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Emby for Apple TV can be installed from the App store on your 4th generation Apple TV device.

Emby for Apple TV can handle just about any type of media thanks to Emby Server transcoding. If you would like to learn how to prepare your media for Direct Play, read below.

Setup Guide

Install the app using the store on your Apple TV, the app will then automatically find your local Emby Server(s). If it cannot find your server or you are attempting to connect to a remote server, the app will present you with options to connect manually or use Emby Connect.

Direct Play Media Formats

Video — h.264,h.265 (hevc) in m4v,mp4,mov container
Subtitles - srt,ssa,ass,sub,vtt
Audio – aac,ac3 (Dolby Digital),mp3

Best Practices for Direct Play

Ensure your media meets the above criteria.

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