iNav CLI variables

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Cleanflight CLI variables related to navigation features

All iNAV calculations are done in cm, cm/s and cm/s^2.

As for CLI, here are some useful commands:
"help" will list available commands.
"dump" will list all settings and what value you have.
"diff" will list all settings that are changed compared to default values. (Recommend to use this for backing up user data and when sharing configurations online.
"get rth" will list all settings with the word "rth" in them.
"set nav_rth_altitude = 300" to change this setting to 300 (centimeters).
"save" to save it permanently and reboot your flight controller, remember to do this or your setting changes will be lost!

The iNav CLI variables are explained in the iNav cli variables documentation.

To see new CLI values for release candidates or other pre release you have to change to the appropriate branch, example development.

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