Core engine for the Brave browser for macOS, Windows, Linux, and eventually Android. For the issue log, please see
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emerick Merge pull request #1087 from brave/fix-promo-code-file-suffix
Strip de-duplicating suffix from stub installer filename
Latest commit 3a19833 Dec 15, 2018
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.github Submitter should rebase on master (if needed) Oct 3, 2018
app ads service Dec 7, 2018
browser Revert "CRLsets reintroduced" Dec 15, 2018
build Introduce create_unsigned_dmg target to create unsigned dmg Dec 12, 2018
chromium_src Merge pull request #1087 from brave/fix-promo-code-file-suffix Dec 15, 2018
common Revert "CRLsets reintroduced" Dec 15, 2018
components Merge pull request #1101 from brave/rewards-observer-notice Dec 15, 2018
content Fix build/link error comes from brave_plugin_registry_impl.o Nov 23, 2018
extensions/renderer Fix brave/extensions/renderer build error Sep 29, 2018
patches Merge pull request #1087 from brave/fix-promo-code-file-suffix Dec 15, 2018
renderer Fix the logic of BraveContentSettingsObserver::IsBraveShieldsDown Nov 6, 2018
resources Add create_dist and symbol build config Feb 9, 2018
script fixed linting and pep8 issues Nov 28, 2018
test Merge pull request #1087 from brave/fix-promo-code-file-suffix Dec 15, 2018
third_party Issue 1985: Properly show the widevine absence prompt. Dec 12, 2018
tools wrapped with try finally to avoid infinite wait on failure Feb 14, 2018
utility Importer for Muon now imports search engine preferences Dec 13, 2018
vector_icons Toolbar icon 1x revisions Dec 3, 2018
vendor/bat-native-ledger Fixes brave/brave-browser#2464 Dec 11, 2018
win_build_output/midl/google_update Generate x86 midl files from brave's google_update_idl.idl Jun 18, 2018
.gitignore Include native ledger in vendors Dec 11, 2018
.node-version Hello World! Nov 10, 2017
.travis.yml Format python files to PEP8 Nov 13, 2018 Introduce create_unsigned_dmg target to create unsigned dmg Dec 12, 2018
DEPS update DEPS file for Sync Dec 14, 2018
LICENSE Hello World! Nov 10, 2017 add travis badge to readme file Jul 26, 2018
brave_paks.gni ads service Dec 7, 2018
brave_repack_locales.gni Fix localization in Brave web-ui pages Nov 7, 2018
package-lock.json use the correct brave-ui sha revision for master Dec 12, 2018
package.json use the correct brave-ui sha revision for master Dec 12, 2018
tsconfig-jest.json webui generates es2017 output and removes confusing babel config Dec 5, 2018
tsconfig.json Use sha ref for brave-ui dependency instead of npm-published version Dec 7, 2018
tslint.json Adds tslint, travis Jul 16, 2018
version.version add missing template file Jul 25, 2018

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Brave Core

Brave Core is a set of changes, APIs, and scripts used for customizing Chromium to make Brave.

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