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IPEPs: IPython Enhancement Proposals

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This page serves to index the various IPython Enhancement Proposals that we have sed and are using to guide IPython development. Developers are encouraged to author IPEPs for any development in IPython that the community needs to discuss before code is written. Currently, our protocol for IPEPs is relatively simple.

The IPEP author should:

  1. Create a new wiki page with the title "IPEP N: Title" where "N" is the next consecutive IPEP number and "Title" is an appropriate title for the IPEP.
  2. Link to that wiki page from this page.
  3. Create a GitHub issue for the IPEP.
  4. Notify ipython-dev that you have created the IPEP and inform them that discussion is taking place on this issue (provide links to the IPEP and issue).
  5. Discussion should continue until consensus is reached.
  6. At that point, a pull request or issue should be opened to track the actual implementation.
  7. The IPEP wiki page should be updated with information about the discussion and implementation.

Each IPEP should have a table/area at the top with the following information:

Status Active | Deferred | Accepted | Rejected | Implemented
Author Full Name <>
Created April 6, 2013
Updated April 26, 2013
Discussion link to the issue where the IPEP is being discussed
Implementation link to the PR

Index of IPEPs

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