PX4 Pro Autopilot Software
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Latest commit b863800 Jan 24, 2017 @jgoppert jgoppert committed on GitHub Streamline python script for temp cal. (#6416)
* Streamline python script for temp cal.

* Simplify file generation for temp calibration.
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Debug Profiler: folder fix - more special cases for operator<< and operator>> Jan 21, 2015
Documentation Rename mainapp to px4. Jul 29, 2016
Images Removed mis-named file px4iov2.prototype (#6420) Jan 23, 2017
NuttX @ 44ad7e2 Upgrade to Nuttx 7.18+ ==upstream Dec 21, 2016
ROMFS ROMFS: add thermal calibration logging mode Jan 21, 2017
Tools Streamline python script for temp cal. (#6416) Jan 24, 2017
cmake TAP_V1 removed unused GPIO defines Jan 21, 2017
integrationtests Update px4tools api for mission test. Jan 14, 2017
launch Add better option handling to integration testing script. Dec 26, 2016
mavlink/include/mavlink update mavlink to master, rename MOUNT_STATUS Nov 28, 2016
misc/tones Allow tone_alarm cmd to take filename as parameter Aug 31, 2013
msg sensor_correction.msg rename {gyro,accel,baro}_select to match uORB c… Jan 19, 2017
nuttx-configs zubaxgnss-v1 use board common reset interface Jan 24, 2017
nuttx-patches s2740vc-v1 use board common reset interface requiers upstream nuttx fix Jan 24, 2017
posix-configs init shmem early to avoid random crash in fastrpc (#6407) Jan 21, 2017
src Move common macros to systemlib/px4_macros.h Jan 24, 2017
test_data Add additional DSM test data Oct 19, 2016
unittests Rearrange parameter unit tests so they are in alphabetical order. Jan 6, 2017
.ackrc ack: add .ackrc to ignore the Documentation directory Apr 11, 2016
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.gitmodules Upgrade to Nuttx 7.18+ ==upstream Dec 21, 2016
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.ycm_extra_conf.py Added youcompleteme config. Mar 22, 2014
CMakeLists.txt Rework Includes during the uorb message generation Jan 14, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.md correct link to developer guide Jan 11, 2016
CTestConfig.cmake gather test results Jan 2, 2017
Firmware.sublime-project Reset alt/position when entring position control from auto Nov 21, 2016
LICENSE.md LICENSE.md: bring year up-to-date Jun 12, 2015
Makefile enable px4 flight for excelsior(legacy) Jan 16, 2017
README.md Update README Jan 14, 2017
Vagrantfile Speed up Vagrant Jan 1, 2016
circle.yml circleci run tests under code coverage (#6273) Jan 9, 2017
eclipse.cproject eclipse project file updates Oct 12, 2016
eclipse.project eclipse project file updates Oct 12, 2016
package.xml PX4 package depends on mav_msgs Jul 13, 2015


PX4 Pro Drone Autopilot

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This repository holds the PX4 Pro flight control solution for drones, with the main applications located in the src/modules directory. It also contains the PX4 Drone Middleware Platform, which provides drivers and middleware to run drones.

Weekly Dev Call

The PX4 Dev Team syncs up on its weekly dev call (connect via Mumble client).

  • TIME: 19:00h Zurich time, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
  • Server: sitl01.dronetest.io
  • Port: 64738
  • Password: px4
  • The agenda is announced in advance on the PX4 Discuss
  • Issues and PRs may be labelled "devcall" to flag them for discussion### Users ###

Please refer to the user documentation and user forum for flying drones with the PX4 flight stack.


Maintenance Team

Supported Hardware

This repository contains code supporting these boards:

Project Milestones

The PX4 software and Pixhawk hardware (which has been designed for it) has been created in 2011 by Lorenz Meier.