Running Emby Server as a Windows Service

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Before setting up a Windows Service, you'll need to install Emby Server from the Emby website.

To setup a Windows Service, we'll be using a program called NSSM that can turn any app into a Windows Service. To begin:

  • Download NSSM. Make sure to choose the 64-bit or 32-bit version of NSSM to match the architecture of your Windows installation.
  • Save nssm.exe to a folder of your choice. You'll need to keep NSSM in this folder in order for the service to function.
  • Open a command prompt as admin and "cd" to the folder containing NSSM.
  • Type "nssm install" to open the NSSM user interface.

Follow this guide to create your Windows Service, but incorporate the following changes:

  • Application path: path to EmbyServer.exe
  • Startup directory: folder containing the above executable
  • Arguments: -service
  • Service name: Emby Server (or other name of your choice)

Then, on the exit actions tab, make sure to configure the exit action to not automatically restart:

This is important because without this, using the Shutdown button inside Emby Server will cause NSSM to automatically restart Emby Server.

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