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Matt Furden's vim dotfiles for Ruby and Clojure


  1. git clone in your home folder.
  2. mv dot_vim .vim
  3. cd .vim
  4. rake vim:init to make the .vimrc symbolic link and install Vundle.
  5. Run Vim and type :BundleInstall to install the plugins with Vundle.



  • MacVim - I'm currently using terminal vim, but MacVim works too!



Be sure to always edit the vimrc using ,v, which opens the vimrc in the .vim folder.


You can add plugins via editing the @CustomBundle.vim file in the custom/ directory. Any files ending in .vim in the custom/ directory will automatically be sourced on launch, allowing you to override any of the settings without losing the ability to pull this repo.

Plugin Installation / Requirements

  • Fugitive Requires Git to be installed
  • syntastic Requires many different binaries installed depending on what filetypes you want it to check
  • ack.vim Requires ack to be installed

Plugin List

Note: Auto generated by rake plugins:update_readme

  • ZoomWin - Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window)
  • nerdtree - A tree explorer plugin for vim.
  • ctrlp.vim - Fuzzy file, buffer, mru and tag finder
  • vim-tagbar - Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by class etc.
  • vim-powerline - The ultimate vim statusline utility.
  • gundo.vim - A git mirror of gundo.vim
  • ColorV - A vim plugin with which you can easily handling with colors.
  • vim-css-color - Highlight colors in css files
  • Recover.vim - A Plugin to show a diff, whenever recovering a buffer
  • jellybeans.vim - A colorful, dark color scheme for Vim.
  • vim-commentary - commentary.vim: comment stuff out
  • vim-surround - surround.vim: quoting/parenthesizing made simple
  • vim-unimpaired - unimpaired.vim: pairs of handy bracket mappings
  • tabular - Vim script for text filtering and alignment
  • sudo-gui.vim - sudo GUI for a GUI vim
  • ack.vim - Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'
  • vim-markdown-preview - Select Markdown text, render to HTML and preview in browser
  • vim-smartinput - Vim plugin: Provide smart input assistant
  • vim-fugitive - fugitive.vim: a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
  • vim-git - Vim Git runtime files
  • vim-rhubarb - rhubarb.vim: GitHub extension for fugitive.vim
  • threesome.vim - A git mirror of threesome.vim.
  • IndexedSearch - shows 'Nth match out of M' at every search (index of match+total # matches)
  • syntastic - Syntax checking hacks for vim
  • supertab - Perform all your vim insert mode completions with Tab
  • vim-ruby - Vim/Ruby Configuration Files
  • vim-endwise - endwise.vim: wisely add "end" in ruby, endfunction/endif/more in vim script, etc
  • vim-rails - rails.vim: Ruby on Rails power tools
  • vim-rake - rake.vim: it's like rails.vim without the rails
  • vim-vroom - A vim plugin for running your Ruby tests
  • vim-haml - Vim runtime files for Haml, Sass, and SCSS
  • vim-capybara - Capybara VIM bundle
  • vim-slim - A clone of the slim vim plugin from stonean. For use with Pathogen.
  • scss-syntax.vim - Vim syntax file for scss (Sassy CSS)
  • vim-coffee-script - CoffeeScript support for vim
  • vim-json - Pathogen friendly packaging of vim-json from Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven
  • vim-repeat - repeat.vim: enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."
  • vim-easytags - Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim
  • vim-markdown - Vim Markdown runtime files
  • gist-vim - vimscript for gist
  • clam.vim - A lightweight Vim plugin for working with shell commands.
  • - extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
  • vim-textobj-user - Vim plugin: Support for user-defined text objects
  • vim-textobj-line - Vim plugin: Text objects for the current line
  • vim-textobj-rubyblock - A custom text object for selecting ruby blocks.
  • vim-indentobject - A text object for manipulating blocks based on their indentation