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@yihui yihui released this Mar 16, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

  • Added the template for the Frontiers Journals (@muschellij2, @zkamvar, #209).

  • Added the template for the AGU Journals (thanks, @eliocamp, #199).

  • Updated the template for PLOS to version 3.5 (thanks, @uvesten, #196).

  • No longer hardcode the LaTeX engine to xelatex in rsos_article() (thanks, @bensprung, #198).

  • Added an argument pandoc_args to ieee_article() so that users can pass custom Pandoc arguments. This also makes it work with bookdown::pdf_book() (thanks, @espinielli, #206).

  • The base_format argument has been removed from peerj_article() (#127) and copernicus_article() (#172). This argument was originally added mainly for supporting bookdown::pdf_book(), but you should really pass these formats to the base_format argument of bookdown::pdf_book instead of the other way around. See

  • For output formats acm_article(), acs_article(), ams_article(), mnras_article(), the csl file should be specified as a top-level option in the YAML header of the document (this has been done in the R Markdown templates). It is no longer specified automatically by the output format functions.

  • The function ctex_template() was removed. If you need to use a custom LaTeX template for the ctex output format, just use the template option under ctex.

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