s520 and leezer3 New: Add microphone input (#298)
* New: Add microphone input

* Change: The range of the position to be played can be set

* Change: Assigned the default key to PLAY_MIC_SOUNDS
Latest commit 7ce3489 Dec 17, 2018


Build Status

Build status

openBVE Source Code - Readme

This source code started out life as a port of openBVE to the OpenTK framework, but now has begun major development work to improve the sim and the possibilities it presents.

Compatibility Changes

A general overview of compatibility changes, including to the OpenBveApi, and animated objects are described fully here.

Fixed Errata

These are described fully here.

Nightly Builds

Automatically generated daily builds are available here.

Developer Documentation

Documentation for development of add-ons (update version of docs originally written by michelle) can be found here.


openBVE now supports the installation of 'package files' , which are intended as a replacement for the now defunct managed content. These are described fully here.


This build has been tested to compile correctly using VS2013 and MonoDevelop, but should also compile with SharpDevelop.

Joystick hat support does not function correctly in the current release build of OpenTK (1.1.4). Please compile OpenTK yourself from the most recent source if you wish to use this feature.


Please see the Contributors File for a list of contributors, and basic guidelines for contributing to the development of openBVE.


Project Website:


Project Source Code on GitHub: https://github.com/leezer3/OpenBVE

Discussion Boards:

Official Project Forum:



Michelle intended for this program to be placed in the public domain. This means that you can make any modifications to it you like and share your modifications with others.

Third-Pary Libraries

  • openBVE uses the OpenTK library for windowing and input handling. This is licenced under the Open Toolkit Library Licence, which may be found in OpenTKLicence.txt.
  • openBVE uses the CS Script Library for animation scripting. This is licened under the MIT Licence, which may be found in CSScriptLicence.txt.
  • openBVE uses SharpCompress for archive handling. This is licenced under the MIT Licence, which may be found in SharpCompressLicence.txt.
  • openBVE uses NUinversalCharDetect for character set detection. This is tri-licenced under the Mozilla Public Licence v1.1, GPL 2.0 and LGPL 2.0