Install: Docker

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IPython Docker Configurations

Docker Hub:


OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr

Scipy Stack:

A few ways to install IPython with Docker:

>>> itertools.product(['IPython', 'IPython Notebook'], ['', '+ SciPy Stack'])

Anaconda + IPython Configurations

Links to Jupyter Hub

IPython Notebook is now Jupyter Notebook.

Jupyter Hub supports multi-user Jupyter Notebook servers; as separate user accounts on the same machine, or as different Docker containers each containing a user account (see:

Notes regarding use of IPython and Docker

  • TODO: mount a local filesytem directory for notebooks
  • TODO: (jupyter) (GDrive) storage plugins
  • TODO: about running an init process w/ syslog etc (e.g. phusion/baseimage-docker)
  • TODO: sysv/upstart/systemd/supervisord/runit config for IPython Notebook