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This wiki is for Timeline v5

Timeline is an advanced plugin for Virt-A-Mate that allows creating animations using curves and keyframes. While it strives to stay simple and easy to use and understand, it's quite powerful. If you never used keyframe animation software before (such as Source FilmMaker or Blender) it can be a little bit daunting. But don't worry, it's not that complicated, and once you master this, you can create pretty nice things!

In a nutshell, each controller (the thing you select and move around in Virt-A-Mate) gets assigned a position and rotation at a specific point in time. As the animation is played, they get interpolated between keyframes by following a specific curve. If this all sounds like gibberish, please go read a quick overview of keyframe animations, or just try it and see for yourself.

Start by checking out the Getting Started guide, or see some video tutorials that were created by the community.

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