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The development team uses the following third party software projects to develop OpenDb. Most if not all the software is open source and in many cases released GPL. If you are interested in contributing to OpenDb or just want to try out some great software why not take a look at these projects.

  • Apache Web Server OpenDb is developed using Apache web server.
  • PHP OpenDb is developed to be PHP 5+ compatible.
  • MySQL Database Server OpenDb is developed to be MySQL 4.0+, 4.1.x and 5.x compatible.
  • XAMMP A single download and very easy installation of Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin (amongst others), there are distributions for Linux and Windows, its as simple as extract and start.
  • phpMyAdmin Web Based MySQL database server admin software - comes included as part of XAMMP, or you can install it separately, invaluable for those pesky exports, backups, sql tweaks, etc.
  • Eclipse PHP Development Tool An integrated development environment for PHP development.
  • Firefox Web Browser OpenDb is developed primarily for this open source browser, so why not give it a try yourself if you aren't already, IE really does suck big ones!
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