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HeaterMeter 4.0 Hardware

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As a reminder, HeaterMeter refers to the ATmega (Arduino) based microcontroller board that runs the LCD, reads button and temperature probe inputs, and controls the blower motor. This document describes the configurations and design of the HeaterMeter board, which may optionally be attached to a Raspberry Pi. For connecting directly to a Linksys router, use HeaterMeter 3.0 Hardware.

Standard HeaterMeter hardware is built on a HeaterMeter v4.0 PCB


HeaterMeter can be built either as a standalone or for integration with a Raspberry Pi. The only difference between the two is the population of the Pi socket JP1. The 3.3V voltage regulator is not required when connecting to the Pi, but it is when operating standalone. Both configurations provide automatic grill control, and LCD display. Set Point, manual fan mode, probe offsets, open lid detect and max fan speed configurable via buttons. The standalone requires initial configuration via serial commands. There is integrated no web access or graphs in standalone mode, but there is a serial status output to allow you to roll your own solution.

Quick and Easy: Mouser parts. Does not include DigiKey-only parts 1xBlower 1xSocket 4xJacks

Main Board

Qty Value Device Parts Link
1 0 R-US_0204/7 R7 (wire)
4 390 R-US_0204/7 R2, R10, R12, R15 Mouser DigiKey
1 680 R-US_0204/7 R8 Mouser DigiKey
3 1k R-US_0204/7 R1, R3, R4 Mouser DigiKey
2 2k2 R-US_0204/7 R9, R13 Mouser DigiKey
1 4k7 R-US_0204/7 R11 Mouser DigiKey
1 10k R-US_0204/7 R20 (use below)
4 10k 1% R-US_0204/7 R5, R16, R17, R18 Mouser DigiKey
1 10k TRIM_US-CT6 R6 Mouser DigiKey
3 0.1u C-US025-025X050 C2, C3, C10 Mouser DigiKey
1 22u/25 CPOL-USE2.5-6 C1 Mouser DigiKey
2 100u/10 CPOL-USE2.5-6 C5, C6 Mouser DigiKey
1 100u/25 CPOL-USE2.5-6 C4 Mouser DigiKey
1 OKI-78SR-5 OKI-78SR-05H IC1 Mouser DigiKey
2 1N4001 DIODE-DO41-7 D1, D3 Mouser DigiKey
1 ATmega328P AVR-MEGA8-PPTH IC2 Mouser DigiKey
1 74HC595N 74LS595N IC3 Mouser DigiKey
1 BC337 BC337 Q2 Mouser DigiKey
1 FDP7030BL MOSFET-NTO220HS Q1 Mouser DigiKey
1 LCD PINHD-1X16 J1 Mouser DigiKey
1 TACTILE-4-CAP TACTILE-4-CAP S2-CAP Mouser Rnd Mouser Sqr
1 ALARM SPEAKER/AL11P SP1 Mouser DigiKey
3 GRN LED3MM LED1, LED2, LED3 (any ~3mm LED, any colors you want) MouserR MouserY MouserG
1 POW POWER_JACKPTH J9 Mouser MouserAlt
1 PINHD PINHD J1 (LCD), J2 (PROBE), J4 (BLW), J8 (FTDI) Mouser
1 DIP28 DIP28 IC2-SOCK Mouser

Power, Probes and Blower

Qty Description Link
1 12VDC/1A power brick 5.5x2.1mm barrel jack Generic
1 Blower-style fan 12VDC 5-10CFM DigiKey
1-4 Maverick BBQ Thermistor Probes for ET-72/ET-73 (3ft or High Heat) Maverick Amazon

Probe and Blower Connectors

These are the "built in" connectors, there is space on the PCB for them. External connectors can be used by attaching to the J2 and J4 pin headers.

Qty Value Device Parts Link
1 RCAPOWER RCAPOWER J5 Mouser DigiKey or reuse rPi composite video jack
1 Pi PINHD-2X13 JP1 DigiKey (alt DigiKey) (alt Mouser)
1-4 Probes AUDIO-MONO JP3, JP4, JP5, JP6 DigiKey

Optional Parts

Qty Value Device Parts Link Reason
1 Ambient THERMISTOR_R-2,5 TR1 Mouser Only if you want an onboard 'ambient' temperature sensor
1 RFM12B RFM12B U$1 ModernDevice Only if building wireless probes. 915MHz only (433MHz and 868MHz supported if you compile your own firmware). Surface mount, not the kind with pins and not one on any sort of breakout board.
1 MCP1700-33 MCP1700-33 IC4 Mouser DigiKey Only for standalone HeaterMeter
1 ICSP PINHD-2X3 J6 Mouser Only if flashing the AVR outside of the Pi
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