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A simple WordPress theme build with _s and Bootstrap 4.
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tsumugi is a simple WordPress theme based on Underscores and Bootstrap. It consists of a single column layout which is suitable for mobile devices and tablets along with PCs. For it's readability and simplicity, this theme is user-friendly for everyone. (The name of "tsumugi" is inspired by the song of "Hatsune", a Japanese singer.)


Extract a zip file and put an uncompressed folder in the theme directory.
Then, activate it from the admin panel.



  • node.js

Edit theme files

1. Install node modules

Move to the theme directory and run npm install.

2. Compile CSS

Run npm run css-compile when compiling Sass to CSS.

4. Build zip file

Run npm run build to publish necessary files to a zip file.

Update Dependencies

If you want to update Bootstrap, run npm run bwupdate in the theme directory. It will be updated just necessary files in the theme directory.

After above command, Sass master files of Bootstrap in /sass/bootstrap/ will be updated too.
(Original Sass files for this theme are remain in same directories as *_tm.scss)

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