Changes for 2.5

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Changes for v2.5 release

New Features

  • Completely new user interface for project creation, including:
  • Live preview with interactive settings before creating project
  • Fixed-width importer that allows for specifying column widths by clicking (issue #85)
  • XML and JSON importers that allow for interactive selection of elements to import
  • Direct access to Google Spreadsheets (issue #278) and Google Fusion Tables (issue #279)
  • Import and export to private Google Spreadsheets & Fusion Tables for logged-in users
  • Import using results of Google spreadsheet visualisation API query (issue 375
  • Sheet selection for import from Excel (issue 280 & Google Spreadsheets (issue 281)
  • Support for directly selecting files within zip/archive file without unpacking them first (Issue 131)
  • Support for creating a project using contents of the paste buffer (Issue 84)
  • Better progress feedback during upload & processing (issue 179)
  • Custom tabular exporter that allows for selecting and configuring columns to export, and direct upload to Google Spreadsheets and Fusion Tables
  • Support for IE8 and IE9 through Google Chrome Frame
  • New command "Key/value Columnize" (see explanation)
  • New importer for PC-Axis file format.


  • Issue 31: Maximum number of facet values should be configurable.
  • Issue 38: Wishlist Fix the table header so that it's always visible when scrolling a long page
  • Issue 97: Exporting CSV should allow for optional columns
  • Issue 447: Extend toTitlecase() function with support for custom delimiters
  • Operation "Transpose columns into rows" now supports an additional mode of generating 2 key and value columns (rather than generating just one combined column); it also has an option for filling in other columns.
  • reinterpret() now supports optionally specifying a source encoding to be used instead of the project encoding - reinterpret("target encoding", "source encoding")

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 149: rows button stays strike-through when clicking on it
  • Issue 349: Clustering not finding duplicates when facet is showing groupings
  • Issue 394: Add a reset button to Text filter
  • Issue 419: Values with Characters like é split across several lines
  • Issue 424: Duplicate column names don't allow user to recover
  • Issue 426: filter with custom facet adds zero lines choice
  • Issue 428: Excel import sometimes drops last row of data
  • Issue 433: Usability: use HTML label (e.g., for checkboxes)
  • Issue 440: Fetch URLs aborts while saving/loading/computing facets
  • Issue 441: onError - "keep-original" / "store-blank" working oddly for value.toDate()
  • Issue 442: Two column transforms to date on the same column turns the cells blank
  • Issue 449: Uncaught exception from Excel importer
  • Issue 502 - Fetch URLs does not return a correct HTTP response


  • Issue 233: 404 Error upon Launch
  • Issue 362: Augmentation screencast (#3) is now missing/private
  • Issue 410: Convert line-endings to DOS format
  • Issue 435: refine sh script only checks for java 1.6, not > 1.6
  • Issue 444: Patch for /trunk/main/webapp/modules/core/scripts/dialogs/custom-tabular-exporter-dialog.html
  • Issue 445: Patch for /trunk/main/webapp/modules/core/scripts/dialogs/custom-tabular-exporter-dialog.html
  • Issue 453: Patch for /trunk/main/tests/server/src/com/google/refine/tests/importers/

Full list of Issues.