0.12.0 Release Announcement

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The SDDM team is proud to announce the release 0.12.0 of SDDM, the Simple Desktop Display Manager.

SDDM is made possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Hawaii, KDE and LXDE projects, as well as the help and contributions from dozens of other developers.

This release features working Wayland sessions for the first time, but the greeter is still running on Xorg. This means that you will be able to login into a Wayland desktop environment without problems however the greeter screen still depends on X11.

Release notes:

  • BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE: SDDM now depends on Qt >= 5.3
  • BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE: Display setup script is now killed if it hasn't finished within 30 seconds.
  • LICENSING: The Maldives non-free background has been replaced by a CC-BY-SA alternative
  • WAYLAND: Wayland sessions support
  • CONFIG: New sddm.conf option XephyrPath (defaults to /usr/bin/Xephyr)
  • CONFIG: new sddm.conf option ServerArguments (defaults to -nolisten tcp)
  • CONFIG: new sddm.config option DisplayStopCommand (executes Xstop)
  • THEMES: Assorted improvements to the default theme
  • BUGFIX: Honor TryExec in Xsession desktop files
  • BUGFIX: Fix session startup on zsh
  • BUILD: Allow setting a custom DBUS_CONFIG_FILENAME at compile time
  • BUILD: Allow SYSTEMD_SYSTEM_UNIT_DIR to be overridden at compile time
  • BUILD: Allow QT_IMPORTS_DIR to be overridden at compile time
  • BUILD: No longer hardcode min/max UIDs, allow setting UID_MIN and UID_MAX at compile time
  • BUILD: Assorted FreeBSD fixes
  • BUILD: Fix build warnings with Qt 5.5.
  • I18N: Added Arabic, contributed by Safa Alfulaij
  • I18N: Added Hungarian, contributed by @mortein79
  • I18N: Various i18n updates and improvements
  • I18N: Full right-to-left languages support.

The list of changes is also available in our CHANGELOG file: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/blob/v0.12.0/ChangeLog

The SDDM team is working very hard towards SDDM 1.0.0. Want to help us? Want to join us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our Github tracker: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues

The 0.12.0 sources are hosted on Github. Please see the "INSTALL" file for build instructions. https://github.com/sddm/sddm/releases/tag/v0.12.0

We would like to thank the following developers for their contributions to this release:

Pier Luigi Fiorini, Dāvis, Jerome Leclanche, Leonardo, Alberto Milone, David Edmundson, Jonathan Marten, José Pedro Arvela, Nikolay Amiantov, leuqarte, Alexander Potashev, Andrea Scarpino, Andreas Müller, B. Jacquot, Eric Koegel, Gabriel Martinez, Harald Sitter, Jiachen Yang, Mario Young, Mathieu Jobin, Robert Xu, SafaAlfulaij, Shinjo Park, Simon Clemente, Stefan Majewsky, Sérgio Marques, Takahiro Hashimoto, Volkan Gezer, Zach Ploskey, mortein79, mscherer

Commits list:

Alberto Milone (3):

  • Add support for the DisplayStopCommand entry - link
  • src/daemon/XorgDisplayServer.cpp: wait for DisplayStopCommand to finish - link
  • Install scripts/Xstop now that the script is available - link

Alexander Potashev (1):

  • Improve Russian translation - link

Andrea Scarpino (1):

  • Update it.ts - link

Andreas Müller (1):

  • handle merge of libsystemd-journal -> libsystemd for systemd >= 209 - link

B. Jacquot (1):

  • Make the Xorg server arguments configurable - link

David Edmundson (3):

  • Replace signal handling method of detecting X startup with FD method - link
  • Don't set the DISPLAY environment to the process that starts the dislay. - link
  • Don't pass a display ID to X, let X figure out what ID to use - link

Dāvis (7):

  • Add Latvian flag - link
  • Revert "Fix login with UTF-8 user names" - link
  • Implement /etc/locale.conf support - link
  • Insert only those environment variables which does exist. - link
  • Always use QString::fromLocal8Bit for strings from POSIX API - link
  • Add Latvian translation - link
  • Add info about user icons permissions - link

Eric Koegel (1):

  • ConsoleKit2 support for system actions - link

Gabriel Martinez (1):

  • Check for TryExec in $PATH if it is not absolute - link

Harald Sitter (1):

  • allow changing the dbus config file name - link

Jerome Leclanche (6):

  • CMakeLists: Minor cleanups - link
  • Define UID_MIN and UID_MAX in CMake instead of hardcoding - link
  • Autodetect UID_MIN and UID_MAX from /etc/login.defs - link
  • manpages: Update default values of MinimumUid and MaximumUid - link
  • Clock: Do not hardcode date format - link
  • Add a guard against systems with broken /etc/login.defs - link

Jiachen Yang (1):

  • Pulles in LC_TIME env variable on greeter start - link

Jonathan Marten (2):

  • Honour TryExec in X session desktop files - link
  • Allow SYSTEMD_SYSTEM_UNIT_DIR to be overidden - link

José Pedro Arvela (2):

  • Make PasswordBox follow user set height. - link
  • Add radius support to TextBox and PasswordBox - link

Leonardo (5):

  • Provid the role 'needsPassword' in UserModel - link
  • Add a new showPassword property in PictureBox - link
  • Make PasswordBox disappear if showPassword is set to true - link
  • Add a text to replace PasswordBox when it should not appear - link
  • Set showPassword according to needsPassword role in maui theme - link

Mario Young (1):

  • Add spanish translation - link

Mathieu Jobin (1):

  • should there be a problem with the sddm user, be more verbose instead of normal exit. - link

Nikolay Amiantov (2):

  • Allow to specify QT_IMPORTS_DIR - link
  • Add XephyrPath option instead of hardcoded string - link

Pier Luigi Fiorini (51):

  • Add Arabic translation - link
  • Start adding next release highlights - link
  • ChangeLog: Remove empty line - link
  • Set PAM_XDISPLAY only if defined - link
  • Include random to fix FreeBSD builds - link
  • Fix session startup with zsh - link
  • Add russian translation improvements to ChangeLog - link
  • Replace maldives non-free background with a CC-BY-SA alternative - link
  • Focus password fields on click rather than on hover - link
  • Clarify that default values are used when sddm.conf is not available - link
  • List Wayland sessions on the greeter - link
  • Add a note about needsPassword role and shadow - link
  • Read session desktop entries with Session and pass it upon login - link
  • Run Wayland sessions through the wayland-session script - link
  • Don't set X authority for Wayland user sessions - link
  • Save user session errors to ~/.wayland-errors for Wayland sessions - link
  • Set DISPLAY environment variable only for X11 sessions - link
  • Set pam items depending on session type - link
  • Set up new VT for Wayland sessions - link
  • Create X authorization after the Xorg server is started - link
  • Add new platformTheme key to themes - link
  • Update change log with platformTheme - link
  • Wait for display setup script no more than 30s - link
  • Reload configuration after display setup script - link
  • Update change log - link
  • Pass more locale variables to the greeter - link
  • Update change log - link
  • Add make dist target - link
  • Build with Qt 5.4.1 and cmake 3.3.0 - link
  • Remove Canonical repo for Qt - link
  • Use gcc 4.8 as C compiler - link
  • Create a window per screen - link
  • Honor the screen available geometry - link
  • Add badges - link
  • Support RTL languages - link
  • Simplify RTL detection - link
  • Mirror image buttons with right-to-left languages - link
  • Do not force -nolisten tcp - link
  • Update the man page for ServerArguments - link
  • Update sddm.conf man page date - link
  • Update ChangeLog - link
  • Update README.md - link
  • Add NVIDIA Prime notes - link
  • Update mail map - link
  • Update contributors list - link
  • Fix login with UTF-8 user names - link
  • Add template for release notes - link
  • Improve script for release notes - link
  • man: Fix DisplayStopCommand default value - link
  • Fix PasswdBackend build - link
  • Update ChangeLog - link
  • Bump version to 0.12.0 - link

Robert Xu (1):

  • wait for the display script to complete - link

SafaAlfulaij (1):

  • Update Arabic translation - link

Shinjo Park (1):

  • Update Korean translations - link

Simon Clemente (1):

  • Correcting small typo in TextConstants.qml - link

Stefan Majewsky (1):

  • enable QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII - link

Sérgio Marques (1):

  • Portuguese language update - link

Takahiro Hashimoto (1):

  • Handle QtMsgType in Qt5.5 or later correctly - link

Volkan Gezer (1):

  • minor fixes on Turkish translation - link

Zach Ploskey (1):

leuqarte (2):

  • add comma-separation note for HideUsers... - link
  • cleanup - link

mortein79 (1):

  • Add Hungarian translation - link

mscherer (1):

  • Fix one last typo - link
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