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LMClient Commands

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These are commands which can be passed to the linkmeter daemon over the UNIX socket. All commands begin with "$LM", however $ symbol is optional when using the lmclient.lua script. If the script is called with no command, $LMSU is assumed.

  • LMST,X,Y - Set command. Passes a /set?X=Y to the HeaterMeter. X and Y must not be URL encoded. Returns OK or ERR.
  • LMSU - Request state update. Returns the last state update from the HeaterMeter, JSON-formatted. Includes UNIX timestamp and RF status when available.
  • LMRF - Get RF status. Returns current RF node status information. Last seen UNIX timestamp, battery level, and signal level.
  • LMD0 - Stop the serial monitor daemon, the actual linkmeterd portion that receives and records data.
  • LMD1 - Start the serial monitor daemon. The daemon is will not start multiple instances if you call LMD1 multiple times.


lua /usrl/lib/lua/lmclient.lua [command]


root@lm54:~# lua /usr/lib/lua/lmclient.lua LMSU
{"n":"LUA Mem","c":null},{"n":"Batt Voltage","c":null},{"n":"Ambient","c":51.4,"rf":{"s":255,"b":1248}}]}

root@lm54:~# lua /usr/lib/lua/lmclient.lua LMRF

root@lm54:~# lua /usr/lib/lua/lmclient.lua LMST,sp,55
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