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CORE-POS is the point of sale oriented project under Co-operative Operational Retail Environment (CORE). The code is based heavily on IS4C with a focus on greater modularity and collaboration.


CORE-POS has two major components: the front end software for operating a cash register and the back end software for reporting and data management.

  • The back end software is uniformly referred to as Office.
  • The front end software is sometimes referred to as IS4C and other times simply as Lane. While CORE-POS would not exist without the code released by IS4C, the systems have diverged quite a bit. Users who are familiar with IS4C will recognize parts of CORE-POS but should not expect the systems to be identical.
  • By convention, Lane as a standalone term refers to just the cash register software; CORE-POS refers to the overarching system.



  • Issues can be used both for posting bugs and asking general questions about the project
  • generally has an up-to-date version of the project's built-in documentation. Eventually all that info should wind up in the wiki.
  • has demo versions of both Lane and Office.
  • Techhub has a forum section for CORE-POS. This site is somewhat restrictive though and access must be granted through NCGA.
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