Installing Extensions

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How to install extensions.

This is applicable to version 2.0 and later only.

Step 1. In OpenRefine's front page ( ), click Browse workspace directory at the bottom of the project list. This should open up the workspace directory in your system's file browser.

  • If you're running OpenRefine on a Linux server, the workspace directory should be at ~/.local/share/openrefine/(OpenRefine 2.6 and above) or ~/.local/share/google/refine/(OpenRefine 2.5 and below).

Step 2. In the workspace directory, create a sub-directory called "extensions" if there isn't one already.

Step 3. Shut down OpenRefine.

Step 4. Download the extension .zip file and unzip it to a sub-directory under the "extensions" directory that you have just created.

Step 5. Start OpenRefine up again.

Note: In Windows the `extensions` directory is part of the directory in which you have installed refine itself.