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@escopecz escopecz released this Oct 23, 2018 · 1026 commits to staging since this release

Change Log

This is a bug fix version focusing on stability.


This version uses constants that require LIBXML v2.7.7 or higher elsewhere the forms will malfunction.



A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @alanhartless, @andreab79, @Autom3, @bookin, @dsp76, @ecoitsolutions, @EnableITmike, @Enc3phale, @escopecz, @FranSanchezOria, @galvani, @heathdutton, @hluchas, @jbransen, @jdcalled, @jkuchar, @johbuch, @jsolam, @Kuuak, @kuzmany, @M4v3R, @mareksotak, @Maxell92, @maxlawton, @maxSupermoney, @mitresh95, @Noa83, @noone-silent, @npracht, @phenixiim, @scottshipman, @shershennm, @skolarianer, @slaidel, @StudioMaX, @TheSpanner, @tslater, @Woeler, @XRaccourci, @yrammos

SHA1 = d896eb2389047509c841d8478191234bea432e44
SHA1 = 3c87824e70d25c3f47e66876711532ea9f4a6f63

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