Sergey Lisitsyn

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Email: irc: lisitsyn


Occupation: Software engineer at Yandex in Moscow, Russia. Interests: machine learning applied to real problems, beautiful code and building tools and libraries


I've been involved with Shogun since GSoC 2011 with the next stop at GSoC 2012 and consequent two years being a mentor. As a student I've been working on dimensionality reduction and multitask learning with the help of Christian Widmer. Since 2013 I am helping to mentor various GSoC projects of Shogun.

Ask him about

  • Anything about C++, Java, distributed things and other software engineering deals - I am in
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • If you have any ideas how to improve user experience with Shogun
  • Anything else about Shogun - I can either help or guide you to someone helpful