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Meeting text:

Welcome to our GSoC 2014 celebration meeting.

We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their kick-ass work, we are extremely excited about the results this year and think that all project made significant contributions to Shogun. The community of our little ML project is ever growing, and we really hope that a few of you guys will stay around afterwards -- you are MORE than welcome. Any form of contribution is welcome: extending your/other projects, fixing bugs in your/other projects, writing more examples, blog posts, release help.


  • Project summaries (please every student/mentor pair generate some 3-5 sentences that summaries the project, including links to notebooks/examples/etc
  • Blog posts about GSoC
  • Release
  • What next?

Blog posts:

We would like to encourage everyone of you to blog about GSoC. This is a great way for us to get publicity. It helps us doing the GSoC again next year: It helps us getting in, it makes more students apply, etc. We would be EXTREMELY thankful if you could produce something this week. It does not have to be super polished - just write about your experience, and present some of your work. We would like to collect all posts and reference from a big one that we are writing. The plan is to get it featured at See also the github issue


We aim for a release ASAP to put all your great work to the world (really important, and cool 8-) ). For that, we need your help. First, make sure your project is in a release-able state (people will judge you on the quality of your work, so better clean again ;) ). Second, we got a list of things to solve for the release that are general minor (and major) issues all around Shogun. Feel free to help us hacking on any of those. Here is a list Also this means: FEATURE FREEZE until we release. Please do not send patches that extend Shogun before release, but rather fix some open problem. We count on you :)

What next?

Stammtisch: We would love to get the Stammtisch going again. This is every Monday evening, and everyone is welcome to talk about Shogun, and other things. I will send emails about this. It would be great if you guys would hang out and if we get a discussion going on a regular basis.

Finally, GSoC brought a few things to light, that would be great to continue working on. In particular, the linalg framework would be a great great improvement if being used globally in all Shogun. Everyone could help pushing this via adding new operations to the interface, and using them from algorithms. I will soon add github issues on this. Any other thoughts ideas? What do you think are things that would be good to work on this winter?

If there are no other points, we would like to heartly thank you all again for your great work. We love you all and hopefully see you around :) Meeting is closed.