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@neoancient neoancient released this Aug 21, 2019 · 210 commits to master since this release

  • Issue #1315: add support for map annotations and description to .board files.
  • PR #1323: implement "#sitrep" client command which can be used to display,
    in the console, a list of units near the entity with the given ID.
  • PR #1329: Princess will now fire at multiple targets with units that have no secondary target penalty.
    This should be most noticeable with dropships and other large spacecraft.
  • PR #1358: Princess properly operates really slow aircraft on ground maps and can actually drop thunder bombs now.
  • PR #1354: Support for detailed large craft parts (K-F boom, grav deck, CIC, etc)
  • PR #1401: Improved bot behavior using field gun infantry.
  • PR #1404: Princess can now use rapid-fire autocannons; will respect "no AMS as weapon" setting
  • PR #1405: Introduced Princess capability for indirect fire at spotted units
  • PR #1409: Dropship artillery bays now fully functional
    Dropships can optionally load/fire alternate artillery munitions
    Copperhead ammo functions as homing rounds
  • Issue #1351: When a homing round lands, the firing player will now get asked which tagged unit gets clobbered.
  • PR #1406: Princess can now spot units for indirect fire
  • PR #1413: Performance and functionality improvements for space sensors
  • PR #1419: Bearings-Only Missile Tweaks
  • PR #1430: Improvements to bot handling of aerospace units, especially on low-atmospheric maps.
  • PR #1440: Added ignore for YML files when loading units
  • PR #1436: Greater variety of primitive and civilian units for AtB and template scenarios
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