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dopresskit-static is a static version of the great Rami Ismail's presskit().

If you don't wan't to rely on PHP you can use it with the same xml files & directory structure as the original presskit().

You can even host it on dropbox : demo


  • Not PHP
  • More comprehensible source (thanks to python being python & the simple jinja syntax)
  • Hostable on dropbox or anywhere with a simple drag & drop
  • Compatible with the original presskit() xml files & directory structure
  • Each non-filled xml tags will hide the appropriate section in the generated page

Note : One thing you will lose from Vlambeer's version is the ability to make presskit requests through the server-side mail system.

Getting started

Go read the original to see what presskit() is all about.

Python environment

It requires python 2.7 (2.6 probably works as well) and the jinja2 package.

If you're on OSX/Linux you might already have a proper environment.

Generate your static files

You should be able to compile a project as is with the default data.xml.

  • Run python, it will generate an index.html file at the root of your folder and in each of the project folders (by default, none).
  • Open index.html and it's done!
  • Edit the various data.xml files to your needs and run python again.

If you want to add a project, copy the _template folder and rename it, re generate the html files and a project should show up in the Projects section of the page.

Note : A project folder will be ignored if its name is starting with an _uppercase_, if containing any space and if not in lowercase. 'Super Crate Box' would have a folder named super_crate_box to be valid.

Google Analytics

To add google analytics support simply add your Tracker ID as an argument like this python UA-1234567-89


A static version of Rami Ismail's presskit()




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