coverity CID :219667] Untrusted value as argument in tests/net/lib/coap/src/main.c
  • #33024 - [Coverity CID :219668] Dereference after null check in drivers/espi/host_subs_npcx.c
  • #33023 - [Coverity CID :219669] Untrusted value as argument in subsys/mgmt/updatehub/updatehub.c
  • #33022 - [Coverity CID :219672] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_server/src/coap-server.c
  • #33021 - [Coverity CID :219673] Untrusted value as argument in samples/net/sockets/coap_client/src/coap-client.c
  • #33020 - [Coverity CID :219675] Macro compares unsigned to 0 in kernel/include/mmu.h
  • #33019 - [Coverity CID :219676] Unchecked return value in drivers/modem/wncm14a2a.c
  • #33018 - [Coverity CID :219677] Logically dead code in drivers/timer/npcx_itim_timer.c
  • #33009 - kernel: k_heap failures on small heaps
  • #33001 - stm32: window watchdog (wwdg): setup of prescaler not valid for newer series
  • #33000 - stm32: window watchdog (wwdg): invalid interrupts priority for CM0 Series Socs
  • #32996 - SPI speed when using SDHC via SPI in Zephyr
  • #32994 - Question: Possible simplification in mutex.h?
  • #32975 - Where should a few include/ headers live
  • #32969 - Wrong board target in microbit v2 documentation
  • #32966 - frdm_k64f: Run some testcases timeout failed by using twister
  • #32963 - USB device is not supported by qemu_x86 platform
  • #32961 - [Coverity CID :219478] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_filter.c
  • #32960 - [Coverity CID :219479] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/net/l2/bluetooth/bluetooth.c
  • #32959 - [Coverity CID :219480] Out-of-bounds read in lib/os/cbprintf_nano.c
  • #32958 - [Coverity CID :219481] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/nordic/lll/lll_adv_aux.c
  • #32957 - [Coverity CID :219483] Improper use of negative value in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32956 - [Coverity CID :219484] Out-of-bounds access in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32955 - [Coverity CID :219485] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull.c
  • #32954 - [Coverity CID :219486] Unrecoverable parse warning in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect/src/mem_domain.c
  • #32953 - [Coverity CID :219487] Resource leak in tests/net/socket/getaddrinfo/src/main.c
  • #32952 - [Coverity CID :219488] Unrecoverable parse warning in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect/src/mem_domain.c
  • #32951 - [Coverity CID :219489] Structurally dead code in tests/drivers/dma/loop_transfer/src/test_dma_loop.c
  • #32950 - [Coverity CID :219490] Unsigned compared against 0 in drivers/wifi/esp/esp.c
  • #32949 - [Coverity CID :219491] Resource leak in tests/net/socket/af_packet/src/main.c
  • #32948 - [Coverity CID :219492] Out-of-bounds access in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32947 - [Coverity CID :219493] Unchecked return value in tests/kernel/workq/work/src/main.c
  • #32946 - [Coverity CID :219494] Logically dead code in boards/xtensa/intel_s1000_crb/pinmux.c
  • #32945 - [Coverity CID :219495] Pointless string comparison in tests/lib/devicetree/api/src/main.c
  • #32944 - [Coverity CID :219497] Logically dead code in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32943 - [Coverity CID :219498] Out-of-bounds access in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32942 - [Coverity CID :219499] Argument cannot be negative in tests/net/socket/af_packet/src/main.c
  • #32941 - [Coverity CID :219501] Unchecked return value in subsys/net/l2/bluetooth/bluetooth.c
  • #32940 - [Coverity CID :219502] Improper use of negative value in tests/net/socket/af_packet/src/main.c
  • #32939 - [Coverity CID :219504] Logically dead code in subsys/net/lib/lwm2m/lwm2m_engine.c
  • #32938 - [Coverity CID :219508] Unchecked return value in lib/libc/minimal/source/stdlib/malloc.c
  • #32937 - [Coverity CID :219508] Unchecked return value in lib/libc/minimal/source/stdlib/malloc.c
  • #32936 - [Coverity CID :219509] Side effect in assertion in tests/net/socket/tcp/src/main.c
  • #32935 - [Coverity CID :219510] Improper use of negative value in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32934 - [Coverity CID :219511] Uninitialized scalar variable in tests/kernel/mbox/mbox_api/src/test_mbox_api.c
  • #32933 - [Coverity CID :219512] Unrecoverable parse warning in tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect/src/mem_domain.c
  • #32932 - [Coverity CID :219513] Logically dead code in drivers/wifi/esp/esp.c
  • #32931 - [Coverity CID :219514] Out-of-bounds access in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32930 - [Coverity CID :219515] Side effect in assertion in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_sched.c
  • #32929 - [Coverity CID :219516] Improper use of negative value in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32928 - [Coverity CID :219518] Macro compares unsigned to 0 in subsys/bluetooth/mesh/transport.c
  • #32927 - [Coverity CID :219519] Unchecked return value in drivers/ethernet/eth_sam_gmac.c
  • #32926 - [Coverity CID :219520] Unsigned compared against 0 in drivers/wifi/esp/esp.c
  • #32925 - [Coverity CID :219521] Unchecked return value in tests/kernel/workq/work/src/main.c
  • #32924 - [Coverity CID :219522] Unchecked return value in tests/subsys/dfu/mcuboot/src/main.c
  • #32923 - [Coverity CID :219523] Side effect in assertion in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_adv_sync.c
  • #32922 - [Coverity CID :219524] Logically dead code in drivers/wifi/esp/esp.c
  • #32921 - [Coverity CID :219525] Unchecked return value in tests/subsys/settings/functional/src/settings_basic_test.c
  • #32920 - [Coverity CID :219526] Operands don't affect result in tests/boards/mec15xxevb_assy6853/qspi/src/main.c
  • #32919 - [Coverity CID :219527] Resource leak in tests/net/socket/getaddrinfo/src/main.c
  • #32918 - [Coverity CID :219528] Arguments in wrong order in tests/drivers/pwm/pwm_loopback/src/main.c
  • #32917 - [Coverity CID :219529] Unchecked return value in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_filter.c
  • #32916 - [Coverity CID :219530] Dereference before null check in drivers/modem/ublox-sara-r4.c
  • #32915 - [Coverity CID :219531] Improper use of negative value in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32914 - [Coverity CID :219532] Out-of-bounds access in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32913 - [Coverity CID :219535] Dereference after null check in drivers/sensor/icm42605/icm42605.c
  • #32912 - [Coverity CID :219536] Dereference before null check in drivers/ieee802154/ieee802154_nrf5.c
  • #32911 - [Coverity CID :219537] Out-of-bounds access in samples/boards/nrf/system_off/src/retained.c
  • #32910 - [Coverity CID :219538] Illegal address computation in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/nordic/lll/lll_adv_aux.c
  • #32909 - [Coverity CID :219540] Side effect in assertion in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_sched.c
  • #32908 - [Coverity CID :219541] Unused value in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ticker/ticker.c
  • #32907 - [Coverity CID :219542] Dereference null return value in subsys/bluetooth/mesh/heartbeat.c
  • #32906 - [Coverity CID :219543] Out-of-bounds access in samples/boards/nrf/mesh/onoff_level_lighting_vnd_app/src/smp_svr.c
  • #32905 - [Coverity CID :219544] Logically dead code in drivers/wifi/esp/esp.c
  • #32904 - [Coverity CID :219545] Side effect in assertion in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_adv_aux.c
  • #32903 - [Coverity CID :219546] Unchecked return value in tests/kernel/workq/work/src/main.c
  • #32902 - [Coverity CID :219547] Improper use of negative value in tests/drivers/timer/nrf_rtc_timer/src/main.c
  • #32898 - Bluetooth: controller: Control PDU buffer leak into Data PDU buffer pool
  • #32877 - acrn: test case of kernel.timer and kernel.timer.tickless failed
  • #32875 - Benchmarking Zephyr vs. RIOT-OS
  • #32867 - tests/kernel/sched/schedule_api does not start with stm32wb55 on nucleo
  • #32866 - bt_le_ext_adv_create returns -5 with 0x2036 opcode status 1
  • #32862 - MCUboot, use default UART_0 value for RECOVERY_UART_DEV_NAME
  • #32860 - Periodic advertising/synchronization on nRF52810
  • #32853 - lwm2m: uninitialized variable in this function
  • #32839 - tests/kernel/timer/timer_api/test_timeout_abs still fails on multiple platforms
  • #32835 - twister: integration_platforms stopped working as it should
  • #32828 - tests: posix: Test case portability.posix.common.tls.newlib.posix_realtime fails on nrf9160dk_nrf9160
  • #32827 - question: Specify size of malloc arena
  • #32818 - Function z_swap_next_thread() missing coverage in sched.c
  • #32817 - Supporting fedora in the getting started docs
  • #32816 - ehl_crb: tests/kernel/timer/timer_api/timer_api/test_sleep_abs (kernel.timer.tickless) failed.
  • #32809 - Fail to build ARC zephyr with MetaWare toolchain
  • #32800 - Race conditions with setting thread attributes after z_ready_thread?
  • #32798 - west flash fails for reel board
  • #32778 - Cannot support both HID boot report keyboard and mouse on a USB HID device
  • #32774 - Sensor BMI160: set of undersampling mode is not working
  • #32771 - STM32 with Ethernet crashes when receiving packets early
  • #32757 - Need openthread merge
  • #32755 - mcumgr: shell output gets truncated
  • #32745 - Bluetooth PAST shell command
  • #32742 - Bluetooth: GAP: LE connection complete event handling priority
  • #32741 - ARM32 / ARM64 separation
  • #32735 - Subsys: Logging: Functions purely to avoid compiling error affects test coverage
  • #32724 - qemu timer change introducing new CI failures
  • #32723 - kernel/sched: Only send IPI to abort a thread if the hardware supports it
  • #32721 - samples/bluetooth/periodic_adv/, print random address after every reset
  • #32720 - ./samples/microbit/central_eatt builds failed at v2.5.0 release
  • #32718 - NUCLEO-F446RE: Enable CAN Module
  • #32715 - async uart api not working on stm32 with dmamux
  • #32705 - KERNEL_COHERENCE on xtensa doesn't quite work yet
  • #32702 - RAM overflow with bbc:microbit for samples/bluetooth/peripheral...
  • #32699 - Setting custom BOARD_ROOT raises FileNotFoundError
  • #32697 - sam_e70b_xplained: running tests/kernel/timer/timer_api failed
  • #32696 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run testcases failed of tests/kernel/common
  • #32695 - intel_adsp_cavs15: cannot get output of some testcases
  • #32691 - Function z_find_first_thread_to_unpend() missing coverage in sched.c
  • #32688 - up_squared: tests/kernel/timer/timer_api failed.
  • #32679 - twister with --device-testing sometimes overlaps tests
  • #32677 - z_user_string_nlen() might lead to non-recoverable errors, despite suggesting the opposite
  • #32657 - canopen sample wont respond on pdo mapping with CO_ODs from objdict.eds
  • #32656 - reel_board: tests/lib/devicetree/devices/ build failure
  • #32655 - reel_board: tests/kernel/timer/timer_api/ failure
  • #32644 - Cannot build any project with system-wide DTC
  • #32619 - samples: usb: audio: Samples for usb audio fail building
  • #32599 - bbc_microbit build failure is blocking CI
  • #32589 - ehl_crb: tests/kernel/context fails sporadically
  • #32581 - shell/usb cdc_acm: shell does not work on CDC_ACM
  • #32579 - Corrupt CBOR payloads in MCUMGR when sending multiple commands together
  • #32572 - tests/kernel/timer/timer_api/test_timeout_abs fails on stm32 boards
  • #32566 - lwm2m: Long endpoint names are truncated due to short buffer
  • #32537 - Fatal error syscall_list.h
  • #32536 - Codec phy connection ASSERTION FAIL [event.curr.abort_cb]
  • #32515 - zephyr/kernel/thread.c:382 failed
  • #32514 - frdm_k64f:running testcase tests/subsys/debug/coredump/ and tests/subsys/debug/coredump_backends/ failed
  • #32513 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run testcases of fifo failed
  • #32512 - intel_adsp_cavs15: run testcases of queue failed
  • #32511 - Zephyr build fail with LLVM on Ubuntu for target ARC
  • #32509 - west build -p auto -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840 samples/bluetooth/hci_uart FAILED with zephyr-v2.5.0
  • #32506 - k_sleep: Invalid return value when using absolute timeout.
  • #32499 - k_sleep duration is off by 1 tick
  • #32497 - No checks of buffer size in l2cap_chan_le_recv
  • #32492 - AArch64: Rework secure states (NS vs S) discussion
  • #32485 - CONFIG_NFCT_PINS_AS_GPIOS not in Kconfig.soc for nRF53
  • #32478 - twister: Twister cannot properly handle runners errors (flashing)
  • #32475 - twister error building mcux acmp driver
  • #32474 - pm: review post sleep wake up application notification scheduling
  • #32469 - Twister: potential race conditions.
  • #32468 - up_squared: tests/kernel/smp failed.
  • #32467 - x86_64: page fault with access violation error complaining supervisor thread not allowed to rwx
  • #32459 - the cbprintf unit tests don't actually test all variations
  • #32457 - samples: drivers: espi: Need to handle failures in temperature retrieval
  • #32448 - C++ exceptions do not work on multiple platforms
  • #32445 - 2021 GSoC Project Idea: Transplantation for embarc_mli
  • #32444 - z_cstart bug
  • #32433 - pwm_stm32: warning: non-portable use of "defined"
  • #32431 - RTC driver support on STM32F1 series
  • #32429 - Only one PWM Channel supported in STM32L4 ?
  • #32420 - bbc_microbit_v2 build error for lis2dh
  • #32414 - [Coverity CID :218733] Explicit null dereferenced in tests/ztest/error_hook/src/main.c
  • #32413 - [Coverity CID :216799] Out-of-bounds access in tests/net/lib/dns_addremove/src/main.c
  • #32412 - [Coverity CID :216797] Dereference null return value in tests/net/6lo/src/main.c
  • #32411 - [Coverity CID :218744] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32410 - [Coverity CID :218743] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32409 - [Coverity CID :218742] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32408 - [Coverity CID :218741] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/att.c
  • #32407 - [Coverity CID :218740] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32406 - [Coverity CID :218737] Out-of-bounds write in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32405 - [Coverity CID :218735] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/att.c
  • #32404 - [Coverity CID :218734] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/smp.c
  • #32403 - [Coverity CID :218732] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/att.c
  • #32402 - [Coverity CID :218731] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/shell/gatt.c
  • #32401 - [Coverity CID :218730] Operands don't affect result in subsys/bluetooth/host/conn.c
  • #32400 - [Coverity CID :218729] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32399 - [Coverity CID :218728] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32398 - [Coverity CID :218727] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/gatt.c
  • #32397 - [Coverity CID :218726] Out-of-bounds access in subsys/bluetooth/host/att.c
  • #32385 - clock_control: int is returned on enum return value
  • #32382 - Clock issues for STM32F103RE custom board
  • #32376 - samples: driver: watchdog: Sample fails on disco_l475_iot1
  • #32375 - Networking stack crashes when run in cooperative scheduling mode only
  • #32365 - samples: hci_rpmsg build fail for nrf5340
  • #32344 - sporadic failure in tests/kernel/mem_protect/userspace/kernel.memory_protection.userspace
  • #32343 - openthread manual joiner hangs
  • #32342 - review use of cpsid in aarch32 / CONFIG_PM
  • #32331 - Use of unitialized variables in can_set_bitrate()
  • #32321 - /tmp/ccTlcyeD.s:242: Error: Unrecognized Symbol type " "
  • #32320 - drivers: flash: stm32: Flush ART Flash cache after erase operation
  • #32314 - 2021 GSoC Project Idea: Enable Interactive Zephyr Test Suite
  • #32291 - Zephyr don't build sample hello world for Particle Xenon
  • #32289 - USDHC: Fails after reset
  • #32279 - Question about flasing Adafruit Feather Sense with Zephyr
  • #32270 - TCP connection stalls
  • #32269 - shield: cmake: Shield conf is not loaded during build
  • #32265 - STM32F4 stuck handling I2C interrupt
  • #32261 - problem with CONFIG_STACK_SENTINEL
  • #32260 - STM32 counter driver error in estimating alarm time
  • #32258 - power mgmt: pm_devices: Get rid of z_pm_core_devices array
  • #32257 - Common DFU partition enumeration API
  • #32256 - Bluetooth mesh : Long friendship establishment after reset
  • #32252 - Building anything for nrf5340pdk_nrf5340_cpuappns/mps2_an521_ns(any non-secure platforms) pulls external git trees
  • #32237 - twister failing locally - fails to link native_posix w/lld
  • #32234 - Documentation: How to update Zephyr itself (with west)
  • #32233 - Often disconnect timeouts when running the BLE peripheral HR sample on Nitrogen96
  • #32224 - Treat devicetree binding deprecation usage as build error when running w/twister
  • #32212 - Tx power levels are not similar on ADV and CONN modes when set manually (nRF52)
  • #32206 - CMSIS-DSP support seems broken on link
  • #32205 - [misc] AArch64 improvements and fixes
  • #32203 - Cannot set static address when using hci_usb or hci_uart on nRF5340 attached to Linux Host
  • #32201 - arch_switch() on ARM64 isn't quite right
  • #32197 - arch_switch() on SPARC isn't quite right
  • #32195 - ARMv8-nofp support
  • #32193 - Plan to support raspberry pi Pico?
  • #32158 - twister: inconsistent total testcases number with same configuration
  • #32145 - kernel threads and kernel stacks deadlock in many scenarios
  • #32137 - Provide test execution times per ztest testcase
  • #32118 - drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: nRF anomaly 242 workaround is not implemented
  • #32098 - Implement a driver for the Microphone / audio sensor (MP23ABS1) in Sensotile.Box
  • #32084 - Custom Log Backend breaks performance
  • #32075 - net: lwm2m: Testing Strategy for LWM2M Engine
  • #32072 - tests/kernel/common seems to fail on nrf52833dk_nrf52833
  • #32071 - devicetree: bus: does not work in child-binding
  • #32052 - p4wq has a race with work item re-use
  • #32023 - samples: bluetooth: peripheral_hids: Unable to communicate with paired device after board reset
  • #32000 - 2021 GSoC Call for Project Ideas - deadline Feb.19, 2021 12:00PM PST
  • #31985 - riscv: Long execution time when TICKLESS_KERNEL=y
  • #31982 - tests: kernel: queue: regression introduced by FPU sharing PR #31772
  • #31980 - Communicating with BMI160 chip over SPI
  • #31969 - test_tcp_fn:net2 mximxrt1060/1064/1050 fails on test_client_invalid_rst with semaphore timed out
  • #31964 - up_squared: tests/kernel/timer/timer_api failed.
  • #31922 - hci_usb: HCI ACL packet with size divisible by 64 not sent
  • #31856 - power: device_pm_get_sync not thread-safe
  • #31854 - undefined reference to sys_arch_reboot
  • #31829 - net: lwm2m: Update IPSO objects to version 1.1
  • #31799 - uart_configure does not return -ENOTSUP for stm32 uart with 9 bit data length.
  • #31774 - Add an application power management sample (PM_POLICY_APP)
  • #31762 - ivshmem application in acrn
  • #31761 - logging:buffer_write with len=0 causes kernel panic
  • #31757 - GCC compiler option should include '-mcpu=hs38' for HSDK
  • #31742 - Bluetooth: BLE 5 data throughput to Linux host
  • #31721 - tests: nrf: posix: portability.posix.common.tls.newlib fails on nrf9160dk_nrf9160
  • #31711 - UART failure with CONFIG_UART_ASYNC_API
  • #31613 - Undefined reference errors when using External Library with k_msgq_* calls
  • #31588 - Bluetooth: Support for multiple connectable advertising sets with different identities.
  • #31585 - BMD345: Extended BLE range with PA/LNA
  • #31503 - drivers: i2c: i2c_nrfx_twim Power Consumption rises after I2C data transfer
  • #31416 - ARC MPU version number misuse ver3, should be ver4
  • #31348 - twister: CI: Run twister daily builds with "--overflow-as-errors"
  • #31323 - Compilation warning regards the SNTP subsys
  • #31299 - tests/kernel/mbox/mbox_usage failed on hsdk board
  • #31284 - [stm32] PM restore console after sleep mode
  • #31280 - devicetree: Add a macro to easily get optionnal devicetree GPIO properties
  • #31254 - Bluetooth: Extended advertising with one advertising set fails after the first time
  • #31248 - i2c shell functions non-functional on nRF53
  • #31217 - Multi-threading flash access is not supported by flash_write_protection_set()
  • #31191 - Samples: TF-M: Enable NS test app(s)
  • #31179 - iso bind for slave not working as intended
  • #31169 - kconfig configuration (prj.conf) based on zephyr version
  • #31164 - Problem to build lorawan from samples
  • #31150 - tests/subsys/canbus/isotp/conformance: failing on nucleo_f746zg
  • #31149 - tests/subsys/canbus/isotp/implementation: failing on nucleo_f746zg
  • #31103 - CMSIS RTOS v2 API implementation bugs in osEventFlagsWait
  • #31058 - SWO log backend clock frequency is off on some CPUs
  • #31036 - BMI 160 i2c version not working. I modified to i2c in kconfig to make it use i2c.
  • #31031 - samples/bluetooth/mesh is not helpful
  • #30991 - Unable to add new i2c sensor to nrf/samples
  • #30943 - MPU fault with STM32L452
  • #30936 - tests: sockets: tcp: add a tls test
  • #30929 - PDM Driver for nrf52840dk
  • #30841 - How to disable reception of socket CAN frames
  • #30771 - Logging: Fault instruction address in the logging thread
  • #30770 - mps2_an521: no input to shell from Windows qemu host
  • #30618 - Add arduino header/spi support for HSDK board
  • #30544 - nrf5340 pwm "Unsupported board: pwm-led0 devicetree alias is not defined"
  • #30540 - CONFIG_TRACING not working after updating from v2.1.0 to 2.2.0
  • #30520 - recv() call to Ublox Sara R4 cant return 0
  • #30465 - Spurious interrupts not handled in ARMv7-R code with GICv2.
  • #30441 - hci_uart uses wrong BT_BUF_ACL_SIZE on dual chip solutions + multicore
  • #30429 - Thread Border Router with NRC/RCP sample and nrf52840dk not starting
  • #30416 - No restore possible with mesh shell app from /tests using qemu_x86 on RaspberryPi3
  • #30395 - Add possibility to use alternative list of platforms default for CI runs.
  • #30355 - Multiple vlan interfaces on same interface not working
  • #30353 - RFC: Logging subsystem overhaul
  • #30325 - Stack overflow with http post when using civetweb
  • #30204 - Support for Teensy 4.0 and 4.1
  • #30195 - Missing error check of device_get_binding() and flash_area_open()
  • #30192 - mec15xxevb_assy6853: running tests/subsys/power/power_mgmt_soc failed
  • #30162 - Build zephyr with Metaware toolchain for HSDK fails
  • #30121 - Make log subsystem power aware
  • #30101 - tests should not be silently skipped due to insufficient RAM
  • #30074 - Occasional Spinlocks on zephyr 2.4.0 (ASSERTION FAIL [z_spin_lock_valid(l)] @ WEST_TOPDIR/zephyr/include/spinlock.h:92)
  • #30055 - Memory corruption for newlib-nano with float printf and disabled heap
  • #29946 - SD card initialization is wrong
  • #29915 - eth: stm32h747i_disco: sem timeout and hang on debug build
  • #29798 - test spi loopback with dma fails on nucleo_f746zg
  • #29733 - SAM0 will wake up with interrupted execution after deep sleep
  • #29722 - West flash is not able to flash with openocd
  • #29689 - tests: drivers: gpio: gpio_basic_api: correct dts binding
  • #29610 - documentation says giving a semaphore can release IRQ lock
  • #29599 - gPTP: frdm_k64f : can not converge time
  • #29581 - LoRaWAN sample for 96b_wistrio - Tx timeout
  • #29545 - samples: tfm_integration: tfm_ipc: No module named 'cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric.ed25519'
  • #29526 - generic page pool for MMU-based systems
  • #29476 - Samples: TF-M: Add PSA FF API Sample
  • #29349 - Using float when driver init in RISC-V arch might cause system to get stuck.
  • #29224 - PTS: Test framework: Bluetooth: GATT/SR/GAC/BI-01-C - FAIL
  • #29107 - Bluetooth: hci-usb uses non-standard interfaces
  • #29038 - drivers/usb/device/usb_dc_native_posix_adapt.c sees weird commands and aborts
  • #28901 - implement searchable bitfields
  • #28900 - add support for memory un-mapping
  • #28873 - z_device_ready() lies
  • #28803 - Use generic config option for early platfrom init (AKA "warm boot")
  • #28722 - Bluetooth: provide struct bt_conn to ccc_changed callback
  • #28597 - Bluetooth: controller: Redesign the implementation/use of NODE_RX_TYPE_DC_PDU_RELEASE
  • #28551 - up_squared: samples/boards/up_squared/gpio_counter failed.
  • #28535 - RFC: Add lz4 Data Compresssion library Support
  • #28438 - Example downstream manifest+module repo in zephyrproject-rtos
  • #28249 - driver: espi: mchp: eSPI OOB driver does not support callbacks for incoming OOB messages from eSPI master.
  • #28105 - sporadic "Attempt to resume un-suspended thread object" faults on x86-64
  • #28096 - fatfs update to latest upstream version
  • #27855 - i2c bitbanging on nrf52840
  • #27697 - Add support for passing -nogui 1 to J-Link Commander on MS Windows
  • #27692 - Allow to select between advertising packet/scan response for BT LE device name
  • #27525 - Including STM32Cube's USB PD support to Zephyr
  • #27484 - sanitycheck: Ease error interception from calling script
  • #27415 - Decide if we keep a single thread support (CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n) in Zephyr
  • #27356 - deep review and redesign of API for work queue functionality
  • #27203 - tests/subsys/storage/flash_map failure on twr_ke18f
  • #27048 - Improve out-of-tree driver experience
  • #27033 - Update terminology related to I2C
  • #27032 - zephyr network stack socket APIs are not thread safe
  • #27000 - Avoid oppressive language in code base
  • #26952 - SMP support on ARM64 platform
  • #26889 - subsys: power: Need syscall that allows to force sleep state
  • #26760 - Improve caching configuration and move it to be cross architecture
  • #26728 - Allow k_poll for multiple message queues
  • #26495 - Make k_poll work with KERNEL_COHERENCE
  • #26491 - PCIe: add API to get BAR region size
  • #26363 - samples: subsys: canbus: canopen: objdict: CO_OD.h is not normally made.
  • #26246 - Printing 64-bit values in LOG_DBG
  • #26172 - Zephyr Master/Slave not conforming with Core Spec. 5.2 connection policies
  • #26170 - HEXDUMP log gives warning when logging function name.
  • #26118 - Bluetooth: controller: nRF5x: refactor radio_nrf5_ppi.h
  • #25956 - Including header files from modules into app
  • #25865 - Device Tree Memory Layout
  • #25775 - [Coverity CID :210075] Negative array index write in samples/net/cloud/mqtt_azure/src/main.c
  • #25719 - sanitycheck log mixing between tests
  • #25601 - UART input does not work on mps2_an{385,521}
  • #25440 - Bluetooth: controller: ensure deferred PDU populations complete on time
  • #25389 - driver MMIO address range management
  • #25313 - samples:mimxrt1010_evk:samples/subsys/usb/audio: build error no usbd found
  • #25187 - Generic ethernet packet filtering based on link (MAC) address
  • #24986 - Convert dma_nios2_msgdma to DTS
  • #24731 - Bluetooth: controller: Network privacy not respected when address resolution is disabled
  • #24625 - lib: drivers: clock: rtc: rtc api to maintain calendar time through reboot
  • #24228 - system power states
  • #24142 - NRF5340 PA/LNA support
  • #24119 - STM32: SPI: Extend power saving SPI pin config to all stm32 series
  • #24113 - STM32 Flash: Device tree updates
  • #23727 - RFC: clarification and standardization of ENOTSUP/ENOSYS error returns
  • #23520 - JLink Thread-Aware Debugging (RTOS Plugin)
  • #23465 - Zephyr Authentication - ZAUTH
  • #23449 - "make clean" doesn't clean a lot of generated files
  • #23225 - Bluetooth: Quality of service: Adaptive channel map
  • #23165 - macOS setup fails to build for lack of "elftools" Python package
  • #22965 - 4 byte addressing in spi_nor driver for memory larger than 128Mb.
  • #22956 - nios2: k_busy_wait() never returns if called with interrupts locked
  • #22731 - Improve docker CI documentation
  • #22620 - adapt cpu stats tracing to tracing infrastructure
  • #22078 - stm32: Shell module sample doesn't work on nucleo_l152re
  • #22061 - Ethernet switch support
  • #22060 - Build fails with gcc-arm-none-eabi-9-2019-q4-major
  • #22027 - i2c_scanner does not work on olimexino_stm32
  • #21993 - Bluetooth: controller: split: Move the LLL event prepare/resume queue handling into LLL
  • #21840 - need test case for CONFIG_MULTIBOOT on x86
  • #21811 - Investigate using Doxygen-generated API docs vs. Sphinx/Breath API docs
  • #21809 - Update document generating tools to newer versions
  • #21783 - rename zassert functions
  • #21489 - Allow to read any types during discovery
  • #21484 - Option for safe k_thread_abort
  • #21342 - z_arch_cpu_halt() should enter deep power-down where supported
  • #21293 - adding timeout the I2C read/write functions for the stm32 port
  • #21136 - ARC: Add support for reduced register file
  • #21061 - Document where APIs can be called from using doxygen
  • #21033 - Read out heap space used and unallocated
  • #20707 - Define GATT service at run-time
  • #20576 - DTS overlay files must include full path name
  • #20366 - Make babbelsim testing more easily available outside of CI
  • #19655 - Milestones toward generalized representation of timeouts
  • #19582 - zephyr_library: missing 'kernel-mode' vs 'app-mode' documentation
  • #19340 - ARM: Cortex-M: Stack Overflows when building with NO_OPTIMIZATIONS
  • #19244 - BLE throughput of DFU by Mcumgr is too slow
  • #19224 - deprecate spi_flash_w25qxxdv
  • #18934 - Update Documentation To Reflect No Concurrent Multi-Protocol
  • #18554 - Tracking Issue for C++ Support as of release 2.1
  • #18509 - Bluetooth:Mesh:Memory allocation is too large
  • #18351 - logging: 32 bit float values don't work.
  • #17991 - Cannot generate coverage reports on qemu_x86_64
  • #17748 - stm32: clock-control: Remove usage of SystemCoreClock
  • #17745 - stm32: Move clock configuration to device tree
  • #17571 - mempool is expensive for cyclic use
  • #17486 - nRF52: SPIM: Errata work-around status?
  • #17375 - Add VREF, TEMPSENSOR, VBAT internal channels to the stm32 adc driver
  • #17353 - Configuring with POSIX_API disables NET_SOCKETS_POSIX_NAMES
  • #17314 - doc: add tutorial for using mbed TLS
  • #16539 - include/ directory and header cleanup
  • #16150 - Make more LWM2M parameters configurable at runtime
  • #15855 - Create a reliable footprint tracking benchmark
  • #15854 - Footprint Enhancements
  • #15738 - Networking with QEMU for mac
  • #15497 - USB DFU: STM32: usb dfu mode doesn't work
  • #15134 - samples/boards/reel_board/mesh_badge/README.rst : No compilation or flash instructions
  • #14996 - enhance mutex tests
  • #14973 - samples: Specify the board target required for the sample
  • #14806 - Assorted pylint warnings in Python scripts
  • #14591 - Infineon Tricore architecture support
  • #14581 - Network interfaces should be able to declare if they work with IPv4 and IPv6 dynamically
  • #14442 - x86 SOC/CPU definitions need clean up.
  • #14309 - Automatic device dependency tracking
  • #19760 - Provide command to check board supported features
  • #13553 - Ways to reduce Bluetooth Mesh message loss
  • #13469 - Shell does not show ISR stack usage
  • #13436 - Enabling cooperative scheduling via menuconfig may result in an invalid configuration
  • #13091 - sockets: Implement MSG_WAITALL flag
  • #12718 - Generic MbedTLS setup doesn't use MBEDTLS_ENTROPY_C
  • #12098 - Not possible to print 64 bit decimal values with minimal libc
  • #12028 - Enable 16550 UART driver on x86_64
  • #11820 - sockets: Implement (POSIX-compatible) timeout support
  • #11529 - Get configuration of a running kernel in console
  • #11449 - checkpatch warns on .dtsi files about line length
  • #11207 - ENOSYS has ambiguous meaning.
  • #10621 - RFC: Enable device by using dts, not Kconfig
  • #10499 - docs: References to "user threads" are confusing
  • #10494 - sockets: Implement MSG_TRUNC flag for recv()
  • #10436 - Mess with ssize_t, off_t definitions
  • #10268 - Clean up remaining SPI_DW defines in soc.h
  • #10042 - MISRA C - Do not cast an arithimetic type to void pointer
  • #10041 - MISRA C - types that indicate size and signedness should be used instead of basic numerical types
  • #10030 - MISRA C - Document Zephyr's code guideline based on MISRA C 2012
  • #9954 - samples/hello_world build failed on Windows/MSYS
  • #9895 - MISRA C Add 'u' or 'U' suffix for all unsigned integer constants
  • #9894 - MISRA C Make external identifiers distinct according with C99
  • #9889 - MISRA C Avoid implicit conversion between integers and boolean expressions
  • #9886 - MISRA C Do not mix signed and unsigned types
  • #9885 - MISRA C Do not have dead code
  • #9884 - MISRA-C Check return value of a non-void function
  • #9882 - MISRA-C - Do not use reserved names
  • #9778 - Implement zephyr specific SEGGER_RTT_LOCK and SEGGER_RTT_UNLOCK macros
  • #9626 - Add support for the FRDM-KL28Z board
  • #9507 - pwm: No clear semantics to stop a PWM leads to diverse implementations
  • #9284 - Issues/experience trying to use TI ARM code gen tools in Zephyr
  • #8958 - Bluetooth: Proprietary vendor specific opcode discovery
  • #8400 - test kernel XIP case seems not well defined
  • #8393 - CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n builds call main() with interrupts locked
  • #7317 - Add generation of SPDX TagValue documents to each build
  • #7297 - STM32: Drivers: Document series support for each driver
  • #7246 - esp32 fails to build with xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-no-pie'
  • #7216 - Stop using gcc's "-include" flag
  • #7214 - Defines from DTS and Kconfig should be available simultaneously
  • #7151 - boards: Move existing boards to "default configuration guidelines"
  • #6925 - Provide Reviewer Guidelines as part of the documentation
  • #6291 - userspace: support MMU-based memory virtualization
  • #6066 - LwM2M: support object versioning in register / discover operations
  • #5517 - Expand toolchain/SDK support
  • #5325 - Support interaction with console in twister
  • #5116 - [Coverity CID: 179986] Null pointer dereferences in /subsys/bluetooth/host/mesh/access.c
  • #4911 - Filesystem support for qemu
  • #4569 - LoRa: support LoRa
  • #1418 - kconfig options need some cleanup and reorganisation
  • #1415 - Problem with forcing new line in generated documentation.
  • #1392 - No module named 'elftools'
  • #3933 - LWM2M: Create application/link-format writer object to handle discovery formatting
  • #3931 - LWM2M: Data Validation Callback
  • #3723 - WiFi support for ESP32
  • #3675 - LE Adv. Ext.: Extended Scan with PHY selection for non-conn non-scan un-directed without aux packets
  • #3674 - LE Adv. Ext.: Non-Connectable and Non-Scannable Undirected without auxiliary packet
  • #3634 - ARM: implement NULL pointer protection
  • #3514 - Bluetooth: controller: LE Advertising Extensions
  • #3487 - Keep Zephyr Device tree Linux compatible
  • #3420 - Percepio Tracealyzer Support
  • #3280 - Paging Support
  • #2854 - Modbus RTU Support
  • #2542 - battery: Add standard APIs for Battery Charging and Fuel Gauge Handling (Energy Management)
  • #2470 - Supervisory and Monitoring Task
  • #2381 - SQL Database
  • #2336 - IPv4 - Multicast Join/Leave Support
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Assets 3
Jun 4, 2021
Zephyr 2.6.0

@github-actions github-actions released this Jun 2, 2021

Changes since v2.6.0-rc2:

Affrin Pinhero (1):
      drivers/ADC: STM32: This solves coverity reported in ADC driver.

Alexander Wachter (1):
      drivers: can: sjw == 0 in can_set_timing should not change sjw

Alexey Brodkin (1):
      samples: tensorflow: Fix sample path

Anas Nashif (8):
      doc: release notes: update tracing section
      sensor: use function properties to document the context
      thread analyzer: fix formatting for unsigned int
      boards: up_squared: remove 32bit variant
      boards: qemu_x86_coverage: remove board testing coverage
      boards: minnowboard: remove untested and old board
      release notes: document removed x86 boards
      boards: acrn: do not run net/bt tests

Andrzej Głąbek (1):
      doc: release-notes-2.6: Add entries for ADC and PWM drivers

Arvin Farahmand (1):
      Kconfig: `ROM_START_OFFSET` fix for samd5x

Aurelien Jarno (1):
      lib: newlib: fix _gettimeofday hook

Carles Cufi (2):
      doc: release: Add Bluetooth release notes for 2.6
      workflows: backport: Switch to using main

Casper Bonde (3):
      Bluetooth: ISO: Speed up BT ISO data processing
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add sequence number to ISO data packets
      Bluetooth: ISO: Make it possible to setup unidirectional CIS

Daniel Leung (11):
      scripts: size_report: fix pylint docstrings and import issues
      scripts: size_report: recognize C++ file extensions
      scripts: size_report: keep full path until inserting into tree
      scripts: size_report: alter how nodes are grouped together
      scripts: size_report: add tree node for hidden symbols
      scripts: size_report: add tree node for WORKSPACE
      scripts: gen_syscall: ignore Coverity overrun check
      kernel: mmu: add doxygen group for demand paging APIs
      kernel: mmu: rename z_eviction* to k_mem_paging_eviction*
      kernel: mmu: z_backing_store* to k_mem_paging_backing_store*
      doc: add some bits about demand paging

David Brown (1):
      doc: security: Change 'master' to 'main'

Eduardo Montoya (1):
      drivers: ieee802154: fix ACK length handling

Emil Gydesen (2):
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix BIG cleanup
      Bluetooth: Host: Add status check BIG sync/create events

Emil Lindqvist (2):
      net: sockets: tls: check return code from fcntl
      drivers: modem: ublox-sara-r4: implement F_GETFL in ioctl

Enjia Mai (1):
      doc: release-notes-2.6: Added and refined some testcases of kernel

Erwan Gouriou (1):
      scripts: series-push-hook: Use main as base comparison branch

Flavio Ceolin (7):
      drivers: can: can_set_bitrate is not a syscall
      drivers: can: Fix compilation issue
      pm: device: Get rid of z_pm_core_devices
      pm: device: Get rid of device_idx_t
      docs: release notes: PM API changes
      docs: release notes: PM release notes
      docs: release notes: Simple tags fixes

Francois Ramu (1):
      tests: error_hook skipping div-by-0 test on cortex M0 M0+

Gerard Marull-Paretas (3):
      ci: labeler: add Power Management
      doc: release: add documentation changes
      pm: device: remove CONFIG_PM_MAX_DEVICES

Henrik Brix Andersen (2):
      drivers: i2c: gpio: fix compilation
      boards: arm: arty: fix compilation with v2c_daplink shield enabled

Ioannis Glaropoulos (5):
      kernel: stack_sentinel: disable in single-threaded builds
      tests: arm: fix name for arm_irq_vector_table test suite
      doc: release: final release notes for cortex-m
      doc: release: release notes for Cortex-R
      doc: release notes: remove blank lines

Jennifer Williams (1):
      tests: posix: common: clock.c: rephrase comment on tick alignment

Joakim Andersson (5):
      net: l2: bluetooth: Handle error if failed to register server
      Bluetooth: host: Notify application about prepare write error
      Bluetooth: host: Reject remote public key on same X coordinate.
      Bluetooth: host: Log failure to initiatie security for bonded peer
      Bluetooth: samples: Fix peripheral sample handling of string values

Jukka Rissanen (2):
      net: capture: Fix the function documentation
      net: capture: Fix the return value of net_capture_is_enabled()

Krzysztof Chruscinski (6):
      drivers: console: rtt: Add no multithreading support
      manifest: update segger
      logging: backend_rtt: Align to changes in RTT_LOCK/UNLOCK
      drivers: flash: nrf_qspi_nor: Fix no multithreading compilation
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Fix async/int TX api in inactive state
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update for logging subsystem

Krzysztof Kopyściński (4):
      Bluetooth: host:l2cap: fix sending error in le_ecred_reconf_req
      Bluetooth: Host: add missing zero CIDs in ecred_conn_req
      Bluetooth: Host: do not overwrite result in  le_ecred_conn_req
      Bluetooth: Host: change error returned when ecred_conn_req

Kumar Gala (8):
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update drivers section
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Updated Major enhancements section
      soc: xtensa: linker: Update linker scripts for C++ build
      docs: Change a number of 'master' branch refers to 'main'
      docs: Fix doxygen errors in include/sys/mem_manage.h
      dts: arm: nxp: Add port property to nxp,lpc-gpio nodes
      drivers: gpio: mcux_lpc: Convert driver to use devicetree port prop
      release: Zephyr 2.6.0-rc3

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (6):
      Bluetooth: ISO: Simplify reference handling
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix not assigning CIG and CIS IDs
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix call order of connected callback
      Bluetooth: conn: Add support for ISO connections to bt_conn_get_info
      Bluetooth: shell: Add connection type information to connections command
      Bluetooth: conn: Align cleanup for ISO connections

Maksim Masalski (1):
      posix: pthread_exit: check for null before dereferencing

Martin Åberg (4):
      board: set chosen zephyr,shell-uart in LEON boards DTS
      SPARC: add the Flush windows software trap
      tests: libcxx: added qemu_leon3 to C++ exception test
      cpp: Update list of archs supporting C++ exceptions

Martí Bolívar (5):
      doc: remove obsolete variable
      doc: fix for new doxygen
      doc: external_content: fix for Unix
      doc: add docs for west spdx
      doc: release-notes-2.6: west extensions

Maureen Helm (1):
      soc: arm: Fix condition to set lpc55xxx flash wait states

Mulin Chao (1):
      doc: release: v2.6: add note for UART console input expired options

Pieter De Gendt (1):
      net: mgmt: Initialize the event callbacks statically

Piotr Pryga (3):
      Bluetooth: hci: Add response structure for HCI CTE sampling enable cmd
      Bluetooth: controller: hci: Set correct return params for CTE sampl enable
      Bluetooth: host: Check sync_handle return value when CTE sampl enable

Robert Lubos (1):
      modules: mbedTLS: Add separate Kconfig entry for MBEDTLS_HAVE_TIME_DATE

Ruth Fuchss (2):
      doc: improve installing dependencies
      doc: improve doc processor installation

Scott Worley (1):
      soc: mchp: Deep sleep exit sequence update

Stephanos Ioannidis (6):
      linker: cpp: Disable sorting of C++ exception handling info sections
      tests: cpp: libcxx: Update C++ exceptions testing filter
      cpp: Restrict C++ exceptions usage to supported archs
      nios2: Fix C++ exception handling info linking
      cpp: Remove C++ exception handling arch restriction
      tests: cpp: libcxx: Test C++ exception handling on all archs

Sylvio Alves (1):
      drivers: wifi: esp32: fix reconnect issue

Thomas Stranger (1):
      drivers: can: init timing.sjw also in canfd mode

Torbjörn Leksell (1):
      Tracing: TRACING_NONE Compilation Fix

Torsten Rasmussen (4):
      cmake: c++ exceptions linking support
      tests: libcxx: increase ZTEST_STACKSIZE and added platforms for testing
      doc: toolchains: move description of alternative install method on mac
      doc: release notes: added oneApi toolchain to release notes

Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (6):
      tests: bluetooth: bsim: Updated advx test to verify sync data
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix incorrect ext header flag access
      tests: bluetooth: bsim: Updated advx test to verify previous sync data
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix incorrect prev periodic header flag access
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix incorrect prev aux header flag access
      Bluetooth: controller: Minor improvements to ext header population

Assets 3

@github-actions github-actions released this Jun 1, 2021

Changes since v2.6.0-rc1:

Affrin Pinhero (2):
      drivers/spi: STM32: This solves SPI infinite loop on Tranceive
      driver/spi: STM32 Revert while loop on tx only

Alexander Wachter (1):
      drivers: sensors: sbs-gauge: add CHAN_ALL to fetch

Alexandre Bourdiol (2):
      drivers: bluetooth: hci: increase spi_rx_stack
      drivers: ethernet: stm32: enable IRQ at the end of iface init

Anas Nashif (30):
      tracing: move test format into its own directory
      tracing: test format: print more details
      tracing: systemview: rework IDs and make them match APIs
      doc: clock: link macros and struct to doxygen
      twister: fix hardware map generation
      actions: publish docs twice daily
      doc: fix doxygen grouping
      doc: remove tickless idle
      doc: kernel: thread stack is not the same as stack object
      kernel: move thread_stack.h to include/kernel
      tracing: fix test format
      ztest: set thread name to test name
      power: trace power events
      pm: remove mention of FSM
      pm: trace pm_device_enable/disable
      tracing: systemview: display return value of APIs
      samples: lsm6dso: enable float printing
      kernel: remove dead workq code
      actions: fix path of API doc publishing
      actions: publish docs every 3 hours
      sof: do not get mainmenu from SOF project
      doc: kernel: add documentation for queues
      tracing: fix indentation of config entries
      tracing: fix conflict with RTT locking
      tracing: rearrange tool header inclusion
      doc: tracing: document how to use systemview description file
      doc: tracing: add missing doxygen references
      nios2: max10: fix uart0 base register
      boards: max10: fix function name in debug section
      nios2: revert back to builtin sys_io functions

Andrzej Głąbek (4):
      soc: nrf9160: Remove incorrect indication of SWO availability
      kernel: timeout: Fix adding of an absolute timeout
      drivers: nrf_rtc_timer: Remove unnecessary locking
      tests: drivers: i2s_api: Fix MPU fault in user mode

Andrzej Kaczmarek (1):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix data length calculation in adv report

Andrzej Puzdrowski (2):
      manifest: update MCUboot
      tests/subsys/setting/functional: ignore settings_delete() retval

Andrés Manelli (1):
      logging: Enable SWO pin for STM32 SoCs

Andy Ross (10):
      tests/kernel/smp: Misc synchronization fixups
      tests/kernel/common: Skip bitarray tests when KERNEL_COHERENCE
      arch/x86: Correct multiboot interpretation when building for EFI
      tests/kernel/smp: Remove release_global_lock_irq case
      tests/kernel/common: Remove needless 1cpu limitation from test_clock_uptime
      tests/kernel/fatal: Don't swap while locked
      kernel/swap: Add assertion to catch lock-breaking context switches
      k_heap: Clamp to a minimum heap size
      tests/kernel/mem_heap: Add minimum-size heap test
      kernel/sched: Remove "cooperative scheduling only" special cases

Armando Visconti (6):
      drivers/sensor: iis2mdc: use gpio_dt_spec oriented macros
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: Fix shub for multi-instance case
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Fix shub for multi-instance case
      kernel/device: add arg checking in z_device_ready()
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: use gpio_dt_spec oriented macros
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: (FIX) enable interrupt selectively

Arvin Farahmand (1):
      drivers: flash: bugfix: set atmel SAM0 write-block-size

Asger Munk Nielsen (1):
      Bluetooth: Controller: fix uninitialized variable

Aurelien Jarno (8):
      net: openthread: Make child related options only visible on FTD
      net: openthread: Move SRP Kconfig options to Kconfig.features
      net: openthread: Select ECDSA when SRP is enabled
      net: tcp: select MBEDTLS_MAC_MD5_ENABLED for ISN algorithm
      dts: arm: stm32f{2,4,7}: fix device tree warning
      arch: arm: cortex_m: fix D-Cache reset with CONFIG_INIT_ARCH_HW_AT_BOOT
      arch: arm: cortex_m: z_arm_mpu_init: fix D-Cache invalidation
      logging: Enable SWO support for nRF SOCs

Benjamin Lindqvist (1):
      net: lwm2m: no duplicate device error codes

Bob Recny (1):
      boards: arm: Modify BMD-345-EVAL support

Bradley Bolen (2):
      MAINTAINERS.yml: Add myself as ARM collaborator
      tests: ztest: Use #if defined()

Carles Cufi (6):
      libc: minimal: Align errno.h values with newlib
      libc: minimal: Add doxygen formatting to errno.h
      libc: minimal: Add EOVERFLOW
      ci: Add an errno.h check to CI
      doc: reference: Add a section for the C standard library
      Bluetooth: controller: Add conn creation param checks

Carlo Caione (4):
      MAINTAINERS: Add new ARM64 collaborator
      ARM64: Release notes for 2.6
      cache: Do not warn on unused parameters
      cmake: arm64: Bail out if the old SDK is used

Damian Krolik (1):
      openthread: shell: Do not execute OT commands when OT is not ready

Daniel Leung (25):
      toolchain: add Z_GENERIC_DOT_SECTION() macro
      toolchain: gcc: fix extra space when using SECTION_VAR
      kernel: refactor stack declaration macros
      linker: remove TEXT_START macro
      linker: add bits for boot regions
      linker: add bits for pinned regions
      linker: add __isr tag
      x86: gen_mmu: add support for boot and pinned regions
      x86: ia32/linker: add boot and pinned sections
      tests: x86/pagetables: update test for boot and pinned sections
      devices: mark device MMIO declarations to boot/pinned sections
      x86: ia32: put IRQ stubs into pinned linker section if needed
      intc: system_apic: mark functions as boot/pinned
      intc: loapic: mark data and functions as boot/pinned
      intc: ioapic: mark data and functions as boot/pinned
      timer: hpet: mark functions as boot/pinned/isr
      x86: ia32: mark symbols for boot and pinned regions
      boards: qemu_x86_virt: enable using boot and pinned sections
      kernel: init.c: tag source for boot/pinned sections
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: remove unused assignment to cnt
      doc: release-notes-2.6: major x86 changes
      doc: release-notes-2.6: on k_mem_unmap and demand paging stats
      kernel: mmu: remove un-needed call to virt_to_bitmap_offset
      gpio: intel: fix reg address for Apollo Lake
      tests: kernel/common: incorrect use of k_poll in timeout order

David Leach (1):
      boards: mimxrt1010_evk: Point SRAM to OCRAM

Dominik Ermel (6):
      tests/dfu/mcuboot: Remove unneeded overlay file for nrf52840dk
      samples: littlefs: Fix sample attempting double mount
      tests/logging/log_backend_fs: Fix test failed on dirty file system
      storage/flash_map: Fix flash area bounds checking
      shell: Parametrize dummy shell buffer size
      mgmt/mcumgr: Info on SHELL_BACKEND_DUMMY_BUF_SIZE impact on mcumgr

Eduardo Montoya (1):
      net: openthread: fix CSL API

Emil Gydesen (8):
      Bluetooth: Audio: Update VCS Client conn check return value
      Bluetooth: Audio: Update AICS client conn check return value
      Bluetooth: Audio: Update VOCS conn check return value
      Bluetooth: Audio: Fix dead code issue in VCS
      Bluetooth: Audio: Move NULL check for conn in bt_vcs_discover
      Bluetooth: Audio: Fix VCS client shell missing compile
      Bluetooth: Host: Avoid memcpy'ing bt_addr_t to same pointer
      Bluetooth: Samples: Fix peripheral_iso print data

Emil Obalski (1):
      boards: thingy53: Fix building issue with NS image.

Enjia Mai (4):
      tests: smp: correct the inappropriate testcase
      tests: interrupt: fix coverity issue of newly added testcases
      tests: kernel: fix two semaphroe testcases failed on ADSP
      tests: interrupt: refine the offload case not rely on delay timing

Erik Brockhoff (1):
      Bluetooth: controller: add apto/appto reset for peripheral

Erwan Gouriou (4):
      tests/kernel/common: Fix test test_nop for ARMV7_M_ARMV8_M_MAINLINE
      samples/boards: stm32 pm blinky: Run with twister device testing
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update for STM32 impacts
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update for shields impacts

Evgeniy Paltsev (3):
      ARC: doc: update ARC HW & tools support status
      doc: release notes: ARC
      ARC: gcc-m-cpu: use -mcpu=archs as a default for ARCv2 HS

Flavio Ceolin (34):
      pm: policy: Fix residency policy math
      samples: pm: Fix device pm sample
      doc: security: Add CVE-2020-13603 info
      doc: security: Add backport info for old issues
      doc: security: Add CVE-2020-10065 info
      doc: security: Publish CVE under embargo
      doc: security: Publish CVE 2021-3321
      doc: security: Publish CVE-2020-3323 info
      tests: pm: Remove unused Kconfig on power_mgmt
      tests: pm: Remove unused Kconfig on power_mgmt_soc
      pm: device_runtime: Add helper to wait on async ops
      pm: device_runtime: Fix enable / disable runtime pm
      pm: device_runtime: Fix atomic usage
      pm: device_runtime: Fix sync path
      tests: pm: Add device_runtime test
      samples: device_pm: Fix condvar usage
      pm: device_runtime: get rid of the spinlock
      pm: device_runtime: Document isr and pre-kernel functions
      samples: device_pm: Fix harness
      pm: device_runtime: Get rid of atomic for state
      pm: device_runtime: Don't use k_work on synchronous calls
      docs: pm: Add device runtime definition
      docs: pm: Fix typo
      docs: pm: Fix doxygen tag
      docs: pm: Fix invalid API reference
      docs: pm: Device pm fixes and enhancements
      docs: pm: Add missing device states
      docs: pm: Fix device busy information
      docs: pm: Add link to application defined policy
      docs: pm: Improve residency policy documentation
      docs: pm: Add samples and tests links
      pm: device_runtime: Change API behavior s/_sync/_async
      pm: device_runtime: Simplify mutex usage
      pm: device_runtime: Remove not necessary check

Francois Ramu (1):
      drivers: dma: stm32 dmamux has request 0 for mem-to-mem

Freddie Yang (1):
      Bluetooth: Host: Disable BLE scan before setting random address

Fredrik Gihl (1):
      fs: logstr_dup causes error in LOG_ERROR messages

George White (1):
      runners: bossac: Arduino bootloader reset on macOS

Gerard Marull-Paretas (41):
      pm: device: check for ENOSYS
      drivers: timer: sys_clock: return -ENOSYS if not implemented
      ci: doc: remove unused step
      doc: doxygen: do not use separate member pages
      doc: warnings: make expressions more generic
      drivers: display: fix doxygen issues
      doc: enable members option by default when using breathe
      doc: remove redundant usage of :members: in breathe directives
      doc: doxygen: make relative paths absolute
      doc: show logo only
      doc: remove scrolling customizations
      doc: css: improve C constructs spacing
      doc: remove home link
      doc: scripts: gen_kconfig_rest: add workaround for page width
      doc: css: add auto overflow on admonitions
      doc: fix 404 page
      doc: scripts: gen_devicetree_rest: use utf-8 encoding
      doc: extensions: doxyrunner: make html output optional
      doc: make some Sphinx config path absolute
      doc: conf: remove unused breathe project
      doc: remove redundant breathe project
      doc: scripts: gen_kconfig_rest: fix rendering issues
      doc: css: remove images black border
      doc: css: fix versions menu style
      device: fix unbalanced doxygen group
      sys: arch_interface: fix doxygen groups
      bluetooth: l2cap: fix doxygen references
      linker: devicetree_regions: escape special characters
      sys: p4wq: add missing docstring to K_P4WQ_ARRAY_DEFINE
      net: dns_resolve: fix doxygen parameter names
      doc: doxygen: treat warnings as errors
      doc: improve Sphinx defaults
      doc: makefile: adjust default Sphinx options
      ci: doc: force quiet mode
      doc: extensions: initial version of external_content
      doc: use external_content
      doc: scripts: remove extract_content
      drivers: adc: lmp90xxx: fix incorrect buffer size
      drivers: adc: lmp90xxx: check read REG_ADC_DONE error code
      doc: extensions: doxyrunner: use string paths on pickle file
      doc: extensions: external_content: only ignore absolute paths

Gerson Fernando Budke (7):
      doc: release: 2.6: Add notes about Cypress related changes
      doc: release: 2.6: Add notes about rf2xx driver changes
      doc: release: 2.6: Add note about west bossac runner
      scripts: runners: bossac: Add legacy mode
      boards: arm: arduino_nano_33_ble: Fix bossac mode
      boards: arm: arduino_nano_33_ble: Add boot partition
      samples: wifi: Fix mgmt conn req

Hake Huang (4):
      adc_emul: case can not run on native_posix board
      dma: change an atmoic api for Coverity issue 233524
      tests: flash: Enable flash driver and file system tests on mimxrt1060_evk
      test: dma: assign correct LPC dma engine channel for test

Henrik Brix Andersen (7):
      boards: arm: lpcxpresso55s16: rename board definition
      doc: releases: 2.6: document the renaming of lpcxpresso55s16_ns
      tests: kernel: gen_isr_table: do not use IRQ 57 on NXP LPC55S16
      canbus: isotp: remove unused work queue
      doc: reference: drivers: fix struct member names in svg
      soc: arm: nxp: kinetis: k2x: remove MPU support
      arch: arm: cortex-m: add support for clearing NXP MPU regions at boot

Hou Zhiqiang (1):
      boards: ls1046ardb: Correct the reference clock of system counter

Huifeng Zhang (1):
      arch: arm64: Fix the assertion failed when MP_NUM_CPUS >= 3

Ievgenii Meshcheriakov (2):
      samples: peripheral_ht: use HAS_HW_NRF_TEMP to detect TEMP sensor presence
      samples: peripheral_ht: remove configurations for nrf5x boards

Ilya Tagunov (1):
      boards: arm: stm32: clean up dts after clock conversion

Ioannis Glaropoulos (8):
      mbedtls: minor update, to fix the README file
      kernel: make MULTITHREADING promptless if single-thread not supported
      arm: shrink names for null-pointer exception detection Kconfigs
      arm: cortex-m: shrink hidden option for null-pointer detection
      manifest: update TF-M with latest upstream
      boards: lpcxpresso55s69: fix TFM offset for builds without MCUboot
      samples: tfm_ipc: update DT overlay for nucleo_l552ze_q_ns
      samples: tfm_integration: DT overlay doc fixes for stm32l562e_dk_ns

Jan Buenker (1):
      net: lwm2m: Only parse TLV from the first block

Jennifer Williams (2):
      boards: acrn_ehl_crb_defconfig: remove unused configs
      cmake: extensions.cmake: use blocklist instead in comment

Joakim Andersson (7):
      Kconfig: Increase default thread analyzer stack size
      Bluetooth: host: Remove cancel sync from database hash commit
      Bluetooth: host: Fix multiple advertisers with different ID support
      Bluetooth: host: Add check for already enabled in advertising set start
      Bluetooth: host: Fix L2CAP sent callback on disconnected channel
      Bluetooth: host: Fix disconnect priority event handling
      Bluetooth: host: Fix extended advertising feature bit check

Johan Hedberg (1):
      x86: multiboot: Fix NULL pointer dereferences

Johann Fischer (5):
      net: enable TX thread if USB device support is enabled
      drivers: eth_enc424j600: terminate driver thread only when debugging
      drivers: eth_enc424j600: explicitly disable INTIE after reset
      boards: add USB node aliases
      samples: usb-audio: add app.overlay and remove board specific overlays

Jukka Rissanen (15):
      net: if: Do not check IPv4 multicast addr when selecting src addr
      net: shell: Fix crash when invoking dns command in shell
      net: igmp: Fix uninitialized variable
      samples: net: txtime: Address length was not init
      tests: net: getaddrinfo: Disable onboard Ethernet controller
      drivers: uart_mux: Fix compilation after logging changes
      samples: net: gsm_modem: Add GSM mux compile test
      testsuite: Allow user to override minimal logging
      doc: net: Add networking changes to 2.6 release note
      net: tcp: Change locking order in connection establishment
      net: packet: Do not drop net_pkt immediately
      net: sockets: Add locking to receive callback
      net: sockets: Release the socket lock if needed
      net: sockets: Do not hijack k_fifo API name
      net: tcp2: Ack any data received in FIN_WAIT_1 state

Justin Morton (1):
      net: http: update status if no status text is provided

Kamil Panek (1):
      drivers: wifi: eswifi: fix swapped protocols in eswifi_off_getaddrinfo

Kevin Hilman (1):
      doc: porting guide: minor grammar fixups

Kevin Townsend (6):
      boards: arm: lpc55s: Add missing trustzone flag
      boards: arm: lpcxpresso55s69: Force TF-M when using NS boards
      doc: release-notes-2.6: Add issue with mbedtls PSA API and TF-M
      tests: test_build: Exclude lpcxpresso55s69_ns from debug builds
      boards: arm: lpcxpresso55s69: Disable flash access for NS
      samples: tfm_integration: tfm_ipc: Remove regression dependency

Kieran Mackey (1):
      drivers: dac: mcp4725: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop

Krzysztof Chruscinski (23):
      tests: logging: log_api: Use positive CONFIG_LOG_BUFFER_SIZE
      lib: os: cbprintf: Fix incompatible case coverity issue
      tests: logging: log_api: Remove accidental early return
      logging: Add missing va_end in log_msg2
      tests: logging: log_msg2: Prevent using negative array index
      tests: logging: log_api: Prevent negative array index write
      tests: logging: log_api: Fix in mock backend
      lib: os: cbprintf: Avoid implicit casting to int *
      shell: log_backend: Fix fifo cleanup
      logging: Simplify runtime filtering
      drivers: serial: nrf_uart: Disable uart when fifo_fill not used
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Add missing check for async API
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Fix checkpatch issues
      shell: log_backend: Add mpsc_pbuf buffer alignment
      logging: Add empty Z_LOG_MSG2_SIMPLE_CREATE version
      logging: Add missing initialization of structure fields
      lib: os: cbprintf: Add missing initialization of structure fields
      lib: os: cbprintf: Add ARG_UNUSED to unused arguments
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Fix power management transitions
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Fix uart_callback_set unsupported handling
      tests: drivers: uart: Add test for uart power management
      ipc: rpmsg_service: Add missing log_strdup
      drivers: flash: nrf_qspi_nor: Fix no multithreading configuration

Krzysztof Kopyściński (2):
      bttester: add key-size and authorization based l2cap conn reject
      Bluetooth: gatt: cancel all prepared writes on invalid write response

Kumar Gala (10):
      ci: Reduce number of workers back to 20
      drivers: serial: uart_miv: Fix build errors
      twister: Add ICCM/DCCM to list of overflow regions
      drivers: gpio: Fix when psoc6 gpio driver is built
      samples: sensor: max17262: Fix NULL pointer dereference
      drivers: gpio: gpio_cy8c95xx: Add error check of i2c_reg_read_byte
      actions: clang: invoke twister with -M to keep size down
      boards: arm: lpcxpresso55s28: Remove NS board config
      doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update for SoCs and ARM boards
      release: Zephyr 2.6.0-rc2

Laczen JMS (1):
      nvs: fix possibility of losing data

Lang Xie (1):
      soc: arm: nordic_nrf: nrf53: Fix flash page erase max time for nrf53

Lauren Murphy (6):
      doc, coding guidelines: fix cert-c links in coding guidelines
      samples: tensorflow: add no-threadsafe-statics to compiler flags
      samples: tensorflow: fix documentation
      samples: tensorflow: change from file list to glob in cmakelists.txt
      samples: tensorflow: remove requirements.txt from magic wand sample
      kernel: k_sleep: fix return value for absolute timeout

Lukasz Maciejonczyk (1):
      net: openthread: Fix multiple Kconfig enablers for Link Metrics

Maciej Perkowski (1):
      tests: pwm: led: Fix pwm_led sample

Mahesh Mahadevan (1):
      doc: Update MXRT685 documentation

Maksim Masalski (8):
      coding guidelines 11.9: fix literal zero as the null-ptr-constant
      coding guidelines rule 14_3_j: add explicit case check
      logging: remove dead code enum
      drivers: change suffix ull to ULL
      userspace: remove dead code
      heap: create unique variable name
      sched: create unique function name
      lib: remove redundant check for null

Marc Herbert (1):
      intel_adsp_cavs15/ fix support for multiple NULLs

Marek Pieta (2):
      drivers: led_pwm: Update pm_control function
      arch: arm: Fix build warning

Mark-PK Tsai (1):
      doc: reference: fix typo

Martin Jäger (5):
      task_wdt: use correct hardware watchdog channel number
      samples: drivers: watchdog: Pause during debugging
      task_wdt: Pause hardware wdt during debugging
      doc: release notes 2.6: Add notes for Task Watchdog
      doc: release notes 2.6: Add notes for CAN bus

Martí Bolívar (12):
      requirements: bump west to >=0.10.1
      doc: move 'asking for help' to GSG
      runners: openocd: fix 'debug'
      dts: add 'linaro,' prefix to 96b-lscon-1v8, 96b-lscon-3v3
      boards: it8xxx2_evb: fix invalid compatible
      boards: u-blox: fix invalid compatibles
      boards: xtensa: fix invalid compatibles
      edtlib: validate compatible properties
      doc: link-roles: fix :zephyr_file: default revision
      Kconfig.zephyr: fix MISRA_SANE location
      devicetree.h: fix DT_ENUM_TOKEN docstring
      doc: guides: dts improvements

Maureen Helm (8):
      samples: sensor: Fix logically dead code in adxl372 sample
      samples: sensor: Fix logically dead code in bmg160 sample
      boards: arm: Add arduino_serial to supported list for NXP boards
      samples: bluetooth: Convert peripheral_hr sample.yaml to use depends_on
      boards: arm: Add arduino_spi to supported list for NXP boards
      samples: display: Convert driver and lvgl sample.yaml to use depends_on
      samples: display: Limit lvgl sample execution to boards with shield
      boards: arm: Update frdm_k64f and mimxrt10{60,64}_evk board docs

Mulin Chao (1):
      pm: npcx: consider host wake-up features only if espi is selected.

Nick Ward (2):
      shell: kernel: fix reset command echo abrupt termination
      doc: can: fix build commands

Nicolas Pitre (1):
      arm64: mitigate FPU-in-exception usage side effects

Omkar Kulkarni (1):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add information about secure provisioning

Pavel Vasilyev (4):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix incorrect flag check in mesh settings
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add VA flag to generic pending flags
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Pass correct pointer to publish_sent
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Remove outated RPL entry from persistent storage

Peter Bigot (2):
      kernel: work: document error returns for schedule operations
      kernel: work: fix race condition with cancel before work runs

Piotr Mienkowski (2):
      dts: same70: use lower case letter in tc0 reg address
      sensor: qdec_sam: use compatible atmel,sam-tc-qdec

Prema Jonathan van Win (1):
      drivers: serial: stm32: Fixes uart_event_tx len calculation

René Beckmann (1):
      Bluetooth: Crypto: Fix naming of params

Rico Ganahl (1):
      dts: stm32mp1: SPI2 mixup with SAI2, SPI3 mixup with SAI3

Robert Lubos (2):
      net: openthread: Fix OT shell crash
      manifest: Update OpenThread revision

Ruibin Chang (2):
      ITE MAINTAINERS: add section for ITE
      ITE Keyboard scan: add registers for ITE keyboard scan driver

Ryan Erickson (2):
      drivers: modem: hl7800: fix update RAT
      drivers: modem: hl7800: +KSRAT dependent on firmware version

Scott Worley (1):
      drivers: pinmux: mchp: Update pinmux based on latest HAL

Shlomi Vaknin (1):
      drivers: uart: stm32: fix handling interrupt and async api in isr

Siddharth Chandrasekaran (1):
      CODEOWNERS, MAINTAINERS.yml: Update github username

Sidhdharth Yadav (1):
      tests: drivers: Assign prescaler value to 10000

Simon Guinot (6):
      drivers: led_pwm: fix device name fallback
      dts: bindings: fix label properties for pwm-leds node
      dts: bindings: fix label properties for gpio-leds node
      drivers: systick: fix cycle count in sys_clock_set_timeout()
      drivers: dma: stm32: fix build for STM32F0 MCUs
      tests: drivers: dma: enable tests on nucleo_f070rb

Stephanos Ioannidis (4):
      tests: lib: mem_alloc: Fix test names
      lib: newlib: Add malloc lock
      lib: newlib: Remove internal _sbrk lock
      tests: lib: Add newlib thread safety test

Sylvio Alves (3):
      linker: esp32: fix empty iterable symbols
      west.yml: esp32: bugfixes and improvements
      driver: uart: esp32: DT fix to allow uart2

Szymon Janc (1):
      testsuite: ztest: Add missing syscalls/log_msg2.h stub

Thomas Stranger (1):
      samples: can: fix parenthesis for can_recover call

Tim Lin (4):
      dts: riscv: it8xxx2: fix default status of UART
      ite: drivers/i2c: it8xxx2: fix i2c_reset issue
      ite: drivers/i2c: it8xxx2: fix slave address from 7-bit to 8-bit
      ite: drivers/adc: it8xxx2: fix adc driver flow

Tomasz Chyrowicz (1):
      drivers: serial: nrf uarte: Fix for the RX byte counter

Torsten Rasmussen (4):
      kconfig: TraceRecorder Kconfig file for undefined symbols
      tfm: cmake: added CMAKE_ARGS as argument to trusted_firmware_build
      cmake: check zephyr version if specified and ZEPHYR_BASE is set
      ld.bfd: ensure that ld.bfd is preferred over ld.

Trond Einar Snekvik (3):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Change friend_cred decision point to friend selection
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Make bsim friendship test timing more robust
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Don't reset PB ADV reliable timer on retransmit

Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (9):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix adv/scan context access post release
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix PPIs use for nRF52805 SoC
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix side effect in assertion
      Bluetooth: controller: Explicitly ignore return value
      Bluetooth: controller: Avoid deferencing null return value
      Bluetooth: controller: Revert strict preempt ticker start failure check
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix EVENT_OVERHEAD_START_US jitter
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing HCI event data len limit check
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix initial empty flag for peripheral

Watson Zeng (11):
      tests: mheap_api_concept: fix non-reentrant thread_id
      tests: msgq_usage: ensure all services started before client query
      toolchain: arcmwdt: linker: fix placeholders for arcmwdt toolchain
      boards: arc: explicitly set link lib for hs boards with mwdt
      tests: mem_alloc: workaround aggressive optimization
      arc: hsdk: add compiler options without check
      arc: interrupt_controller: increase irq unit priority
      libc: minimal: mwdt: define __INT*_C() and __UINT*_C()
      arch: archs: using ATOMIC_OPERATIONS_BUILTIN
      board: hsdk: add arcmwdt toolchain support in hsdk.yaml
      arch: arc: _reset and _start section fix

Wealian Liao (1):
      soc: npcx: Move ecst to npcx common folder

Ying ming (3):
      tests: libc: Update libc testcases to solve coverity issues
      tests: libc: Update character output testcases to solve coverity issues
      tests: libc: Update libc testcases to solve coverity issues

Assets 3

@galak galak released this May 10, 2021

Abram Early (1):
      soc: atmel_sam0: Add GCLK Reset

Adam Serbinski (1):
      drivers: sensors: mpu6050: add support for mpu9250

Adam Zelik (1):
      modules: nrfx_glue: Reserve PPI/DPPI resources used by 802.15.4 drv

Akash Patel (1):
      samples: flash_shell: fix SHELL_CMD_REGISTER typo

Alberto Escolar Piedras (4):
      bsim_bt: tests: Fix relative paths search in scripts
      nrf52_bsim: Fix LOG_MODE_IMMEDIATE kconfig warning
      tests: log_core be explicit about configuration
      posix: Add missing include

Aleksandr Khromykh (1):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix restoring fast period divisor from settings

Alex Tsamakos (4):
      boards: arm: Add support for Actinius Icarus Bee (uC: Nordic nRF9160)
      samples: add actinius_icarus_bee config in spi_flash and fs
      boards: arm: Add support for Actinius Icarus SoM (uC: Nordic nRF9160)
      boards: actinius_icarus: remove unused pwm nodes and add bootloader LED

Alexander Kozhinov (4):
      dts: arm: st: f4: stm32f446re
      dts: arm: st: f4: stm32f446.dtsi
      boards: arm: nucleo_f446re: dts / yaml
      boards: arm: nucleo_f446re: doc: index.rst

Alexander Wachter (13):
      dts: stm32g4: Add SPI4 node
      ztest: fix z_assert_within() bounds
      include: clock_control: Fix int return value
      devicetree: pwms: add helper marcos to obtain the node identifier
      tests: devicetree: api: Add test for PWM_CTLR*
      MAINTAINERS: add more collaborators to the can-bus area
      drivers: can: Add Kconfig option for CANFD datalenght
      drivers: can: Implement Bosch M_CAN driver
      drivers: can: Implement stm32fd driver
      dts: arm: stm32g4: add can bindings to stm32g4 SoCs
      board: nucleo_g474re: Add CAN support.
      tests: driver: can: api: Enhanced tests to check dispatching
      tests: driver: can: canfd: Add CAN-FD tests

Alexandre Bourdiol (80):
      test: arch: arm: arm_interrupt: clear FPSCR register in ISR
      drivers: clock_control: add STM32WL support
      drivers: gpio add STM32WL support
      drivers: interrupt_controller add STM32WL support
      dts: arm: st: add STM32WL support
      soc: arm: st_stm32: add STM32WL support
      boards: arm: add nucleo_wl55jc board support
      drivers: i2c: add support of STM32WL
      boards/dts: add i2c support to nucleo_wl55jc
      boards/dts: add SPI support to nucleo_wl55jc board
      tests: drivers: spi: spi_loopback: add nucleo_wl55jc board
      drivers: clock_control: stm32wl doesn't have HSE bypass
      boards: stm32l1_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_wistrio: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: ronoth_lodev: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l011k4: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: dragino_lsn50: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: b_l072z_lrwan1: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l4r5zi: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l412rb_p: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l432kc: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l433rc_p: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l452re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l496zg: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32l476g_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32l496g_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: sensortile_box: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f302r8: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f303re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32373c_eval: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f769i_disco Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f746g_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f723e_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32l562e_dk: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l152re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_wl55jc: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f207zg: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f756zg: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f767zi: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l073rz: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f030r8: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f091rc: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_g474re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f303k8: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_l031k6: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f3_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: b_l4s5i_iot01a: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_g0b1re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32g0316_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32g071b_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: google_kukui: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f031k6: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f0_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f030_demo: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f072_eval: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f072b_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_aerocore2: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_argonkey: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_carbon: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_neonkey: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: 96b_stm32_sensor_mez: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: black_f407ve: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: black_f407zg_pro: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: mikroe_clicker_2: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: mikroe_mini_m4_for_stm32: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: olimex_stm32_e407: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: olimex_stm32_h407: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: olimex_stm32_p405: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f410rb: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f412zg: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f413zh: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_f446re: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: segger_trb_stm32f407: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: adafruit_feather_stm32f405: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: steval_fcu001v1: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f4_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f411e_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f412g_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f429i_disc1: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f469i_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration

Alexey Markevich (1):
      jwt: use pre-computed JWT header

Anas Nashif (179):
      release: Update patch level to 99 after the 2.5.0 release
      action: publish documentation when VERSION is changed
      actions: run backporting bot only on main
      actions: use a different user for this action
      doc: add draft for 2.6 release notes
      compiler: do not allow expansion-to-defined
      tests: filter default platforms
      tests: sched: fix test identifier
      tests: arm_thread_swap: fix testsuite setup
      tests: kernel: tls: fix testsuite setup
      kernel: thread: do not assert on tests
      ci: remove shippable references
      doc: remove references to shippable
      boards: it8xxx2_evb: set architecture correctly
      ci: do not run twister CI when changing checkpatch
      ci: limit CI to only changed architecture
      samples: userspace: enable shared_mem on x86_64
      xcc: do not make assumptions about toolchain path
      xcc: do not assume clang by default
      xcc: do not enable builtin atomics with xcc
      soc: intel_adsp: include cleanup
      xcc: we do not support build asserts
      intel_adsp: simplify bootloader cmake file
      cmake: remove TOOLCHAIN_INCLUDES
      samples: move kernel samples into one folder
      samples: move debug samples under subsys/debug
      samples: move testing -> subsys/testsuite
      sampels: move video into subsys/video
      sampels: move audio into subsys/audio
      sampels: move display into subsys/display
      samples: portability: fix project name
      samples: move cpp samples into subsys/cpp
      doc: fix top samples doc index
      samples: move architecture specific samples to arch/
      samples: move lorawan to subsys/lorawan
      CODEOWNERS: update file path for samples
      twister: fix integration_platforms selection
      twister: fix integration selection
      Revert "tests: net: socket: af_packet: fix resource leak"
      twister: set verdict on tests after evaluating results
      MAINTAINERS: remove overlap between ARM/ARM64
      MAINTAINERS: add interrupt controllers to X86 area
      MAINTAINERS: expand collaborators on twister
      MAINTAINERS: add esspresif area
      MAINTAINERS: add west documentation to area
      clock: remove z_ from semi-public APIs
      doc: clocks: link clock APIs from doxygen
      clock: rename z_timer_cycle_get_32 -> sys_clock_cycle_get_32
      drivers: arcv2_timer0: fix comment
      clock: z_clock_isr -> sys_clock_isr
      clock: z_clock_device_ctrl -> sys_clock_device_ctrl
      sys_lock: extra 'needed' removed
      clock: rename z_clock_hw_cycles_per_sec_runtime_get
      clock: rename z_tick_get_32 ->  sys_clock_tick_get_32
      clocks: rename z_tick_get -> sys_clock_tick_get
      clock: renmae z_timeout_end_calc -> sys_clock_timeout_end_calc
      clock: remove unused z_ms_to_ticks
      kernel: remove tickless idle
      hal_ti: update to use k_ms_to_ticks_ceil32
      ztest: fix header guard
      pm: fix header guard
      fdtable: fdtable: do not use tag name fd_entry
      logging : do not reuse tag name log_output
      doc: device: follow coding guidelines
      drivers: device: do not reuse tag name 'device'
      tests: benchmarks: increase timeout
      kernel: remove EXPERIMENTAL from some Kconfigs
      kernel: rename reserved symbol 'remove'
      ring_buffer: rename resereved 'rewind' symbol
      kernel: heap: rename resereved 'rewind'
      kernel: heap: rename 'free' and 'alloc'
      kernel: rename reserved 'exp' symbol
      kernel: poll: rename reserved 'signal' symbol
      cmake: bintool: add llvm abstraction
      cmake: llvm: use lld
      toolchain: add support Intel oneApi toolchain based on llvm
      doc: add oneApi toolchain
      boards: x86: oneApi and LLVM objcopy do not support --gap-fill
      MAINTAINERS: misc updates
      libc: strtol/strtoul: match implementation to declaration
      libc: fputs/puts: match implementation to declaration
      libc: snprintf/..: match implementation to declaration
      libc: printf/..: match implementation to declaration
      libc: gmtime_r: match implementation to declaration
      posix: timer: match implementation to declaration
      libc: malloc: match implementation to declaration
      libc: strncat: match implementation to declaration
      kernel: idle/z_sched_prio_cmp: match implementation to prototype
      checkpatch: ignore linux specific ENOSYS warning
      drivers: clock_control: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: i2c: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: kscan: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: led: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: lora: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: ps2: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: pwm: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: sensor: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: uart: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      drivers: video: fix NOTSUP vs NOSYS usage
      tests: sensor: check for -ENOSYS
      tests: drivers: sensors: use integration_platforms
      ci: run issue count workflow every 10 minutes
      kernel: Make both operands of operators of same essential type category
      kernel/arch: cleanup function definitions
      userspace: rename _is_user_context -> k_is_user_context
      x86: make tests of a value against zero should be made explicit
      kernel: make tests of a value against zero should be made explicit
      drivers: remove what appears to be code from comments
      cmake: fix isystem_include_dir path for windows
      doc: clarify ENOSYS and ENOTSUP
      ci: pylint: relax similar lines rule
      actions: limit issue tracker to main project
      kernel: move workqueue API reference
      doc: group data structure docs and add doxygen linkage
      docs: structures: move ring buffer
      doc: strcutures: use doxygen to reference functions
      doc: enable doxygen for CONFIG_TIMING_FUNCTIONS
      doc: modbus: remove extra level in the docs
      doc: rename Random -> RNG
      doc: smp: use doxygen references
      tracing: remove cpu_stats in favor of thread runtime stats
      doc: consolidate api status and guidelines
      portability: move cmsis APIs to subsys/portability
      portability: move cmsis api headers
      portability: move cmsis api samples/tests
      codeowner: path updates
      doc: move env_vars into application development
      doc: reorder sections in contribution guidelines
      doc: move 'getting help' to contrib guidelines
      doc: LTS release docs
      doc: master -> main branch
      doc: more LTS details
      ci: add initial clang action
      tests: dsp: filtering: exclude on llvm
      toolchain: add llvm abstraction
      cmake: llvm: llvm has no newlib
      tests: fs: define PATH_MAX if missing
      samples: net: syslog: remove case without newlib
      samples: gdbstub: increase kobject text area
      tests: kernel: remove debug message for LLVM
      twister: improve set balancing
      actions: do not run twister with integration
      action: clang: reduce matrix size
      actions: clang: do not post comment to pr
      ci: remove bsim from buildkit execution
      actions: bsim: fix typo
      tests: benchmarks: footprints: this is not a test
      Revert "lib: os: various places fix missing final else"
      doc: consolidate process documents
      doc: process: Fix heading levels
      tests: move cpp tests to subsys/cpp
      tests: cpp: fix test identifier
      tests: cpp: run exceptions tests only on mps2_an385
      doc: fix typos
      coccinelle: check reserved symbols based on a file
      ci: add coding guideline workflow
      ci: fix regex in
      ci: simplify action step
      action: timeout on scripts taking too long
      actions: cocci: remove boolean.cocci as it take too long
      actions: guidelines: rebase tree
      ci: use new docker image based on ubuntu 20.04
      samples: device_pm: include device_runtime.h
      doc: integrate dict logging into main logging section
      ci: have twister cleanup artifacts as it goes
      ci: disable identifier_length scripts for now
      tests: fix testcase.yaml files
      intel_cavs: do not produce bin files
      sof: update SOF tree
      tracing: add empty test macros
      tracing: Use new macros with CTF based tracing
      samples: philosopher: add thread names
      tracing: support new macros with systemview
      modules: enable percepio tracerecorder for tracing
      kernel: remove object tracing
      tests: benchmarks: record benchmark results
      test: kernel: skip new failing test
      modules: add segger module locally, and update to 3.30
      tracing: systemview: cleanup headers

Andreas Düring (1):
      doc: Add Zephyr update instructions to beyond-gsg

Andreas Vibeto (2):
      CMakeLists.txt: Add support for TF-M Non-Secure regression tests
      samples: Add sample for executing TF-M regression tests

Andrei Emeltchenko (11):
      boards: ehl_crb: Add coverage support for the board
      twister: Include coverage support for device testing
      edac: shell: Update shell commands comments
      edac: shell: Add test_default command
      tests: edac: Support userspace
      tests: edac: Add test for user thread communication
      kernel: Move LOCKED() macro to kernel_internal.h
      tests: edac: Ensure vars are not changed in assert evaluation
      MAINTAINERS: Remove myself as a USB maintainer
      edac: ibecc: Add supported SKU device IDs
      edac: ibecc: Add testing README

Andrew Boie (7):
      linker: tls: fix tdata/tbss locations
      kernel: mmu: restore address conversion functions
      tests: mem_map: use physical address of test page
      linker-tool-gcc: revise for MMU support
      x86: set up linker ROM region for MMU
      x86: 32-bit: set ENTRY properly
      x86: 32-bit: restore virtual linking capability

Andries Kruithof (1):
      manifest: remove deprecated ci-tools

Andriy Gelman (1):
      drivers: can: Fix sample point calculation

Andrzej Głąbek (18):
      drivers: ieee802154_nrf5: Fix inclusion of ieee802154_radio.h
      drivers: gpio: Add support for PCAL6408A I/O expander
      tests: drivers: build_all: Add fake instance of GPIO device
      tests: drivers: build_all: Add PCAL6408A GPIO driver
      boards: nrf9160dk: Move board control configuration to devicetree
      boards: nrf9160dk: Add support for newer revisions (0.14.0+) of the DK
      boards: nrf9160dk: Add DT node for I/O expander available in v0.14.0+
      device: Remove unnecessary z_impl_device_is_ready()
      kernel: Add missing verification for device_usable_check() system call
      boards: nrf9160dk: Switch to sda-gpios, scl-gpios DT properties
      tests: bluetooth: tester: Remove assignment to CONFIG_LOG_MINIMAL
      boards: nrf9160dk: Remove empty .conf files
      drivers: i2c_nrfx_twim: Fix handling of zero-length transfers
      drivers: i2c: nrfx: Print nrfx error codes as hexadecimal numbers
      drivers: i2s: Introduce the I2S_DIR_BOTH enumeration value
      drivers: i2s: Add missing const qualifiers
      modules: hal_nordic: Update nrfx to version 2.5.0
      drivers: i2c_nrfx_twim: Remove extra path for zero-length transfers

Andrzej Kaczmarek (16):
      Bluetooth: controller: Disable advertising before cleanup on reset
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove all advertising sets on reset
      Bluetooth: controller: Initialize PDUs in set #0 on reset
      Bluetooth: controller: Improve readability
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix reset with ext adv enabled
      Bluetooth: controller: Refactor CONNECT_IND prepare to separate func
      Bluetooth: controller: Add public helpers for scan checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Use proper transmitWindowDelay for central
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix 1st connection event offset
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix aux scanning for connectable ADV_EXT_IND
      Bluetooth: controller: Add support for initiator on secondary adv ch
      Bluetooth: host: Add adv parameters def for connectable ext adv
      tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Fix conn ref
      tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Handle consecutive connection in tests
      tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Add test for initaiting conn on ext adv
      Bluetooth: conn: Fix invalid ref on conn object

Andrzej Puzdrowski (39):
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: support in-progress abort
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: suspend POFWARN before engage
      manifest: Mcuboot update
      boards/arm: Add bootloader's led alias to Nordic's boards
      subsys/loggin/log_backend_fs: added recovery after file lost
      logging/log_backend_fs: support any directory
      drivers/flash/nrf_qspi_nor: integrate protection service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/spi_nor: integrate protection service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_mcux: integrate protection service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_lpc: integrate protection service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_rv32m1: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_sam: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_sam0: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/flash_gecko: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/flash_stm32: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/flash_stm32h7x: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/flash_stm32_qspi: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nios2_qspi: integrate WP service into write/erase
      drivers/flash/flash_simulator: integrate WP service into write/erase
      include/drivers/flash: make write_protection handler optional
      drivers/flash: removed write protection API implementations
      tests/drivers/flash_simulator: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      tests/boards/altera_max10/qspi: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      tests/tree-wide: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      fs/nvs: remove flash_write_protect_set() usage
      fs/nvs: removed unneeded `if` statements
      storage: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      disk/disk_acces_flash: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      drivers/flash/flash_shell: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      drivers/eeprom/eeprom_emulator: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      samples/tree-wide: remove flash_write_protection_set() usage
      include/drivers/flash: deprecation of flash_write_protection_set()
      release-note: flash_api_write_protection() deprecation record
      tests/drivers/flash: allow CI using nrf52840dk_nrf52840
      drivers/flash/flash_stm32g4x: fixed build issue
      manifest: mcuboot update
      fs/nvs: document flash wbs migration capability
      drivers/flash/nrf_qspi_nor: fixed bad type casting
      manifest: update MCUboot

Andrés Manelli (1):
      logging: Do not set CYCCNTENA to zero in swo backend

Andy Ross (62):
      kernel/sched: Fix race with switch handle
      kernel/sched: Refactor, unify management of QUEUED state
      kernel/sched: Fix rare SMP deadlock
      include/kernel_arch_interface.h: Redocument arch_switch()
      lib/p4wq: Fix race with completed work items
      tests/timer_api: Correct precision and fix correctness mistakes
      samples/synchronization: Clean up SMP CPU pinning example
      kernel/timeout: Fix off-by-one in absolute timeouts
      tests/timer_api: Add test for absolute expiration time
      kernel/thread: Initialize pended_on field of struct thread_base
      kernel/sched: Fix race between thread wakeup timeout and abort
      kernel/sched: Adjust locking in z_swap()
      kernel/sched: Make z_ready_thread() safe vs. already-running threads
      kernel/sched: Remove now-spurious SWAP_NONATOMIC workaround
      kernel/sched: Clamp minimum timeslice when TICKLESS
      drivers/timer/hpet: Extend qemu workaround
      kernel/timeout: Correctly clamp z_clock_set_timeout() argument
      kernel: Remove abort and join implementation (UNBISECTABLE)
      kernel: Add new k_thread_abort()/k_thread_join()
      kernel/include: Elaborate documentation for k_thread_{abort,join}()
      tests/timer_api: Fix absolute timeout logic
      scripts/twister: Fix race with device-testing
      kernel/idle: Replace stolen IRQ lock
      tests/kernel/tickless: Remove use of CONFIG_TICKLESS_IDLE_THRESHOLD
      kernel/idle: Clean up and refactoring / remove TICKLESS_IDLE_THRESH
      kernel/swap: Move arch_cohere_stacks() back under the lock
      arch/xtensa: General cleanup, remove dead code
      arch/xtensa: Inline atomics
      arch/xtensa: Remove XTOS dependency in irq_lock()
      soc/intel_adsp: Elevate cached/uncached mapping to a SoC API
      soc/intel_adsp: Clean up MP startup
      soc/intel_adsp: Clean up cache handling in MP startup
      soc/intel_adsp: Use the correct MP stack pointer
      soc/intel_adsp: Put initial stack into the CPU0 interrupt stack
      arch/xtensa: soc/intel_adsp: Rework MP code entry
      arch/xtensa: Add an arch-internal README on register windows
      arch/xtensa: Add non-HAL caching primitives
      arch/xtensa: Invalidate bottom of outbound stacks
      tests/fifo_api: Move k_fifo off stack
      arch/xtensa: Remember to spill windows in arch_cohere_stacks()
      tests/queue: tests/lifo_usage: Address ADSP/coherence issues
      tests/p4wq: Fix impossible sleep interval
      tests/kernel/thread_apis: Fix timing order
      tests/cbprintf_fp: Filter on CONSOLE_HAS_DRIVER
      soc/intel_adsp_cavs15: Unbreak newlib linkage
      samples/posix/gettimeofday: Filter out INTEL_ADSP
      soc/intel_adsp: Remove LOG_PRINTK
      soc/intel_adsp: Honor CONFIG_KERNEL_BINARY_NAME
      tests: No thread-shared/synchronized data on stack (coherence)
      tests: samples: Add targetted platform_excludes for intel_adsp_cavs15
      soc/intel_adsp_cavs15: Enable all twister tests
      tests/kernel/workq/work: KERNEL_COHERENCE fixups
      boards/intel_adsp_cavs15: Add alternative integration tool for twister
      soc/intel_adsp: Newlib heap should be uncached
      tests/workq/work: KERNEL_COHERENCE fixups
      boards/intel_adsp_cavs15: Newer, much simpler firmware load tool
      drivers/timer: Add x86 APIC TSC_DEADLINE driver
      boards/x86/up_squared: Use the new APIC_TSC_DEADLINE timer driver
      tests/kernel/context: Support APIC_TSC_DEADLINE timer
      tests/kernel/common: Skip boot delay tests on systems that are too fast
      arch/x86: APL/up_squared kconfig cleanup
      soc/x86: Clean up EHL kconfigs

Antonis Sioutas (1):
      drivers: counter: stm32: Fix alarm time calculation

Antony Pavlov (1):
      include: arch: riscv: drop __soc_get_irq() declaration

Arjun Jyothi (1):
      drivers: dma: pl330: Zero initialize the ch_handle

Armando Visconti (28):
      dts/bindings: iis2iclx: create a common st,iis2iclx-common.yaml
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Move range Kconfig property into dts
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Move odr Kconfig property into dts
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: modify int-pin type in DT
      dts/bindings: ism330dhcx: create a common DT binding file
      drivers/sensor: ism330dhcx: Move accel/gyro range Kconfig attr into DT
      drivers/sensor: ism330dhcx: Move accel/gyro odr Kconfig attr into DT
      drivers/sensor: ism330dhcx: Move INT_PIN Kconfig attr into DT
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: fix multi-instance using new helpers
      drivers/sensor: stmemsc: Add common i2c/spi read/write routines
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Make use of stmemsc common routines
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: avoid using both ctx_i2c and ctx_spi
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Fix sensorhub building
      dts/bindings: lsm6dso: create a common DT binding file
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: move int-pin in DTS binding
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: Add multi-instance support
      drivers/sensor: iis2mdc: Add multi-instance support
      drivers/sensor: iis2mdc: (FIX) Remove SPI Full Duplex mode
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: Use DT helper for gpio_drdy
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: move ctx structure inside config
      boards: stm32: nucleo_f4*1re: Configure clocks using dt
      drivers/audio: Kconfig: Fix dmic INIT_PRIORITY default value
      drivers/i2s/ i2s_ll_stm32.c: Fix wrong DMA burst length value
      samples/shields/x_nucleo_iks02a1: Review README file for microphone
      drivers/sensor: iis2dlpc: use common stmemsc routine
      drivers/sensor: iis2iclx: clean unused leftovers
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: move ctx structure inside struct config
      drivers/sensor: lsm6dso: (FIX) enable interrupt selectively

Arnaud Pouliquen (2):
      west.yml: Update libmetal for v2021.04 release
      west.yml: Update openamp for v2021.04 release

Arne Edholm (1):
      serial: nrfx_uarte: check size before writing to buffer

Artur Lipowski (2):
      lib: cmsis_rtos_v2: Fix timing and logic for osEventFlagsWait.
      tests: Add base test for C++ exceptions handling.

Arvin Farahmand (8):
      drivers: ethernet: eth_sam_gmac: allow changing mac address
      net: icmpv4: fix broadcast ping reply bug
      cmake: gcc/clang: enable colour diagnostics in terminal output
      cmake: gcc/clang: enable colour diagnostics in terminal output
      drivers: uart_sam0: add error support
      drivers: uart: add support for collision detection error
      drivers: uart_sam0: add support for collision detection error
      west: fix logic bug

Asbjørn Sæbø (2):
      Bluetooth: Audio: Add maintainers/codeowners
      Bluetooth: services: Do not set current object until selected

Asger Munk Nielsen (3):
      Bluetooth: controller: ISO adaptation layer, Rx unframed
      Bluetooth: controller: Moved sdu_interval field members
      Bluetooth: Controller: ISO adaptation layer

Aurelien Jarno (2):
      usb: netusb: rndis: fix a typo
      modules: stm32: Update HAL to fix SPI low power consumption

Aurora Sletnes Bjørlo (2):
      bluetooth: controller: radio: Use HAL API in radio_nrf5_ppi
      bluetooth: controller: radio: Split radio_nrf5_ppi.h

Aymeric Aillet (7):
      doc: add documentation for Renesas rcar_h3ulcb board
      boards: doc: Update documentation for R-Car H3ULCB
      boards: doc: Fix building target name
      dts: bindings: serial: add Renesas R-Car SCIF
      drivers: serial: add Renesas R-Car driver
      dts: arm: rcar_gen3_cr7: Add SCIF support to DTS
      boards: arm: rcar_h3ulcb: Enable UART

Ayturk Duzen (1):
      Bluetooth: tests: Add nrf5340 support to tester

Azizah Ibrahim (1):
      Bluetooth: samples: Remove workqueue stack configuration

Benjamin Lindqvist (4):
      drivers: modem: optional factory reset at modem boot
      drivers: modem: gsm_ppp: Kconfig for autostarting ppp
      net: lwm2m: Allow cancel-observe to match path
      drivers: modem: gsm_ppp: proper attach retry

Bernhard Krämer (1):
      spi: Add LPSPI support for i.MX RT1062 and RT1064

Bjørn Spockeli (4):
      Bluetooth: controller: Add PA/LNA pin range for nRF5340 SoC
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Kconfig options for nRF21540 PDN and CSN pins
      Bluetooth: controller: Add GPIO control for nRF21540 CSN and PDN lines
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF21540 FEM support for nRF52x Series

Bob Recny (11):
      board: arm: add ubx_bmd380eval_nrf52840
      boards: arm: ubx_bmd380eval_nrf52840 remove extra spaces
      boards: arm: ubx_bmd380eval_nrf52840 - fix doc typo
      boards: arm: add ubx_bmd340eval_nrf52840
      boards: arm: Add support for BMD-300-EVAL
      boards: arm: Add support for BMD-330-EVAL
      boards: arm: Add support for BMD-360-EVAL
      boards: arm: Add support for EVK-NINA-B3
      boards: arm: Add u-blox EVK-ANNA-B1
      boards: arm: Add u-blox EVK-NINA-B1
      boards: arm: Add u-blox EVK-NINA-B4

Bosch Sensortec (4):
      driver: sensor: bmi270 Added support
      dts: bindings: sensor added dts binding bmi270
      samples: sensor: bmi270 added sample for bmi270
      tests: drivers: build_all added bmi270

Bradley Bolen (7):
      arch: arm: aarch32: Fix spurious interrupt handling
      arch: arm: aarch32: Use ARRAY_SIZE in for loop
      arch: arm: aarch32: cortex_a_r: Correct syntax for srs
      arch: arm: aarch32: cortex_a_r: Dump callee saved registers on fault
      arch: arm: aarch32: Move mpu code up a level
      arch: arm: aarch32: mpu: Move mpu header files up one level
      arch: arm: aarch32: Use mpu headers from common aarch32 location

Brandon Black (1):
      boards: frdm_k82f: Correctly mux blue PWM LED

Carles Cufi (11):
      ci: Re-enable bsim in CI
      bluetooth: controller: Set missing bits in supported list
      debug: Move away from openocd and make it generic
      debug: Clean up thread awareness data sections
      actions: manifest: Pin to v1.0.0
      actions: backport: Update to 1.1.1-1 and enable issue creation
      doc: contribute: Rework the process for external code inclusion
      actions: Update manifest action to v1.1.0
      actions: Do not set the bug label on failed backports
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add missing reason to disconnected callback
      random: rand32_timer: Avoid alignment faults by using memcpy

Carlo Caione (63):
      aarch64: linker: Align end symbols
      aarch64: mmu: Remove SRAM memory region
      arch: aarch64: Add XIP support
      boards: qemu_cortex_a53_xip: Add Cortex-A53 XIP board
      arch: aarch64: Remove useless ISB
      qemu_cortex_a53: Unset QEMU icount to enable MTTCG
      aarch64: Remove QEMU 'wfi' issue workaround
      aarch64: mem_domain: Introduce k_mem_partition_attr_t
      aarch64: smccc: Decouple PSCI from SMCCC
      aarch64: smccc: Update specs link
      aarch64: smccc: Use offset macros
      aarch64: smccc: Retrieve up to 8 64-bit values
      aarch64: linker: Remove unused symbols and sections
      MAINTAINERS: Add AArch64 maintainer and collaborators
      aarch64: Fix registers naming in cpu.h
      aarch64: lib_helpers: Introduce helpers for common assembly operations
      aarch64: Use helpers instead of inline assembly
      aarch64: Rewrite reset code using C
      aarch64: pm_cpu_ops: Introduce pm_cpu_ops subsystem
      test: dynamic_thread: Fix race condition
      aarch64: Rework {inc,dec}_nest_counter
      aarch64: Rename z_arm64_get_cpu_id macro
      aarch64: stack: Rework memory stack allocations
      aarch64: fatal: Add arch_syscall_oops hook
      aarch64: userspace: Introduce skeleton code for user-threads
      aarch64: userspace: Introduce arch_is_user_context
      aarch64: fatal: Restrict oops-es when in user-mode
      aarch64: userspace: Introduce arch_user_string_nlen
      aarch64: userspace: Implement syscalls
      test: mem_map: Fix compilation by removing __test_mem_map_size
      aarch64: mmu: Add initial support for memory domains
      aarch64: userspace: Add support for page tables swapping
      aarch64: mmu: Fix MMU permissions for zephyr code and data
      aarch64: userspace: Increase KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA
      aarch64: userspace: Add missing entries in vector table
      tests: userspace: Add AArch64 case
      tests: userspace: Fix test for AArch64
      tests: userspace: Increase mem pool size for AArch64
      aarch64: GCC10: Add -mno-outline-atomics
      aarch64: userspace: Enable userspace
      test: arm_psci: Fix filter value
      test: arm_psci: Move test to arm64_psci directory
      AArch64: Do not use CONFIG_GEN_PRIV_STACKS Add support for 64-bit addresses
      aarch64: Rework linker script for better MMU support
      arm/arm64: Make ARM64 a standalone architecture
      arm/arm64: Fix misc and trivials for ARM/ARM64 split
      labels: Rename ARM_64 to ARM64
      aarch64: Remove useless _curr_cpu struct
      aarch64: Do not save garbage on the stack
      aarch64: Remove comparison with GIC-specific intid
      dts: virt: Move sram node to DT board files
      arm64: gic: Enable access to ICC_* registers
      arm64: qemu_cortex_a53: Cleanup defconfigs
      arm64: Set AARCH64_IMAGE_HEADER and BUILD_OUTPUT_BIN to y
      arm64: fvp_baser_aemv8r: Cleanup defconfig
      arm64: Use syscall frame and fix bad syscall handling
      arm64: Fix maybe-uninitialized error
      arm64: Rework stack usage
      board: arm64: Add FVP Base RevC 2xAEMv8A board
      board: fvp_baser_aemv8r: Fix board yaml file
      cache: Introduce external cache controller system support
      cache: Rename sys_{dcache,icache}_* to sys_{data,instr}_cache_*

Cezar Burlacu (1):
      samples: can: shell send fix

Chih Hung Yu (1):
      net: lib: sockets: Fix zsock_select

Christian Taedcke (11):
      soc: silabs_exx32: Always enable SOC_GECKO_CORE
      west.yml: Update hal_silabs module to SiLabs SDK v3.1.0
      net: pkt: Add function net_pkt_get_contiguous_len()
      boards: shields: Introduce Semtech SX1272 shield
      drivers: sensor: ccs811: fix sw reset delay
      soc: silabs_exx32: Enable creating hex file
      boards: silabs: Fix board controller init priority
      drivers: watchdog: mcux_wwdt: fix validating window min vs max
      cmake: kconfig: Remove unused extra dtc flags
      drivers: eeprom: shell cmd read can now read whole eeprom
      drivers: eeprom: shell cmd fill can now fill whole eeprom

Christopher Friedt (1):
      tests: sockets: add test for socket api tls extensions

Clotilde Sattler (1):
      sensor/lsm6dsl: add missing ODR FIFO bit in mask

Corey Wharton (1):
      driver: sensor: Add support for BMP388 pressure sensor

Czeslaw Makarski (5):
      west.yml: Update hal_nordic revision
      drivers: ieee802154: Remove obsolete Kconfig entry.
      drivers: ieee802154: Make HW Radio Capabilities runtime
      samples: 802154_rpmsg: Remove redundant kconfig
      samples: 802154_rpmsg: Add SL fault handler

Damian Krolik (1):
      nvs: fix initialization of fs->data_wra on alignment change

Dan Kalowsky (1):
      subsys/shell: check for shell context before accessing it

Daniel Leung (123):
      x86: correct compiler flags for SSE
      tests: fpu_sharing: test both FPU and SSE on x86
      tests: benchmarks/app_kernel: enable for floating point
      x86: rename CONFIG_SSE* to CONFIG_X86_SSE*
      x86: add kconfigs and compiler flags for MMX and SSE*
      x86: qemu: add -no-acpi to QEMU if CONFIG_ACPI=n
      boards: x86: fix KERNEL_VM_SIZE for QEMU if ACPI
      x86: multiboot: map memory before accessing if necessary
      boards: x86: enable MULTIBOOT_MEMMAP
      boards: qemu_x86: use correct memory size
      tests: x86/info: enable for qemu_x86
      tests: x86/info: enable testing for userspace
      x86: add kconfig CONFIG_X86_PC_COMPATIBLE
      x86: add kconfig CONFIG_X86_MEMMAP
      boards: x86/qemu: enable CPU flags for MMX/SSE
      soc: x86: add Lakemont SoC
      board: x86: add new board qemu_x86_lakemont
      tests: fpu_sharing: allow board qemu_x86_lakemont
      x86: move calling z_loapic_enable into z_x86_prep_c
      x86: use z_bss_zero and z_data_copy
      kernel: mmu: fix boot address translation macros
      kernel: add CONFIG_SRAM_OFFSET
      linker: add CONFIG_KERNEL_LINK_IN_VIRT
      x86: allow linking in virtual address space
      tests: schedule_api: lengthen interval for slicing reset test
      x86: mmu: cast to uintptr_t for page table using Z_X86_PHYS_ADDR
      x86: ia32: do virtual address translation at boot
      x86: gen_mmu: add address translation if needed
      x86: gen_gdt: add address translation if needed
      x86: gen_mmu: also map SRAM if linking in virtual address space
      x86: ia32: jump to virtual address before calling z_x86_prep_c
      x86: mmu: reserve more space for page table if linking in virt
      x86: mmu/mem_domain: don't translate address before null check
      x86: ia32/fatal: be explicit on pointer math with _df_tss.cr3
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: skip z_phys_map when linking in virt
      boards: x86: add qemu_x86_virt to test running in virtual space
      x86: gen_mmu: fix some pylint issues
      x86: gen_idt: fix some pylint issues
      boards: intel_s1000_crb: device_is_ready instead of NULL check
      x86: remove CONFIG_CPU_MINUTEIA
      x86: use Z_MEM_*_ADDR instead of Z_X86_*_ADDR
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: no need to skip test if link in virt
      x86: remove usage of CONFIG_KERNEL_LINK_IN_VIRT
      kernel: remove CONFIG_KERNEL_LINK_IN_VIRT
      x86: gen_mmu: consolidate map() and identity_map()
      x86: gen_mmu: allow more verbose messages
      x86: gen_mmu: use constants to refer to page level...
      x86: gen_mmu: double map physical/virtual memory at top level
      x86: ia32: load GDT in virtual memory after loading page table
      x86: ia32: use virtual address for interrupt stack at boot
      boards: qemu_x86_virt: remove ELF modifying script
      x86: gen_mmu: unify size display in hex
      doc: guides: virtual memory on x86
      cmake: rename variables related to kernel objects
      linker: remove APP_SMEM_SECTION() macro
      cmake: rename linker script for zephyr_prebuilt.elf
      cmake: rename linker_final_pass.cmd to linker.cmd
      soc: intel_s1000: remove log and ztest XCC fixes
      kernel: fix XCC compilation with k_poll event initializer
      x86: mmu: add kconfig CONFIG_X86_EXTRA_PAGE_TABLE_PAGES
      x86: gen_mmu: fail if reserved page table space is too small
      x86: gen_mmu: allow specifying extra mappings
      x86: mmu: allow copying page directory entries with large pages
      x86: gen_mmu: allow script to take extra arguments
      doc: guides: x86: how to specify extra page mappings
      toolchain: xcc: nullify __deprecated macro
      xtensa: change CONFIG_ATOMIC_OPERATIONS_ARCH to imply
      kernel: remove C syscall include in builtin atomic header
      kernel: prioritize C atomic functions if selected
      kernel: mmu: collect more demand paging statistics
      kernel: mmu: demand paging execution time histogram
      tests: mem_protect/demand_paging: add paging stats tests
      timing: guard the header with CONFIG_TIMING_FUNCTIONS
      timing: add kconfig CONFIG_TIMING_FUNCTIONS_NEED_AT_BOOT
      x86: timing: allow userspace to convert cycles to ns
      kernel: enable using timing subsys to collect paging histograms
      test: mem_protect/demand_paging: support using timing funcs
      tests: benchmarks/footprints: update to new kwork API
      linker: clarify CONFIG_KOBJECT_TEXT_AREA too small message
      kernel: change metadata for priv_stacks to const
      scripts: gen_kobject_list: no need to specify linker section
      kernel: generate placeholders for kobj tables before final build
      nios2: add _image_rodata_start/end to linker script
      sparc: add _image_rodata_start/end to linker script
      logging: simplify is_rodata() for NIOS2, RISC-V and SPARC
      lib/os: cbprintf_packaged: simplify rodata check
      logging: add support for dictionary based logging
      logging: add UART backend for dictionary based logging
      samples: logging: add a sample app for dictionary-based logging
      doc: add documentation for dictionary-based logging
      soc: x86/ia32: add missing curly braces in soc.h
      kernel: userspace: rename obj_list in struct dyn_obj
      kernel: device: return NULL for pointer type
      lib: os: assign sys_notify callback default to NULL...
      kernel: work: handler null check is to NULL...
      counter: callback null check to use NULL instead of numeric zero
      logging: backend null check to use NULL...
      x86: timing: fix potential divide by zero
      arm: aarch32: timing: fix potential divide by zero if DWT
      interrupt_controller: loapic: remove duplicate identifier
      x86: mmu: allow page table extra mappings to have cache disabled
      tests: condvar_api: fix permissions to multiple condvar
      tests: semaphore: add k_thread_join to test_sem_take_timeout_isr
      lib: os: cbprintf_packaged: update alignment for x86-32
      samples: logging/dictionary: fix long double compilation error
      x86: mmu: relax KERNEL_VM_OFFSET == SRAM_OFFSET
      boards: set CONFIG_KERNEL_VM_OFFSET=0 on qemu_x86_virt
      arch: implement brute force find_lsb_set()
      sys: introduce bit arrays
      x86: mmu: don't decrement z_free_page_count in reserving code
      tests: mem_protect/demand_paging: add config for qemu_x86_tiny
      tests: mem_protect/demand_paging: wait a bit for NRU to work
      x86: mmu: implement arch_mem_unmap()
      kernel: mmu: implement z_phys_unmap()
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: add test for z_phys_unmap
      kernel: mmu: always use before/after guard pages for k_mem_map()
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: test k_mem_map guard pages
      kernel: mmu: introduce arch_page_phys_get()
      x86: mmu: implement arch_page_phys_get()
      kernel: mmu: add k_mem_unmap
      kernel: mmu: use bitarrays for k_mem_map/k_mem_unmap
      tests: mem_protect/mem_map: add testing for k_mem_unmap()

Dario Binacchi (1):
      dts: st: f3: fix adc1 node

David Brown (7):
      doc: security: Move vulnerability reporting to new page
      doc: security: Fix broken link to moved doc
      .github: Create Github security policy document
      tls: Change some external symbols from Mbed TLS
      tests: benchmarks: mbedtls: Support legacy API
      modules: mbedtls: Enable PKCS1 v2.1

David Leach (9):
      dts: arm: nxp: Fix CORE and Flash clock divider values
      tests: posix: Fix unchecked return coverity error
      subsys/cmsis_v1: Fix unitialized struct coverity error
      logging: log_backend_fs: Fix check for error on fs_sync() - coverity
      subsys/modbus: Fix potential memory overwrite (coverity)
      tests: modbus: Fix potential memory overwrite (coverity)
      tests: benchmarks: mbedtls: Conversion of k_work API
      tests: net: tcp2: Perform tests on DUMMY interface
      doc: mimxrt685_evk: Fix broken reference links

Dean Weiten (6):
      dts: arm: s76s: add AcSIP S76S SiP support
      board: arm: ronoth_lodev: add Ronoth LoDev board support
      samples: drivers: dac: add Ronoth Lodev to supported boards
      tests: drivers: adc: add Ronoth Lodev to supported boards
      tests: drivers: dac: add Ronoth Lodev to supported boards
      tests: kernel: mem_protect: add Ronoth Lodev to supported boards

Detlev Zundel (2):
      scripts: size_report: Add handling of depth argument
      scripts: size_report: Add a depth parameter to CMakeLists.txt

Didrik Rokhaug (1):
      doc: fix typo in driver documentation

Dino Li (2):
      drivers: gpio: ite_it8xxx2: enable more gpio groups
      dts: it8xxx2: change flash size to 1M byte

Diwakar C (2):
      driver: peci: Wait until rx fifo gets filled up
      driver: peci: Add supported peci response codes

Dominik Ermel (26):
      samples/subsys/mgmt/mcumgr/smp_svr: Limit logging from mcuboot_util
      west.yml: Update mcumgr revision
      fs: shell: cmd_read does should open file for read-only
      storage/stream/flash: Don't update last erased page offset on failure
      storage/stream/flash: Fix flash_sync updating bytes_written on failure
      storage/stream/flash: flash_sync: Check if there is anything to write
      storage/stream/flash: Use flash_get_parameters to get flash erase_value
      storage/stream/flash: Failed write of reminder rewinds buffer offset
      fs: shell: Remove unneeded flags from fs_open calls
      tests/subsys/dfu/mcuboot: Fix coverity issue on not checked return val
      west.yml: Update mcumgr revision
      doc: fs: Add information on samples that utilize VFS
      dfu: mcuboot: Remove definitions available via bootutil_public.h
      mgmt/mcumgr: Fixing use of k_fifo function on net buf
      storage/flash_map: Add macro to get string label from DTS
      usb/dfu: Removed unused NUMOF_ALTERNATE_SETTINGS
      usb/dfu: Pick DFU target image label from DTS
      scripts: runners: Add BuildConfiguration.path attribute to class
      scripts: runners: Copy load_dot_config to BuildConfiguration.get()
      scripts/west sign: Use BuildConfiguration instead of load_dot_config
      scripts: west_commands: Remove no longer needed load_dot_config(path)
      scripts: runners: Modify BuildConfiguration._parse to iterate over file
      runners: nrfjprog: Fix nrfjprog after changes to BuildConfiguration
      drivers/flash_simulator: Rename FLASH() macro to MOCK_FLASH()
      west.yml: Update mcumgr revision
      samples/subsys/mgmt/smp_svr: Fix shell mgmt not working via serial

Dong Wang (1):
      interrupt_controller: ioapic: support more device power states

Eduardo Montoya (13):
      net: openthread: remove misleading NCP configuration option
      net: openthread: separated variable for rx/tx operations results
      net: openthread: style adjustments in `radio.c`
      drivers: ieee802154: nrf5: load EUI64 from UICR
      manifest: update mbedtls with PK support
      crypto: mbedtls: add enablers for public key layer
      net: openthread: enable deterministic ECDSA
      net: openthread: add microseconds timer API
      net: openthread: switch radio off when stopping diags
      net: openthread: enable CSL delayed transmissions
      net: openthread: add CSL transmitter API
      net: openthread: add CSL receiver API
      net: openthread: complete CSL receiver API

Emil Gydesen (55):
      Bluetooth: hci_raw: Move BT_ISO to common Kconfig and fix ISO buffers
      Bluetooth: Seperate BT_ISO and BT_AUDIO
      Bluetooth: Audio: Fixed bad L2CAP Kconfig for ISO fragmentation
      Bluetooth: Audio: Move BT audio to new directory
      actions: Add Bluetooth Audio label to Bluetooth Audio directory changes
      Bluetooth: shell: Adds BT_INTERVAL_TO_MS macro
      Bluetooth: host: Initial support for BIS
      Bluetooth: Host: Updated ISO SCA description
      Bluetooth: services: Adds directory listing object to OTS
      Bluetooth: Services: Adds bt_gatt_ots_obj_manager_obj_contains
      Bluetooth: Services: Ensure correct ID before getting object index
      Bluetooth: services: Refacter OTS dir list to avoid circular dependency
      Bluetooth: Audio: Volume Offset Control Service and Client
      Bluetooth: Audio: Append bt_ for everything defined in vocs_internal
      Bluetooth: Audio: VOCS add missing check for offset in writes
      Bluetooth: Audio: VOCS add explicit ignore of notify return
      Bluetooth: shell: Adds Periodic adv sync transfer shell command
      Bluetooth: host: Add feature check for periodic adv functions
      Bluetooth: audio: Changed VOCS to use ENOTSUP instead of EOPNOTSUPP
      Bluetooth: samples: Add peripheral ISO sample
      Bluetooth: samples: Add central ISO sample
      Bluetooth: services: Fix ID check for bt_gatt_ots_obj_manager_obj_get
      Bluetooth: SMP: Adds Kconfig for minimum encryption key size
      Bluetooth: host: Add functions for periodic adv sync objects
      Bluetooth: host: Fixed bt_le_per_adv_sync interval unit decription
      Bluetooth: host: Add ISO disconnect reason
      Bluetooth: shell: Fix null check in cmd_per_adv_sync_delete
      Bluetooth: shell: Add index check for per_adv_sync commands
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add missinng disconnect reason to big_disconnect
      Bluetooth: ISO: Update check for invalid num_bis for BIS events
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix segmentation fault for disconnecting BIS
      Bluetooth: ATT: Add ATT first/last handle defines
      Bluetooth: Use ATT FIRST/LAST attribute handle defines where applicable
      Bluetooth: Audio: Audio Input Control Service and client
      Bluetooth: Audio: Fixes a few minor editorial things in aics.h
      Bluetooth: host: Fix typo in PA defines and missing min check
      Bluetooth: services: Adds additonal len checks for ots_dir_list
      Bluetooth: services: Adds OTS name length checks
      Bluetooth: Host: Adds periodic advertising min/max interval macros
      Bluetooth: GATT: Add documentation for empty notifications in callback
      Bluetooth: Audio: VOCS: Move callback structure to register function
      Bluetooth: GATT: Verify security when notifiying or indicating
      Bluetooth: GATT: Extend GATT notify/indicate security check with auth
      Bluetooth: Audio: Fix issues with setting VOCS offset state
      Bluetooth: Audio: Remove VOCS desc data check as it can be empty
      Bluetooth: Audio: VOCS add error checks on read
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add missing handling of interval and latency of unidir
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix issue with setting iso data path for BISs
      Bluetooth: shell: Mark BIGinfo reports more clearly in the shell
      Bluetooth: ISO: Only remove a single data path for broadcasters
      Bluetooth: ISO: Improved text for setting ISO data paths
      Bluetooth: Shell: ISO: Broadcast use correct bis_tx_pool
      Bluetooth: ISO: Additional text for setting unidir values for the CIG
      Bluetooth: Audio: Volume Control Service and client
      Bluetooth: Audio: BSIM test suite for VCS

Emil Lindqvist (2):
      net: socket: dtls: add sockopt to set & get dtls handshake timeout
      drivers: modem: ublox-sara-r4: make reset pin optional

Emil Obalski (4):
      drivers: sensors: Support XYZ accel get for adxl362.
      boards: nordic: Add support for Thingy:53 as thingy53_nrf5340 board
      boards: nordic: cmake build warnings exception for Thingy:53
      samples: sensor: Align bmm150 sensor name

Enjia Mai (21):
      tests: common: add test case for testing errno
      tests: improve test cases for interrupt testing
      tests: coverage: fix test cases failed with code coverage in mps2_an385
      tests: kernel: mbox: fix uninitialized scalar variable of coverity
      tests: ztest: provide test execution times per ztest testcase
      kernel: smp: Remove unused internal API z_smp_reacquire_global_lock()
      tests: mem_protect: add error test case of userspace
      testsuite: utils: move the interrupt_util.h into testsuite
      tests: lib: fix coverity issues of resource leaks for mem_alloc testcase
      tests: smp: cancel CONFIG_MP_NUM_CPUS limit of some testcases
      tests: kernel: fix two test cases of condvar hang up in SMP
      tests: mem_protect: add a test case of adding memory partition
      tests: ztest: do not optimize the divide by zero test case
      tests: smp: add some module and integration test cases
      tests: ztest: fix testcase might fail when assertion fail in ISR
      tests: interrupt: add test cases of offloading job from isr
      tests: arch: add a test case for testing arch_nop() interface
      tests: interrupt: add test cases of regular interrupt for arch x86
      tests: interrupt: add test cases of direct interrupt for arch x86 and posix
      tests: common: fix newly added test_nop failing the CI
      tests: condvar: fix one testcase failure on qemu_cortex_a53_smp

Eric Johnson (4):
      kernel: timer: Fix incorrect behavior for timers with K_FOREVER period
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: Add test K_FOREVER period test
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: Fix test_timer_period_0
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: Correct one-shot typo

Erwan Gouriou (116):
      drivers/uart: stm32: Report 9bits transactions as not supported
      drivers/uart: stm32: Fix comparisons to have constants on right side
      drivers/i2c: stm32_v1: TX IRQ enable called twice in a row
      boards: stm32f7 disco: Update openocd target
      soc: stm32: Fix backup_sram clock enable
      dts: stm32: Add exti nodes to stm32 series
      drivers/interrupt_controller: stm32: Make use of DEVICE_DT API
      drivers/clock_control: stm32f1: Reinstanciate CLOCK_STM32_PLL_XTPRE
      boards: stm32f1: Remove useless CONFIG_CLOCK_STM32_PLL_XTPRE=n
      samples/driver: watchdog: wwdg sample should run with west
      drivers/spi: stm32 convert dma to new DT_DMA helper macros
      drivers/spi: stm32: Minor init code refactoring
      drivers/serial: stm32: convert dma to new DT_DMA helper macros
      drivers/flash: stm32 qspi: Use new DT_DMA helper macro
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Review code for Port G clock on L4/L5
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Add port clock handling function
      drivers/pinmux: stm32: Control GPIO clock with central function
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Use gpio device as gpio_stm32_configure arg
      drivers/clock_control: stm32: Missing include in stm32 header
      boards: stm32: Remove redundant CORTEX_M_SYSTICK=y
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Set SWJ higher prio vs device pin configuration
      arch/arm: cortex_m: Disable DWT based null-pointer exception detection
      soc: nrf: Enable default DWT null pointer exception detection
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Check return value of clock_control_on api call
      drivers/watchdog: wwdg_stm32: Check return value of clock_control_on
      dts/arm: stm32: Don't disable systick
      west.yml: Update hal_stm32 with recent cube packages
      soc: stm32: Explicitly disable CORTEX_M_SYSTICK if LPTIM enabled
      boards: stm32l562e_dk: Remove forced CORTEX_M_SYSTICK selection
      soc: stm32l5: Don't disable PWR clock in soc init.
      samples: psa_level_1: Enable on stm32l562e_dk_ns
      samples/tfm_integration: Fix warnings in stm32 boards overlays
      samples/subsys/fs: fat_fs: Limit test execution on boards with shield
      dts/bindings: pinctrl: Include pincfg-node in st,stm32-pinctrl.yaml
      MAINTAINERS: Add collaborators on STM32 Platforms
      boards: STM32L5: Update TFM related instructions
      boards: stm32g0316_disco: pinmux init clean up
      drivers/clock_controller: stm32: Prepare for dts based configuration
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add new STM32 clock bindings
      dts/arm: stm32: Add clocks nodes on stm32wb,l4 and stm32f4 series
      soc/arm: st_stm32: Optionally Set SYS_CLOCK_HW_CYCLES_PER_SEC using dt
      boards: stm32: nucleo_l476rg, nucleo_wb55rg: Configure clocks using dt
      boards: disco_l475_iot1: Move to dt based clocks configuration
      drivers/clock_control: stm32: Configure CLOCK_STM32_HSE_CLOCK using dt
      boards: stm32: nucleo_f429zi: Configure clocks using dt
      CODEOWNERS: Add code owner for dts/common
      dts/arm/st: l4: Remove default pll configuration
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Fix typo in LSE definition
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Fixup to ensure backward compat
      drivers/clock_controller: stm32: Prepare for dts based configuration
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Update for STM32F1 support
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add STM32F1 PLL bindings
      dts/arm/st: f1: Add clocks nodes
      boards: nucleo_f103rb: Convert to dt based clocks configuration
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Update for F0/F3/G0/G4 support
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add bindings for F0/F3/G0/G4
      dts/arm: st: Add clocks nodes for F0/F3/G0/G4
      boards: nucleo: Convert 4 boards to dts based clocks configuration
      dts/arm/st: l5: Add clocks node to stm32l5.dtsi
      boards: nucleo_l552ze_q: Use dts for clocks configuration
      include/drivers: clock_control: Add support for STM32F2 bindings
      dts/bindings/clock: Add bindings for STM32F2
      dts/arm: stm32: Add clocks nodes for STM2F2 series
      include/drivers: clock_control: Add support for STM32L0 bindings
      dts/bindings/clock: Add bindings for L0/L1
      dts/arm: stm32: Add clocks nodes on L0 and L1
      drivers/clock_control: stm32 l0/l1: Update for DT based configuration
      boards: nucleo_l053r8: Move clock config to DT
      include/drivers: clock_control: Add support for STM32F7 bindings
      dts/bindings/clock: Add bindings for STM32F7
      dts/arm: stm32: Add clocks nodes for STM2F7 series
      boards: nucleo_f746zg: Use dts for clocks configuration
      include/drivers: clock_control: Minor clean up on stm32 header
      include/drivers: clock_control: Add support for STM32WL bindings
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add stm32wl-rcc and fix stm32wb-pll-clock
      dts/arm: st: Add clocks node on stm32wl series
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add clocks bindings for stm32h7 series
      dts/arm/st: h7: Add clocks nodes
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Bits for H7 dts clock config
      drivers: clock_control: stm32h7: Use dts based configuration macros
      board: nucleo_h723zg: Convert to dts based clock configuration
      board: nucleo_h745zi_q: Convert to dts based clock configuration
      drivers/clock_control: stm32f1: Deal with stm32f100xx devices
      dts/bindings: clocks: Add binding for stm32f100 pll
      dts/arm/st: f1: Use stm32f100 specific binding for pll
      boards: waveshare_open103z: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: olimex_stm32_h103: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: olimexino_stm32: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm3210c_eval: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32vl_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32f103_mini: Use dts for clocks configuration
      dts/bindings: clocks: Fix stm32f105 pll mul range
      drivers/clock_control: stm32f1: Add explicit case for PLL source HSI
      dts/arm/st: h7: Fix pll2 reg address
      boards: nucleo_h743zi: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: nucleo_h753zi: Use dts for clocks configuration
      boards: stm32h747i_disco: Use dts for clocks configuration
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Deprecate use of Kconfig
      drivers/clock_control: stm32: Move CLOCK_STM32_HSE_CLOCK definition
      drivers/clock_control: stm32: Add CLOCK_CONTROL_STM32_HAS_DTS
      drivers/clock_control: stm32mp1: Exclude deprecated symbols definition
      drivers/clock_control: stm32h7_m4: Don't rely on rcc "clocks" property
      boards: disco_l475_iot1: Add missing bus prescaler props
      include/drivers/clock_control: stm32: Fix apb1/2 conditions (wl/wb)
      boards: nucleo_wb55rg: Fix left over in dts clock configuration
      boards: nucleo_l152re: Explicitly set apb2-prescaler
      tests/drivers/watchdog: stm32: Move bus config to dts
      tests/drivers/spi: nucleo_g474re: Configure bus using device tree
      samples/drivers/watchdog: stm32: Configure bus using device tree
      drivers/pwm: stm32: Leftovers in clock_control conversion to dts
      samples/boards: stm32: Add low power blinky sample
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Enable PM_DEVICE services
      drivers/pinmux: stm32: Enable PM_DEVICE_RUNTIME services
      tests/drivers: gpio: Add support for stm32l562e_dk
      drivers/gpio: stm32: Don't perform clock gating with VddIO2
      samples/boards/stm32: blinky: Limit execution on stm32 lptim enabled

Eug Krashtan (6):
      drivers: flash: at45: Add Reset and WP pins
      drivers: sensor: Add sensor_value_from_double
      drivers: adc: Define max acquisition time
      drivers: adc: STM32 Add common path
      drivers: sensor: STM32 die temperature driver
      samples: sensor: Add stm32_temp sample application

Eugeniy Paltsev (12):
      tests: tinycrypt: disable for ARC QEMU platforms
      boards: qemu_arc: enable as default test platform
      ARC: cleanup instruction cache initialization
      ARC: MWDT: avoid xcheck object linkage as we don't use xcheck
      CODEOWNERS: Add evgeniy-paltsev as an ARC part owner
      test: error_hook: check for exact SoCs instead of entire ARC EM family
      testsuite: generalize timestamp_serialize for all ARC CPUs
      tests: interrupts: generalize ARC-specific part for all ARC CPUs
      ARC: Kconfig: cleanup CPU_ARCEM / CPU_ARCHS options usage
      ARC: Kconfig: rename CPU_ARCV2 option to ISA_ARCV2
      linker-defs: Fix sorting order of objects by priority
      ARC: boards: nsim: adjust default testing for better coverage

Evgeniy Paltsev (18):
      ARC: allow to configure the RGF_NUM_BANKS only if ARC_FIRQ is enabled
      init: tweak Zephyr .init* section name conflicting with toolchain
      ARC: gcc-m-cpu: check for exact HS CPU time instead of whole family
      ARC: prepare for building for ARCv3 HS6x
      ARC: ARCv3: add nsim_hs6x board
      ARC: add asm-compat macro for MWDT toolchain
      ARC: split sys-io for common and ARCv2-only parts
      ARC: reuse headers for both ARCv3 and ARCv3 if possible
      ARC: rewrite ASM code with asm-compat macroses
      ARC: workaround bloated structure access in ASM with _st_huge_offset
      ARC: mark accesses which are 32 bit despite of platform bittnes
      ARC: make variables with regs and addresses bit agnostic
      ARC: make vector table bit agnostic
      ARC: allow to build code for processors without ZOL
      ARC: boost default stacks in case of 64BIT
      ARC: arch.h: setup ARCH_STACK_PTR_ALIGN correctly for 64 bit
      ARC: ARCv3: add qemu HS6x board
      ARC: add TLS support for ARCv3

Fabio Baltieri (3):
      driver: uart_npcx: do not check for irq enable in irq ready functions
      clock_control: stm32f1: fix STM32_PLL_XTPRE check
      boards: stm32_min_dev: convert to dt based clock config

Flavio Ceolin (90):
      power: Fix documentation
      power: Rename constraint API
      power: Remove PM_STATE_LOCK option
      power: constraints: Update constraint documentation
      scripts: Update paths on
      power: Make pm_system_suspend private
      power: Effectively allow forcing a state
      power: Remove unnecessary pm_system_mgr function
      power: Remove unnecessary pm_idle_exit_notification_disable api
      power: Remove unused / unimplemented code
      idle: Remove weak function
      power: Make pm_system_resume private
      power: Send state changes notification after device PM
      power: Get rid of deep sleep and sleep concepts
      power: Update notifier documentation
      power: Remove unused symbol
      power: Fix hooks documentation
      power: pm_power_state_exit_post_ops has to unlock irqs
      power: Avoid duplicated code
      power: Send exit notification after post_ops callback
      power: doc: Create a subgroup to constraint API
      doc: power: General improvements
      pm: docs: sys_suspend -> pm_system_suspend
      coccinelle: Remove extra semicolon
      mgmt: updatehub: Fix variable type
      mgmt: hawkbit: Fix variable type
      drivers: flash: Fix variable type
      riscv: core: Remove invalid comparison
      drivers: hwinfo: Remove invalid comparison
      drivers: ethernet: Fix variable type
      drivers: flash: Fix variable type
      power: Fix unbalanced scheduler lock
      logging: Fix 14.4 guideline violation
      arch: arm: Fix 14.4 guideline violation
      arch: x86: Fix 14.4 guideline violation
      scripts: coccinelle: Check rule 5.7
      scripts: coccinelle: Check rule 21.2
      ci: Apply coccinelle scripts in git diffs
      scripts: coccinelle: Add guideline number on a script output
      ci: coccinelle: Add support to write to a file
      ci: coccinelle: Suppress pylint false positive
      coccinelle: Add script to check rule 14.4
      ci: guideline: Run script to check rule 14.4
      arch: x86: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: arc: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: xtensa: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: arm: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: common: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: sparc: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: riscv: Fix 10.4 violations
      arch: nios2: Fix 10.4 violations
      logging: Fix 10.4 violations
      kernel: Fix 10.4 violations
      toolchain: llvm: Find strip command
      logging: log_minimal: Fix violations to rule 10.4
      logging: log_minimal: Fix violations to 21.2 and 8.3
      logging: log_minimal: Fix violation to rule 14.4
      logging: log_minimal: Fix violations to rule 10.4
      lib: rb: Use types that indicate size and signedness
      lib: rb: Fix violation to rule 10.3
      lib: rb: Fix violations to rule 14.4
      lib: rb: Fix violations to rule 12.1
      soc: stm32l5: Register soc log
      soc: stm32wb: Register soc log
      soc: stm32l4: Register soc log
      dts: power: More information about min-residency-us
      dts: power: Add exit-latency-us field
      tests: power_states_api: Just use more realistic values
      power: Implement support for exit-latency-us
      tests: power_states_api: Test exit-latency-us
      power: Consider the exit latency required by an idle state
      samples: ti: system_off: Remove unnecessary sleep
      samples: nrf: system_off: Remove unnecessary sleep
      power: policy: Account exit latency
      power: Add an assert for an unexpected condition
      power: device: Don't wake up devices unnecessarily
      power: device: void *context -> uint32_t *state
      power: device_pm: Check if is running in pre-kernel
      power: device_pm: Use BIT macro for code compliance
      power: device_pm: Fix concurrence issues
      power: device_pm: Add missing fallthrough
      power: device_pm: Use spin lock instead of semaphore
      power: device: Do not suspend a busy device
      pm: device: fsm_state -> state
      pm: device_runtime: Power device on/off in pre-kernel
      power: device_pm: Remove device idle pm states
      samples: stm32: Set device busy in the blinky sample
      pm: device_runtime: Just fix a comment
      pm: device: Align state names with system states

Francois Ramu (39):
      dts: arm: stm32wb55 and stm32l4: Add cpu label
      boards: arm: nucleo_wb55rg: Add idle states in dts
      boards: arm: nucleo_l476rg: Add idle states in dts
      soc: arm: stm32wb low power mode restoring clocks
      soc: arm: stm32wb give a weak low power mode devices for policy
      drivers: serial: stm32 restore uart after lowpower
      soc: arm: stm32l4 low power mode restoring clocks
      soc: arm: stm32l4 give a weak low power mode devices for policy
      soc: arm: stm32 devices supporting low power modes
      drivers: clock: stm32 clock control with low power modes
      tests: subsys: power: add stm32 targets to the power_mgmt_soc test case
      tests: drivers: uart stm32 run uart_async api on l475 disco
      tests: drivers: dma: remove dead code in test_dma_loop.c
      soc: arm: stm32l5 config the DWT for this soc
      drivers: clock_control of the stm32mp1 remove unknown bits
      soc: arm: stm32l4 serie low power modes in debug config
      boards: arm: stm32l476 nucleo board has low power states
      soc: arm: stm32l4 low power substates
      drivers: timer: st_stm32: add lptimer management to stm32l5 series
      dts: arm: stm32l5: add driver lptimer management to stm32l5 series
      soc: arm: stm32l5 is supporting PM with lptim
      soc: arm: stm32l5 serie with low power management
      boards: arm: st_stm32: add lptimer to the stm32l562e dk board
      boards: arm: stm32l562 disco kit has low power states
      boards: arm: stm32l562 disco kit enable MSI autocalibration
      soc: arm: stm32wb serie low power modes in debug config
      soc: arm: stm32wb low power substates
      boards: arm: stm32wb55 nucleo board has low power states
      power: unlock the scheduler in the pm_system_suspend
      soc: arm: stm32g4 with USB-C PD cannot use CC1 and CC2 pins by default
      soc: arm: stm32l5 with USB-C PD cannot use CC1 and CC2 pins by default
      soc: arm: stm32g0 with USB-C PD cannot use CC1 and CC2 pins by default
      west.yml: Update hal_stm32 with recent cube packages
      drivers: serial: uart_stm32 converted to use the new kwork API.
      drivers: flash: stm32g0: Flush caches after erase
      drivers: flash: stm32wb: Flush caches after erase
      dts: arm: stm32h723 has usart10 in its dts
      tests: drivers: dma set correct type for the chan_id
      dts: arm: stm32l1 has a fixed lsi clock of 37kHz

Frank Li (4):
      driver: usdhc: fix spec 1.0 sdcard can't work
      driver: usdhc: modify LOG message
      driver: usdhc: add option to disable 1.8v
      boards: mm_swiftio: fix sdcard power issue

Gerard Marull-Paretas (170):
      soc: arm: st_stm32: add support for STM32 backup SRAM
      dts: arm: st: f2: add definition for backup SRAM
      dts: arm: st: f4: add definition for backup SRAM
      dts: arm: st: f7: add definition for backup SRAM
      dts: arm: st: h7: add definition for backup SRAM
      boards: arm: nucleo_f207zg: enable backup SRAM
      boards: arm: nucleo_f446re: enable backup SRAM
      boards: arm: nucleo_f746zg: enable backup SRAM
      boards: arm: nucleo_h743zi: enable backup SRAM
      samples: boards: stm32: add backup SRAM sample
      drivers: sensor: add support for MAX6675
      samples: sensor: add MAX6675 sample application
      tests: drivers: enable MAX6675 build
      drivers: pwm: stm32: fix expansion-to-defined warning
      doc: readme: group requirements using one tab per platform
      doc: readme: remove list of Python dependencies
      scripts: checkpatch: do not require top-level Makefile
      doc: enable automatic parallelization
      doc: move Makefile to doc folder
      doc: board_porting: fix code block language
      doc: move static folder to _static
      doc: move scripts to _scripts
      doc: move extensions to _extensions
      doc: move all js files to _static/js
      doc: move all css files to _static/css
      doc: remove commented options from config
      doc: remove Sphinx defaults
      doc: move redirects to a utility module
      doc: remove settings for unused builders
      doc: add configuration reference and remove parameter details
      doc: simplify some html_context logic
      doc: move imports to the top of the file
      doc: organize configuration sections better
      doc: remove unicode prefix from strings
      doc: use regex to parse Zephyr version
      doc: use pathlib for paths in configuration file
      doc: format configuration file
      doc: add comment to empty Python files
      doc: disable INLINE_SIMPLE_STRUCTS Doxygen option
      net: ieee802154: remove duplicate definition
      doc: predefine ATOMIC_DEFINE
      doc: extensions: add warnings_filter
      doc: use warnings_filter
      doc: pin sphinx_rtd_theme version
      ci: trigger doc build if requirements change
      doc: flexibilize sphinx-rtd-theme allowed versions
      known-issues: delete out of date content
      ci: remove old paths in doc-build workflow
      scripts: ci: twister_ignore: remove old reference to .known-issues
      doc: remove docutils dependency
      ci: upgrade core python dependencies
      doc: allow up to breathe 4.28.x
      gitignore: add common Python venv directories
      doc: new look and feel
      doc: add caption to main toctree
      doc: adjust scrolling settings
      power: remove device_pm_control_nop function
      tests: kernel: device: adjust for device pm changes
      net: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      usb: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      arch: x86: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      soc: arm: st_stm32: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      doc: make breathe version specifier more flexible
      doc: make Sphinx version specifier more flexible
      drivers: adc: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: audio: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: can: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: clock_control: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: console: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: counter: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: crypto: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: ec_host_cmd_periph: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: eeprom: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: entropy: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: espi: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: ethernet: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: flash: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: gpio: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: i2c: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: i2s: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: ieee802154: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: interrupt_controller: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: ipm: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: kscan: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: led: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: led_strip: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: lora: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: gpio: extend struct gpio_dt_spec initializers
      drivers: sensor: bmp388: use GPIO_DT_SPEC_INST_GET
      drivers: sensor: lsm6dso: use GPIO_DT_SPEC_INST_GET
      drivers: sensor: iis2mdc: use GPIO_DT_SPEC_INST_GET
      drivers: sensor: iis2iclx: use GPIO_DT_SPEC_INST_GET
      drivers: memc: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: modem: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: net: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: neural_net: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: pcie: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: peci: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: serial: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: spi: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: video: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: virtualization: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: watchdog: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: wifi: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: watchdog: wdt_esp32: fix coding style issues
      tests: drivers: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      tests: kernel: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      tests: lib: devicetree: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      tests: net: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      tests: fs: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      doc: doxygen: add support for function properties
      kernel: flag isr-ok functions using funcprops
      drivers: sensor: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: dac: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: disk: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: display: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: dma: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: i2c: ite_it8xxx2: fix typo
      drivers: pinmux: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: pm_cpu_ops: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: ps2: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: pwm: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: regulator: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      power: move reboot functionality to os lib
      power: provide old reboot header for compatibility
      doc: releases: add notes on reboot header location change
      lib: os: reboot: misc cleanup
      net: remove references to device_pm_control_nop
      samples: net: virtual: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      samples: prod_consumer: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      samples: out_of_tree_driver: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: gpio: gpio_mmio32: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      drivers: gpio: cy8c95xx: remove usage of device_pm_control_nop
      doc: remove references to device_pm_control_nop
      pm: deprecate device_pm_control_nop
      doc: releases: add notes on device_pm_control_nop removal
      manifest: update mcuboot
      doc: use pygments devicetree language support
      doc: remove dts lexer
      doc: fix devicetree lexer warnings
      pm: reorganize headers
      pm: move power subsystem to pm
      samples: pm: move to pm folder
      tests: power: move to pm folder
      pm: move private enum to source using it
      pm: runtime: return ENOSYS when not available
      pm: runtime: rename API with pm_device prefix
      doc: pm: update runtime API names
      soc: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      arch: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      samples: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      kernel: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      tests: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      pm: replace power/power.h with pm/pm.h
      drivers: replace power/power.h with pm/device.h
      pm: deprecate power/power.h header
      pm: replace DEVICE_PM_* states with PM_DEVICE_*
      pm: device: rename device_pm struct to pm_device
      pm: rename device_pm_state_str to pm_device_state_str
      device: rename device_pm_control to pm_control
      pm: rename device_pm_cb to pm_device_cb
      pm: move device_set/get_power_state to pm/device.h
      pm: rename device_set/get_power_state to pm_device_set/get
      pm: move device_pm.c to device_runtime.c
      doc: release: document device PM changes
      doc: replace restore doxygen times script
      doc: extensions: add doxyrunner
      doc: use doxyrunner

Gerson Fernando Budke (18):
      dts: pinctrl: Introduce pincfg-node
      dts: pinctrl: atmel: sam-pinctrl: Switch to pincfg-node
      dts: arm: cypress: Introduce PSoC-6 pinctrl
      soc: arm: cypress: Add PSoC-6 pinctrl soc support
      drivers: serial: psoc6: Rework to support pinctrl
      drivers: serial: psoc6: Add interrupts support
      boards: arm: cy8ckit_062_ble: Add serial pinctrl and int
      boards: arm: cy8ckit_062_wifi_bt: Add serial pinctrl and int
      boards: arm: cy8ckit_062_ble: Add board rev
      drivers: ieee802154: rf2xx: Add tx mode direct
      drivers: ieee802154: rf2xx: Add tx mode CCA
      drivers: ieee802154: rf2xx: Add promiscuous mode
      drivers: ieee802154: rf2xx: Add pan coordinator mode
      west.yml: Sync hal_cypress
      dts: spi: Add cypress PSoC-6 controller
      drivers: spi: Add cypress PSoC-6 scb spi driver
      boards: arm: cy8ckit_062_ble: Add spi config
      boards: arm: cy8ckit_062_ble: Fix doc table

Giancarlo Stasi (2):
      soc: arm: stm32l4: wakeup from stop clock selection based on sysclk
      drivers: entropy: stm32: fix discarding of false negative rng values

Giulio De Donato (1):
      doc: on mac suggesting an alternative procedure for cmake

Glauber Maroto Ferreira (7):
      drivers: spi: esp32: add basic SPI master support
      esp32: drivers: counter: add support for general-purpose counters
      esp32: drivers: counter: update manifest to support counter driver
      esp32: drivers: spi_flash: add host flash support
      esp32: nvs: add NVS support using fixed partitions
      west.yml: update to support spi_flash operations
      esp32: i2c: fix: fixed error status handling

Greg Leach (1):
      boards: Add Laird Connectivity BT6x0

Guennadi Liakhovetski (21):
      xtensa: cavs: fix irq_enable() argument
      smp: add a Kconfig option to delay booting secondary CPUs
      xtensa: Intel ADSP: fix a typo
      xtensa: (cosmetic) remove duplicate parentheses
      xtensa: fix booting secondary cores on the dummy thread
      p4wq: fix initialisation with SMP disabled
      p4wq: fix a typo in a comment
      p4wq: fix races when handling work items
      p4wq: add support for per-CPU, per-queue and delayed threads
      cavs: idc: export cavs_idc_smp_init()
      xtensa: ADSP: fix disabling the IDC interrupt
      smp: move a preprocessor conditional from .c to cmake
      xtensa: fix delayed booting secondary cores
      ADSP / SOF: don't force uniprocessor mode
      xtensa: cavs_v18: use uncached addresses to support SMP
      xtensa: cavs: all cAVS versions have to select ARCH_HAS_COHERENCE
      ipm: cavs: (cosmetic) fix indentation
      work: remove a statement with no effect
      cavs: remove unused and dangerous definitions
      cavs: add missing macros to cAVS 1.8
      xtensa: cavs: fix linker warnings on cAVS 2.0 and 2.5

Guillaume Paquet (2):
      boards: arm: nordic: Add BG96 to RAK5010 board
      boards: arm: Add RAK4631 Wisblock Core LPWAN board

Gustavo Romero (3):
      boards: arm: mps2-an521: Fix DT memory regions
      drivers: uart: uart_cmsdk_apb: Fix uart_irq_is_pending
      tests: Add test to check uart_irq_is_pending

Guðni Már Gilbert (35):
      tests: drivers: pwm: fix order of parameters
      samples: net: mdns_responder: Fix coverity issue
      samples: net: mdns_responder: Fix coverity resource leak issue
      drivers: sensor: bmi160: Fix bug where undersampling is not set
      include: sys: Simplify sys_mutex_unlock
      docs: Fix typo in mutex docs
      lib: os: Simplify z_impl_z_sys_mutex_kernel_unlock
      docs: Add missing retval for sys_mutex_unlock()
      drivers: ethernet: gmac: fix coverity issue
      drivers: modem: fix coverity issue
      tests: net: socket: af_packet: fix resource leak
      tests: net: socket: af_packet: fix resource leak
      dts: arm: st: f4: Remove redundant ram-size for stm32f469
      dts: arm: st: l0: Add USB FS node for stm32l053
      dts: arm: st: l0: Add optional maximum-speed parameter for stm32l072
      dts: arm: st: l4: Add maximum-speed parameter to some STM32L4xx
      tests: net: socket: getaddrinfo: fix resource leak
      lib: libc: minimal: add check on returned value
      dts: arm: st: l4: Split l412 into two memory groups
      soc: arm: added support for STM32L412XX
      dts: arm: st: l4: Move can1 node
      dts: arm: st: l4: Move timers7 node
      dts: arm: st: l0: Move node USART1
      boards: arm: add support for NUCLEO-L412RB-P
      dts: arm: st: Add stm32g431x6 and stm32g431x8
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G491
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G441
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G4A1
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G484
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G473
      dts: arm: st: Add SOC support for STM32G483
      dts: arm: st: l4: add SPI2 node for stm32l412
      boards: arm: fix i2c pin and add SPI to docs
      boards: arm: Add adc1 node to board nucleo_l412rb_p
      boards: arm: add board revision to board description

Göran Weinholt (2):
      drivers: flash: stm32h7: fix clearing of erased sector number
      drivers: flash: stm32h7x: handle ECC errors on read

Hake Huang (13):
      tests: disable long time case from NXP FRDM_KW41Z
      board: frdm_kw41z add flash and ram size
      dma: mcux edma driver support multi-channel
      tests: add mcux edma channel link test
      dma: add request channel and release channel helper
      dts: add edma related in dts bindings
      adc: add soc config for adc
      adc: add adc edma support in frdm_k82f
      test: update adc_api case to support frdm_k82f
      test: add adc_dma test application
      adc: add sim opt for adc hw trigger
      adc: adc dma driver
      net/virtual: test case need have random generator driver

Harry Jiang (3):
      dts: arm: st: h7: Add the IWDG1 nodes to STM32H7xx SoC
      drivers: watchdog: iwdg_stm32: Add support for STM32H7xx SoC
      boards: nucleo_h743zi: Add the IWDG support

Hayden Ball (1):
      max17055: Set battery parameters from device tree

Helge Juul (1):
      drivers/flash: stm32: Extend qspi-nor support to F7 series

Henrik Brix Andersen (13):
      drivers: sensor: mcux_acmp: fix expansion-to-defined warning
      boards: shields: add shield directories to SHIELD_DIRS
      boards: shields: add SHIELD_DIRS to DTS_ROOT
      shields: waveshare_epaper: move common dtsi file to dts folder
      samples: shields: lmp90100_evb: rtd: improve readability, fix off-by-one
      samples: shields: lmp90100_evb: rtd: mark constants as const
      samples: shields: lmp90100_evb: rtd: use newlib sqrt when available
      dts: nxp: kinetis: ke1xf: Add chip specific dtsi files
      tests: drivers: dma: add twr_ke18f board configurations
      soc: arm: nxp: ke1xf: use clock nodes for NXP Kinetis SCG clocks
      drivers: intc: shared_irq: remove internal structs from header
      boards: arm: twr_ke18f: Add pinctrl dts properties
      canbus: canopen: conversion of k_work API

Henry Wang (3):
      include: arm64: Fix compile with default MMU off
      tests: Add missing timestamp_serialize() for Armv8-R aarch64
      sample: mpu: skip the MPU test for Armv8-R AArch64

Hou Zhiqiang (4):
      arm64: Fix MPID load instruction for secondary cores
      devicetree: Add DT_FOREACH_CHILD_STATUS_OKAY macro
      arm64: Do not try to bring up the cores disabled in DT node
      intc: gic: Don't enable the interrupt routing to cores disable in DT

Hubert Miś (14):
      net: ipv6: add function checking if given address is ULA
      net: coap: acknowledgement initialization helper
      tests: net: coap: Acknowledgement initialization
      net: socket: getsockopt SO_TYPE implementation
      tests: net: socket: SO_TYPE socket option
      net: socket: getsockopt SO_PROTOCOL implementation
      tests: net: socket: SO_PROTOCOL socket option
      net: socket send timeout option
      tests: Socket send timeout option
      net: shell: UDP commands
      drv: display: Initial FT800 display driver
      shields: FTDI VM800C
      samples: FT800 demo application
      net: ip: select src ip address with valid scope for mcast dst

Håkon Øye Amundsen (3):
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: add kconfig to enable/disable partitions
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: fix incorrect check of <option> args
      scripts: size_report: fix bug where key is used as a dict

Ievgenii Meshcheriakov (2):
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: Include additional headers
      doc: guides: porting: shields: fix Arduino header name

Igor Knippenberg (2):
      drivers: sensors: fdc2x1x: Add driver for Texas Instruments FDC2X1X
      samples: sensor: fdc2x1x: Add FDC2X1X sample application

Ilya Tagunov (5):
      manifest: update loramac-node module
      dts: bindings: lora: sx126x: fix reset signal name
      dts: bindings: lora: sx127x: add SX1272 binding
      modules: loramac-node: add SX1272 support
      drivers: lora: sx127x: rework SX1276 driver to add SX1272 support

Ioannis Glaropoulos (101):
      boards: nrf: remove support for deprecated board nRF5340 PDK
      boards: nrf5340: update web-page link for nRF5340 DK
      tests: remove nrf5340 PDK boards from test .yml files
      modules: tf-m: remove nRF5340 PDK from the supported TF-M targets
      bluetooth: controller: remove support for nRF5340 PDK
      dts: nordic: remove support for deprecated nRF5340 Eng A SoC
      doc: release notes: add notes for board/SoC removals
      soc: arm: nrf5340: add QDEC capability in nRF5340 SoC definition
      dts: arm: nordic: add QDEC nodes for nrf5340
      drivers: sensor: nrf: fix dependencies for QDEC_NRFX
      tests: arch: arm: move arm_psci to arm64 directory
      soc: arm: nrf5340: remove handling for Erratum 19
      samples: tfm integration: rename qemu targets after refactor
      arch: arm: cortex_m: fix ASSERT expression in MemManage handler
      tests: kernel: device: adaptation for the test to run in Non-Secure mode
      tests: kernel: interrupt: do not run for Cortex-M Non-Secure mode
      tests: thread: thread_api: fix to allow test to run for non-secure
      testsuite: only enable TEST_ARM_CORTEX_M when building tests
      tests: kernel: fatal: add missing CONFIG_TEST=y in test suite
      arm: cortex_m: Kconfig symbols for null pointer detection feature
      arm: cortex_m: move static inline DWT functions in internal header
      arm: cortex_m: fault: hook up debug monitor exception handler
      arm: cortex-m: build debug.c for null-pointer detection feature
      arm: cortex_m: null-pointer exception detection via DWT
      arm: cortex-m: null pointer detection additions for ARMv8-M
      arm: cortex_m: add vector table padding for null pointer detection
      arm: cortex_m: implement null pointer exception detection with MPU
      arm: cortex_m: enable null-pointer exception detection in the tests
      arm: cortex_m: ensure DebugMonitor is targeting Secure domain
      tests: arm_interrupt: add test-case for null pointer detection feature
      arm: cortex_m: build time assert for null-pointer exception page size
      doc: mention the null pointer detection support in the release notes
      arm: cortex_m: assert if DebugMonitor exc is enabled in debug mode
      boards: arduino due: add reset after load for Jlink flashing
      modules: tf-m: introduce option to configure flash binary
      boards: nrf5340: flash by default the combined TF-M + Zephyr binary
      boards: nrf5340: modify the hex file when flashing the merged binary
      tests: lib: cbprintf_fp: enable CONFIG_TEST in the test suite
      tests: arm thread swap: save and restore callee-saved in subroutine
      tests: arm: increase idle thread stack size for no-opt test-cases
      tests: modify test case so it does not crash on cortex-m
      arm: cortex_m: fix arguments to dwt_init() function
      west commands: runners: support for including config file in pyocd
      boards: reel_board: introduce board-specific pyocd.yaml
      tests: add missing CONFIG_TEST=y in test suites
      tests: error_hook: documentation and style fixes in README
      tests: error_hook: typo and style fixes in main.c
      tests: error_hook: fix test_catch_z_oops test case
      tests: error_hook: fix sample output in README
      tests: coredump: use undefined instruction to trigger CPU fault
      trusted-firmware-m: include interface sources to the build
      trusted-firmware-m: override sys_arch_reboot for non-secure builds
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: initialize the TF-M NS interface
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: lock scheduler around secure calls
      modules: tf-m: disable audit log partition with medium profile
      boards: mps2_an521: build non-secure Zephyr images together with TF-M
      boards: mps2_an521: add arm, kernel and userspace tags for nonsecure
      tests: error_hook: fix test case for non-secure cortex-m platforms
      doc: releases: add note about non-secure cortex-m QEMU runs in CI
      Revert "modules: tf-m: disable audit log partition with medium profile"
      modules: tf-m: correct dependencies for audit log service
      modules: tf-m: add TF-M profile choice
      boards: lpcxpresso55s69: switch to use the TFM_PROFILE_TYPE choice
      arm: add note explaining why Hard ABI is disabled for tfm builds
      trusted-firmware-m: update to upstream release v.1.3.0
      doc: releases: add release note entry for TF-M update
      boards: nrf9160: use TF-M by default on non-secure builds
      boards: nrf9160: update secure image SRAM size to work with TF-M
      boards: nrf9160 DK: update board documentation for TF-M
      tests: arm_no_multithreading: confirm IRQ index being non-negative
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: fix dependencies for isolation level
      boards: do not force TF-M isolation level 2 for STM32L562/L552 boards
      samples: psa_level1: add nucleo_l552ze_q_ns to allowed platforms
      arm: cortex-m: minor doc updates in swap_helper.S
      boards: arm: correct documentation about SVC exception
      boards: arm: mps2_an385: correct flash and SRAM sizes
      soc: nordic_nrf: move NFCT_PINS_AS_GPIOS to common nRF definitions
      boards: mps2_an521: add an mps2_an521_remote target
      boards: mps2_an521: remove dependencies for BUILD_WITH_TFM
      samples: openamp: use mps2_an521_remote target for remote core
      samples: rpmsg_service: use mps2_an521_remote target for remote core
      tests: arm_interrupt: exend test case for FPU SHARING
      arch: arm: Add config for non-blocking secure calls
      doc: release notes: release notes entry for non-blocking secure calls
      tests: arm_thread_swap_tz: decrease work delay to ensure test passing
      tests: arm_thread_swap_tz: correct dt overlays for stm32 boards
      manifest: update trusted-firmware-m to latest upstream
      samples: psa_leve1: do not re-initialize NS interface
      tests: arm_thread_swap_tz: add tfm tag
      doc: release notes: add Zephyr v2.6.0 release notes for TF-M
      doc: release: add note for new TF-M boards in v.2.6.0
      Revert "openthread: kconfig: rework OpenThread security configurations"
      Revert "mbedtls: kconfig: MBEDTLS_USER_CONFIG_FILE default without a prompt"
      Revert "mbedtls: kconfig: created MBEDTLS_PROMPTLESS and CUSTOM_MBEDTLS_CFG_FILE"
      modules: mbedtls: move CMakeLists.txt. into the main tree
      modules: mbedtls: add name for implementation choice symbol
      manifest: update mbedtls cleaning up the zephyr specific files
      modules: mbedtls: move the configs into the main tree
      modules: mbedtls: updates to reflect module directory restructuring
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: add path for mbedcrypto
      modules: tf-m: do not expose TF-M NS interface include directories publicly

Jack Rosenthal (3):
      shell: typo correction in Kconfig
      shell: add an option for minimal default configuration
      shell: fix tab in shell_log_backend.c

Jacob Siverskog (7):
      usb: mass storage: use inquiry parameters from Kconfig
      drivers: usb: stm32: fix potential null pointer dereference
      drivers: modem: quectel-bg9x: fix potential null pointer dereference
      drivers: sensor: icm42605: initialize variables
      usb: mass storage: set thread stack size from Kconfig
      usb: mass storage: add missing prompt to Kconfig
      modbus: fix potential null pointer dereference

Jakub Rzeszutko (7):
      shell: make detecting help option optional
      lib: move fnmatch to lib/util
      lib: add freebsd getopt library
      codeowners: add getopt library
      shell: add getopt library support
      shell: sample: add getopt
      doc: shell update with getopt

James Harris (16):
      kernel: fix yielding between tasks with same deadline
      tests: kernel: sched: add z_yield under deadline
      kernel: sched: change to 3-way thread priority comparison
      kernel: sched: avoid unnecessary lock in z_impl_k_yield
      sys: tell compiler about impossible aliasing in dlist APIs
      kernel: fix race conditions with z_ready_thread
      kernel: sem: add K_SEM_MAX_LIMIT
      scripts: gen_syscalls: declare syscalls with void instead of zero args
      tests: kernel: semaphore: better explain test failures
      net: config: ensure counter k_sem init'd before reset
      kernel: sem: handle resets with outstanding waiting threads
      tests: kernel: semaphore: add test for k_sem_reset with waiting threads
      kernel: fix TOCTTOU issue in k_thread_name_set
      logging: fix TOCTTOU issue in z_log_hexdump_from_user
      arch: aarch64: do EL2 init in EL3 if necessary
      net: utils: fix strlen issue in net_addr_pton

Jamie McCrae (4):
      bluetooth: Add flag to force device name to appear in AD data
      boards: bl654_sensor_board
      boards: arm: Add Laird Connectivity BL5340 DVK platform
      boards: arm: bt510: add support for pyocd

Jan Kowalewski (1):
      tests: drivers: gpio: provide quickfeather overlay

Jan Müller (2):
      samples: hci_spi: Add net_buf headroom for hci_spi
      tracing: Add ISR numbers to SystemView for Cortex-M

Jan Van Winkel (2):
      ztest: Added support to return data via mock
      tests: ztest: Added return data test case

Jani Hirsimäki (2):
      net: ppp: dialup enablers
      net: socket: packet: using pckt sckt for passing the PPP dialup data

Jared Wolff (1):
      boards: arm: nrf: Adding updated Circuit Dojo board definitions.

Jaxson Han (12):
      arch: arm64: Add Cortex-R82 config
      drivers: gicv3: GIC with single secure mode
      soc: arm64: Add FVP AEMv8R AArch64 soc
      dts: arm64: Add dtsi and dts binding for cortex-R82
      cmake: emu: Add arm fvp emulator
      cmake: arm64: Add Cortex-R82 in toolchain option
      include: arm64: Add mpu data struct definition
      arch: arm64: Armv8-R AArch64 MPU implementation
      include: arm64: Add BSS align when MPU enabled
      soc: arm64: Define Armv8-R aarch64 default MPU regions
      arch: arm64: Add MPU drivers to the build system
      board: arm64: Add FVP BaseR AEMv8R board

Jedrzej Ciupis (4):
      west.yml: Update hal_nordic revision
      samples: boards: Add tests section to 802154_rpsmg sample
      modules: hal_nordic: nrf_802154: Fix RADIO IRQ handling configuration
      drivers: ieee802154: Udpate nRF IEEE 802.15.4 radio driver

Jennifer Williams (24):
      samples: basic: blinky_pwm: fix bad path in README
      boards: x86: acrn_ehl_crb: fix config Apic timer IRQ value
      tests: kernel: key has wrong type in test_prevent_interruption
      boards: x86: acrn: doc: fix ACRN GSG link
      lib: os: fix heap_print_info missing final else in construct
      soc: arm: cypress: fix soc_gpio missing final else in construct
      arch: arm: core: aarch32: cortex_m: debug: remove if...else if construct
      arch: arm: core: aarch32: cortex_m: fault: fix if...else ifs
      include: sys: time_units: fix missing final else
      kernel: poll: fix missing final else
      lib: os: various places fix missing final else
      testsuite: ztest: src: fix missing final else
      usb: usb_device: fix missing final else
      kernel: timeout: fix missing final else
      kernel: work: fix missing final else
      lib: os: add final else where missing in cbprintf_*
      lib: os: add final else where missing in heap*
      lib: os: add final else where missing in onoff, p4wq, sem
      lib: os: cbprintf_complete: fix typo in cbvprintf width comment
      arch: x86: core: pcie: rephrase use of ain't
      boards: x86: acrn_ehl_crb: add APIC timer TSC M and N
      tests: benchmarks: remove obsolete boot_time test suite
      tests: boot_time: remove all the code and instrumentation feeding into test
      boards: acrn_ehl_crb: Use the new APIC_TSC_DEADLINE timer driver

Jeremy Bettis (2):
      shell: Fix llvm-clang coverage without backend.
      dts: Add description of reg

Jeremy Herbert (1):
      boards: update adafruit_feather_nrf52840 dts to add i2c compatible property

Jeremy Wood (6):
      boards: arm: Add nucleo_h753zi, based on nucleo_h743zi
      drivers: clock_control: Add support for STM32H753XX.
      tests: adc: Add support for NUCLEO_H753ZI.
      drivers: usb: device: Add support for USB FS on STM32H7.
      dts: arm: st: Add usbotg_fs and otghs_fs_phy to stm32h743.dtsi.
      boards: arm: Add usbotg_fs to nucleo_h743 and nucleo_h753.

Jiafei Pan (16):
      arch: arm64: add 40 bits physical and virtual address
      soc: arm64: add NXP ls1046a support
      board: arm64: add nxp ls1046a RDB board support
      CODEOWNERS: add myself as Layerscape code-owner
      interrupt_controller: gic: fix some macro definition
      interrupt_controller: gic: add SMP support
      board: arm64: add SMP support for NXP ls1046a RDB board
      arm64: refine the code for primary core checking
      interrupt_controller: gic: distribute interrupts to cpu listed in dts
      board: nxp_ls1046ardb: add 2 cores smp for running in Jailhouse
      aarch64: lib_helpers: add some system registers' helper
      arm64: cache: add arch_dcache_all()
      arm64: mmu: invalidate all data caches before enable them
      drivers: gicv3: fix getting rdist base address
      arm64: cache: refine arch_dcache_range()
      arm64: cache: fix arch_dcache_all()

Jian Kang (6):
      kernel: mailbox: Add some testcases for mailboxs
      tests: crypto: Add a unnormal testing condition
      tests: kernel: Change a mbox testcase that condition unsuitable
      tests: posix: Add new testcases for posix APIs
      kernel: semaphore: Add two testcases of semaphore
      tests: kernel: Add a new testcases for mailbox

Jim Paris (2):
      ppp: add net events for PPP dead and running
      drivers: nrf: avoid UARTE pm infinite loop

Jim Shu (3):
      arch: riscv: linker: fix _image_rom_start symbol
      arch: riscv: improve exception messages
      board: riscv: add qemu_riscv32_xip board to test XIP mode

Jingru Wang (1):
      script: add ram and rom total size to json file

Jingsai Lu (1):
      Bluetooth: Fix a comment typo for bt_l2cap_server.sec_level in l2cap.h

Joakim Andersson (72):
      Kconfig: Default y on Zephyr VS HCI extension in host-only nRF boards
      Bluetooth: Refactor ECC emulation supported commands bits
      Bluetooth: host: Add definitions for generate DHKey v2 commands
      Bluetooth: host: Remove dependency on host emulation for debug ECC keys
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor host ECC handling to own source file
      Bluetooth: host: Add GATT Characteristic Aggregated format definition
      Bluetooth: host: Use definitions of UUID values instead of constants
      Bluetooth: host: Fix endianness issue in reading CPF descriptor
      Bluetooth: host: Don't auto-update device name and document behavior
      Bluetooth: host: Fix array overrun of client features bitset
      Bluetooth: host: Remove incorrect note about indication callback
      Bluetooth: host: Document not waiting for TX context from sys workqueue
      Bluetooth: host: Convert allowed_cmds to an array of atomic_t of size 1
      Bluetooth: host: Log security keys needed by sniffer
      Kconfig: logging: Improve defaults for Bluetooth
      Bluetooth: samples: Remove unnecessary main stack configuration
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor update_keys_check to operate on keys as input
      Bluetooth: host: Overwrite existing bond when IRK has been updated
      tests: Bluetooth: Fix compilation issue in direction finding test
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor command state set handling to one function
      Bluetooth: host: Dont include bt_adv_lookup_legacy when adv is disabled
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor out identity handling from hci_core to id
      Bluetooth: host: Don't include adv checks when adv is disabled
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor out scan roles from hci_core to scan
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor out advertiser roles from hci_core to adv
      Bluetooth: host: Fix compilation error with BR/EDR enabled
      Bluetooth: host: Align SSP HCI event handler function names
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor out BR/EDR from hci_core to br
      Bluetooth: host: Fix style warnings in existing code
      Bluetooth: HCI: Fix option CONFIG_BT_HCI_ACL_DATA_SIZE default to 0
      Bluetooth: host: Fix undefined references to adv in central only builds
      Bluetooth: tests: Add privacy configuration to init test
      Bluetooth: audio: Fix compilation issue with BT_AUDIO
      Bluetooth: host: Fix BT_LOG_SNIFFER_INFO option without BT_SMP enabled
      Bluetooth: host: Refactor BIG initialized handling to use bit flags
      Bluetooth: host: Fix parsing BIG handle as a two byte field
      Bluetooth: host: Validate big_handle before using it as an array index
      Bluetooth: host: Fix missing big_disconnect when invalid number of BIS
      Bluetooth: host: Fix packet reording in ATT under high load
      Bluetooth: host: Add Server Characteristic Configuration definitions
      Bluetooth: host: Add discovery of standard descriptor values
      Bluetooth: tester: Revert "Fix an error response in tester"
      Bluetooth: host: Document default behavior of le_param_req with no cb
      Bluetooth: host: Fix ECC thread stack size too small
      Bluetooth: host: Fix undefined reference to bt_le_adv_lookup_legacy
      Bluetooth: tester: fix bt_le_oob_set_legacy_tk excluded when supported
      Bluetooth: host: Remove comment providing false information
      Bluetooth: host: Fix buffer leak trying to send when disconnected
      Bluetooth: host: Update RPA timer to new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: refactor SMP channel context layout
      drivers: Bluetooth: Update H5 driver to new delayable work API.
      Bluetooth: host: Update L2CAP to use the new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update SMP to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update ATT to use the new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: samples: Update central_iso sample to new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: samples: Update eddystone sample to new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: samples: Update periodic_sync to new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update RFCOMM to new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: controller: Update privacy to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update AVDTP to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update connections to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Update GATT to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: shell: Update L2CAP to use new delayable work API
      Bluetooth: host: Add macros for calculating buffer sizes
      Bluetooth: Kconfig: Remove discardable dependency on implementations
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Set L2CAP TX MTU default to fit public key packet
      Bluetooth: Refactor bluetooth buffer configuration for simplification
      Bluetooth: host: Document L2CAP channel send buffer sizes
      Bluetooth: shell: Add argument to L2CAP send command for packet length
      Bluetooth: OTS: Update OTS to use correct reserve define
      Bluetooth: shell: Update L2CAP chan send to reserve for an L2CAP SDU
      Bluetooth: tester: Update tester to reserve bytes for an L2CAP SDU

Johan Hedberg (10):
      drivers: pcie: Move MAX_BUS/DEV/FUNC defines to pcie.h header file
      drivers: pcie: Introduce API to look up devices by ID
      drivers/virtualization: Take advantage of pcie_bdf_lookup()
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix missing buffer length check for sdu_len
      boards: up_squared: Add aliases for I2C
      drivers: i2c_dw: Remove support for hard-coded PCIe interrupts
      drivers: i2c_dw: Remove CMake-based templating
      drivers: uart_ns16550: Remove support for hard-coded PCIe interrupts
      drivers: uart_ns16550: Remove CMake-based templating
      drivers: uart_ns16550: Fix naming for struct uart_ns16550_dev_data_t

Johan Stridkvist (1):
      Bluetooth: HCI: Add option CONFIG_BT_HCI_ACL_DATA_SIZE

Johann Fischer (89):
      usb: bluetooth: fix OUT buffer handling
      samples: hci_usb: disable USB_DEVICE_BLUETOOTH_VS_H4
      usb: move CDC ACM configuration to to its own Kconfig file
      usb: move USB MSC configuration to its own Kconfig file
      usb: move USB Bluetooth classes configuration to its own Kconfig
      usb: move USB Loopback class configuration to its own Kconfig
      usb: hid: make config USB_DEVICE_HID menuconfig
      drivers: usb_dc_stm32: remove confusing comments
      samples: shell_module: add shell support over CDC ACM
      include: usb: add common HID definitions header
      doc: usb: move API description to related chapters
      doc: usb: add initial USB HID documentation
      usb: hid: replace deprecated macros
      samples: hid: convert to use new common HID macros
      samples: intel_s1000_crb: replace deprecated HID macros
      usb: hid: remove usb_hid_descriptor from public header
      doc: release-notes-2.6: add note about USB HID macros deprecation
      twister: add dt_compat_enabled_with_label DT filter function
      sample: dfu: remove platform_allow
      twister: use edt.label2node in dt_compat_enabled_with_label DT filter
      usb: hid: clarify USB_HID_REPORTS configuration
      usb: hid: rework idle report implementation
      samples: hid: rework USB HID sample report and on_idle callback
      samples: hid: rework USB HID sample report descriptor
      samples: hid: adjust LOG level
      samples: hid: filter subsequent USB_DC_CONFIGURED events
      usb: remove const qualifier in struct usb_cfg_data()
      usb: hid: allow boot interface Protocol Code to be set per device
      samples: hid: set boot interface Protocol Code
      modbus: add MODBUS RTU subsystem
      CODEOWNERS: add codeowner for modbus
      tests: add test for MODBUS RTU subsystem
      samples: add Modbus RTU server sample
      samples: add Modbus RTU client sample
      doc: add Modbus RTU documentation
      modbus: add control for DE/nRE RS-485 transceiver signals
      modbus: add DE/nRE gpios properties to samples and test
      modbus: get interface index according to interface name
      modbus: fix ASCII frame reception and add test for ASCII mode
      modbus: reset buffer after reception
      modbus: rename MODBUS RTU API to common MODBUS API
      modbus: remove RTU from configuration and headers
      modbus: rename mb_rtu_ to modbus_
      tests: modbus: remove _rtu_ from modbus test
      modbus: use enum for MODBUS mode
      modbus: move MODBUS over serial line code to own file
      modbus: move serial line config outside context
      modbus: make MODBUS support over serial line optional
      modbus: rename internal designations and do few minor fixups
      modbus: move some RX/TX ADU related code to the core
      modbus: return ETIMEDOUT on timeout instead of EIO
      modbus: document return values of internal functions
      modbus: rework interface configuration
      modbus: add raw ADU support
      tests: modbus: add raw ADU support test
      samples: add MODBUS TCP server sample
      samples: modbus: add TCP to serial line gateway
      doc: modbus: update description and add TCP sample references
      samples: rtu_server: rework LED configuration
      modbus: rework RS-485 transceiver DE,RE GPIO configuration
      sample: hid: fixup harness config regex
      disk: move disk and sdmmc controller drivers to drivers/disk
      drivers: disk: cleanup after driver relocation
      CODEOWNERS: add myself as disk subsystem code-owner
      drivers: usdhc: fixup i.MX RT related code after driver relocation
      tests/boards/samples: fixup after sdmmc driver relocation
      include: move disk driver interface to own header
      include: move disk_access.h to storage
      doc: update disk API documentation
      doc: update disk access docu regarding SD card support
      samples: mass: add SD card support
      doc: release-notes-2.6: add note about disk drivers rework
      drivers: usb_dc_native_posix: rework handle_usb_control/handle_usb_data
      drivers: usb_dc_native_posix: do not use IN callback without reason
      drivers: usb_dc_native_posix: rework how OUT endpoint data is passed
      drivers: usb_dc_native_posix: read setup packet as part of submit struct
      drivers: usb_dc_native_posix: use ep_dir and ep_idx in usbip_send_common
      MAINTAINERS: update Disk section and maintainer
      samples: mesh_badge: increase mesh loopback buf count
      drivers: regulator: enable driver when compatible node is defined
      drivers: regulator: do not explicitly enable fixed regulator driver
      tests: regulator: add integration platform
      drivers: usb_dc_nrfx: clear endpoint flags during ep_disable()
      samples: intel_s1000_crb: remove unused and wrong implemented callbacks
      tests: intel_s1000_crb: remove unused and wrong implemented callbacks
      drivers: usb_dc_nrfx: add attached event delay
      modbus: fix untrusted loop bound in modbus client
      usb: hid: remove get_protocol/set_protocol from USB HID class API
      doc: release-notes-2.6: add note about USB HID class API change

Johann Tael (1):
      drivers: modem: ublox-sara-r4: add TLS offload support

Jonathan Hahn (1):
      boards: arm: add new rev. for STM32F3Disco board

Jonathan Nilsen (2):
      storage/stream: Add persistent write progress to stream_flash
      storage/stream: Move fill value handling to flash_sync

Jonathan Rico (1):
      Bluetooth: host: Accept keypress notifications as responder

Jordan Yates (23):
      west: runners: jlink: prefer .hex over .bin
      lorawan: queriable payload sizes
      lorawan: queriable minimum datarate
      lorawan: store current datarate for ADR
      lorawan: add callback for datarate changes
      samples: lorawan: class_a: add datarate callback
      sys: ring_buffer: allow NULL data buffers
      tests: lib: ringbuffer: test discard functionality
      linker: macros for memory regions from devicetree
      linker: aarch32: simplify memory region generation
      linker: stm32wb: move IPC RAM definition to DT
      linker: cc13x2_cc26x2: CCFG registers as partition
      linker: cc13x2_cc26x2: CCFG to linker snippets
      scripts: fix undefined _ADDR
      lorawan: always wait for MAC ops to complete
      spi: spi_nrfx_spim: limit clock frequency by inst
      scripts: initialize handle.device
      boards: nucleo_l0*: remove invalid options
      boards: stm32f0: explicit RAM vector table control
      linker: stm32f0: move ram vector table to snippets
      lorawan: minor formatting fixes
      lorawan: port oriented downlink callbacks
      samples: lorawan: class_a: downlink cb

Jorgen Kvalvaag (1):
      twister: Allow deep folder scan

Jose Alberto Meza (15):
      drivers: espi: config: Support for host-initiated eSPI traffic
      drivers: espi: xec: Add support for host-initiated traffic
      samples: drivers: espi: Remove magic number
      samples: drivers: espi: Showcase OOB Rx asynchronous handling
      samples: boards: mec15xxevb: pm: Enable PECI and KSCAN drivers
      boards: arm: mec15xxevb: Use internal pull-up for KSC input pins
      drivers: i2c: mchp: Restore I2C logging control
      drivers: gpio: mchp: Add support for GPIO disconnected flag
      boards: arm: mec15xxevb: Reduce SPI image size
      scripts: west_commands: runners: Remove need to match device capacity
      scripts: west_commands: tests: Update dediprog expected command
      boards: arm: mec1501_modular: Use internal pull-up for kscan
      drivers: espi: xec: Reduce buffer allocation to minimum required
      samples: drivers: espi: Ensure sample code thread exits
      west: Microchip HAL update

Josh Gao (1):
      usb: dfu: give wait_for_usb_dfu an argument

JuHyun Kim (1):
      driver: sensor: icm42605: Fixed Dereference afterr null check issue

Jukka Rissanen (92):
      net: tls: Allow access to TLS socket in userspace
      net: tcp2: Use private work queue
      net: mgmt: Use proper coop thread priority value
      net: context: Check interface status when sending
      samples: net: echo-server: Add netmask setting to VLAN config
      tests: net: select: Increase the timeout to 20ms
      net: utils: net_pkt_hexdump() was missing log_strdup()
      net: utils: Check null pointer in net_sprint_ll_addr_buf()
      net: context: Set target network interface in send if needed
      tests: net: checksum_offload: Use proper network interface
      net: conn_mgr: Print network interface index in debug
      net: conn_mgr: Ignore network interfaces that are not used
      net: context: Remove unnecessary null check
      net: tcp: Implement ISN calculation according to RFC6528
      net: tcp2: Fix mbedtls missing warnings
      samples: net: civetweb: Avoid using mbedtls
      modules: civetweb: Add proper dependency to Kconfig
      net: dhcpv4: The client needs info about network interfaces
      net: shell: The tcp connect command must have a timeout
      net: tcp2: Add more debugging for connection unref
      net: dns: Add locking to prevent concurrent access
      tests: net: getaddrinfo: Verify that we receive all queries
      net: sockets: Provide close method for packet sockets
      net: dhcpv4: Add locking
      net: if: Add locking
      net: if: Mark not used args as unused
      net: Remove legacy TCP stack
      net: if: Allow app to disable IPv4 or IPv6 for the interface
      net: ipv4: Add utility func to create IPv4 header
      net: virtual: Add virtual network interface support
      net: virtual: ipip: Add IP tunneling driver
      tests: net: virtual: Add unit tests for checking tunneling
      samples: net: virtual: Simple app for creating virtual interfaces
      samples: net: echo-server: Add tunneling interface support
      net: shell: Add command to show virtual interface information
      net: shell: Print network interface flags values
      net: if: Mark IPv6 address valid for point2point links
      net: if: Add function to set IPv4 ttl to interface
      net: shell: Print network interface index instead of pointer
      net: config: Try to only use auto started interface
      net: context: Print network interface index with pointer value
      net: ipv4: Discard pkt if TTL is 0
      net: if: Add locking when setting/getting hoplimit or ttl
      net: l2: ipip: Add capability bit for IPIP tunnel
      net: l2: ipip: Support more than one IPIP tunnel
      net: pkt: Make net_pkt_clone() to use the original slab
      net: pkt: Add helper to store capture bit
      net: capture: Add support for network packet capturing
      net: shell: Add network packet capture support
      net: shell: Show detailed interface information
      net: shell: Print external net_pkt slab information
      samples: net: capture: Network packet capture app
      samples: net: echo-server: Add capture overlay file
      net: capture: Catch sent and received packets
      net: doc: Add network monitoring documentation
      modules: net-tools: Use updated tunneling conf file
      net: doc: Add net_capture API documentation
      log: Align the log_strdup_buf properly
      net: doc: Add info about script
      net: socket: Add locking to prevent concurrent access
      sys: eventfd: Add locking to eventfd_read/write functions
      tests: fdtable: Fix compilation as z_get_fd_obj_and_vtable() changed
      tests: lib: fdtable: Fix invalid memory access
      net: if: Check null pointer when settings flags
      net: if: Check iface before setting/getting interface MTU
      net: virtual: Remove dead code
      net: virtual: Remove unnecessary null check
      samples: net: socket: packet: Fix memory leak
      net: stats: RX time statistics were in wrong ifdef branch
      net: sockets: RX statistics were not properly compiled in
      net: Remove support for CONFIG_NET_CONTEXT_TIMESTAMP option
      samples: net: socket: txtime: Simple app for SO_TXTIME
      net: Push highest priority net_pkt directly to driver
      drivers: eth: gmac: Separate PTP clock from gPTP support
      drivers: eth: mcux: Separate PTP clock from gPTP support
      net: pkt: Set the pkt creation time more accurately
      drivers: eth: e1000: Add simulated PTP clock device
      net: Enable running without TX or RX threads
      net: If userspace support is enabled, then we need TX/RX threads
      tests: net: ptp: Compile only on relevant boards
      net: pkt: Have separate create time for net_pkt
      tests: net: poll: Increase ztest thread stack size
      net: pkt: Separate the timestamp and TX/RX stats configs
      net: if: Add IPv4 multicast address join/leave functions
      net: stats: Add IGMP statistics support
      net: ipv4: Add IGMPv2 support
      tests: net: igmp: Add IPv4 IGMP tests
      tests: net: igmp: Remove device_pm_control_nop
      tests: net: Refactor tests when running in real hw
      net: 6locan: Convert to use k_fifo instead of k_work
      net: ppp: Convert to use k_fifo instead of k_work
      net: Use k_fifo instead of k_work in RX and TX processing

Julien D'Ascenzio (1):
      drivers: i2c_ll_stm32_v2: Add timeout on transfer

Julien Massot (17):
      arch: arm: cortex_a_r: add support for arm arch timer
      tracing: add RAM backend
      doc: tracing: add ram backend
      soc: arm: add Renesas rcar_gen3 series support
      boards: arm: Add support for R-Car H3ULCB board
      dts: bindings: clock: add Renesas clock control
      include: Add Renesas clock control driver
      drivers: clock_control: add R-Car CPG MSSR driver
      dts: bindings: add binding for Renesas RCar CMT timer
      drivers: timer: add R-Car cmt driver
      dts: arm: rcar_gen3_cr7: add cmt timer and clock controller
      boards: arm: rcar_h3ulcb: add Timer support
      dts: bindings: gpio: add definition for Renesas RCar gpio
      drivers: gpio: add Renesas RCar gpio
      dts: arm: rcar: add GPIO banks 5 and 6
      boards: arm: rcar_h3ulcb: add led0 and sw0
      test: kernel: context: Add Renesas RCar CMT timer

Jun Huang (2):
      Bluetooth: tester: Fix an error response in tester
      Bluetooth: Host: Add a configuration for writable name

Jun Lin (5):
      dts/arm: npcx: fix the size of scfg register
      dts/arm: npcx: fix the invert field of JTAG0/1 selection
      driver: npcx: add debug interface register structure
      npcx: move scfg driver from pinctrl to soc/arm/nuvoton_npcx/common
      soc: npcx: scfg: add functions to set/get WP pin status

Justin Morton (1):
      net: http: add numeric http status code to response struct

Kai Ren (2):
      Bluetooth: shell: Fix null check in cmd_conn_phy_update
      Bluetooth: shell: Fix null check in conn and data length update

Kalyan Sriram (3):
      boards: stm32: blackpill_f401ce: configure clocks using dt
      boards: stm32: blackpill_f411ce: configure clocks using dt
      codeowners: add code owner for blackpill_f401ce, blackpill_f411ce

Kamil Kasperczyk (2):
      net: openthread: added heap related otPlat methods implementation
      manifest: updated openthread module

Katsuhiro Suzuki (5):
      drivers: timer: reduce max cycles of riscv machine timer
      arch: riscv: add common stub reboot function
      kernel: arch: introduce k_float_enable()
      kernel: arch: use ENOTSUP instead of ENOSYS in k_float_disable()
      drivers: spi: sifive: fix bug of transferring multiple bufs

Keith Short (3):
      native_posix: kconfig: Set logging mode conditionally
      power: npcx: Fix compile error if !CONFIG_ARM_MPU
      adc: Move ADC acquisition time macros

Kieran Mackey (1):
      drivers: dac: added driver for Microchip MCP4725

Kim Bøndergaard (4):
      driver: display: Add support for st7735r based LCDs
      shields: display: Added support for ST7735r based LCD shields
      samples: display: Added support for sitronix_st7735r
      boards: stm32f412g_disco: Add arduino headers

Krishna Mohan Dani (19):
      dts/arm: STM32: Enable SPI support for stm32f2 in dtsi.
      boards/arm: Nucleo_F207zg: Enabling SPI support in device tree
      samples/drivers: Nucleo_F207zg: Enable test_spi_loopback sample application
      dts/arm: STM32: Enable I2C support for stm32f2 in dtsi.
      boards/arm: Nucleo_F207zg: Enabling I2C support in device tree.
      boards/arm: nucleo_f103rb: Enabling flash support in device tree.
      boards/arm: nucleo_g071rb: Enabling flash support in device tree.
      boards/arm: nucleo_l152re: Enabling flash support in device tree.
      boards/arm: nucleo_g474re: Updating the documentation.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32g0 series.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32g4 series.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32l1 series.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32l4 series.
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32wb series.
      drivers/flash: STM32: Getting clock settings from DT.
      drivers/flash: STM32: Adding condition to enable HSI clock for L1 series.
      dts/arm: STM32: Move i2s1 to right dtsi files in stm32f4 series.
      boards/arm: stm32h747i_disco_m7: Enabling flash support in device tree.

Krzysztof Chruscinski (122):
      sys: util: Update implementation of loop macros
      tests: unit: util: Add test for REVERSE_ARGS
      tests: unit: util: Extended UTIL_LISTIFY test
      sys: util: Update implementation of loop macros
      logging: Cleaning up log minimal
      logging: Refactor msg_finalize
      tests: lib: Add test for cbprintf_package
      drivers: clock_control: nrf: Add assert on unexpected event
      drivers: clock_control: nrf: modify Kconfig accuracy
      drivers: clock_control: nrf: Change CLOCK_CONTROL_NRF_FORCE_ALT
      tests: drivers: uart: uart_mix_fifo_poll: Randomize test
      drivers: uart: nrfx_uarte: Refactor driver configuration
      drivers: serial: nrfx_uarte: Refactor driver
      drivers: serial: nrfx_uarte: Add low power mode
      tests: drivers: uart: uart_mix_fifo_poll: Add low power configuration
      samples: logging: logger: Explicitly enable deferred mode
      lib: os: cbprintf: Add static packaging
      tests: unit: cbprintf: Extend to test static packaging
      tests: lib: cbprintf_package: Extend to test static packaging
      lib: os: cbprintf: Add alignment check to cbprintf_package
      logging: Add backend parameter to the init function
      lib: os: cbprintf: Fix Z_C_GENERIC not being used
      tests: lib: cbprintf: Added configuration without _Generic
      unit: cbprintf: Extended to test without _Generic use
      dts: bindings: cpu: Add cortex-m common properties
      dts: arm: nordic: Add swo-ref-frequency property
      soc: arm: nordic: Indicate SWO presence in nrf52, nrf53 and nrf91
      logging: swo: Add option to set custom reference frequency
      lib: os: cbprintf: Minor fixes
      lib: os: cbprintf: Fix static packaging for sparc
      logging: Add name to the mode choice in kconfig
      logging: Increase default CONFIG_LOG_STRDUP_MAX_STRING to 2
      shell: Add callback to shell_uninit function
      shell: uart: Fix init function
      samples: shell_module: Add shell_uart_release command
      drivers: timer: nrf_rtc_timer: Change type of channel argument
      tests: drivers: timer: nrf_rtc_timer: Minor fixes
      tests: lib: cbprintf_package: Fix issue reported by coverity
      lib: os: cbprintf: Add alignment offset to packaging
      lib: os: cbprintf: Improvements for sparc
      lib: os: cbprintf: Fix legth field in static package
      tests: unit: cbprintf: Update test after adding alignment parameter
      tests: lib: cbprintf: Update test after adding alignment parameter
      tests: logging: log_backend_fs: Fix coverity issues
      arch: arm: Unconditionally compile IRQ_ZERO_LATENCY flag
      doc: misc: formatted_output: Add section for cbprintf packaging
      lib: os: Add mpsc (multiple producer, single consumer) packet buffer
      lib: os: mpsc_pbuf: Add optional debug features
      tests: lib: Add test for mpsc_pbuf
      doc: misc: Add documentation for MPSC Packet Buffer
      bluetooth: Add cast to forward declared struct
      net: l2: bluetooth: Add cast to forward declared struct
      logging: Refactor in preparation for logging v2
      logging: Add logging v2 implementation for log_msg
      logging: log_output: Extend to support log_msg2 parsing
      logging: Adapt logger to support both versions
      tests: logging: Add test for log_msg2
      logging: Add LOG_PRINTK macro for printing via logging
      tests: logging: Add benchmark test
      doc: logging: Add documentation for logging v2
      logging: backend_uart: Adapt to support v2 api
      logging: Add v2 support to native_posix backend
      logging: Add v2 support to RTT backend
      logging: Adapt ADSP backend to v2
      shell: Add support for logging v2
      manifest: Temporary point to sof repo with MAX workaround
      net: lib: openthread: logging: Refactor logging function
      arch: arm: cortex_m: z_arm_pendsv in vector table when multithreading
      lib: os: cbprintf: Suppress sizeof-array-decay warning
      shell: logging: Fix assertion when shell is overflowed with logging
      logging: Tweaks to speed up compilation
      lib: gui: lvgl: Fix logging macro usage
      lib: os: cbprintf: Aligning types
      shell: uart: Add TX disabling in uninitialization
      logging: Fix UTIL_CAT misuse
      logging: Add mising handling of function prefix
      logging: Increase thread stack size when net backend in use
      logging: Macro cleanup to fix cpp warnings
      lib: os: cbprintf: Prevent using _Generic in C++
      logging: Fix casting related C++ warnings
      lib: os: cbprintf: Suppress coverity false positive
      kernel: Move k_busy_wait from thread to timeout
      kernel: Move _kernel from sched to init
      kernel: timer: Adding support to CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n
      kernel: mem_slab: Add support to no multithreading
      kernel: heap: Add support for CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n
      kernel: fatal: Avoid thread api access when no multithreading
      kernel: Limit kernel files when CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n
      testsuite: ztest: Add support for CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: Extend with CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n case
      tests: kernel: threads: no-multithreading: Extend test
      tests: kernel: mem_slab: Add no multithreading support
      tests: kernel: mem_heap: Add CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n configuration
      Revert "kernel: Deprecate CONFIG_MULTITHREADING"
      debug: Allow spin lock validation only with multithreading
      drivers: clock_control: nrf: Supoprt no multithreading
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Support for no multithreading
      logging: Fix support for no multithreading
      soc: arm: nordic: Do not use PM when no multithreading
      tests: kernel: fatal: Add no multithreading test
      boards: arm: qemu_cortex_m0: use LFXTAL
      irq_offload: Remove ifdef from the api
      logging: Enable MPSC_PBUF for legacy modes
      tests: arch: arm: no_multithreading: Limit platforms allowed
      lib: os: cbprintf: Improve C++ support in static packaging
      tests: lib: cbprintf: Extended to test C++
      lib: os: mpsc_pbuf: Add guard for oversized allocation
      lib: os: mpsc_buf: Allow dropping of skip packets in no overwrite
      logging: Add optional context argument to LOG_BACKEND_DEFINE
      logging: Fix runtime filtering in immediate mode
      logging: Add panic flag reset to core initialization
      scripts: ci: check_compliance: Extend UNDEF_KCONFIG_WHITELIST
      tests: logging: Add log_api test suite
      tests: logging: log_core: Remove cases moved to log_api suite
      drivers: serial: nrf_uarte: Conditionally call PPI driver
      tests: arch: arm: arm_no_multithreading: Add physical platforms
      tests: kernel: threads: no-multithreading: Add more platforms
      lib: os: cbprintf: Fixes for c++ and coverity
      tests: logging: log_msg2: Fix test on qemu_cortex_a53
      tests: lib: cbprintf_package: Minor cleanup
      tests: lib: cbprintf_package: Add CBPRINTF_MUST_RUNTIME_PACKAGE test
      tests: lib: cbprintf_package: Enable CONFIG_CBPRINTF_LIBC_SUBSTS

Krzysztof Kopyściński (5):
      Bluetooth: tester: fix build with BT_SMP_SC_ONLY
      bluetooth/smp: reject pairing in SC Only mode if insufficient keysize
      bluetooth/tester: give data buffer for each L2CAP channel
      Bluetooth/tester: connect L2CAP using Enhanced Credit Flow Control
      Bluetooth/tester: fix coverity issue in l2cap

Kuba Sanak (1):
      lorawan: Add userspace-defined battery level callback API

Kumar Gala (197):
      drivers: i2c: Add some Kconfig depends
      drivers: clock_control: Check to see if the clock device is ready
      xtensa: intel_s1000: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      arm: microchip: mec1501hsz: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      pinmux: hsdk: Convert ARC HSDK pinmux to be devicetree based
      arm: atmel: sam0: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      riscv: rv32m1: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      pinmux: sifive: Convert SiFive pinmux to be devicetree based
      drivers: clock_control: npcx: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_INST_DEFINE
      arm: Remove Musca-A SoC/board support
      drivers: uart: uart_cmsdk_apb: fix interrupt handling
      riscv: ite: it8xxx2: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      devicetree: clocks: provide accessors for controller phandle
      arm: nxp: kinetis: Rework device_get_binding for pinmux
      pinctrl: cc13x2_cc26x2: drop label property from pinmux node
      soc: stm32: convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET for clocks
      drivers: serial: native_posix: Convert 2nd UART to be devicetree based
      device: rv32m1: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: serial: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: pwm: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: can: mcux: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      sdk: Move to SDK 0.12.3
      drivers: spi: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      disk: sdhc: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: i2c: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      device: esp32: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: watchdog: NXP: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: counter: mcux: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: eth: mcux: Convert clock control to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      samples: portability: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      drivers: serial: stm32: Fix compile issues
      devicetree: deprecate DT_CLOCKS_LABEL APIs
      tests: pwm_api: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      tests: pwm_loopback: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      samples: basic: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: led_pwm: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      devicetree: deprecate DT_PWMS_LABEL APIs
      boards: bbc_microbit: Add pwm as supported peripherals
      samples: servo_motor: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      samples: condition_variables: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      boards: mec15xxevb_assy6853: remove unused Kconfig settings
      dts: espressif: Move sram & rtc under SoC node
      dts: stm: f1: Fix duplicate label
      boards: em_starterkit: Fix duplicate labels
      devicetree: dmas: add helper marcos to obtain the node identifier
      dts: gen_defines: Change f-string to normal string
      devicetree: add DT_NODE_FULL_NAME()
      dts: espressif: Move wifi node out of under SoC node.
      samples: shell_module: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      boards: mec15xxevb_assy6853/mec15xxevb_assy6853: Fix compile warning
      i2s: cavs: Remove stale assert
      boards: Add i2s to supported list for testing
      i2s: atmel sam ssc: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      i2s: cavs: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      i2s: stm32: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      dts: stm32: Add exti nodes to stm32 wl series
      device.h: Add macro API to get a devicename from a devicetree node
      spi: mcux flexcomm: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      dts: arm: nxp: lpc: Add dts nodes for IOCON
      drivers: pinmux: mcux_lpc: Convert to using devicetree
      tests: intel_s1000_crb: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      samples: sensor: set integration_platforms to frdm_k64f
      drivers: dma: nios2_msgdma: Conver to devicetree
      devicetree: io-channels: add marcos to obtain the node identifier
      samples: board: nrf: battery: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      sensors: nxp_kinetis_temp: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      sensors: grove: light: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      sensors: grove: temp: Convert to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      devicetree: deprecate DT_IO_CHANNELS_LABEL APIs
      boards: intel_s1000_crb: Add dma channels to dmic device
      audio: intel_dmic: get dma properties from devicetree
      drivers: spi: spi_dw: Remove clock gate support
      drivers: spi: spi_dw: determine num IRQs from devicetree
      drivers: spi: spi_dw: set op-mode to master-only always
      drivers: spi: spi_dw: Move to devicetree detection
      dma: Kconfig remove unused kconfig symbols
      drivers: ethernet: remove stale Kconfig IRQ priority
      drivers: dma: nios2_msgdma: Fix typo in irq priority
      tests: shell: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      samples: app_dev: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      samples: console: set integration_platforms to mps2_an385
      samples: logging: set integration_platforms
      samples: userspace: set integration_platforms to mps2_an385
      tests: uart_basic_api: set integration_platforms to mps2_an385
      tests: logging: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      samples: crypto: set integration_platforms to native_posix
      cmake: dtc: Validate EXTRA_DTC_FLAGS flags
      drivers: i2c: nios2: get IRQ and IRQ priority from DTS
      tests: application_development: set integration_platforms
      samples: eventfd: set integration_platforms to mps2_an385
      dts: bindings: Fix duplicate description in ARM PL330 DMA bindings
      zephyr: Remove support for deprecated int types
      samples: subsys: ipc: Remove references to v2m_musca
      tests: kernel: Add missing kernel tag to tests
      boards: arm: mps2_an521: Enable TFM testing in CI
      ci: scripts/ci/run_ci: Cleanup file names
      soc: atmel_sam0: Introduce DMA CTLR macro
      drivers: i2c: sam0: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: uart: sam0: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      drivers: spi: sam0: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      soc: atmel_sam0: Remove unused DMA macro
      drivers: spi: Remove unused Kconfig symbols
      tests: uart_async_api: exclude atmel sam0 boards
      tests: spi_loopback: exclude atmel sam0 boards
      boards: bbc_microbit_v2: Fix docs
      drivers: pcie: endpoint: Convert dma to use DEVICE_DT_GET
      kernel: remove deprecated mem domain APIs
      devicetree: deprecate DT_DMAS_LABEL APIs
      kernel: remove arch_mem_domain_destroy
      counters: Remove deprecated APIs
      device: remove deprecated device_list_get
      kernel: Remove duplicate include of kswap.h
      tests: i2c_slave_api: Fix define usage
      arch: arm: Add initial support for Cortex-M55 Core
      arm: mps3_an547: Add SoC support for the AN547 on MPS3
      arm: boards: mps3_an547: Add board support for AN547 on MPS3
      doc: release-notes-2.6: Updated for Arm-v8.1m/MPS3-AN547 support
      drivers: wifi: Remove unncessary zephyr_include_directories
      boards: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: kinetis: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: lpc: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      pinmux: s1000: Change to use ENOTSUP
      boards: imx-rt: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: nrf: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: riscv: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: silabs: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: stm32: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      boards: arm: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      include: Move ptp_clock.h to drivers/ptp_clock.h
      doc: board_porting: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories
      arch: arm: remove compat headers
      include: disk_access: Add a compat warning
      tests: device: tweak test to test linker sorting
      dts: nxp: kinetis: Add chip specific dtsi files
      ci: Bump to SDK 0.12.4
      samples: usb: dfu: exclude platforms sample can't be built on
      soc: stm32: Remove redudant zephyr_include_directories
      drivers: pinmux: remove drivers/pinmux/pinmux.h
      boards: frdm_k64f: Remove settings pins that don't actually exist
      tests: bluetooth: init: Add integration_platforms
      doc: Update for SDK 0.12.4
      scripts: edt: Add support for include property filtering
      riscv: MTVAL CSR not supported on OpenISA RV32M1
      west.yml: update NXP HAL for pin dtsi data
      dts: nxp: kinetis: Include the pinctrl dtsi files
      dts: bindings: nxp,kinetis-pinmux: Update binding for pin data
      samples: sensor: add integration_platforms
      bluetooth: Fix build issue with <bluetooth/mesh/access.h>
      twister: Adjust platform selection logic for platform_allow
      samples: flash_shell: Fix Coverity issue 220540
      drivers: uart: uart_cmsdk_apb: Fix compile warning.
      boards: hexiwear_kw40z: Remove I2C pins and dts enablement
      drivers: gpio: mmio32: Make GPIO_MMIO32_INIT dt aware
      boards: frdm_k22f: Fix SPI CS pinmux setting
      boards: frdm_k22f: Remove setting PTC11 as GPIO for SPI0
      boards: arm: frdm_kw41z: Fix pwm/tpm pin settings
      boards: arm: frdm_kw41z: Remove testing PWM pins
      west.yml: update NXP HAL for MKW40Z pin dtsi data
      boards: arm: hexiwear_kw40z: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: frdm_k64f: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: frdm_k22f: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: hexiwear_k64: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: usb_kw24d512: Add pinctrl dts property for UART
      boards: arm: twr_kv58f220m: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: ip_k66f: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: frdm_k82f: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: frdm_kl25z: Add pinctrl dts properties
      boards: arm: frdm_kw41z: Add pinctrl dts properties
      drivers: gpio: mcux: Set pin mux config to GPIO
      arm: nxp: kinetis: Remove explicity setting of pincfg to GPIO
      samples: civetweb: websocket_server: Fix build issue
      ci: create a merged junit report
      ci: Handle twister.xml junit files being empty
      ci: Cleanup files on exit
      include: Move emul.h to drivers/emul.h
      include: Move ec_host_cmd.h to mgmt/ec_host_cmd.h
      scripts: Remove sanitycheck wrapper
      boards: usb_kw24d512: Remove unconnected devices
      dts: nxp: default SPI0 to being disabled
      dts: arm: nxp_kw2xd: Add SPI0 sip pins
      dts: bindings: nxp: Add pinctrl-0 as a required property
      samples: adxl372: switch i2c interface on frdm_k64f
      clock_control: Replace device_is_ready with device_usable_check
      boards: hexiwear_k64: Drop SPI as supported board feature
      drivers: i2s: i2s_sam_ssc: Fix build issue
      sensor: max17262: Fix CI build failure
      ci: Update to docker image v0.17.1
      tests: power_mgmt: Fix CI build failure
      boards: arc: hsdk: Enable CY8C95XX if GPIO
      tests: devicetree: exclude hsdk platforms
      samples: mgmt: osdp: Fix compile issue
      ci: double number of worker for the day
      boards: native_posix: Add i2c & spi to supporte features
      drivers: modem: Fix build errors on 64-bit platforms
      drivers: gpio: Fixup missed PM conversion
      tests: power_mgmt: exclude bl5340_dvk_cpunet
      release: Zephyr 2.6.0-rc1

Laczen JMS (3):
      drivers: eeprom: EEPROM emulation in flash memory
      drivers: eeprom: add emulated eeprom in flash
      nvs: hardening against bad sector close

Lauren Murphy (8):
      kernel/sched: only send IPI to abort thread if hardware supports it
      modules: add tensorflow
      samples: add tensorflow hello world sample
      samples: add tensorflow hello world sample train scripts
      samples: add tensorflow magic wand sample
      samples: add tensorflow magic wand sample train scripts
      docs: rearrange toc
      tests: kernel/common: add tests for bit array

Lingao Meng (6):
      samples: bluetooth: Fix SRAM overflow with bbc:microbit
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix provisioner provisioning
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add CDB handle key refresh phase
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix config message result print format
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix cfg_cli Format and CID use problem
      Tester: Add bsim auto test for bluetooth mesh provision

Loic Poulain (2):
      drivers: video: Conversion of k_work API
      drivers: video: sw_generator: Fix missing parameter

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (18):
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix not checking for L2CAP_ECRED_CHAN_MAX
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix invalid BT_L2CAP_ECRED_CONN_RSP
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix not including all DCIDs
      Bluetooth: conn: Fix unbalance reference when an ISO has been connected
      Bluetooth: conn: Fix invalid state transition
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix not calling channel disconnected
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix revert direction when setting SDU
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix cleanup connection
      Bluetooth: ISO: Use CHECKIF instead of __ASSERT_NO_MSG
      Bluetooth: ISO: Fix not unbind if ACL has been disconnected
      Bluetooth: ISO: Remove channel direction
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add function to access bt_conn_iso
      Bluetooth: ATT: Fix crash if bt_l2cap_send_cb fails
      Bluetooth: ATT: Add documentation for chan_send
      Bluetooth: Align error handling of send functions
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Add note for bt_l2cap_chan_send
      Bluetooth: ISO: Add note for bt_iso_chan_send
      doc: release: Add note about send changes

Lukasz Maciejonczyk (5):
      net: openthread: Fix UART platform callback
      net: openthread: Fix otPlatUartSend
      net: openthread: Init NCP after USB communication is established
      samples: openthread: Add test configuration for coprocessor sample
      net: openthread: add Link Metrics API

Lukasz Majewski (10):
      arm: Add code owner for the Segger's ip_k66f board
      fix: dsa: Initialize ethernet contexts for DSA switch lan interfaces
      test: Lookup for struct net_if interface defined in arp test
      test: Rename interfaces defined in checksum offload test
      test: Rename interfaces in ptp clock test
      test: Lookup for struct net_if interface defined in ipv6 test
      test: Rename interfaces defined in virtual networks test
      net: Append device name to linker generated symbols for struct net_if
      net: Introduce new NETWORK_RAM_SECTIONS() macro for common-ram.ld
      arm: ip_k66f: Introduce board specific linker.ld file

Lyle Zhu (1):
      Include: Bluetooth: Add GATT uuids

MORGER Patrick (3):
      dts: arm: stm32g4: Add i2c4
      drivers: led: fix function name of led_set_color()
      drivers: sensors: smart-battery with SBS 1.1 compliant fuel gauge

Maciej Perkowski (8):
      twister: Improve handling of errors while flashing device
      Twister: Refactor Test(Harness).handle()
      twister: Fix removing dead code
      twister: Add quarantine feature
      docs: twister: Add section about quarantine feature
      twister: Fix ram/rom reporting
      twister: Fix memory footprint reporting logic
      twister: No skips for integration platforms in integration mode

Magdalena Kasenberg (1):
      Bluetooth: Add option to log btsnoops over RTT

Mahesh Mahadevan (29):
      boards: lpc: Update pinmux setting to remove the const keyword
      soc: Power management support for RT600
      boards: MXRT600: Add power states
      rt600: dts: Add cpu label
      drivers: timer: Add MCUX OS timer
      modules: Add OS timer support
      soc: RT600: Switch the kernel timer to OS timer
      dts: rt600: Add OS timer and disable SYSTICK
      boards: RT600: Update defconfig
      arm: cortex_m: Update get DWT frequency for NXP SoC's
      drivers: dma: Update the LPC DMA driver
      dts: Add support for I2S driver for LPC devices
      drivers: i2s: Add support for I2S driver for LPC devices
      MXRT600: Add I2S support
      tests: i2s: Update i2s_api test
      tests: i2s: Update i2s_speed test
      tests: i2s: Fix i2s_states_test test suite
      drivers: i2s: Do not support 8-bit word size in LPC I2S driver
      Kconfig: Add a new config CODE_DATA_RELOCATION_SRAM
      drivers: flash: MCUX: Split the relocate define based on target memory
      scripts: Set align size for code relocated
      arch: arm: Create a MPU entry for relocated code
      arch: arm: Setup Static MPU regions earlier in boot flow
      soc: RT600: Add support for suspend-to-idle power state
      soc: RT600: Enable code relocation
      boards: RT600: Add support for suspend-to-idle power state
      drivers: timer: MXRT600 OS timer to wake platform from deep sleep
      drivers: timer: rt600: Update SYS_CLOCK_TICKS_PER_SEC
      west.yml: NXP changes to relocate RT600 power driver to SRAM

Maik Vermeulen (2):
      net: lwm2m: Made pmin and pmax attributes optional
      net: coap: coap_find_options() now returns 0 when options empty

Maksim Masalski (3):
      tests: add new kernel objects tests
      doc: fix display of the ISR_DIRECT_DECLARE example usage
      coding guidelines 10.4: casting operands to have same types

Manivannan Sadhasivam (1):
      MAINTAINERS: Add collaborator for lora

Manojkumar Subramaniam (1):
      dts: arm: st: h723: Add the UART9 nodes to STM32H723 SoC

Manuel Forcén Muñoz (1):
      dts: arm: st: add support for STM32F205xx SOC

Marc Herbert (5):
      doc: west: submodule 'name' is optional after west 0.9.0
      intel_adsp_cavs15/ add missing new line in ERROR msg
      boards: cavs15: add tools/ comparing loggers
      git.cmake: print BUILD_VERSION always, simplify and fix error message
      git.cmake: git describe --always to support shallow clones

Marcin Jeliński (1):
      ipc: rpmsg_service: switch to new work API

Marcin Niestroj (28):
      net: offload: fix device and driver names generated by DT device macros
      drivers: wifi: esp: fix hostname configuration
      drivers: modem: ublox-sara-r4: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: modem: hl7800: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: modem: quectel-bg9x: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: modem: wncm14a2a: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: wifi: esp: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: wifi: eswifi: Convert driver to new DT device macros
      drivers: gpio_nrfx: support edge interrupts using GPIO SENSE
      net: sockets: improve DGRAM recvfrom() on NET_OFFLOAD iface
      libc: minimal: implement time() API
      tests: lib: time: add test for time() function
      net: l2: ppp: fix k_work API usage in carrier on/off handling
      net: l2: ethernet: fix k_work API usage in carrier on/off handling
      sys: sflist: include missing sys/__assert.h
      logging: add log_output_timestamp_to_us() helper function
      net: dns: add 10ms delay when rescheduling query timeout handler
      net: dns: protect 'is_used' with mutex
      net: dns: add dns_resolve_reconfigure() API
      tests: net: dns_addremove: cover dns_resolve_reconfigure()
      net: dhcpv4: use dns_resolve_reconfigure() API
      net: ppp: ipcp: use dns_resolve_reconfigure() API
      drivers: wifi: esp: use dns_resolve_reconfigure() API
      drivers: modem: hl7800: use dns_resolve_reconfigure() API
      drivers: wifi: esp: do not wait at the end of ESP chip reset
      smp: shell: consume all pending buffers in smp_shell_process()
      drivers: wifi: esp_at: rename driver from esp
      drivers: wifi: esp: stop using pkt->work in TX path

Marek Metelski (1):
      Bluetooth: shell: Fix implicit gatt client requirement for bt shell

Marek Pieta (5):
      log: Fix defining CONFIG_LOG_STRDUP_MAX_STRING
      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix undefined symbols
      boards: thingy52_nrf52832: Update gpio-leds binding
      drivers: led: Add LED GPIO driver
      tests: drivers: Add LED GPIO driver to build_all

Marek Porwisz (1):
      ipc: Make log level configurable for RPMsg service and backend

Mario Jaun (4):
      dts: arm: st: h7: define SRAM1-4
      linker: arm: add SRAM3/4 linker section
      arch: arm: add define REGION_RAM_NOCACHE_ATTR
      drivers: ethernet: stm32: SRAM3 / MPU configuration

Mark Wang (1):
      Bluetooth: hci: add HCI_Write_Class_Of_Device

Martin Jäger (7):
      task_wdt: add task-level watchdog subsystem
      samples: subsys: task_wdt: add sample application
      canbus: isotp: fix asserts to check rx and tx addr
      canbus: isotp: allow frames with padding
      canbus: isotp: add fixed addressing feature
      canbus: isotp: prevent race-condition during debugging
      canbus: isotp: use new k_work API

Martin Åberg (4):
      sparc: write through switched_from in arch_switch()
      SPARC: catch unexpected softare traps
      SPARC: implement ARCH_EXCEPT()
      SPARC: improve fatal log

Martí Bolívar (161):
      soc: nrf: fix NRF_DT_CHECK_GPIO_CTLR_IS_SOC
      doc: west: make it clearer how to override the default runner
      devicetree: add DT_INST_BUS(node_id)
      devicetree: adjust some implementation details
      devicetree: spi: add CS GPIO controller accessors
      drivers: spi: add helpers for initializing from DT
      drivers: spi: add dummy driver for vnd,spi
      drivers: i2c: add dummy driver for vnd,i2c
      device.h: add DEVICE_DT_GET_ANY
      drivers: bme280: get dependencies straight from DT
      drivers: bme280: factor out bus I/O routines
      drivers: bme280: clean up array usage
      samples: bme280: provide generic arduino I2C and SPI support
      Bluetooth: controller: fix typo
      boards: bbc_microbit_v2: add missing i2c0 compatible
      Revert "sys: util: Update implementation of loop macros"
      Revert "tests: unit: util: Add test for REVERSE_ARGS"
      cmake: warn if it's too late to set a boilerplate variable
      soc: nrf: add more DT GPIO helper macros
      i2c: nordic: switch to phandle arrays for pinmux
      boards: nrf: switch to sda-gpios, scl-gpios
      samples: ccs811: fix nrf51_ble400.overlay whitespace
      samples: switch nrf overlays to sda-gpios, scl-gpios
      doc: devicetree: bindings: fix outdated info
      dts: clean up binding syntax checks
      dts: edtlib: add EDT kwarg to error out on deprecated props
      dts: gen_defines: add CLI option to error out on deprecated props
      cmake: dts: pass EXTRA_GEN_DEFINES_ARGS to
      twisterlib: add deprecated DT props to warnings_as_errors
      boards: nrf: fix deprecated I2C properties
      drivers: gpio: add struct gpio_dt_spec and helpers
      samples: mesh_demo: rework error and device handling
      cmake: check BOARD and SOC roots before use
      scripts: twister: sort imports
      twister: replace dt_compat_enabled_with_alias filter
      doc: release-notes-2.6: document deprecated twister filter
      scripts: edtlib: do not inherit parent compatibles
      doc: west: move 'manifest imports' to bottom of manifest.rst
      doc: west: fix incorrect docs related to imports
      doc: west: clean up manifest import details
      doc: west: document west 0.10 group-filter + import behavior
      doc: west: projects list is optional in v0.10
      doc: west: touch up remotes documentation
      doc: west: bump 'manifest: version:' docs
      doc: west: 0.10.0 and 0.9.1 release notes
      .github: doc-build: use west 0.10.0a1
      doc: coding_guidelines: replace a whitelist replacement
      scripts: run_common: make edtlib importable to all runners
      scripts: runners: bossac: handle edtlib ImportError
      scripts: runners: jlink: handle packaging ImportError
      scripts: runners: handle failure to import individual runners
      scripts: run_common: improve error handling for missing runner
      ci: doc-build: bump west version
      doc: west: remove some unnecessary 'master' usages
      doc: west: west init --mr changes for v0.10.1
      runners: nrfjprog: workaround for multi-core hex files
      dts: edtlib: fix child bindings which have compatibles
      tests: dts: test child bindings with compatibles
      devicetree: make @param compat docstrings consistent
      devicetree: add DT_COMPAT_GET_ANY_STATUS_OKAY()
      device.h: DEVICE_DT_GET_ANY refactor
      doc: add new :dtcompatible: role / directive
      dts: bindings: improve zephyr,bt-hci-spi-slave docs
      samples: peripheral_ht: drop device_get_binding()
      samples: hci_uart: drop device_get_binding()
      samples: periodic_sync: drop device_get_binding()
      samples: mesh: bbc_microbit SRAM improvements
      samples: mesh: clean up
      samples: st_ble_sensor: clean up
      samples: hci_spi: clean up
      Bluetooth: remove CONFIG_BT_CTLR_TO_HOST_UART_DEV_NAME
      devicetree: spi: clean up DT_SPI_DEV_CS_GPIOS_CTLR
      .github: doc-build: run on scripts/dts change
      dts: separate DT libraries from
      doc: west: fix submodule update info
      dts: nrf: revert i2c sda-gpios, scl-gpios changes
      dts: remove remaining nRF {scl,sda}-gpios
      dtlib: add Type enum
      edtlib: fix 'is not' -> '!='
      edtlib: improve inferred binding error message
      edtlib: infer bindings for dtlib.Type.PATH
      devicetree: add DT_FOREACH_PROP_ELEM(node_id, prop, fn)
      doc: devicetree: inferred bindings improvements
      doc: devicetree: improve 'writing property values'
      doc: devicetree: overhaul bindings guide
      MAINTAINERS.yml: whitespace
      MAINTAINERS.yml: fix incorrect 'status' fields
      MAINTAINERS.yml: add me as docs collaborator
      runners: tests: fix os.path.isfile patch
      runners: core: return shutil.which() value from require()
      runners: core: try to improve --dt-flash option help
      runners: core: refactor helper for getting flash address
      runners: core: add **kwargs to other subprocess wrappers
      runners: core: add build_conf property
      requirements-base.txt: add pylink
      runners: jlink: replace version parsing code
      runners: jlink: fix --commander help
      runners: jlink: clean up commander script logging
      runners: jlink: rework --dt-flash handling
      runners: jlink: silence commander output by default
      runners: tests: don't patch BuildConfiguration
      scripts: re-work BuildConfiguration boolean handling
      runners: core: add thread_info_enabled property
      runners: jlink: extend 'nogui' support
      runners: jlink: support thread_info_enabled
      requirements-base.txt: fix pylink package name
      drivers: led_gpio: minor tweaks
      led.h: clarify brightness API for on/off LEDs
      doc: west: add 0.11.0 docs
      devicetree: fix stale comments
      dtlib: code order and whitespace refactoring
      dtlib: type annotate _err()
      dtlib: type annotate Node class
      dtlib: use IntEnum for marker types
      dtlib: type annotate Property class
      dtlib: use IntEnum for token IDs
      dtlib: type annotate public functions
      dtlib: fix include_path edge case
      dtlib: add type checking for DT.root
      dtlib: type annotate DT fields and public methods
      edtlib: silence type checker issue
      devicetree: add mypy-based type checking
      drivers: gpio: add GPIO_DT_SPEC_GET_OR and friends
      doc: dts: bindings: add dt-zephyr-user target
      samples: hid-mouse: various cleanups
      samples: dac: move HW config to /zephyr,user
      samples: osdp/peripheral_device: drop device_get_binding
      samples: osdp/control_panel: drop device_get_binding
      samples: task_wdt: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: ipm_mhu_dual_core: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: ipm_mcux: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: ipm_mcux/remote: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: ipm_imx: drop device_get_binding
      samples: nvs: various cleanups
      samples: can: devicetree cleanups
      samples: lora: drop device_get_binding
      samples: spi_fujitsu_fram: drop device_get_binding
      samples: entropy: drop device_get_binding
      samples: led_apa102: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: peci: drop device_get_binding
      samples: led_ws2812: drop device_get_binding
      samples: led_lpd8806: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: jesd216: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: threads: devicetree cleanups
      samples: button: devicetree cleanups
      samples: adxl372: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: max30101: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: mcp9808: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: lis2dh: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: fdc2x1x: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: fxas21002: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: tmp112: various cleanups
      samples: bmg160: drop device_get_binding
      samples: ms5837: drop device_get_binding/DT_INST
      samples: nvs: fix flash device access
      doc: samples: bme280: fix missing end of sentence
      doc: samples: restore :maxdepth: 2
      soc: nrf52805: fix enabled instance 0 check
      soc: nrf52811: fix enabled instance 0 check
      soc: nrf52811: add missing instance 3 check
      dts: nrf52811: fix indendation in dtsi

Masoud Shiroei (2):
      drivers: sensor: lis2mdl: Fix all log messages
      drivers: sensor: lis2mdl: Add single mode operation

Mateusz Syc (3):
      susbys: logging: Added logging to flash backend
      tests/subsys/logging/log_backend_fs: Test of log_backend_fs
      samples: subsys: mgmt: smp_svr: Possible download log file from flash FS

Matias Karhumaa (1):
      Bluetooth: hci_raw: Fix switch fallthrough

Matija Tudan (2):
      drivers: dac: dacx3608: fix I2C read error
      sensor: add MAX17262 fuel gauge driver and sample application

Maureen Helm (18):
      boards: shields: Fix path to lvgl sample in board docs
      boards: arm: Add Arduino header to mimxrt685_evk
      boards: arm: Configure frdm_k64f Arduino D9 pin as gpio
      samples: display: Build NXP boards with adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2 shield
      MAINTAINERS: CODEOWNERS: Add NXP collaborators
      boards: shields: Fix adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2 Arduino D4 pin (SDMMC CS)
      boards: shields: Enable SDMMC disk driver on adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2
      boards: arm: Configure frdm_k64f Arduino D4 pin as gpio
      samples: fat_fs: Build with adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2 shield
      boards: shields: Enable gpio by default on adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2
      drivers: flash: Fix FlexSPI NOR log module
      boards: arm: Configure SDMMC disk driver default on i.MX RT boards
      tests: drivers: Fix dma channel link test
      boards: arm: Add mcuboot flash partitions to mimxrt1064_evk
      boards: arm: Add mcuboot and flash storage partitions to mimxrt1060_evk
      boards: arm: Document flash driver support on mimxrt106x_evk boards
      samples: mgmt: Extend smp_svr sample to mimxrt106x_evk boards
      samples: fs: Extend littlefs sample to mimxrt1060_evk board

Max van Kessel (1):
      audio: dmic: fix compile error on arm gcc 8

Maximilian Bachmann (1):
      doc: fix spelling mistake

Maximilian Huber (1):
      boards: adafruit_feather_stm32f405: Fix Feather Header pins

Meng xianglin (3):
      test: logging: improve test coverage for logging subsystem
      test: thread_api: refine test coverage of thread_api
      tests: msgq: add new test case for msgq

Michał Grochala (2):
      doc: samples: bluetooth: Add a note about nRF5340.
      doc: bluetooth: Fix a typo in the nRF5340 note.

Michał Narajowski (4):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Send Link Close message when closing link
      Bluetooth: Fix callback handling in ECC Public Key generation
      Bluetooth: tester: Implement Provisioning Node Added event
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Allow to be NODE when PROVISIONER is enabled

Mikkel Jakobsen (18):
      dts: nxp: k2x: add device tree node for DAC0 and DAC1
      soc: nxp: k2x: enable DAC driver
      boards: frdm_k22f: enable DAC0
      samples: drivers: dac: add support for frdm_k22f board
      tests: drivers: dac_loopback: add frdm_f22f board support
      tests: drivers: dac_api: add frdm_k22f board support
      dts: bindings: clock: add fixed-factor-clock binding
      drivers: clock_control: mcux_mcg: add MCGOUTCLK define
      soc: arm: nxp: remove unused clock defines
      soc: nxp: k6x: move clk divider options to device tree
      soc: nxp: kwx: move clk divider options to device tree
      soc: nxp: kv5x: move clk divider options to device tree
      soc: nxp: k8x: move clk divider options to device tree
      soc: nxp: k2x: move clk divider options to device tree
      soc: nxp: kl2x: move clk divider options to device tree
      boards: arm: ip_k66f: set clk dividers in device tree
      doc: update doc footer copyright year
      scripts: west sign: fix devicetree module include

Morten Priess (17):
      Bluetooth: controller: Introduce separate done memq
      Bluetooth: controller: Temporary LLCP CIS_REQ/CIS_IND handling
      Bluetooth: host: Reject CIS request if hci_le_accept_cis fails
      Bluetooth: controller: Initial CIS peripheral establishment
      Bluetooth: controller: Support for multiple CISes in a CIG
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix ISO CI tests
      Bluetooth: controller: Rename BT_TICKER_COMPATIBILITY_MODE
      Bluetooth: controller: Introducing slot agnostic ticker
      Bluetooth: controller: Propagate ticker force to ULL
      Bluetooth: controller: Move common LLL from vendor file
      Bluetooth: controller: Clean up LLL priority
      Bluetooth: controller: Framework for new feature BT_CTLR_JIT_SCHEDULING
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL refactoring of openisa for API changes
      Bluetooth: controller: Guard against race in conn. establishment
      cmake: DTS post-processing of ELF file depends on CONFIG_HAS_DTS
      arch: select HAS_DTS for SPARC
      Bluetooth: controller: ISO resume ticker in ULL

Mulin Chao (34):
      dts/arm: npcx: move def_lvol_io_list node from board dts to dtsi file.
      driver: gpio: npcx: simpler approach for GPIO_INT_MODE_DISABLED.
      driver: intc: npcx: remove 'interrupt disable' in miwu configure func.
      driver: i2c: npcx: fix a glitch on SCL before stop condition.
      driver: timer: npcx: add system kernel timer support.
      driver: soc: power: npcx: Add power managerment support.
      driver: uart: npcx: Add pm_deivce support for uart driver.
      tests: kernel: profiling: Add customized pm device policy handler.
      CODEOWNERS: Add reviewers on Nuvoton NPCX series.
      driver: sensor: npcx: add tachometer sensor support.
      MAINTAINERS: update collaborators in Nuvoton platforms.
      driver: itim: npcx: use timeout mechanism instead of unbounded loop.
      driver: espi: npcx: fix out-of-bounds read in espi_vw_generic_isr.
      driver: host_sub: npcx: remove self-assignment for clearing status.
      driver: espi: npcx: prevent changing data content in host write func.
      driver: clock: npcx: remove useless operands.
      soc: power: npcx: solve an interrupt storm caused by host access.
      driver: timer: npcx: fix dead code flow for K_TICKS_FOREVER.
      dts: psl: npcx: add PSL pads support for ultra-low-power mode.
      soc: psl: npcx: add PSL driver support.
      dts: npcx: Fixed the name of nodes in device-tree files.
      console: introduce UART console input expired mechanism options.
      pm: power: npcx: add console expired mechanism.
      driver: wdt: npcx: correct the drawing of npcx watchdog module.
      dts: npcx: arrange default priority of interrupts for ec application.
      dts: npcx: Fixed the name of nodes in vw, miwu-wui, and miwu-int files.
      driver: itim: npcx: check ITEN bit to prevent return fake error.
      driver: pwm: npcx: Add output open drain support
      driver: wdt: npcx: replace critical sections with timeout mechanism.
      dts: pwm: npcx: add override mechanism for pwm input clock assignment.
      driver: gpio: npcx: fixed leakage current in npcx7 series.
      driver: gpio: npcx: force io type as open-drain if select to 1p8v.
      driver: i2c: npcx: support APB clock of i2c modules up to 20MHz.
      driver: uart: npcx: Support APB clock of uart module up to 20MHz.

Navin Sankar Velliangiri (1):
      mgmt: hawkbit: Conversion of k_work API

NavinSankar Velliangiri (4):
      boards: arm: bmd_345_eval: Add BMD 345 EVAL Board Support.
      samples: drivers: jesd216: Enable Nordic QPSI driver
      samples: subsys: fs: littlefs: Enable Nordic QPSI driver
      tests: drivers: adc: adc_api: Enable ADC test support

Nick Graves (2):
      kernel: Allow k_poll on message queues
      tests/kernel: Add k_poll test for polling on message queues

Nicolas Pitre (48):
      Revert "lib/os/heap: introduce option to force big heap mode"
      lib/os/cbprintf_nano.c: several improvements
      console: semihosting: add Aarch64 support
      aarch64: a few trivial assembly optimizations
      aarch64: mmu: dynamic mapping support
      aarch64: mmu: make page table pool global
      aarch64: mmu: move get_region_desc() closer to usage points
      aarch64: mmu: factor out the phys argument out of set_mapping()
      aarch64: mmu: invert the MT_OVERWRITE flag
      aarch64: mmu: use a range (start..end) for common MMU mapping
      aarch64: mmu: fix common MMU mapping
      aarch64: mmu: rationalize debugging output
      arm64: mmu: initialize early
      aarch64: restore natural order in struct __esf
      aarch64: rationalize exception entry/exit code
      lib: cbprintf: add support for deferred formatting
      lib: cbprintf: add unit tests for deferred formatting
      aarch64: arch_buffer_validate() implementation
      aarch64: mmu: factor out table expansion code
      aarch64: mmu: code to split/combine page tables
      aarch64: mmu: apply proper locking
      aarch64: mmu: add TLB flushing on mapping changes
      lib/os/heap: make printed heap info more useful
      lib/os/heap: document the reason behind the header field ordering
      lib/os/heap: rename struct z_heap.len to struct z_heap.end_chunk
      lib/os/heap: no need to over-mask
      lib/os/heap: abstract conversion from chunk size to usable bytes
      lib/os/heap: straighten up our type usage
      aarch64: mmu: apply domain switching on all CPUs if SMP
      aarch64: userspace: bump the global number of available page tables
      libc/minimal: assorted fixes to malloc() and friends
      cmake: pick up some crumbs after the arm/arm64 split
      arm64: get rid of the mmu directory
      aarch64: mmu: don't touch the lock before the MMU is on
      aarch64: smp: make the cross-CPU swap_ptables call use its own IPI
      arm64: a few alignment fixes
      arm64: improve CONFIG_MAX_XLAT_TABLES default value
      mem_slab: move global lock to per slab lock
      arm64: hold curr_cpu instance in tpidrro_el0
      k_current_get(): make it a "const" function
      arm64: decrustify and extend SMP boot code
      kernel: add an architecture specific structs header
      Kconfig: clean up FPU and FPU_SHARING entries
      arm64: implement exception depth count
      arm64: FPU context switching support
      arm64: don't create a section for z_arm64_exit_exc_fpu_done
      arm64: optimize offsets in z_arm64_context_switch
      arm64: provide an optimized arch_page_phys_get()

Nicolas VINCENT (2):
      dts: add lpuart1 node for stm32h7 devices
      drivers: serial: stm32 databits depends on parity

Nikodem Kastelik (1):
      west.yml: Update hal_nordic revision

Nikos Oikonomou (1):
      boards: arm: nucleo_l476rg arduino spi

Ningx Zhao (12):
      Kernel: poll: code coverage improvement
      tests: poll: code coverage improve
      lib/rbtree: Remove dead case in rb_remove()
      kernel: rbtree: test rbtree minmax api
      tests: stack: add a testcase
      kernel: pipe: add a return value check.
      Test: queue: Add a testcase to test queue
      tests: ringbuffer: test concurrent operation
      tests: pipe: test some error conditions
      tests: mutex: verify mutil-threads take a mutex
      tests: mutex: fixed a testcase assert failure
      tests: poll: revised document error

Paul He (1):
      samples: metairq_dispatch: use name msgdev.h instead of main.h

Paul Sokolovsky (8):
      net/ip/tcp2_priv.h: th_off: More detailed docstring
      net: sockets: Make NET_SOCKETS_POSIX_NAMES be on by default
      net: socket: Workaround issue with recent GCC and fcntl macro
      net: sntp: Depend on NET_SOCKETS_POSIX_NAMES || POSIX_API
      testsuite: Factor out suite header/footer to tc_util.h
      tests: drivers: ipm: Add TC_SUITE_START/TC_SUITE_END
      tests: kernel: no-multithreading: Use tc_util.h
      tests: lib: mem_alloc: Fix up conditions for "no_mem" testcases

Pavel Vasilyev (3):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Check response address in Configuration Client
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Introduce acknowledged message API
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add option to include bt name in scan rsp

Pavlo Hamov (10):
      drivers: uart_cc32xx: use device tree iteration
      drivers: adc: cc32xx: Add support
      boards: cc32xx: add ADC support
      shell: adc: support cc322xx
      samples: adc: add cc32xxsf_launchxl support
      tests: adc: add support of cc32xx
      drivers: watchdog: cc32xx: Add support
      doc: boards: cc32xx add watchdog info
      samples: watchdog: Add cc32xx support
      tests: watchdog: add support for cc32xx

Pawel Dunaj (2):
      drivers: led_pwm: Handle power state changes
      boards: thingy53_nrf5340: Add brief doc

Pawel Kwiek (2):
      modules: Change serialized radio init priority
      drivers: ieee802154: Enable CSMA-CA on serialized host

Peng Fan (13):
      arm: core: aarch64: save switch_handle
      arch: arm: aarch64: export z_arm64_mmu_init for SMP
      interrupt_controller: intc_giv3: support SMP
      timer: arm: implement arch_busy_wait
      timer: arm: implement smp_timer_init
      aarch64: add arch_curr_cpu
      arch: arm64: irq/switch: accessing nested using _cpu_t
      arch: arm: aarch64: add arch_dcache_range
      arch: arm: aarch64: add SMP support
      dts: qemu: a53: add cpu1 node
      arch: arm64: select SCHED_IPI_SUPPORTED when SMP enabled
      boards: arm: add qemu_cortex_a53_smp
      aarch64: reset: initialize CNTFRQ_EL0 in the highest EL

Peng Li (1):
      driver: serial: fixed the buffer underflow issue when clearing the port.

Pete Johanson (3):
      cmake: Add UF2 as an additional build output option.
      soc: Add standard UF2 family IDs for supported SoCs.
      boards: seeeduino_xiao: Output UF2 by default.

Pete Skeggs (9):
      bluetooth: hci: h4: Add thread name
      net: mqtt: log struct mqtt_utf8 with hexdump
      shell: improve help for conditional commands
      shell: kernel: also print the thread entry pointer
      debug: coredump: improve delayed logging
      shell: add obscured input mode
      shell: sample: add login example
      doc: shell update with obscured input
      shell: make flag modification atomic

Peter A. Bigot (2):
      CODEOWNERS: remove my assignments
      MAINTAINERS: remove my assignments

Peter Bigot (93):
      linker: tool-gcc: remove gratuitous define
      MAINTAINER: add myself as kernel collaborator
      drivers/i2c: stm32_v1: remove unused variable
      device: binding lookup should return null for unsupported names
      device: use empty string as drvname when devicetree label is absent
      samples: nrf: system_off: add RAM retention example for nRF52
      gpio: clean up flags related to logical initialization
      device: introduce device_usable_check
      device: add common structure for dynamic device state
      device: perform dynamic device initialization during system startup
      device: move device power management state into common dynamic state
      device: store initialization status in the state structure
      device: store device pm busy status in the state structure
      device: inject device dependency information from devicetree nodes
      device: add post-process of elf file to manage device handles
      tests: devicetree: add test for devicetree node data
      shell: device_service: add dependency information
      shell: device_service: refine level output
      tests: unit: cbprintf: force libc substitutes in test case
      device: fix misspelling in build-time diagnostic
      bluetooth: host: improve documentation on stack override
      tests: devicetree: device: avoid multiple declarations
      Revert "drivers/timer/hpet: Extend qemu workaround"
      kernel: refactor to separate k_work_poll from k_work
      kernel: add private scheduler APIs
      kernel: select work queue implementation
      kernel: add new work queue implementation
      doc: kernel: workqueue: update for new workqueue API
      tests: kernel: add test of new work queue API
      net: tcp2: work around limitations of legacy API
      kernel: default to new work API implementation
      drivers: regulator: update to new delayable work API
      kernel: provide functional equivalent to old userspace work queue API
      kernel: remove old work queue implementation
      include: kernel: fix checkpatch line spacing warning
      net: ip: remove incorrect check of work item status
      net: tcp: switch to new API for k_work_pending
      net: openthread: radio: switch to new API for k_work_pending
      tests: kernel: work: fix unchecked return values
      tests: footprint: fix thread start races
      Bluetooth: controller: update k_work_pending to new API
      tests: kernel: work_queue: remove unpassable tests
      bluetooth: mesh: health_srv: update k_work API
      bluetooth: mesh: settings: update k_work API
      bluetooth: mesh: update heartbeat publish work API
      bluetooth: mesh: update heartbeat subscription work API
      device: add API to visit required devices
      shell: use visitor to get required devices
      net: dns: update to new k_work API
      samples: microbit: pong: update work API usage
      net: dhcpv4: switch to new work API
      boards: particle_*: fix antenna initialization
      kernel: work: fix schedule from running work
      tests: kernel: workq: critical: replace to-be-deprecated k_work API use
      drivers: ethernet: rote conversion of k_work API
      drivers: ieee802154: rote conversion of k_work API
      drivers: wifi: rote conversion of k_work API
      drivers: modem: rote conversion of k_work API
      drivers: console: mux: Conversion of k_work API
      net: Conversion of k_work API
      samples: boards: nrf: clock_skew: calculate corrected reference
      samples: led_sx1509b: update to new work API
      usb: conversion of k_work API
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: clean up ready detection
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: document caller requirements
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: support devices that default to protect blocks
      samples: boards: nrf: clock_skew: update k_work API
      kernel: atomic: consistently use named type for atomic pointer values
      samples: mesh_badge: conversion of k_work API
      tests: kernel: pending: replace to-be-deprecated k_work API use
      serial: sam0: Conversion of k_work API
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: refactor to allow more access options
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: support 32-bit addresses in access method
      drivers: flash: jesd216: improve support for address size selection
      drivers: flash: spi-nor: add support for 4-byte addressing
      kernel: fix error in synchronous work cancellation return value
      doc: kernel: workqueue: correct terminology misuse
      doc: kernel: workqueue: explicitly mention K_WORK_DEFINE
      doc: kernel: workqueue: improve documentation on context retrieval
      doc: kernel: workqueue: miscellaneous cleanup
      doc: kernel: workqueue: add section on best practices
      mgmt: updatehub: Conversion of k_work API
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Core delayable work updates
      Bluetooth: Mesh: adv_ext: update delayable work
      Bluetooth: Mesh: pb_adv: update delayable work
      Bluetooth: Mesh: pb_gatt: update delayable work
      Bluetooth: Mesh: proxy: update delayable work
      Bluetooth: Mesh: transport: update delayable work
      doc: kernel: document general policy for Zephyr without threads
      drivers: flash: spi_nor: unconditionally provide config pointer
      doc: kernel: interrupts: correct description of irq lock behavior
      tests: kernel: workq: inhibit warnings on tests of deprecated API
      kernel: deprecate old k_work API

Peter Niebert (1):
      dts: added constraints for baudrates of UARTs in Nordic SOCs

Petri Oksanen (1):
      drivers: nrf: uarte: rx flush amount calculation

Pieter De Gendt (13):
      i2c-mcux-lpi2c: take semaphore during transfer
      sensor: bq27421: lazy configure fuel gauge
      scripts: west_commands: runners: Custom jlink gdb host
      scripts: west_commands: runners: jlink check for WSL
      mcux flexspi: move bus driver to drivers/memc
      drivers: memc: Introduce i.MX RT FlexSPI HyperRAM driver
      modules: nanopb: introduce new module
      samples: modules: nanopb: fix encode buffer size
      drivers: flash: Support i.MX FlexSPI NOR driver with XIP
      soc: nxp_imx: Disable IVT/DCD when building for mcuboot
      dts: add erase/write block sizes for imx rt1064 internal flash
      drivers: flash: mcux flexspi nor: Fix write if size > SPI_NOR_PAGE_SIZE
      drivers: flash: mcux flexspi nor: copy data to RAM buffer on write

Piotr Mienkowski (6):
      drivers: i2s_sam_ssc.c: store *dev_dma in flash
      dts: add support for Atmel SAM Timer Counter (TC)
      drivers: sensor: Add Atmel SAM QDEC (TC) Driver
      samples: sensor: Add simple quadrature decoder demo
      ztest: fix ztest thread priority in cooperative mode
      api: gpio: do not support INT flags in gpio_pin_configure

Piotr Pryga (64):
      Bluetooth: controller: ll_feat: Add CTE connectionless TX feat.
      Bluetooth: controller: hci: Enable reporting of CTE reception
      Bluetooth: hci: Fix wrong values of cte type constants
      Bluetooth: controller: Add extra data storage for ext. adv. configuration
      Bluetooth: controller: radio: Add DF configuration to enable CTE TX
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: enable TX of CTE with per. adv. PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove assert in functions that get latest adv. PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: Add CTE to per. adv. PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: enable TX of CTE with per. adv. PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: Add release of periodic advertising sync set
      tests: Bluetooth: df: Move common code to separate source file
      tests: Bluetooth: df: add UT for enable CTE for periodic advertising
      samples: Bluetooth: add nrf52833dk_nrf52833 board in per. adv. samples
      Bluetooth: controller: pdu: Add offset_adjust filed to pdu_adv_sync_info
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix compilation errors related with DF code
      Bluetooth: controller: Kconfig: Disable ant switching when CTE Rx not supp
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: Fix not switching antennas in AoD mode
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: DF add initialization of ant switching GPIOs
      dts: bindings: net: wireless: Change dfe-ant-num property name
      samples: Bluetooth: Add DF connectionless Beacon sample application
      Bluetooth: host: direction: Remove compilation warning
      tests: Bluetooth: df: Add missing intergration_platforms
      Bluetooth: controller: Enable GPIO debug pins for nrf52833 DK
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: Fix DF build error if CTE Tx is disabled
      Bluetooth: controller: radio: Add API to configure CTE Rx
      tests: Bluetooth: df: Fix undefinded symbols error
      clang-format: Change lines length limit from 80 to 100
      Bluetooth: controller: radio: Add function to get PDU ant. switch pattern
      Bluetooth: controller: Disable not implemented DF features
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Kconfig option to enable debugging code in DF
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Kconfig option to enable conn-less CTE sampling
      include: Bluetooth: hci: move command to appropriate position in file
      include: Bluetooth: hci: Add LE set connectionless IQ sampling enabled
      include: Bluetooth: hci: Add LE connectionelss IQ samples report event
      Bluetooth: controller: New node_rx type for IQ sample report
      Bluetooth: controller: Add IQ report mem pool management
      Bluetooth: controller: Add DF per. adv. sync. configuration stucture
      Bluetooth: controller: Add double buffer for DF sync configuration
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: Add node_rx_iq_report handling in ULL RX path
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: Add DF configuration to lll_sync structure.
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: Add init of DF sync configuration
      Bluetooth: controller: Add function to update per sync event slot duration
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: DF: Add function to enable CTE receive
      Bluetooth: controller: radio: Add function to get CTEInfo from Radio reg
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: Add CTE sampling and reporting
      Bluetooth: controller: ULL: Add function to enable or disable CTE sampling
      Bluetooth: controller: hci: Add connectionelss IQ samplig enable handler
      Bluetooth: controller: hci: Add connectionless IQ report event handler
      Bluetooth: controller: Add opt. to enable CTE samplig for PDUs with bad CRC
      Bluetooth: controller: LLL: Add CTE report for per. adv. PDU with bad CRC
      Bluetooth: controller: Dropp IQ sampl report if CTE disabled after evt end
      tests: Bluetooth: df: Move UT code into connectionless_cte_tx sub dir
      tests: Bluetooth: df: Add connectionless IQ sampling enable unit tests
      Bluetooth: controller: Add connectionless CTE RX feat. in supp. feat. list
      Bluetooth: controller: df: Set BT_CTLR_DF_ANT_SWITCH_RX enable
      Bluetooth: host: Add option to enable connectionless CTE RX
      Bluetooth: host: Add CTE receive and sample enable API
      Bluetoot: host: Make get_per_adv_sync to be global function
      Bluetooth: host: Add CTE reports receive cb API for per sync
      Bluetooth: host: Add handl HCI_LE_Connectionless_IQ_Report
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix build error for non Nordic plaforms
      samples: Bluetooth: Add Direction Finding connectionless Rx sample
      Bluetooth: controller: Use common mem_link_rx for node_rx_iq_report
      bluetooth: Fix cte_type value in periodic adv sync report

Piotr Szkotak (3):
      samples: boards: nrf: ieee802154: Optimize power on nRF53
      shell: openthread: increase shell stack when used with OpenThread
      net: openthread: Increase stack sizes with FP context

Qi Feng (2):
      boards: arm64: doc: only list index files
      boards: fvp_baser_aemv8r: doc: debug with Arm DS

Rafał Kuźnia (7):
      west.yml: Update hal_nordic revision
      modules: hal_nordic: move nRF 802.15.4 Radio Driver glue to Zephyr
      drivers: ieee802154: Fix problem with binding IRQ handlers in shim layer
      cmake: allow binary directory to be specified
      modules: hal_nordic: Remove default from SL type choice
      modules: hal_nordic: add new nrf-802154 glue cmake
      modules: hal_nordic: change the SL type prompt

Raja D. Singh (1):
      drivers: wifi: winc1500: Add new config flag

Rajavardhan Gundi (2):
      lib: os: Introduce support for CRC32C algorithm
      crc: Add Test for crc32c implementation

Raphael Löffel (1):
      drivers/flash: stm32h7: Fixed range validation

Raveendra Padasalagi (17):
      drivers: pcie: endpoint: Use DEVICE_DT_INST_GET() API
      boards: arm: bcm958402m2_m7: Enable PCIE Ep driver
      drivers: dma: pl330: fix warnings
      dts: arm: rename pl330 dma device label
      drivers: dma: pl330: increase timeout
      drivers: dma: pl330: remove callback
      boards: arm: Enable pl330 in bcm958402m2_m7
      boards: arm: Enable pl330 in bcm958402m2_a72
      soc: viper: update registers and interrupt numbers
      soc: arm: bcm_vk: viper: Increase default NUM_IRQS
      dts: arm: broadcom: viper: rename paxdma label
      dts: arm: broadcom: viper-a72: paxdma: Add interrupt property
      boards: arm: bcm958402m2_a72: Enable PAXDMA driver
      boards: arm: bcm958402m2_m7: Enable PAXDMA driver
      drivers: dma: paxdma: Use uncached sync bufer
      drivers: dma: paxdma: Sync payload as separate packet
      drivers: dma: paxdma: increase bd buffers.

Raúl Sánchez Siles (4):
      board: arm: Fix nucleo_g0b1re dts warnings.
      board: arm: Fix nucleo_g0b1re arduino connector dts
      board: arm: Fix nucleo_g0b1re dts compatible
      board: arm: Fix nucleo_g071rb arduino connector dts

Reto Schneider (5):
      net: pkt: Expose headroom edge case
      net: buf: Simplify querying maximum len
      net: pkt: Fix headroom edge case
      tests: error_hook: Fix header name in README
      tests: ztest: Fix assert hook dependency

Rich Barlow (2):
      disk: sdhc: Set LSB of command to 1 as end bit
      disk: sdhc: Switch to clock frequency from DTS

Richard McCrae (1):
      net: sockets: Add EAI error code translations

Richard Osterloh (1):
      boards: adafruit_feather_stm32f405: OpenOCD support

Robert Lubos (50):
      drivers: ieee802154_nrf5: Fix initialization order
      net: lwm2m: Make query buffer large enough to encode all query strings
      net: lwm2m: Make sure that endpoint string is NULL terminated
      net: lwm2m: Initialize the variable to silence compiler warning
      net: lwm2m: Check return value of option encoding on deregistration
      net: lwm2m: Add data validation callback
      samples: net: lwm2m_client: Add an example use of the validation cb
      net: lwm2m: Make validation cb support optional
      net: sockets: Implement MSG_WAITALL recv flag
      tests: net: sockets: tcp: Add unit test for MSG_WAITALL flag
      net: sockets: tls: Implement MSG_WAITALL flag
      tests: net: sockets: tls: Add unit test for TLS MSG_WAITALL flag
      net: lwm2m: Introduce attribute handling helper functions
      net: lwm2m: Remove .well-known/core handling
      net: lwm2m: Add application/link-format content writer
      net: lwm2m: Use link_format writer for Register/Update
      net: sockets: Implement MSG_TRUNC flag
      tests: net: sockets: Add MSG_TRUNC flag tests
      net: sockets: tls: Implement MSG_TRUNC flag
      tests: net: sockets: tls: Add MSG_TRUNC flag tests
      drivers: modem: wncm14a2a: Explicitly ignore unused return value
      net: lwm2m: Add support for object versioning
      net: lwm2m: Unify reusable resources creation
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Temperature object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Generic Sensor object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Humidity Sensor object in ver. 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Pressure Sensor object in ver. 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Accelerometer object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO On/Off Switch object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Push Button object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Add IPSO Buzzer object in version 1.1
      net: lwm2m: Remove obsolete LWM2M_IPSO_TIMESTAMP_EXTENSIONS option
      net: sockets: tls: Fix poll() handling during the handshake
      net: socket: Implement SO_BINDTODEVICE socket option
      tests: net: sockets: Implement SO_BINDTODEVICE option tests
      shell: telnet: Update to the new k_work API
      shell: telnet: Make sure the delayed work becomes idle after canceling
      net: lwm2m: Fix unitialized variable error in Link Format writer
      drivers: ieee802154_nrf5: Remove unnecessary NULL pointer check
      net: telnet: Fix character mode handling
      net: trickle: Do not initialize a work item from its handler
      net: lwm2m: Fix lwm2m_path_log_strdup buffer usage
      net: lwm2m: Fix Registration Update send on object creation
      net: lwm2m: Add API function to delete object instance
      manifest: Update OpenThread revision
      net: openthread: Introduce new OpenThread options
      net: openthread: Align with the new CLI API
      net: openthread: Use OT mutex in OT shell
      net: openthread: Align with the new NCP API
      net: lwm2m: Trigger registration update only when registered

Rodrigo Brochado (1):
      drivers: flash: Add workaround for anomaly 122 on nrf52840

Rubin Gerritsen (4):
      bluetooth: host: EAGAIN when initiating a connection when scanning
      bluetooth: controller: radio: Fail if PPI/DPPI header not present
      bluetooth: host: Allow concurrent advertising with multiple ids
      tests: bluetooth: advx: Support multiple sets and identies

Ruibin Chang (1):
      drivers/interrupt_controller/intc_ite_it8xxx2: global ite_intc_isr_clear()

Ruth Fuchss (1):
      doc: direction_finding: fix space in file link

Ryan Chu (2):
      samples: nrf5340: Trigger fatal error in an assertion handler
      Bluetooth: tester: Reserve BT buffer for different HCI transports

Ryan Erickson (3):
      drivers: modem: hl7800: use new work queue API
      drivers: modem: hl7800: fix potential buffer overrrun
      drivers: modem: hl7800: fix fault with IPv6 address

Ryan Holleran (4):
      dts: nxp_k2x: Correct and enable MCG clock controller binding
      boards: frdm_k22f: Enable pwmleds control
      shields: Add the frdm_stbc_agm01 shield.
      boards: frdm_k22f: Add support for frdm_stbc_agm01

Sahaj Sarup (1):
      arm: stm32f411e_disco: add missing dt nodes and add board revs

Sam Hurst (1):
      boards: arm: add support for STM32G071B Discovery board

Satoshi Ikawa (1):
      drivers: i2c_dw: Convert to use register for RX/TX buffer depth

Saurabh Jagdhane (4):
      boards: arm: Enable FlexSPI driver on mimxrt685_evk.
      drivers: flash: Enable FlexSPI XIP on mimxrt685_evk.
      drivers: memc: Update driver to support XIP on mimxrt685_evk.
      samples: fs: Enable littlefs sample for mimxrt685_evk.

Scott Worley (3):
      drivers: espi: Microchip eSPI add SAF support
      samples: drivers: espi: Add simple SAF tests
      drivers: gpio: mchp: Fix pin configure after disconnect

Sebastian Schwabe (3):
      soc: arm: st_stm32: stm32f0: Add support for STM32F031 and STM32F031X6
      dts: arm: Add STM32F031k6 dtsi config
      board: arm: add support for the nucleo_f031k6 board

Sebastian Wezel (1):
      twisterlib: checking for classname and testname

Seppo Takalo (1):
      runners: jlink: Use specific target device for nrf9160DK

Sergey Ustinov (1):
      drivers: can: can_mcp2515: fix BRP bits value

Shih-Wei Teng (2):
      RISC-V: Enhancement for stack size to 16-bytes aligned at least
      arch: riscv: Update the description of CONFIG_PMP_STACK_GUARD_MIN_SIZE

Shihao Shen (3):
      tests: kernel: pipe: testcases to improve code coverage for pipes
      tests: kernel: pipe: second part of testcases to improve pipes coverage
      kernel: pipes: remove simple dead function k_pipe_block_put

Shlomi Vaknin (14):
      disk: stm32: Select `USE_STM32_HAL_SD_EX` on stm32l4
      dts: stm32l4: Support sdmmc on stm32l4+
      stm32: dmamux: change initialization order to `PRE_KERNEL_1`
      drivers: stm32: rtc: Add option to keep rtc value
      dts: st: h7: fix clocks of dma1 and dma2
      dts: st: h7: add dmamux1 bindings
      dts: st: l4: add dac1 bindings
      soc: stm32h723: fix number of irqs
      dma: stm32: enable half transfer interrupt
      dts: stm32: h7: add missing dma properties
      drivers: dma: stm32: add support for stm32h7
      tests: dma: add stm32h7 to chan_blen_transfer
      tests: dma: add stm32h7 to loop_transfer
      fs: shell: add cat file command

Shubham Kulkarni (8):
      esp32: add esp32 wifi driver
      arch: xtensa: Fix backtrace from ISR
      esp32: SPIRAM Support
      esp32: Add config options in Kconfig.board, remove _heap_start symbol
      esp32: Add SPIRAM test application
      boards: esp32: Use proper binary generation command
      scripts: Do not convert ELF to bin
      boards: esp32: Remove disassembly_flag_inline_source property

Siddharth Chandrasekaran (2):
      mgmt/osdp: Fix coverity identified off-by-one
      mgmt/osdp: Fix coverity identified logical dead-code

Sidhdharth Yadav (14):
      dts/arm: STM32: enable dac support for stm32f7 in dtsi
      boards/arm: nucleo_f767zi: enabling dac for nucleo_f767zi in device tree
      drivers/dac: stm32: Adding DAC driver for nucleo_f767zi
      samples/drivers: nucleo_f767zi: Enable DAC sample application.
      dts/arm: STM32: enable dac support for stm32f4 in dtsi
      boards/arm: nucleo_f429zi: enabling dac for nucleo_f429zi in device tree
      drivers/dac: stm32: Adding DAC driver for nucleo_f429zi
      samples/drivers: nucleo_f429zi: Enable DAC sample application.
      dts: arm: stm32: Enable PWM support for STM32F2 in dtsi
      boards: arm: enable PWM support for nucleo_f207zg in device tree
      dts: arm: stm32: Move rcc/flash to top for aligning code properly
      dts: arm: stm32: Enable pwm support for stm32l1 in dtsi
      boards: arm: enable PWM support for nucleo_l152re in device tree
      drivers: pwm: Adding a flag to allow build for stm32l1 series

Sigurd Olav Nevstad (1):
      boards: arm: nrf5340: Add pwm-led0 alias

Spoorthy Priya Yerabolu (3):
      doc: broken link for RFC template
      Coding guideline: Fixing code violations for 21.13 Rule
      kernel: sched: removing dead code

Steve Winslow (1):
      west: spdx: Generate SPDX 2.2 tag-value documents

Steven Daglish (4):
      sensor: mcp9808: Adding temperature resolution to MCP9808 sensor driver
      sensor: mcp9808: Added dts resolution to nucleo_l031k6 board overlay
      sensor: mcp9808: Add new overlay board for nucleo_l053r8 board
      sensor: mcp9808: Bug fix for setting resolution

Steven Huang (1):
      twister: Raise exception if cmake is not found in path

Sun Amar (4):
      hwinfo: support exx32 family
      gecko pwm: add bindings files
      gecko pwm: add pwm driver for the gecko.
      gecko pwm: pwm description to efr32fg1 and brd4250b

Sylvio Alves (15):
      soc: esp32: remove unused config file
      west.yml: update espressif version
      clock: esp32: fix wrong clock assert
      west.yml: update version to support SPI
      wifi: esp32: add board wifi station sample
      west: esp32: update hal library
      wifi: esp32: remove posix api dependency
      log: fix log crash due to missing strdup
      linker: esp32: remove libhal dependency
      linker: esp32: moved windowspill to IRAM
      west.yml: update hal version to remove libhal
      wifi: esp32: allow wifi symbols into flash
      esp32: linker clean up to support BT
      driver: esp32: add bluetooth support
      west.yml: esp32: update hal to support bluetooth

Thomas Ebert Hansen (1):
      Bluetooth: controller: Make number of done events vendor configurable

Thomas LE ROUX (3):
      boards: arm:Added Arduino's nexus node on the board's devicetree.
      net: lwm2m: Utility functions added to LWM2M Engine
      drivers: modem: Fix PDP context management for BG9X

Thomas Stranger (44):
      west.yml: hal_stm32: update g0 from v1.3.0 to v1.4.0
      drivers: dmamux_stm32: compile time dmamux channels initialization
      dts/arm/st: g0: remove superfluous interrupt-names from adc, and uart
      dts/arm/st: add additional g0 device defintions
      soc/arm/st_stm32: Add additional stm32g0 socs
      drivers: gpio: add definition for stm32g0 porte
      drivers: clock_control: stm32g0: add support for g051, g0b1, g0b0 socs
      board: arm: add support for the nucleo_g0b1re board
      drivers: clock_control: stm32: rm Kconfig for APB2 prescaler on g0 serie
      boards: stm32g0: add jlink and stm32cubeprogrammer runners.
      dts: stm32: fix wwdg int priority for cortex-m0 series
      drivers/watchdog: wwdg stm32: fix prescaler setup for newer series.
      drivers/watchdog: wwdg stm32: fix to support all available prescalers
      tests: watchdog: enable wwdg for nucleo_g431rb and nucleo_f091rc
      dts: arm: stm32g0: Add dma1, dma2, and dmamux1
      driver: dmamux: enable clocks only if node has clocks property defined
      drivers/dma: stm32: add support for stm32g0 series
      driver: dmamux: use LL_DMAMUX_CHANNEL_X flag to check if channels exists
      tests: driver: dma: enable tests on stm32g0 boards
      drivers/dma: stm32: don't omit IRQ status check in dma_is_irq_active
      tests: uart_async_api: add nucleo_g071rb board
      tests: spi: add nucleo_g0b1re to spi_loopback test in async mode
      tests: gen_isr_table: nucleo_g071rb: decr. NUM_IRQS to avoid conflicts
      dts/arm: STM32: Adding flash clock settings in dtsi for stm32h7 series.
      drivers/flash: STM32: Fix flash_stm32_priv definition for h7 series
      drivers/flash: STM32: use clk dt definitions in h7 flash driver
      drivers/dma: stm32 dmamux: fix isActiveFlag/clearFlag function array len
      drivers/dma: stm32 dmamux: use util_listify to gen. func/dma_chan arrays
      drivers/clock_control: stm32 fix struct wrongly dereferenced
      drivers/clock: stm32wl config restructure cpu2 prescaler assignment
      drivers/clock_control: fix: stm32wb series has only a single msi range
      drivers/clock_control: stm32 wb, wl: fix missing init of rcc prescalers
      drivers/clock: fix stm32 flash latency calculation in init function
      drivers/clock_control: stm32: rename macros to avoid z_ namespace
      dts: stm32g4: fix dmamux number of dmamux request inputs
      tests: uart_async_api: add nucleo_g474re board
      tests: dma: add nucleog474re board
      tests: spi: add nucleo_g431rb to spi_loopback test in async mode
      drivers/dma: stm32 fix dmamux request id valid check
      tests: spi: convert nucleo_g474re to define prescaler in dt
      drivers: interrupt_controller: intc_shared: convert to multi instance
      drivers: intc: intrc_shared: get client count from SUPPORTS_DEP_ORDS
      drivers: interrupt_controller: intc_shared: clients array size from dts
      drivers: interrupt_controller: intc_shared: cond. forward sense cell

Tim Lin (4):
      soc: riscv: enable COMPRESSED_ISA for ITE chips
      ite: drivers/adc: add adc drivers on it8xxx2_evb platform
      soc: riscv/riscv-ite: chip_chipregs: add chip register address
      ite: drivers/pinmux: modify pinmux driver

Tofik Sonono (1):
      drivers: native_posix: fix for native posix counter

Tomasz Bursztyka (5):
      dts/x86: Add cache line size
      arch/x86: Generalize cache manipulation functions
      dts/bindings: Fixing x86 CPU compatibles by providing proper yaml files
      boards/x86: Give proper board compatible names
      drivers/interrupt_controller: Get the IOAPIC RTEs dynamically

Tomasz Michalec (1):
      drivers: adc: add ADC emulator

Tommie Skriver (1):
      kernel: atomic: possibility of arch specific implementation

Torbjörn Leksell (18):
      Tracing: Trace hook support macros
      Tracing: Semaphore tracing
      Tracing: Semaphore tracing documentation
      Tracing: Mutex tracing hooks
      Tracing: Conditional variable tracing
      Tracing: Thread tracing
      Tracing: Queue tracing
      Tracing: FIFO Tracing
      Tracing: LIFO Tracing
      Tracing: Memory Stack tracing
      Tracing: Message Queue tracing
      Tracing: Mailbox tracing
      Tracing: Pipe tracing
      Tracing: Memory Heap tracing
      Tracing: Memory Slab tracing
      Tracing: Timer tracing
      Tracing: Poll API and Work Poll tracing
      Tracing: Work Queue tracing

Torsten Rasmussen (24):
      cmake: improved handling of output and byproducts in CMake
      module: moving TFM CMakeLists.txt into Zephyr repo
      cmake: remove duplicated ZEPHYR_BASE append to BOARD_ROOT
      cmake: using MD5_INFILE variable instead of ZephyrPackagePath.txt
      shield: cmake: adjust if(EXISTS <shield>.conf) to check for right file
      tests: link settings_test_fs with kernel
      cmake: board_check_revision() also accepts a list of valid revisions
      scripts: updated to take Zephyr base as argument
      cmake: make WATCH an optional argument to zephyr_check_cache()
      cmake: zephyr_file() now accepts BOARD and BOARD_REVISION as argument
      cmake: west: do not print error if west topdir fails
      cmake: move the BOARD variable watch below deprecated board handling
      cmake: removing map file from BYPRODUCTS as it is being renamed
      scripts: menuconfig: proper handling of NULL character as input
      cmake: warn if a Zephyr library is empty instead of CMake failure
      runners: remove dependencies from runners
      cmake: use WEST_PYTHON as a preferred python installation if defined.
      cmake: rework empty zephyr libraries handling.
      cmake: tfm: support for custom CMake args when building TF-M
      cmake: get: using NOT DEFINE BUILD_VERSION instead of NOT BUILD_VERSION
      cmake: cleanup version printing during CMake configure time
      mbedtls: kconfig: created MBEDTLS_PROMPTLESS and CUSTOM_MBEDTLS_CFG_FILE
      mbedtls: kconfig: MBEDTLS_USER_CONFIG_FILE default without a prompt
      openthread: kconfig: rework OpenThread security configurations

Trond Einar Snekvik (34):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Reduce proxy rx buffer to an exact fit
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Check subnet existence in heartbeat_send
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Only do label lookup when there are labels
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Check model publish pointer before dereferencing
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Resolve dead code in store_seg
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Explicitly ignore gatt_service_register return code
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Remove unsigned typing to returns in heartbeat
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Perform replay check on SeqAuth
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add poll callback for friend role
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add net transmit status rx in config client
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Resolve keys before logging subnet
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Make internal virtual addr pointers const
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add bsim tests for transport
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add Proxy callback structure
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Friendship BabbleSim tests
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add some actual behavior in sample
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Rename bt_mesh_cfg_comp_data_get's status param to rsp
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Composition data page 0 traversal
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Make provisioner sample bind the AppKey to all models
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Provisioner sample: Cooperative thread
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Provisioner sample: Blocking self-configuration
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Provisioner sample: Permit 16 nodes
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Rework publication timer
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Transport length checks should account for MIC
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Report configured LPNTimeout in cfg_srv
      Bluetooth: Mesh: LPN: Rework poll timeout scheduling
      Bluetooth: Mesh: move lpn logic for msg_received inside lpn.c
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Convert beacon timer to delayable work
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Provisioning output count number should be at least 1
      net: shell: Wrap iface_flags2str in #ifdef to silence warning
      usb: dfu: convert z_timeout_end_calc to sys_clock_timeout_end_calc
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Add friend_is_allocated utility
      samples: bbc_microbit: pong: Convert to new k_work API
      samples: bluetooth: iso_receive: Convert to new k_work API

U Divya (3):
      drivers: gpio: Generic GPIO driver for Intel SoC
      drivers: gpio: Add GPIO driver for Intel Elkhart Lake
      drivers: gpio: Fixed pin number check condition

Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (118):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix network privacy with resolution disabled
      tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Enable LL/CON/INI/BV-24-C EDTT test
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix periodic sync cancel for Coded PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: Use Subsystem defined Periodic Advertising Kconfig
      Bluetooth: controller: Optimize LOW_LAT_ULL scheduling
      Bluetooth: controller: Add invalid ACL data length check
      tests: Bluetooth: bsim: Fix ISO test to establish periodic sync
      Bluetooth: controller: Move connection event length calculation
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove redundant event margin use
      Bluetooth: controller: Use ticker resolution margin in central
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Tx fragmentation assertion
      Bluetooth: controller: Move version define to ll_feat.h file
      Bluetooth: controller: Minor rearrange LLL Adv structures
      Bluetooth: controller: Rearrange LL interface functions
      Bluetooth: controller: Rename pdu_biginfo to pdu_big_info
      Bluetooth: controller: Move ull_adv_sync_pdu_set_clear
      Bluetooth: controller: Move auto variables closer to local reference
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix tertiary PDU and extended header length
      Bluetooth: controller: Consistent use of internal BT_CTLR_ADV_SET
      Bluetooth: controller: Facilitate reuse of BT_CTLR_MAX_CONNECTABLE
      Bluetooth: controller: Increased thread context operation queue count
      Bluetooth: controller: Add association between adv, sync and iso
      Bluetooth: controller: Use Ext. Advertising association for BIG created
      Bluetooth: controller: Handle ACAD in Periodic Advertising
      Bluetooth: controller: Use define for common ext. header minimum size
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix undeclared BT_CTLR_SCAN_SET
      Bluetooth: controller: `#if defined(...)` vs `#if IS_ENABLED(..)`
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing cond. compile of adv extra data
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Fix unsupported ISR profiling
      Bluetooth: Use bt_id_get function to get count
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove vendor specific internal LLL include
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix ticker to avoid recursive ticker_job
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix ticker job_guard
      Bluetooth: controller: Extended create connection cancel
      Bluetooth: controller: Comment on conn context reuse for coded PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF: Ensure HAL_RADIO_PDU_LEN_MAX is defined
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF5: Move HAL_RADIO_PDU_LEN_MAX into radio_nrf5
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix auxiliary PDU disable
      Bluetooth: host: iso: Fix typo in hci_le_big_terminate
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix channel map check in CONNECT_IND PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix interval check in CONNECT_IND PDU
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix dev assert in CPR implementation
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix assertion on Ext. Advertising disable
      Bluetooth: controller: Add function to calculate channel identifier
      Bluetooth: controller: Use channel identifier function
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix channel identifier for Periodic Adv/Sync
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove redundant connection initiated check
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix regression in ctrl tx queue handling
      Bluetooth: controller: Ticker next slot get to return lazy value
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix SyncInfo with correct event counter
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove duplicate radio_isr_set call
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix flash driver sync regression
      Bluetooth: controller: Move initiated flag into role specific union
      Bluetooth: controller: Conditional compile adv addr used by initiator
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix race in create connection cancel
      Bluetooth: controller: Add control procedure lock
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix Feature Exchange checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix unknown control PDU checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix reject extended indication checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix data length update procedure checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix ping procedure checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix PHY Update procedure checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix event abort on delayed start
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Fix missing conditional compile
      Bluetooth: controller: Trivial peripheral ISO code cleanup
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix minor typo in Periodic Sync PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix LLL done and pipeline enqueue race
      Bluetooth: controller: Defer event early abort
      Bluetooth: controller: Move LLL done handling from ULL to LLL
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove unused code in auxiliary advertising
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix connection terminate to happen on event done
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix auxiliary scan context release
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix uninitialized ULL reference count
      Bluetooth: controller: Avoid sizeof to access ULL/LLL struct member
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing encryption procedure state check
      Bluetooth: controller: Adjust DPPI used for nRF53x
      Bluetooth: controller: GPIO PA/LNA support for nRF53x
      Bluetooth: controller: Enclose macro parameters in paranthesis
      Bluetooth: controller: Minor indentation and HAL code change
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF53 sw_switch always required Radio End
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF5: Back-to-Back Radio Tx interface
      samples: Bluetooth: Add ISO Broadcaster sample
      samples: Bluetooth: Add Synchronized Receiver sample
      Bluetooth: controller: Ensure only initiating on selected PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: Fixes and use of defines related to initiator
      Bluetooth: controller: Rename use of params to param
      Bluetooth: controller: Reserve an additional node rx for Ext. Initiator
      Bluetooth: controller: Implement disabling the other PHY initiator
      Bluetooth: controller: Ensure both 1M and Coded PHY can initiate
      Bluetooth: controller: Do not report Aux PDUs while initiating
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix regression in central initiated terminate
      Bluetooth: controller: Conditional compile ISO Tx functions
      Bluetooth: controller: Add ticker allocation for BIG Sync events
      Bluetooth: controller: Reorder feature bits
      Bluetooth: controller: HCI: Allow processing a list of events
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix ULL reference decrement on done event
      Bluetooth: controller: Minor rename in BIS PDU data members
      Bluetooth: controller: Add ticker allocation for BIG events
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing EVENT_TICKER_RES_MARGIN_US
      Bluetooth: controller: Add function to calculate seed access address
      Bluetooth: controller: Add function to calculate BIS access address
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Broadcast ISO related timing macros
      Bluetooth: controller: Move le_adv_ext_terminate under broadcaster
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF5: Add radio ready time save and restore
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Sync up LLL changes
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF5: Preempt timeout for next in pipeline
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Preempt timeout for next in pipeline
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF5: Check preempt event on timeout
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Check preempt event on timeout
      Bluetooth: controller: Accumulate latency on aborting event in pipeline
      Bluetooth: controller: Minor conditional compile comment correction
      Bluetooth: HCI: Rename LE Read Buffer Size v2 struct members
      Bluetooth: controller: Add ISO Buffer size Kconfig dependency
      Bluetooth: controller: Add LE Read Buffer Size v2 support
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Kconfig for maximum Broadcast ISO PDU length
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix scheduling stall in BT_CTLR_LOW_LAT feature
      Bluetooth: controller: Replace use if LL_FEAT with ll_feat_get()
      Bluetooth: controller: Implement LE Set Host Feature Command

Vineet Gupta (1):
      ARC: add asm-compat macros

Watson Zeng (16):
      drivers: i2c: DW i2c: use 32 bit access instead of 16 and 32 bit mix
      arch: arc: remove ARCH_HAS_STACK_PROTECTION for ARC_MPU_VER 2
      boards: nsim: add mdb unaligned memory access option
      linker: arcmwdt: use preprocess opiton -E.
      arch: arc: enable divide zero exception
      linker-tool-mwdt: compliant adjustment of linker macros
      linker: tweak section naming to feet all linkers
      test: error_hook: fix trigger_fault_access for em_starterkit board
      drivers: gpio: add initial support for cy8c95xx I/O expander
      boards: hsdk: dts: remove ili9340 from hsdk dts
      boards: hsdk: add cy8c95xx I/O expander, LEDs support
      boards: hsdk: add arduino_header and arduino_spi
      arc: qemu: enable MPU
      board: qemu_arc: fix cpu frequency to 10Mhz
      board: qemu_arc: disable test: tests/kernel/mem_protect/mem_protect
      board: qemu_arc: skip trigger_fault_divide_zero test case

Wealian Liao (8):
      dts: npcx7: add support for npcx7m6fc & npcx7m7fc
      test: fix gen_isr_table for npcx soc
      soc: npcx: add npcx7m6fc & npcx7m7fc
      drivers: watchdog: npcx: mask the WDRST_STS when accessing T0CSR
      soc: npcx: fix warning message for psl function
      driver: wdt: npcx: Remove watchdog reset waiting loop in ISR
      soc: power: npcx: Clear host access IRQ pending bit before enabling
      driver: clock: npcx: Add valid clock checking

William MARTIN (1):
      drivers/i2s: stm32: Fix pinmux

Wojciech Tatarski (3):
      dts: add EOS S3 GPIO definitions
      boards: quick_feather: enable GPIO driver
      drivers: gpio: add EOS S3 GPIO driver

Wolfgang Puffitsch (24):
      Bluetooth: controller: Define ULL/LLL interface for CIS central and periph
      Bluetooth: controller: CIS HCI event generation
      Bluetooth: controller: Add init/reset stubs for CIS central/peripheral ULL
      Bluetooth: controller: Refactor LLCP PDU length checks
      Bluetooth: controller: Add CIS-related LL control PDU types
      Bluetooth: controller: Add support for ISO feature bits
      Bluetooth: controller: Add guards for feature_rsp_send
      Bluetooth: controller: openisa: Add missing include file
      tests: Bluetooth: Add minimal compilation coverage for openisa
      Bluetooth: controller: Restructure LLL include files
      Bluetooth: controller: Align include paths in hci.c
      Bluetooth: controller: Add missing compilation guard
      bsim_bt: Fix execution without explicit SEARCH_PATH
      Bluetooth: controller: Avoid race between ULL and LLL when initiating conn
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove use of lll_stop
      cmake: modules: Remove duplicates only from existing ZEPHYR_MODULE_NAMES
      Bluetooth: host: Add missing include in id.c
      Bluetooth: controller: Move access to volatile out of assertion
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove unused assignments to ticker_id_prev
      Bluetooth: controller: Rename peer's address in advertising set struct
      Bluetooth: controller: Ignore connections from same peer
      Bluetooth: controller: Consolidate ISO role Kconfigs
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix dependency of ISO TX buffer Kconfig
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix overflow with preferred periodicity

Xavier Chapron (2):
      drivers: modem: ublox-sara-r4: Fix dereference before null check
      drivers: i2c_nrfx_twi: Add recover when I2C transfer timeout

Yasushi SHOJI (3):
      doc: Replace *_thread_resource_pool_assign with k_thread_heap_assign
      include: toolchain: Fix typos in comments
      scripts: coccinelle: Fix parse error

Yestin Sun (8):
      modules: trusted-firmware-m: Allow to adjust hex file base address
      boards: stm32l562e_dk: Add non secure target
      boards: stm32l562e_dk: Avoid GPIO pinctrl for non secure target
      boards: stm32l562e_dk: Enable TF-M IPC application
      boards: nucleo_l552ze_q: Leverage consolidated TFM signing code
      soc: arm: stml32l5: entropy generator support
      boards: arm: nucleo_l552ze_q: add support for hardware RNG
      boards: arm: stm32l562e_dk: add support for hardware RNG

Ying ming (10):
      test: kheap: add testcase to improve coverage
      test: heap : improve coverage to kernel/mempool.c
      test: scheduling: change code annotation
      test: scheduling: add testcase
      test: fatal exception: Add code description and testcases
      test: mheap: add testcase
      test: smp :add testcase
      test: schedule_api : test some negative test
      test: thread : test run k_thread_resume on unsuspend thread
      test: atomic: multiple equal priority threads access atomic variable

Yonatan Schachter (3):
      west.yml: Update hal_silabs module
      soc: silabs_exx32: Add support for EFR32FG13P SoC
      boards: Add support for Silicon Labs' BRD4255A Radio board

Yong Cong Sin (2):
      drivers/i2c: Reset i2c of STM32F1 series to enter master mode properly
      drivers: modem: BG9X wait for RDY instead of polling AT.

YouhuaX Zhu (2):
      sanitycheck: Add a feature which can handle pytest script.
      tests: pytest: add an example for pytest

Yuguo Zou (1):
      arch: arc: fix mpu version number

Yuval Peress (2):
      uart-npcx: re-organize interrupt driven functions.
      uart-npcx: forward poll requests to fifo when running interrupt mode

Zach Hudson (2):
      doc: gsg: add libpython3.8-dev
      doc: gsg: add python38 to Fedora

Zisis Adamos (1):
      drivers: uart: stm32: Fixes timing of TX_DONE generation.

peng1 chen (3):
      twister: fix the inconsistent total tests number
      qspi_testcase: modify the value used to check whether qspi is enabled
      MAINTAINER: add some collaborators

shixiongx zhang (1):
      Tests: libc: Improve code coverage

Øyvind Rønningstad (19):
      boards: Clean up TF-M signing code for nrf53 and nrf91
      Kconfig.tfm: Add TFM_CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE config
      Kconfig.tfm: Add TFM_MCUBOOT_IMAGE_NUMBER config
      tfm: Change TFM_BL2 config from a choice to a bool
      boards: Consolidate all TFM signing code
      west.yml: Upmerge TFM to tag TF-Mv1.3.0-RC1
      tfm: Adapt to changes upstream
      tfm: Fix TFM_BOARD for MUSCA_B1
      modules: tf-m: Add zephyr native NS interface and logging function
      arch: arm: Disallow FP_HARDABI when building with TFM
      tfm: Kconfig: Add configs for PSA tests
      CMakeLists.txt: Add support for running PSA tests
      samples: Add a sample for running PSA tests
      samples: tfm_ipc: Add reboot to sample
      arch: arm: Add code for swapping threads between secure and non-secure
      trusted-firmware-m: Store FP context before entering secure calls
      tests: arm: Add arm_thread_swap_tz test
      samples: tfm_integration: Remove setting of QEMU file
      tfm: Fix cmake library handling
Assets 2

@github-actions github-actions released this Feb 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr RTOS version 2.5.0.

Major enhancements with this release include:

  • Introduced support for the SPARC processor architecture and the LEON
    processor implementation.
  • Added Thread Local Storage (TLS) support
  • Added support for per thread runtime statistics
  • Added support for building with LLVM on X86
  • Added new synchronization mechanisms using Condition Variables
  • Add support for demand paging, initial support on X86.

The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.

Security Vulnerability Related

The following CVEs are addressed by this release:

  • CVE-2021-3323: Under embargo until 2021-04-14
  • CVE-2021-3321: Under embargo until 2021-04-14
  • CVE-2021-3320: Under embargo until 2021-04-14

More detailed information can be found in:

Known issues

You can check all currently known issues by listing them using the GitHub
interface and listing all issues with the bug label <>_.

API Changes

  • Removed SETTINGS_USE_BASE64 support as its been deprecated for more than
    two releases.

  • The :c:func:lwm2m_rd_client_start function now accepts an additional
    flags parameter, which allows to configure current LwM2M client session,
    for instance enable bootstrap procedure in the curent session.

  • LwM2M execute now supports arguments. The execute callback
    lwm2m_engine_execute_cb_t is extended with an args parameter which points
    to the CoAP payload that comprises the arguments, and an args_len parameter
    to indicate the length of the args data.

  • Changed vcnl4040 dts binding default for property 'proximity-trigger'.
    Changed the default to match the HW POR state for this property.

  • The :c:func:clock_control_async_on function will now take callback and
    user_data as arguments instead of structure which contained list node,
    callback and user data.

  • The :c:func:mqtt_keepalive_time_left function now returns -1 if keep alive
    messages are disabled by setting CONFIG_MQTT_KEEPALIVE to 0.

  • The CONFIG_LEGACY_TIMEOUT_API mode has been removed. All kernel
    timeout usage must use the new-style k_timeout_t type and not the
    legacy/deprecated millisecond counts.

  • The :c:func:coap_pending_init function now accepts an additional retries
    parameter, allowing to specify the maximum retransmission count of the
    confirmable message.

  • The CONFIG_BT_CTLR_CODED_PHY is now disabled by default for builds
    combining both Bluetooth host and controller.

  • The :c:func:coap_packet_append_payload function will now take a pointer to a
    constant buffer as the payload argument instead of a pointer to a writable

  • The :c:func:coap_packet_init function will now take a pointer to a constant
    buffer as the token argument instead of a pointer to a writable buffer.

  • A new :ref:regulator_api API has been added to support controlling power
    sources. Regulators can also be associated with devicetree nodes, allowing
    drivers to ensure the device they access has been powered up. For simple
    GPIO-only regulators a devicetree property supply-gpios is defined as a
    standard way to identify the control signal in nodes that support power

  • :c:type:fs_tile_t objects must now be initialized by calling
    :c:func:fs_file_t_init before their first use.

  • :c:type:fs_dir_t objects must now be initialized by calling
    :c:func:fs_dir_t_init before their first use.

Deprecated in this release

  • Nordic nRF5340 PDK board deprecated and planned to be removed in 2.6.0.

  • ARM Musca-A board and SoC support deprecated and planned to be removed in 2.6.0.

  • DEVICE_INIT was deprecated in favor of utilizing DEVICE_DEFINE directly.

  • DEVICE_AND_API_INIT was deprecated in favor of DEVICE_DT_INST_DEFINE and

  • Bluetooth

    • Deprecated the :c:func:bt_set_id_addr function, use :c:func:bt_id_create
      before calling :c:func:bt_enable instead. When CONFIG_PRIVACY is
      enabled a valid IRK has to be supplied by the application for this case.

Removed APIs in this release

  • Bluetooth

    • The deprecated BT_LE_SCAN_FILTER_DUPLICATE define has been removed,
    • The deprecated BT_LE_SCAN_FILTER_WHITELIST define has been removed,
    • The deprecated bt_le_scan_param::filter_dup argument has been removed,
      use bt_le_scan_param::options instead.
    • The deprecated bt_conn_create_le() function has been removed,
      use bt_conn_le_create() instead.
    • The deprecated bt_conn_create_auto_le() function has been removed,
      use bt_conn_le_create_auto() instead.
    • The deprecated bt_conn_create_slave_le() function has been removed,
      use bt_le_adv_start() instead with bt_le_adv_param::peer set to the remote
      peers address.
    • The deprecated BT_LE_ADV_* macros have been removed,
      use the BT_GAP_ADV_* enums instead.
    • The deprecated bt_conn_security function has been removed,
      use bt_conn_set_security instead.
    • The deprecated BT_SECURITY_* defines NONE, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, FIPS have been
      removed, use the L0, L1, L2, L3, L4 defines instead.
    • The deprecated BT_HCI_ERR_AUTHENTICATION_FAIL define has been removed,
      use BT_HCI_ERR_AUTH_FAIL instead.
  • Kernel

    • The deprecated k_mem_pool API has been removed entirely (for the
      past release it was backed by a k_heap, but maintained a
      compatible API). Now all instantiated heaps must be
      sys_heap/k_heaps. Note that the new-style heap is a general
      purpose allocator and does not make the same promises about block
      alignment/splitting. Applications with such requirements should
      look at porting their logic, or perhaps at the k_mem_slab utility.

Stable API changes in this release


  • Added support for per thread runtime statistics

  • Added new synchronization mechanisms using Condition Variables

  • Thread Local Storage (TLS)

    • Introduced thread local storage support for the following architectures:

      • ARC
      • Arm Cortex-M
      • Arm Cortex-R
      • AArch64
      • RISC-V
      • Sparc
      • x86 and x86_64
      • Xtensa
    • This allows variables declared with __thread keyword to be allocated
      on a per-thread basis, and every thread has its own copy of these

    • Enable via :option:CONFIG_THREAD_LOCAL_STORAGE.

    • errno can be stored inside TLS if :option:CONFIG_ERRNO_IN_TLS
      is enabled (together with :option:CONFIG_ERRNO). This allow user
      threads to access the value of errno without making a system call.

  • Memory Management

    • Added page frame management for physical memory to keep track of
      the status of each page frame.
    • Added :c:func:k_mem_map which allows applications to increase
      the data space available via anonymous memory mappings.
    • Added :c:func:k_mem_free_get which returns the amount of
      physical anonymous memory remaining.
    • Paging structure must now be pre-allocated so that there is no need
      to do memory allocations when mapping memory. Because of this,
      :c:func:arch_mem_map may no longer fail.
  • Demand Paging

    • Introduced the framework for demand paging and infrastructure for
      custom eviction algorithms and implementation of backing stores.
    • Currently the whole kernel is pinned and remaining physical memory
      can be used for paging.


  • ARC

    • Fixed execution on ARC HS with one interrupt bank and fast interrupts (FIRQ)
    • Hardened SMP support
    • Improved mdb west runner to support simulation on SMP nSIM-based
    • Improved mdb west runner to support nSIM-based configurations execution
      on real HW (FPGA-based)
    • Added documentation page with Zephyr support status on ARC processor
    • Added coverage support for nSIM-based configurations
    • Switched to upstream OpenOCD for ARC
    • Various minor fixes/improvements for ARC MWDT toolchain infrastructure
  • ARM

    • AARCH32

      • Introduced the functionality for chain-loadable Zephyr
        firmware images to force the initialization of internal
        architecture state during early system boot (Cortex-M).
      • Changed the default Floating Point Services mode to
        Shared FP registers mode.
      • Enhanced Cortex-M Shared FP register mode by implementing
        dynamic lazy FP register stacking in threads.
      • Added preliminary support for Cortex-R7 variant.
      • Fixed inline assembly code in Cortex-M system calls.
      • Enhanced and fixed Cortex-M TCS support.
      • Enabled interrupts before switching to main in single-thread
        Cortex-M builds (CONFIG_MULTITHREADING=n).
      • Fixed vector table relocation in non-XIP Cortex-M builds.
      • Fixed exception exit routine for fatal error exceptions in
      • Fixed interrupt nesting in ARMv7-R architecture.
    • AARCH64

      • Fixed registers printing on error and beautified crash dump output
      • Removed CONFIG_SWITCH_TO_EL1 symbol. By default the execution now drops
        to EL1 at boot
      • Deprecated booting from EL2
      • Improved assembly code and errors catching in EL3 and EL1 during the
        start routine
      • Enabled support for EL0 in the page tables
      • Fixed vector table alignment
      • Introduced support to boot Zephyr in NS mode
      • Fixed alignment fault in z_bss_zero
      • Added PSCI driver
      • Added ability to generate image header
      • Improved MMU code and driver
  • RISC-V

    • Added support for PMP (Physical Memory Protection).
      Integrate PMP in Zephyr allow to support userspace (with shared
      memory) and stack guard features.

    • Added support for the SPARC architecture, compatible with the SPARC V8
      specification and the SPARC ABI.
    • FPU is supported in both shared and unshared FP register mode.
  • x86

    • Enabled soft float support for Zephyr SDK

    • CONFIG_X86_MMU_PAGE_POOL_PAGES is removed as paging structure
      must now be pre-allocated.

    • Mapping of physical memory has changed:

      • This allows a smaller virtual address space thus requiring a smaller
        paging structure.
      • Only the kernel image is mapped when :option:CONFIG_ACPI is not enabled.
      • When :option:CONFIG_ACPI is enabled, the previous behavior to map
        all physical memory is retained as platforms with ACPI are usually not
        memory constrained and can accommodate bigger paging structure.
    • Page fault handler has been extended to support demand paging.

Boards & SoC Support

  • Added support for these SoC series:

    • Cypress PSoC-63
    • Intel Elkhart Lake
  • Made these changes in other SoC series:

  • Changes for ARC boards:

    • Added icount support for ARC QEMU boards
    • Added MWDT compiler options for HSDK board
    • Added missing taps into JTAG chain for the dual-core configuration of the
      HSDK board
  • Added support for these ARM boards:

    • Cypress CY8CKIT_062_BLE board
  • Added support for these x86 boards:

    • Elkhart Lake CRB board
    • ACRN configuration on Elkhart Lake CRB board
    • Slim Bootloader configuration on Elkhart Lake CRB board
  • Added support for these SPARC boards:

    • GR716-MINI LEON3FT microcontroller development board
    • Generic LEON3 board configuration for GRLIB FPGA reference designs
    • SPARC QEMU for emulating LEON3 processors and running kernel tests
  • Added support for these NXP boards:

    • LPCXpresso55S28
    • MIMXRT1024-EVK
  • Added support for these STM32 boards and SoCs :

    • Cortex-M Trace Reference Board V1.2 (SEGGER TRB STM32F407)
    • MikroE Clicker 2 for STM32
    • STM32F103RCT6 Mini
    • ST Nucleo F303K8
    • ST Nucleo F410RB
    • ST Nucleo H723ZG
    • ST Nucleo L011K4
    • ST Nucleo L031K6
    • ST Nucleo L433RC-P
    • ST STM32L562E-DK Discovery
    • STM32F105xx and STM32F103xG SoC variants
    • STM32G070xx SoC variants
    • STM32G474xB/C SoC variants
    • STM32L071xx SoC variants
    • STM32L151xC and STM32L152xC SoC variants
  • Made these global changes in STM32 boards and SoC series:

    • Pin control configuration is now done through devicetree and existing
      macros to configure pins in pinmux.c files are tagged as deprecated.
      The new pin settings are provided thanks to .dtsi files distributed in
      hal_stm32 module.
    • Generic LL headers, also distributed in hal_stm32 module, are now available
      to abstract series references in drivers.
    • Hardware stack protection is now default on all boards with enabled MPU
      (SRAM > 64K ), excluding F0/G0/L0 series.
    • West flash STM32CubeProgrammer runner was added as a new option for STM32
      boards flashing (to be installed separately).
  • Made these changes in other boards:

    • CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT_M0: was renamed to CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT.
    • CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT_M4: was moved into CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT.
    • CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT: Now M0+/M4 are at same common board.
    • nRF5340 DK: Selected TF-M as the default Secure Processing Element
      (SPE) when building Zephyr for the non-secure domain.
    • SAM4E_XPRO: Added support to SAM-BA ROM bootloader.
    • SAM4S_XPLAINED: Added support to SAM-BA ROM bootloader.
    • Extended LPCXpresso55S69 to support dual-core.
    • Enhanced MIMXRT1064-EVK to support QSPI flash storage and LittleFS.
    • Updated MIMXRT685-EVK to increase the core clock frequency.
    • Updated NXP i.MX RT, Kinetis, and LPC boards to enable hardware stack
      protection by default.
    • Fixed Segger RTT and SystemView support on NXP i.MX RT boards.
    • Demand paging is turned on by default for qemu_x86_tiny.
    • Updated to use cross-compiler while building Zephyr.
    • Enabled code coverage report for qemu_x86_64.
    • Removed support for legacy APIC timer driver.
    • Added common memory linker for x86 SoCs.
    • Enabled configuration to reserve the first megabyte in x86 SoCs.
  • Added support for these following shields:

    • Inventek es-WIFI shield
    • Sharp memory display generic shield

Drivers and Sensors

  • ADC

    • Added support for ADC on STM32G0 Series.
    • Introduced the adc_sequence_options::user_data field.
  • CAN

    • We reworked the configuration API.
      A user can now specify the timing manually (define prop segment,
      phase segment1, phase segment2, and prescaler) or use a newly introduced
      algorithm to calculate optimal timing values from a bitrate and sample point.
      The bitrate and sample point can be specified in the devicetree too.
      It is possible to change the timing values at runtime now.

    • We reworked the zcan_frame struct due to undefined behavior.
      The std_id (11-bit) and ext_id (29-bit) are merged to a single id
      field (29-bit). The union of both IDs was removed.

    • We made the CANbus API CAN-FD compatible.
      The zcan_frame data-field can have a size of >8 bytes now.
      A flag was introduced to mark a zcan_frame as CAN-FD frame.
      A flag was introduced that enables a bitrate switch in CAN-FD frames.
      The configuration API supports an additional timing parameter for the CAN-FD

    • drivers are converted to use the new DEVICE_DT_* macros.

  • Clock Control

    • Added NXP LPC driver.
  • DAC

    • STM32: Enabled support for G0 and H7 series.
    • Added TI DACx3608 driver.
  • DMA

    • kmalloc was removed from STM32 DMAMUX driver initialization.

    • Marked the EEPROM API as stable.
    • Added support for AT24Cxx devices.
  • Ethernet

    • Added support for Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA) devices.
      Currently only ip_k66f board supports DSA.
    • Added support for w5500 Ethernet controller.
    • Reworked the NXP MCUX driver to