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Documentation hub for users

Where to start?

Love it so much?

  • Join in with the development or help spread the meme about OpenRefine.
  • Get the development version so you can play with all the latest and greatest features, but if you are not afraid of bugs.

Feature Areas

Essential: These are the features you'd use 80% of the time when you use Refine. They help you clean up your data, extend it, and export it out for other tools to consume.

Reconciliation: You can use the "reconciliation" support in Refine to link text names in your data to database identifiers (also known as database keys, IDs). By connecting your data with other databases, you get more value out of your data.

Uploading to Freebase: NOW DEPRECATED FUNCTIONALITY If you reconcile against Freebase, you can then align your data with Freebase's schemas using Schema Alignment dialogs and load your data into Freebase. For more information on Freebase data loading, see the Refinery project.

Extensions: Add even more features to Refine by installing extensions.

Recipes and worked examples

For complicated tasks that are commonly done, just follow recipes that other folks have discovered and written up. A recipe is just a sequence of steps, and tips and tricks.

  • Recipes (like removing duplicate row values, etc.)

and there are full recipes:

Many worked examples that illustrate project flow and the logic of using OpenRefine are collected under External Resources


Glossary of Terms


External Sites

While there's a lot of information in this wiki, there's plenty more online too. Here are some notable sites,

And of course searching online.