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@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this May 3, 2019 · 37 commits to develop since this release

General notes

From this release onward, we are following SemVer. Also, we have unfork and tidy up a bit the project to ease contributions.

There are a few other changes in this release detailed next.

Detailed changes

  • #81 Fixing an issue when clicking on the "Open" in the tray menu did not focus the window. Thanks to @alexeiskachykhin for fixing it!
  • #94 Adding the ability to provide certificate fingerprints for self signed certs. Thanks to @zeitounator and @charlycoste for their work. That fixes #93.
  • #77 Adding some default custom CSS templates. Available customCSSName templates are in the config readme file and you can get them to run with teams-for-linux --customCSSName compactLight
  • #80 Fixing an issue where the yargs was not picking up the config file. Now it is possible to have a config.json file with the config changes that you need. Refer to the config readme for more info.
  • #83 Added a wee screen that shows what you are sharing. It is quite dump but does the job.
  • #98 Adding the ability to stop the onlineOfflineRefresh introduced in version 0.1.13 as it seems to produce an infinite loop in some scenarios. teams-for-linux --onlineOfflineReload=false
  • #100 Adding a few extra browser tweaks to try to solve the issue with the microphone and screen sharing not working if not having a webcam.
  • #78 Decided to go down the SemVer route.
  • #87 Community decided to unfork.
  • #95 Created a code of conduct (thanks to #87)

The main file has been also clean up and re-structure to split the, and

Updated versions of electron and the other packages that we have in the package.json file.

And last, but not least, added a bug and feature request templates in order to ease that process.

Thanks to everybody involved!

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