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Equity Adjustments

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Member management will show you a total of all equity purchased under each member number. This is tied directly to transactions that took place at the register and doesn't require any manualy entry. That said, there are cases where an adjustment needs to be made to the totals recorded in the POS. There are 2 tools to assist in this: Convert Equity, and Transfer Equity.

Convert Equity

Lets use the example of ADDING equity to an account that isn't currently reflecting equity totals accurately for one reason or another. We'll start with navigating to the membership account in question in the Member Management tool. In the module with equity totals, there will be a link to "Convert Equity" Click that. The process of making an adjustment includes creating a detailed audit trail showing exactly where the adjustment is coming from and where the adjustment is going to. So here we are going to define the equity department that the equity will be debited from, as well as credited to.

These departments may be named differently from one store to the next. But essentially, you want to transfer equity from a dedicated department specifically set up for this purpose (called "POOL/ADJUSTMENT" below), and transfer it into the standard MEMBERSHIP EQUITY department.

  1. Enter the amount to adjust the account by in the "Remove" field.
  2. Select the POOL/ADJUSTMENT department for the "From" field and the standard equity department in the "To" field.
  3. Then enter the membership account number to be adjusted.
  4. The final step is to enter any notes you'd like recorded along with the adjustment including why, who, etc.

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