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@knative-prow-releaser-robot knative-prow-releaser-robot released this Aug 6, 2019 · 1 commit to release-0.8 since this release

Artifact Description
eventing.yaml The core knative/eventing components: Channel, Subscription, ClusterChannelProvisioner, Broker, Trigger, APIServerSource, ContainerSource, CronJobSource, EventType, Sequence, Choice
gcp-pubsub.yaml The GCP PubSub ChannelProvisioner
in-memory-channel-crd.yaml The InMemoryChannel CRD
in-memory-channel-provisioner.yaml The in-memory ChannelProvisioner
natss.yaml The NatssChannel CRD
release.yaml Core knative/eventing components bundled with the in-memory ClusterChannelProvisioner


ClusterChannelProvisioners have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please transition to using CRD-based channel implementations instead.

Existing CCP Replacement CRD
in-memory InMemoryChannel
kafka KafkaChannel in
natss NatssChannel
gcp-pubsub in

Action Required

  • The Kafka channels, both the provisioner-based one as well as the KafkaChannel CRD, have been moved to Install them from there. #1609.
  • sourceAndType filtering on Triggers has been deprecated. A new attributes filter is available, where besides filtering on standard CloudEvents attributes, it allows to filter based on extension attributes.

New Features

  • A new Choice CRD has been added for defining functions to execute based on some condition. #1529, #1595, #1608, #1611, #1642
  • Default channel support for Channel CRDs. #1560
  • Introduced a new Channel object in API group to be used in case users want a channel but are not interested in its actual implementation (e.g., whether it is an InMemoryChannel, KafkaChannel, NatssChannel, etc.). #1560
  • Brokers now leverage the default channel support for CRDs to set up a default channel, if not specified. #1560
  • Sequences now leverage the default channel support for CRDs to set up a default channel, if not specified. #1569
  • Migrated to use v0.3 of CloudEvents Spec. #1535, #1575
  • Added stats reporter for webhook. #1520
  • Added access to metrics with Grafana and Prometheus. Follow this guide to understand the details. #1584
  • Exposed the registration delay for the webhook. #1534
  • ApiServerSource now updates its receive adapter, if needed. #1576, #1577
  • Broker and Trigger now use fixed names. The old Channels and Subscriptions with a generated name will continue to exist, but will be garbage collected once Brokers/Triggers are deleted. #1563
  • ApiServerSource now uses fixed names. #1602
  • ContainerSource now uses fixed names. #1628
  • CronJobSource and ApiServerSource are discoverable. By describing their CRDs, you can identify what are the event types they can produce. #1638
  • Channels based on the provisioner model now use fixed names. #1588.
  • Added metric to measure the time from when an event is received by the Broker ingress until it is delivered to the function. #1635
  • Added attributes filter on Triggers. #1643

Bug Fixes

  • Tracing service name for CronJobSource is now cronjobsource. #1492
  • Added RBAC update permissions for finalizers sub-resource of Sequences. #1495
  • Added missing json tags in Sequence's SubscriptionStatuses and ChannelStatuses. #1501
  • Registered SequenceList to the known types scheme. #1528
  • Fixed e2e tearing down step #1541
  • Changed version to versions in CRDs. #1547
  • Added InMemoryChannel, KafkaChannel, NatssChannel,, and Sequences to the addressable-resolver cluster role. #1600, #1601, #1608

Other Changes

  • Updated opencensus dependencies. #1532
  • Removed old deprecated webhook called webhook. #1322
  • Migrated to #1475
  • Migrated to #1604
  • Added importers category to ApiServerSource, ContainerSource, and CronJobSource. #1473
  • Added e2e test for Sequences. #1482
  • Skipped flaky tests. #1502
  • Added channel spec draft. #1420, #1514, #1572, #1617
  • Made gcloud a no-op if not available for test scripts #1508
  • Changed environment variable names for release process #1542
  • Replaced AddressableTracker with ResourceTracker. #1522
  • Added point release documentation for knative/test-infra. #1548
  • Disabled logging headers in NATSS dispatcher. #1552
  • Updated roadmap documentation. #1574
  • Increased UT coverage. #1568, #1570, #1571
  • ApiServerSource now propagates its receive adapter's status. #1578
  • Removed e2e tests for channel provisioners. #1489
  • Moved Broker ingress to pkg. #1612
  • Allowed running e2e tests on oidc clusters and dockerhub. #1620
  • Small CronJobSource improvements. #1630, #1632
  • Documented steps to create a release. #1639
  • Added automatic release version labels. #1644
  • Made e2e tests work on macOS. #1641
  • New service account for eventing-source-controller. #1490
  • Added scrape annotation to services exporting metrics. #1510
  • Added permissions to admin default roles. #1503
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