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The following site plugins are included in the core release:

  • - CDDB Free Clone
  • - You need to load the CSV file into the OpenDb database.
  • - Internet Book List
  • - Moby Games
  • Amazon E-Commerce
  • eMusic
  • MangaUpdate
  • cmbkdbt (
  • by

Amazon E-Commerce Support

A new site plugin has been introduced in OpenDb 1.0 which allows sites to connect up to the amazon e-commerce web service. The site plugin can also under the covers replace existing amazon site classes. This process only requires a few changes to an existing site plugin definition.

Most of the changes required are in the Configuration and Attribute and Lookup Attribute mapping sections.

The amazonecs.class.php is designed to allow configuration of the domain in the admin section, or else at runtime with a extra input field. Although there is a bit of config overhead, its preferable to configure it in the admin section, so that the user is not required to work out what domain to use.

TODO - Provide documentation on proper configuration of this plugin

You need to apply for a Web Services Developer token, the following info might be helpful

VideoDB Engine Wrapper Site Plugin

During the development of opendb 1.0, a proof of concept wrapper for videodb site plugins. Its not probably going to be extremely useful with the current crop of plugins from videodb - especially as many of them already are provided by OpenDb, but some of you may find it useful. You will need to download it from the patch below. The videodb plugins are already included, because there is a small change required to each file before it can be used.

Its currently unsupported, but post any issues to the patch topic