Meeting 1

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date: August 8, 2013

IRC Logs:

  1. Developer meeting organization

    • Every month
    • Take turns in organization. Organization involves setting up doodle, set up topics, lead meeting and write this documentation afterwards
    • Next one: @wiking
  2. Doc-Sprint application

    • @karlnapf wrote a draft, everyone should read and tune unit tomorrow
    • Try to be less mathy, more general this time
  3. CMake

    • Now merged, usable
    • @lisitsyn will update the README so that everyone know how to do things
    • Debian packages still need some hacking
    • @wiking is great
  4. Shogun foundation

    • @sonney2k sends Heiko the list with signatures
    • @HeikoS will write a protocol of the founding process
    • @iglesias will set up a voting for the leader once Heiko collected all adresses
    • @sonney2k will take everything and bring it to a Notar in Germany