1.9.1 Release notes

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Please read the release notes carefully and upgrade INAV Configurator application.

INAV is and will remain open-source and free, but you are more than welcome to support the development.

This release was supported by our awesome sponsors CarbonBird.com, Airbot, ADPM Drones and a number of supporters on Patreon.


  • comparing to INAV 1.8 and below, scaling of nav_mc_vel_xy_p has been lowered by a factor of 5. Previous default was 200, current default is 40. When restoring configuration from INAV 1.8, divide nav_mc_vel_xy_p by 5. The default value from INAV 1.9 (and a 1.9 setting that works for your machine) can be used without any change in 1.9.1. Do not restore blindly from backup!

Known bugs

  • todo

CLI parameter renaming / new parameters

Name Description
align_mag_roll Set the external mag alignment on the roll axis (in 0.1 degree steps). If this value is non-zero, the compass is assumed to be externally mounted and both the board and on-board compass alignent (align_mag) are ignored. See also align_mag_pitch and align_mag_yaw.
align_mag_pitch Same as align_mag_roll, but for the pitch axis.
align_mag_yaw Same as align_mag_roll, but for the yaw axis.
fw_tpa_time_constant TPA smoothing and delay time constant to reflect non-instant speed/throttle response of the plane. Planes with low thrust/weight ratio generally need higher time constant. Default is zero for compatibility with old setups
report_cell_voltage Makes telemetry in all protocols send the average cell voltage rather than full battery voltage. Replaces frsky_vfas_cell_voltage with the same semantics.
serialrx_inverted Reverse the serial inversion of the serial RX protocol. When this value is OFF, each protocol will use its default signal. ON should be used only for custom or hacked receivers. Replaces the sbus_inversion, but it's applied to more protocols.
telemetry_inverted Determines if the telemetry protocol default signal inversion is reversed. This should be OFF in most cases unless a custom or hacked RX is used. Replaces telemetry_inversion, which needed per protocol adjustments.

New boards

  • MATEKF405-WING (MATEKF405SE target)

New features



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