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Coming Events

Are you presenting OpenRefine at a conference? meetup? Are you organizing a workshop? Please list your event below to share it with the community. Don't forget to add the location, date and time and a link to the event description page.

Previous Events

Here is a list of the previous OpenRefine events with feedback, video or any other materials related to. Those are great source of documentation.

  • Google-Refine presentation at NICAR (introduction,good practise,cluster,facet), Description : Good introduction to grefine to navigate and clean data.
  • Data Clustering With The Google. (cluster), Description : Introduction starts slide 12. Presentation by Bob Lannon Senior NLP Analyst, Verilogue
  • Data Journalism Workshop - New York (video,introduction), Description : Google Hangout of HHNew York presenting Google Refine
  • ABCD - Google Refine Workshop (exercise,split,history,toDate,toNumber,cluster,facet), Description : This tutorial / exercise will walk you through all google refine main functionality. Through it's exercise so you can get your hand on quickly!

Are we missing something? feel free to add yours (date, location and presentation)