Save page

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Save page

The Save page lets you create a short, persistent link for a recipe. You can come back and update the recipe later without changing that link. Each saved recipe has its own password, and you can (if desired) share that password to allow colleagues to edit the recipe as well. You can come back to this page later to edit the recipe metadata or change the password.

You can use a saved recipe with multiple source URLs, by providing the &url parameter with the short URL (it will override the default recipe URL).


Recipe name: (required) a title to display for the saved recipe, such as "Yemen IDP data."

Short description: a short, sentence- or paragraph-long description of the recipe and resulting dataset, to display to visitors.

Basename for download: a default filename (without extension) for downloading the output data, such as "yemen-idp". The HXL Proxy will add the ".csv" or ".json" extension, as needed.

Default schema URL for validation: default URL for a custom HXL schema for use on the Validation page.

Editing password: (required when first creating recipe) the password required to change this recipe in the future. You will enter this password again in the Editing password (repeat) field.

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