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@developit developit released this 29 Jun 13:22
· 1125 commits to master since this release

New & Shiny

  • Add support for custom configuration! Drop a preact.config.js into your repo and export a function to mutate the webpack configuration to your heart's content. (#56, thanks @rkostrzewski et al)
  • Switch prerendering to use Webpack (#43/#39/#62/#71, thanks @rkostrzewski)
  • We'll now pick up your custom .babelrc if it exists (#153, thanks @lukeed)
  • Add create-react-class to preact-compat aliases (#132, thanks @diagramatics)
  • Respect "browserslist" config (#125, thanks @lukeed)
  • Auto-initialize new projects with git init if git is present (#35, thanks @fivetanley)

Bugs Fixed

Other Wonderful Things

  • 🎉 We now have tests! 🎉 Huge thanks to @rkostrzewski for building a comprehensive suite - we're tracking file sizes and snapshots for the demo applications, so you can be sure a preact-cli release won't affect your code (or only in a positive way).