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@arsenetar arsenetar released this May 14, 2019

This release brings many bug fixes as well as better windows support. In order to start getting the release out, binaries will be added as they are built until all platforms are added. To follow progress check #566.

Changes Since Last Release

  • Update qt/ to support other Unix style OSes (#444)
  • Fix font size scaling issue in properties dialog [qt] (#504)
  • Updates to support Python 3.7
  • Fix issue with result window appearing partially off-screen [qt] (#521)
  • Fix translation error for Simplified Chinese
  • Updates to language files for German (#479)
  • Fix error with multiple close calls to the progress window [qt] (#460, #449)
  • Add Travis CI Builds
  • Un-recurse methods get_files() and get_state() to improve stability (#421)
  • Updates to language files for Italian (#445, #446, #447, #448)
  • Fix issue with cache_shelve (#402, #439)
  • Updated Windows packaging and builds (#438, #456, #461, #491, #474, #490, #565)
  • Handle OS termination signals (#425)
  • Make documentation installation optional
  • Move cocoa UI to dupeguru-cocoa [cocoa]

Other Notes

  • All binary versions built with Python 3.7
  • Release files are signed with GPG
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@arsenetar arsenetar released this May 14, 2019 · 48 commits to master since this release

Previous release before moving to using GitHub hosted releases. These files are here for temporary purposes until all platforms are updated.

PPA for this release is at

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