@iangilman iangilman released this Jul 20, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

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  • BREAKING CHANGE: Viewer's canvas-double-click event is now fired before it initiates the zoom (#1288)
  • You can now flip the viewport to get a mirror image of the original (#1441)
  • You can now prevent canvas-double-click events from zooming on a per-event basis (#1288)
  • Fixed: Opacity 0 images were causing unnecessary redraws (#1319)
  • The "page" event is now fired after the page index has been updated (#1330)
  • Added option pixelsPerArrowPress that sets the speed of arrow keys (#1364)
  • Improved IIIF options.maxLevel calculation (#1401)
  • Added canvas-key events, along with the ability to cancel key actions (#1414)
  • Added optional zoom in the middle of the image instead of pointer position (#1423)
  • Now supporting square edge tiles that are padded rather than cropped (#1426)
  • Fixed an issue causing the simple image tileSource to sometimes show duplicate copies (#1370)
  • Fixed an issue causing seams to appear in semi-transparent PNG tiled images (#1470)
  • Added visual customization options for the navigator (#1480)
  • You can now prevent canvas-drag events on the navigator (#1484)
  • You can now prevent canvas-click events on the navigator (#1416)
  • The navigator can now be restricted to just horizontal or just vertical panning (#1416)
  • Fixed DziTileSource so it doesn't load levels above maxLevel or below minLevel, if set (#1492)

@iangilman iangilman released this Sep 19, 2017 · 137 commits to master since this release

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  • Debug mode now uses different colors for different tiled images (customizable via debugGridColor) (#1271)
  • Fixed a problem with preventDefaultAction for the canvas-drag event (#1278)
  • Fixed an issue causing double images with certain aspect ratios (#1280)
  • Fixed: placeholderFillStyle had no effect (#1286)
  • Fixed seams that appear in wrap mode on Safari and Firefox (#1305

@iangilman iangilman released this Jul 14, 2017 · 166 commits to master since this release

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  • BREAKING CHANGE: Tile.distance has been removed (#1027)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Viewer's canvas-click event is now fired before it initiates the zoom (#1148)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Viewer's canvas-drag event is now fired before it pans (#1149)
  • Added Zoomify tile source (#863)
  • You can now set the rotation of individual tiled images (#1006)
  • Added getFullyLoaded method and "fully-loaded-change" event to TiledImage to know when tiles are fully loaded (#837, #1073)
  • You can now preload images without drawing them to the screen (#1071)
  • Added support for commonjs (#984)
  • Added an option to addTiledImage to change the crossOriginPolicy (#981)
  • You can now load tiles via AJAX and custom AJAX request headers (#1055)
  • Added ability to provide thumbnail URLs for reference strip (#1241)
  • Improved panning constraints for constrainDuringPan (#1133 and #1245)
  • You can now prevent canvas-click events from zooming on a per-event basis (#1148)
  • You can now prevent canvas-drag events from panning on a per-event basis (#1149)
  • The navigationControlAnchor option now works for custom toolbar as well (#1004)
  • LegacyTileSource now allows any image URLs regardless of type (#1056)
  • Enabled configuration of ImageLoader timeout (#1192)
  • Viewer.open() now supports an initialPage argument for sequenceMode (#1196)
  • New events for opacity and compositeOperation changes (#1203)
  • Added support for setting debug mode after the Viewer object has been constructed (#1224)
  • Added functions for dynamically adding and removing the reference strip in sequence mode (#1213)
  • Better calculation for TileCache release cutoff (#1214)
  • The navigator now picks up opacity and compositeOperation changes (#1203)
  • Improved calculation for determining which level to load first (#1198)
  • Added fix for supporting weird filenames that look like JSONs (#1189)
  • Improved DziTileSource guessing of tilesUrl (#1074)
  • The Viewer's tileSources option is now smarter about detecting JSON vs XML vs URL (#999)
  • Better compression for our UI images (#1134)
  • Optimization: Use the squared distance when comparing tiles (#1027)
  • Now clamping pixel ratio density to a minimum of 1, fixing display issues on low density devices (#1200)
  • More forgiving check for DZI schema (#1249)
  • ImageTileSource now works in IE8 (#1041)
  • Fixed CORS bug in IE 10 (#967)
  • Fixed issue with tiles not appearing with wrapHorizontal/wrapVertical if you pan too far away from the origin (#987, #1066)
  • Fixed: Initial tile load wasn't happening in parallel (#1014)
  • Fixed problem with "sparse image" DZI files (#995)
  • Fix IndexSizeError on IE and Edge that occurred under certain circumstances (e.g. multi-image with transparency) (#1035)
  • Fixed error in IE8 when zooming in (due to edge smoothing) (#1064)
  • Fixed issue with OpenSeadragon.version in the minified JavaScript (#1099)
  • Fixed smoothTileEdgesMinZoom performance degradation on single-tile images (#1101)
  • Fixed issue with tiles not appearing after rotation (#1102)
  • Fixed: The navigator wasn't respecting the constrainDuringPan setting (#1104)
  • Fixed an issue causing overlays to be mis-positioned in some circumstances (#1119)
  • Fixed: ImageTileSource would sometimes produce a double image (#1123)
  • Fixed: console.debug caused exceptions on IE10 (#1129)
  • Fixed: the reference strip would leak memory when opening new sets of images (#1175)
  • Fixed: zoomTo/zoomBy ignore refPoint if immediately is true (#1184)
  • Fixed: IIPImageServer didn't work with the latest OSD release (#1199)
  • Fixed: setItemIndex method not working with navigator inside "open" event (#1201)
  • Fixed: The reference strip didn't show the initial page if it wasn't the first page (#1208)
  • Fixed: Sometimes the image would stick to the mouse when right-clicking and left-clicking simultaneously (#1223)
  • Fixed issue with transparent images sometimes disappearing on Safari (#1222)
  • Fixed: One image failing to load could cause the others to never load (#1229)
  • Fixed: Mouse up outside map will cause "canvas-drag" event to stick (#1133)
  • Fixed more issues with tracking multiple pointers (#1244)

@iangilman iangilman released this Jun 21, 2016 · 469 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed problems with zoom/pan constraints with certain extreme settings (#965)
  • Fixed an issue causing the browser to crash on iOS (#966)

@iangilman iangilman released this May 26, 2016 · 481 commits to master since this release

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  • BREAKING CHANGE: Viewport.homeBounds, Viewport.contentSize, Viewport.contentAspectX and
    Viewport.contentAspectY have been removed. (#846)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Overlay.getBounds method now takes the viewport as parameter. (#896)
  • DEPRECATION: Overlay.scales, Overlay.bounds and Overlay.position have been deprecated. (#896)
    • Overlay.width !== null should be used to test whether the overlay scales horizontally
    • Overlay.height !== null should be used to test whether the overlay scales vertically
    • The Overlay.getBounds method should be used to get the bounds of the overlay in viewport coordinates
    • Overlay.location replaces Overlay.position
  • DEPRECATION: Viewport.setHomeBounds has been deprecated (#846)
  • DEPRECATION: the Viewport constructor is now ignoring the contentSize option (#846)
  • Tile edge smoothing at high zoom (#764)
  • Fixed issue with reference strip popping up virtual keyboard on mobile devices (#779)
  • Now supporting rotation in the Rect class (#782)
  • Drag outside of iframe now works better, as long as both pages are on the same domain (#790)
  • Coordinate conversion now takes rotation into account (#796)
  • Support tile-less IIIF as per LegacyTileSource (#816)
  • You can now give an empty string to the tabIndex option (#805)
  • Fixed issue with rotation and clicking in the navigator (#807)
  • Broadened the check for mime type in LegacyTileSource URLs to allow query strings (#819)
  • Added globalCompositeOperation option for tiledImage, to allow for different transfer modes (#814)
  • Added Viewer.addSimpleImage method for easily adding non-tiled images (#827)
  • DziTileSource now works properly with DZI files that have no extension (#835)
  • Fixed content clipping with rotation (#463, #567 and #833)
  • Fixed navigator not being rotated when viewport rotation is set in constructor (#840)
  • Fixed: Viewer.setMouseNavEnabled wasn't affecting all of the viewer's trackers (#845)
  • Fixed: with scrollToZoom disabled, the viewer caused page scrolling to slow down (#858)
  • Added Viewer.getOverlayById and Overlay.getBounds functions (#853)
  • Tiled images with 0 opacity no longer load their tiles or do drawing calculations (#859)
  • Fixed issue with edge smoothing with PNG tiles at high zoom (#860)
  • Fixed: Images with transparency were clearing images layered below them (#861)
  • Fixed issue causing HTML pages to jump unwantedly to the reference strip upon loading (#872)
  • Added addOnceHandler method to EventSource (#887)
  • Added TiledImage.fitBounds method (#888)
  • Overlays can now be scaled in a single dimension by providing a point location and either width or height (#896)
  • Added full rotation support to overlays (#729, #193)
  • Viewport.goHome() now takes clipping into account (#910)
  • Improved zoom to point (#923)
  • Optimized sketch canvas clearing and blending for images with opacity or transfer modes (#927)
  • Now taking rotation into account in viewport getBounds and fitBounds methods (#934)
  • Added option to disable navigator auto-fade (#935)
  • Fixed issue with maintaining viewport position with full screen (#940)
  • Fixed an issue with simultaneous touch events (#930)
  • Avoid loading clipped out tiles (#939)
  • Improved precision for subtle moves with fitBounds (#939)
  • Fixed an issue in viewer.addTiledImage with replace:true when viewer has navigator (#948)

@iangilman iangilman released this Nov 12, 2015 · 727 commits to master since this release

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  • BREAKING CHANGE: the tile does not hold a reference to its image anymore. Only the tile cache keep a reference to images.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: TileSource.tileSize no longer exists; use TileSource.getTileWidth() and TileSource.getTileHeight() instead.
  • DEPRECATION: let ImageRecord.getRenderedContext create the rendered context instead of using ImageRecord.setRenderedContext
  • DEPRECATION: TileSource.getTileSize() is deprecated. Use TileSource.getTileWidth() and TileSource.getTileHeight() instead.
  • Changed resize behaviour to prevent "snapping" to world bounds when constraints allow more space (#711)
  • Added support for non-square tiles (#673)
    • TileSource.Options objects can now optionally provide tileWidth/tileHeight instead of tileSize for non-square tile support.
    • IIIFTileSources will now respect non-square tiles if available.
  • Added new tile source for simple images: ImageTileSource (#760)
  • Optimized adding large numbers of items to the world with collectionMode (#735)
  • Registers as an AMD module where possible (#719)
  • Added "tile-loaded" event on the viewer allowing to modify a tile before it is marked ready to be drawn (#659)
  • Added "tile-unloaded" event on the viewer allowing to free up memory one has allocated on a tile (#659)
  • Added 'tile-load-failed' event (#725)
  • Added additional coordinates conversion methods to TiledImage (#662)
  • Added preserveImageSizeOnResize option (#666)
  • Added collectionColumns as a configuration parameter (#680)
  • Added option in addTiledImage to replace tiledImage at index (#706)
  • Added autoRefigureSizes flag to World for optimizing mass rearrangements (#715)
  • You can now change viewport margins after the viewer is created (#721)
  • Added a patch to help slow down the scroll devices that fire too fast (#754)
  • Fixed flickering tiles with useCanvas=false when no cache is used (#661)
  • 'display: none' no longer gets reset on overlays during draw (#668)
  • Better error reporting for tile load failures (#679)
  • Added XDomainRequest as fallback method for ajax requests if XMLHttpRequest fails (for IE < 10) (#693)
  • Now avoiding using eval when JSON.parse is available (#696)
  • Rotation now works properly on retina display (#708)
  • Fixed issue with tiledImages loading tiles at every level instead of just the best level (#728)
  • Fixed placeholderFillStyle flicker (#727)
  • Fix for Chrome (v45) issue that key is sometimes undefined outside of the for-in loop (#730)
  • World.removeAll now cancels any in-flight image loads; same for Viewer.open and Viewer.close (#734)
  • Fixed overlays position (use rounding instead of flooring and ceiling) (#741)
  • Fixed issue with including overlays in your tileSources array when creating/opening in the viewer (#745)
  • Fixed issue in iOS devices that would cause all touch events to fail after a Multitasking Gesture was triggered (#744)
  • Fixed an issue with TiledImage setPosition/setWidth/setHeight not reliably triggering a redraw (#720)
  • Fixed zooming in with plus key on a Swedish keyboard (#763)

@iangilman iangilman released this May 26, 2015 · 897 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

This is a major release with a number of breaking changes and deprecations (see below) and a major feature, true multi-image support:


Please pay special attention to the breaking changes below if you had previously used the multi-image or multi-layer features of the previous versions of OpenSeadragon.

We've also added improved info on coordinate systems (even more important now with multi-image):


...and published an SVG overlay plugin:



  • True multi-image mode (#450)
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Passing an array for the tileSources option is no longer enough to trigger sequence mode; you have to set the sequenceMode option to true as well
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Navigator no longer sends an open event when its viewer opens
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Viewer.drawers and Viewer.drawersContainer no longer exist
    • BREAKING CHANGE: A Viewer's Drawer and Viewport are now made once per Viewer and reused for every image that Viewer opens (rather than being recreated for every open); this means if you change Viewer options between opens, the behavior is different now.
    • DEPRECATION: use Viewer.addTiledImage instead of Viewer.addLayer
      • addTiledImage supports positioning config properties
    • DEPRECATION: use World.getItemAt instead of Viewer.getLayerAtLevel
    • DEPRECATION: use World.getIndexOfItem instead of Viewer.getLevelOfLayer
    • DEPRECATION: use World.getItemCount instead of Viewer.getLayersCount
    • DEPRECATION: use World.setItemIndex instead of Viewer.setLayerLevel
    • DEPRECATION: use World.removeItem instead of Viewer.removeLayer
    • DEPRECATION: use World.needsDraw instead of Drawer.needsUpdate
    • DEPRECATION: use TileCache.numTilesLoaded instead of Drawer.numTilesLoaded
    • DEPRECATION: use World.resetItems instead of Drawer.reset
    • DEPRECATION: use Drawer.clear and World.draw instead of Drawer.update
    • DEPRECATION: the layersAspectRatioEpsilon option is no longer necessary
    • DEPRECATION: Viewer's add-layer event is now World's add-item event
    • DEPRECATION: Viewer's layer-level-changed event is now World's item-index-change event
    • DEPRECATION: Viewer's remove-layer event is now World's remove-item event
    • DEPRECATION: Viewer's add-layer-failed event is now add-item-failed
    • DEPRECATION: TileSourceCollection has been retired in favor of World
    • DEPRECATION: collectionMode no longer draws outlines or reflections for items
    • Drawer has been split into three classes:
      • TiledImage, tile management and positioning for a single tiled image
      • TileCache, tile caching for all images
      • Drawer, tile drawing for all images
    • New class: World, keeps track of multiple images in the scene
    • Viewer now has world and tileCache properties
    • Rect and Point now have clone functions
    • New Viewport method for managing homeBounds as well as constraints: setHomeBounds
    • Viewport.open supports positioning config properties
    • For multi-image open, drawing isn't started until all tileSources have been opened
    • You can specify a clip area for each image (only works on browsers that support the HTML5 canvas) (#594)
    • Added placeholderFillStyle so image rectangles can be drawn even before their tiles load (#635)
    • Ability to set opacity on individual TiledImages (#644)
  • Margins option to push the home region in from the edges of the Viewer (#505)
  • Rect and Point toString() functions are now consistent: rounding values to nearest hundredth
  • Overlays appear in the DOM immediately on open or addOverlay (#507)
  • imageLoaderLimit now works (#544)
  • Turning off scrollToZoom in gestureSettings now allows scroll events to propagate
  • You can now set a minZoomLevel that's greater than the home zoom level
  • Added union() to OpenSeadragon.Rect
  • Fixed an error in fitBounds if the new and old bounds were extremely close in size
  • Added ajaxWithCredentials option (#543)
  • Added viewport-change event for after the viewport changes but before it's drawn
  • A spring's current value is now updated immediately on reset (#524)
  • Fixed an error in fitBounds that occurred sometimes with immediately = true
  • Added support for HDPI (retina) displays (#583)
  • Corrected IIIF tile source to use canonical syntax (#586)
  • Fixed x/y typo that caused horizontal reference strip to be rendered only relative to height (#595)
  • Fixed Firefox 35 not able to open local files (#588)
  • Fixed an issue with zero size viewers in IE8 (#609)
  • Fixed: Cross Origin policy not working (#613)
  • Optimized tile loading by clearing the queue on a re-draw when imageLoaderLimit is set (#616)
  • Now animating zoom spring exponentially (#631)
  • Added http://editorconfig.org/ config file (#637)
  • Keyboard pan speed is now the same regardless of zoom level (#645)

@iangilman iangilman released this Jan 29, 2015 · 1215 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Added preserveOverlays option (#561)
  • Fixed: DZI tilesource was broken on IE8/IE9 (#563)
  • Exposed secondary pointer button (middle, right, etc.) events from MouseTracker and through viewer (#479)
  • MouseTracker - Improved IE 8 compatibility (#562)
  • MouseTracker - Improved IE 9+ compatibility (#564)
  • MouseTracker - Simulated touchenter/touchleave events now bubble to parent element MouseTrackers (#566)
  • MouseTracker - Improved multitouch support in enter/exit event handlers (#566)
  • MouseTracker - orphaned tracked touch pointers removed (fix for #539)
  • MouseTracker - removed touchenter/touchleave event support since the events don't exist on any known platform and have been removed from the W3C specification (#566)
  • Removed Viewer onContainerPress/onContainerRelease handlers (and the associated 'container-release' event ) that were never fired due to the canvas (child) element capturing the DOM events (#566)
  • Added 'canvas-enter', 'canvas-exit', and 'canvas-press' events to Viewer (#566)
  • ButtonGroup - removed obsolete MouseTracker event handlers (#566)
  • MouseTracker - added keydown and keyup handlers (#568)
  • Modifier keys ignored in keyboard navigation handlers (#503)
  • Requesting keyboard focus when viewer is clicked (#537)
  • Arrow key navigation fixed across platforms (#565)
  • Removed textarea element from viewer DOM. Viewer.canvas now handles keyboard navigation (#569)
  • Removed 'position' property from MouseTracker keyDownHandler/keyUpHandler/keyHandler functions (#573)
  • Fixed pointer event model detection for IE 10 and IE 11 (#571)
  • Added setMouseNavEnabled() support to Navigator (#572)
  • MouseTracker now defaults to tracking on (#558)
  • Removed Viewer focusHandler/onCanvasFocus (#577)
  • Added tabIndex option to viewer (#577)

@iangilman iangilman released this Jan 5, 2015 · 1279 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • New combined IIIF TileSource for 1.0 through 2.0 (#441)
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed IIIF1_1TileSource (now that IIIFTileSource supports all versions)
  • Allowed TileSources to have dynamic tileSize via source.getTileSize(level) (#441)
    • DEPRECATION: Use .getTileSize(level) instead of .tileSize
  • Fix for IIPServer-style urls when using DZI (#413)
  • Fix memory leak while destroying the viewer (#421)
  • Added fitBoundsWithConstraints() to the viewport (#423)
  • Fixed MouseTracker cross-browser issues with tracking pointers over and out of the tracked element (pull request #448, fix for #152, #404, #420, and #427)
  • Fixed incorrect flick direction after image is rotated (#452)
  • Debug mode now works with rotate images (#453)
  • Now supporting dzi xml with namespaces (#462)
  • You can now rotate the navigator along with the main viewer (#455)
  • Viewport.setRotation now allows all rotation angles (#466)
  • Pinch rotate is now available (defaults to off) (#468)
  • Added option for home button to fill viewer (#474)
  • Better handling of mid-update image loaded callbacks (#409)
  • Tracked pointers are now cleaned up when Viewer.setMouseNavEnabled(false) is called (#518)
  • Added explicit pointer capture for touch event model touchstart events (#552)

@iangilman iangilman released this May 8, 2014 · 1431 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Fixed issue with dragging the navigator highlight on Webkit browsers (#395)
  • Improved Viewer Options Support in Gesture Handling (#399)