An awesome collection of Solitaire games for Python. This is an unofficial clone of the Subversion repository, in order to maintain some brances with improvements.
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PySol Fan Club edition

This is a collection of Card Solitaire/Patience games written in Python. See .

This is a maintenace branch of PySol FC by Shlomi Fish and by some other people, aiming to clean up the code, add features, fix bugs, port to Python 3, etc.

Build Status






Running from source without installation.

You can run from the source directory:

$ python

After following steps similar to this one (on Mageia Linux ):

$ sudo urpmi git # urpmi is similar to apt-get
$ git clone
$ cd PySolFC
$ git checkout shlomif--main-branch--master
$ sudo urpmi tkinter
$ sudo urpmi pygtk2
$ sudo urpmi pygtk2.0-libglade
$ sudo urpmi gnome-python-canvas
$ gmake test
$ ln -s html-src html
$ ln -s data/images images
$ tar -xvf PySolFC-Cardsets-2.0.tar.bz2 # Need to be downloaded from sourceforge
$ mkdir -p ~/.PySolFC
$ rmdir ~/.PySolFC/cardsets
$ ln -s ~/.PySolFC/cardsets PySolFC-Cardsets-2.0
$ python

Configuring Freecell Solver

If you want to use the Solver, you should configure freecell-solver ( ) by passing the following options to its CMake-based build-system: -DMAX_NUM_FREECELLS=8 -DMAX_NUM_STACKS=20 -DMAX_NUM_INITIAL_CARDS_IN_A_STACK=60 (or edit config.h)

Install Extras.