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Welcome to INAV, useful links and products

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Hello everyone and welcome to INAV!

We hope you will enjoy spending time in the chat ( and the Facebook Group (, following the rules of a quiet life, and indeed flying your machines with INAV.

Before asking for help, please check if you can find the solution for your issue here:



Any contribution to the above documentation is, indeed, highly appreciated.

If you find any issues in the flight controller code please feel free to open an issue on our GitHub issue tracker at, if you find an issue with the configurator software open an issue here

Going to build a copter or a plane that will run INAV?

You are very welcome to ask for suggestions and tips in the chat!

Buying from the following links will help in supporting more hardware, debugging and fixing bugs and expanding the functionalities of the flight controller. From every purchase you make, without any additional cost for you, a small commission will be given to INAV developers!

Special 8% off with INAV8%OFF coupon on the not already in PROMO parts!

If you are building a plane:

Suggested flight controllers:

Matek F411-WING:

Matek F405-WING:

Matek F722-WING:

Suggested models to start with:

Zeta Science Wing Wing Z84:

Reptile S800:

Sonicmodell F1:

ARWing 900:

Zeta Science C1 Chaser:

Suggested flight controllers if you are building a copter:

Matek F405-CTR:

Matek F722-STD:

Matek F722-SE:

Matek F722-Mini

Selection of suggested and tested components:


FrSky Taranis X9D Plus:

FrSky Q X7:

FlySky FS-i6X:

GPS Units:

Beitian BN220 GPS:

Beitian BN180 GPS:

Beitian BN880 GPS+COMPASS:



Matek M8Q


EMAX motors:

FPV Cameras:

Runcam Split 2 Mini: (HD)

Runcam Micro Swift 2:

RunCam Eagle 2 Pro:

RunCam Micro Eagle:

Runcam Micro Sparrow 2:

Foxeer Falkor:

Foxeer Micro Falkor:

Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro:

Thanks, and happy flying!

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