1.8.0 Release notes

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Please read the release notes carefully and upgrade INAV Configurator available at Chrome Store. You can also use Configurator built as a native MacOS or Windows application.

INAV is and will remain open-source and free, but you are more than welcome to support the development.

This release was supported by our awesome sponsors CarbonBird.com, Airbot, ADPM Drones and a number of supporters on Patreon.


  • We've changed the way you select the receiver. Please make sure to select correct receiver after upgrading!
  • On OMNIBUS F4 targets LEDSTRIP is now moved to where it belongs - dedicated LEDSTRIP connector.

Known bugs

  • OSD blinking not always working

CLI parameter renaming / new parameters

New parameters have been introduced. Some CLI parameters were renamed to support new features or to better reflect their meaning:

Name Description
feature RX_* RX type definition as been moved from a FEATURE to a setting receiver_type, with values of NONE, PWM, PPM, SERIAL, MSP, SPI.
nav_rth_allow_landing This now takes values of NEVER, ALWAYS (default), FS_ONLY. The latter is primarily for fixed wing, where an emergency landing is a better option than have the 'plane fall from altitude as the battery expires under failsafe.
- totally_new_setting
tz_offset Time zone offset from UTC, in minutes. This is applied to the GPS time for logging and time-stamping of Blackbox logs
failsafe_min_distance If failsafe happens when craft is closer than this distance in centimetres from home, failsafe will not execute regular failsafe_procedure, but will execute procedure specified in failsafe_min_distance_procedure instead. 0 = Normal failsafe_procedure always taken.
failsafe_min_distance_procedure The failsafe procedure to initiate in Stage 2 when craft is closer to home than failsafe_min_distance. with values of SET-THR, DROP, RTH, NONE. See the Failsafe documentation.
smartport_fuel_percent Along with battery_capacity variable allows sending SmartPort telemetry Fuel as available battery percentage

New boards

  • Omnibus F4 Pro Corner
  • DYS F4 Pro
  • Matek F405 OSD. This requires slightly different firmware to the (also supported) Matek F405 AIO. Please see the board documentation.
  • CLRACINGF4 AIR board
  • Omnibus F7 V2
  • FuriousFPV WingF4

Discontinued boards

  • CC3D
  • NAZE (all revisions)

Receiver type changes

For 1.7.3 and below receiver was chosen as a feature which was not very user friendly. In 1.8 this have changed to a single setting (receiver_type). Bear in mind that restoring pre-1.8 dumps will reset receiver_type to NONE leaving this to you to fix manually.

OSD related featured and fixes

OSD includes numerous updates, fixes as well as improvements and has received quite significant work for this update, so we're dedicating a whole section in the release notes to it.

Users must to update the OSD font from the configurator after upgrading to 1.8. Failing to do so will result in incorrectly displayed indicators, since a lot of new symbols have been added (a clear symptom will be blank spaces in the OSD where a decimal separator should appear).

General improvements and fixes

  • Improved refresh rate.
  • Significantly reduced memory and CPU usage by the OSD subsystem.
  • Made all OSD numeric fields fixed width.
  • Make all OSD indicator previews look exactly the same in the configurator and in the actual OSD. This allows easily configuring all OSD indicators in a way they don't overlap.
  • Added support for hardware based blinking. Makes all elements blink in sync.
  • Screen is correctly cleared after exiting CMS and after hiding the stats shown after disarming.
  • Enabling GPS will draw the GPS indicators even if the GPS hardware hasn't been detected. This allows configuring GPS related fields in the OSD even if the GPS module is not powered on.
  • Improve artificial horizon drawing performance and fix flashing home direction arrow in its default position due to overlapping with the area cleared (but not actually used) by the indicator.
  • Flight modes which can be combined with ANGLE, HORIZON and ACRO are now displayed in a separate indicator. This includes ALTHOLD in multirotors (in fixed wing ALTHOLD implies ANGLE) and HEADFREE modes.
  • OSD now shows RTH (Return To Home) rather than RTL (Return To Launch) when RTH mode is active.

New OSD indicators

  • Combined "On time" / "Fly time" indicator shows "On time" while the aircraft is unarmed and "Fly time" while it's armed. This indicator is now on by default and the old separated indicators are disabled (can still be enabled in the configurator in the OSD tab).

  • System messages indicator. Shows messages from several topics, including: additional flight mode information (AUTOTUNE and AUTOTRIM modes) reasons for not being able to arm, failsafe status when failsafe mode is active and navigation stages when the navigation system is controlling the aircraft.

  • Average cell voltage shows the average voltage of each cell rather than the voltage of the whole battery.

  • Time of the day indicator shows the current time. Use the new tz_config CLI variable to set your current timezone. It will show UTC time otherwise.

  • Throttle / Automatic Throttle indicator shows the stick throttle position when the user is directly controlling the throttle while showing the actual throttle value sent to the motors while the navigation system is controlling the throttle output.

  • Heading graph indicator shows the heading using a moving graph with the cardinal points rather than heading degrees.

  • VTX channel displays the VTX current band and channel. Requires a VTX with SmartAudio or Tramp support.

  • Efficiency indicator displays the current map drawn per travelled km. Requires a current sensor.

  • Artificial horizon roll direction can now be reversed. This is an experimental feature not available in the configurator and must be enabled using the osd_artificial_horizon_reverse_roll CLI variable. Feedback regarding this feature is highly appreciated.

  • Artificial horizon crosshairs now has two different styles: the default crosshair or an aircraft symbol. This is an experimental feature not available in the configurator and must be configured using the osd_crosshairs_style CLI variable. Feedback regarding this feature is highly appreciated.

  • Artificial horizon sidebars now support scrolling. Each bar can be made to scroll depending on variations on either ground speed, altitude or distance to home. Also, optional arrows can be enabled on top/bottom of the sidebar while it's scrolling. This is an experimental feature not available in the configurator and must be enabled using the osd_left_sidebar_scroll, osd_right_sidebar_scroll and osd_sidebar_scroll_arrows CLI variables. Feedback regarding this feature is highly appreciated.


  • Added home distance alarm. Makes the home distance indicator blink over a certain distance.
  • Negative altitude alarm. Makes the altitude indicator blink when negative altitude becomes greater than a certain value. Useful when taking off from elevated places (like the top of a mountain).

New statistics

  • Show current time and GPS home position in the armed screen (if available). Allows easily organising DVR recordings and matching them with BlackBox logs.
  • Total fly time added to stats screen.
  • Reason for disarming added to the stats screen. Can help diagnose hardware failures or other problems that might cause the aircraft to disarm automatically during a flight.

Other new features

  • [SYSTEM] SmartAudio and Trump VTX support. Band, channel and transmitter power can be changed from CMS
  • [SYSTEM] Software emulated I2C made available for MATEK405 OSD board
  • [GPS] GPS time is handled by the FC, with the option of a user-defined time-zone correction (either statically from configuration, or dynamically applied via MSP from ground station software)
  • [RC] RC channels naming simplification. AUX 1 renamed to CH 5, AUX 2 to CH 6 and so on. This means that restoring old map settings from the CLI will not work, for example TAER1234 is now TAER5678. The Configurator handles this transparently.
  • [TELEMETRY] Multiple SmartPort improvements including MSP over SmartPort to allow configuration from TX (requires support from LUA scrips)
  • [NAVIGATION] Automated navigation modes (RTH and WP) now override MOTOR_STOP. Regardless of user throttle stick position motors will remain running in automated modes. This is intended to prevent disarm during failsafe RTH.
  • [RSSI] Change RSSI scale to be applicable to all RSSI sources
  • [BATTERY] Allowed setting current_meter_offset to negative values
  • [FAILSAFE] Add a minimum failsafe distance behavior that applies when the craft is close to home (distance configurable)
  • [BLACKBOX] Log raw rcData to blackbox
  • [BLACKBOX] Blackbox logs are automatically stamped with creation time from GPS data where available
  • [OMNIBUS F4] Moved LED_STRIP to a dedicated connector available on these boards.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed blinking in OSD indicators.
  • Fixed ghosting of OSD indicators when moving them around in the configurator. The video was showing at the same time the new element at the new position while not erasing it from its old position.
  • Fix bug with incorrect SPI bus speed causing suboptimal hardware performance
  • Non-working AIRPLANE/TRICOPTER/GIMBAL on SPRacingF4 EVO board
  • Fix drop out of the sky if RTH was initiated with throttle stick at zero (see new features)
  • Fix bug with CRSF telemetry now showing consumed mAh
  • Fix non-detected failsafe on KFC32 board with eLeReS receiver
  • Fix incorrect RTH initial climb condition

Development Environment

  • As introduced in 1.7.3, a ruby interpreter is required to build iNav
  • On Cygwin, it is advisable not to have spaces in the compiler path
  • The build environment is only tested on modern compilers (arm-none-eabi-gcc 6.3 and later). Use of older compilers such as 4.8 is not recommended, and may not even be possible.
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