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Font Groups

Language Fonts

Adobe X11: Serif and sans serf fonts of different types and sizes.

Codeman38: 8x8 pixel fonts.

Crox: Cyrillic fonts.

cu12: ClearlyU Unicode Bitmap Font with support for many languages.

Efont: Japanese Font.

Fontstruct: Bitmap fonts from fontstruct.com.

Free Universal: "Free Universal" font, different sizes.

Inconsolata: "Inconsolata" font, different sizes.

Logisoso: "Logisoso" font, different sizes.

NBP: Bitmap fonts from font author Nate547.

Old School PC Fonts

Old Standard: "Old Standard" font, different sizes.

Open Game Art: 8x8 fonts from opengameart.org.

Persian: Serveral fonts for Persian languages

Profont: Monospace font

Thai Fonts

Tom-Thumb: Very small monospaced font.

U8g: Fonts for the u8g and u8g2 projects.

Unifont: GNU Unifont with support for many languages.


WenQuanYi bitmap fonts: Chinese font.

X11: Monospace fonts from the X11 project.


Siji Icon Font : Siji Icon Font

Open Iconic: Large number of icons with different sizes.

Academia Sinica

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