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Welcome to the befdata wiki!

BEFdata is a web application and research data base. It makes it easy to store and harmonize data originating from different research groups and stored in spreadsheets. A special emphasis is for working with the R statistical environment, for which we maintain an R package on CRAN.

Features of BEFdata

  • upload and update data from [Excel(TM) 2003 worksheets](wiki/BEFdata workbook), or as .csv text file
  • upload and update data from within the R statistical environment or as web service
  • harmonize data across data sets, [validate against naming conventions](wiki/Approve invalid categories)
  • export data in EML format
  • access all data from within the R statistical environment; or as web service
  • download data to your R workspace; or as web service
  • request datasets for use in Paper proposals, store usage of datasets in paper proposals
  • use Paper proposals to communicate your analysis ideas within and between projects
  • store primary data in a relational database; PostgreSQL
  • save previous [versions](Changing and Versioning) of your primary data
  • notify those having downloaded or requested your data within BEFdata or via e-mail in case of [changes](Changing and Versioning) to the dataset

In this Wiki you find documentation for

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