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IPython has public source code/packages to install on the following mobile OS (Operating Systems) for smartphones, tablets, etc :

  • Android tablet Aakash : See the project APK-IPython. Other links : screenshot of IPython Notebook running MatPlotLib, Python on Aakash tablet;
  • Maemo 4 Diablo (Nokia N800/N810 tablets) and Maemo 5 Fremantle (Nokia N900 smartphone) : IPython 0.10.2 is available in repositories. See topic "IPython for Maemo 4 & 5 & 6" in Talk forum;
  • MeeGo Harmattan OS (Nokia N9 smartphone) : full IPython 0.13.1 is available in community repositories with terminal, Notebook and Qt console interfaces. See topic "IPython (Notebook, QtConsole) 0.13.1 for MeeGo Harmattan" in Talk forum;
  • Mer / Nemo Mobile / Plasma Active / Sailfish OS (on future Jolla smartphone) : full IPython 0.13.2 is available in Mer community repositories with terminal, Notebook and Qt console interfaces. Only limitation is the current Helium web browser is not compatible with IPython Notebook, so only Dashboard is shown, but maybe future and more complete web navigators will be. See topic "Python (modules) on Mer/Nemo " in Talk forum;
  • Ubuntu Touch OS (for future smartphones and tablets) : IPython 0.13.2 is available in Canonical repositories with terminal and Notebook interfaces (Qt console doesn't work because Ubuntu Touch needs GUI in Qt5/QML). IPython Notebook interface has some issues due to current development of the web navigator of Ubuntu Touch : doesn't allow to create “New Notebook”, large Notebooks which are not totally shown (the scrolling is limited) and some bottons don't work very well. Otherwise, IPython Notebook interface works with DashBoard, opens IPython Notebooks, renders MathJax and PyLab embedded plots, make calculations, etc. See the end of the blog article "Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4 : installing and testing".

IPython Notebook web client can also run on some mobile OS, while the IPython Notebook server can be in local or remote network. The web client needs a web browser with websockets and MathJax support. Some tested web browsers and plataforms :

  • Chrome v18 on Android (any smartphone, tablet, Mini-PC, etc);
  • Fennec/Firefox v15-17 on MeeGo Harmattan OS (Nokia N9 smartphone);
  • Fennec/Firefox v7 on Maemo 5 Fremantle (Nokia N900 smartphone).