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At first would like to thank the creator of the game and all modders whose mods i used.

The idea to create this project, appeared after using other modpacks, in which I didn't like a game balance. Some of its mods greatly simplify the gameplay, making it soon not interesting. The main idea of the Rimworld to overcome difficulties that you'll encounter when landing on the planet... The more problems you will have, the more interesting it will be your story... You have a goal, a heavy goal - to survive. It make Rimworld worth replaying again and again...

Main focus based on the growing complexity of the gameplay. Trying to achieve greater..Maximally immerse the player into gameplay and stay there for a long time. More than 100 research are waiting. When you start playing, you immediately understand everything... Campfire welcomes you.

This project support English, Russian Spanish and Korean language. Using additional mods (not included in the project) is not recommended.

Cheat Sheet Known Compatible Optional Mods

Feel free to join us on our Discord Server! (Validated Account Required)

Project launcher:


  • Update hardcore sk project in some clicks!
  • Optional update Modconfig if needed.
  • Ability to select to launch game via Steam or from a direct path.
  • Ability to check for new updates at startup.
  • Ability to update hardcore sk project with using downloaded github master tree archive (if launcher for some reason couldn't download itself).


  • If the game was installed for the first time, you need to start before updating HSK. (The game at startup generates configuration files).
  • .Net Framework 4.5 (goes by default since Windows 8. There is no support for Windows XP and previously released OS).

Download installer:

Manual installation:

  1. Go to the folder you installed the game in. (gamefolder)
    Delete all mods inside your Rimworld\Mods\ folder except "Core".

  2. Open up the downloaded Hardcore sk project .zip file. Extract everything in the Hardcore-SK-master\Mods\ folder into your Rimworlds\Mods\ folder, and overwrite any files if prompted.

  3. Go to:

For Windows users:

  • C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config
  • windows button + R -> the Run dialog will appear
  • type %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow -> this will open the appdata folder

For Linux users:

  • /home/your user name/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/Config

For Mac users:

  • /Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/RimWorld/Config

Delete all the files that exist in that folder.

And copy "ModsConfig.xml", which is at the root of the archive modpack.

  1. Check mods in the game. Switch Language if needed. Play!

  2. Have fun

RimWorld ReShade Guide:

When a lot of people hear of ReShade, first thought often comes to games in 3D space, such as PUBG and Skyrim. However, ReShade is versatile enough to work with games even like Rimworld and have stunning results. Learn more:

A big thank you to the Patreons! ( , in no particular order.)
Szara Kryik, Makzilla, Schio, GuiltyHollow, ErdTod, Soi, Tie, Zachary F, Fsempri, Andrey, Dudok22, Hoouin K, PuffTheMagicDragon, PatchDotExe, Cawi, XLegionX007, НечтоХрустящее, Kristijan, sKeptr, White Sonja, Esterior, Igor Barbarossa, Kiko20, Ky6000, NiciusB, plenumolog, томαѕz.

HCSK 6.0 SK Team:
Main dev. - Skyarkhangel
Co-ordinator - Rhyssia, Adenia
Discord stuff - Dzeniba, Ziemens, MightyGooga, GG, Sidfu, AnotherFireFox, Flonz, Szara Kryik
Artists - Abhay, Qwe, EtherDreamer, Owlchemist
Coders - NotFood, Void, Zachary F
XML modders - Sidfu, Owlchemist, Freijie
Guide Writers - Murdantiks, Adenia, Soyaman, Tombomcbombo
Translators - Rey, Ivanzyfer, FaHT1k, mora145, totobrother, Desert Rain

Special Thanks to:
SpoonShortage, Mrofa, Fluffy, Zhentar, Brrainz, Dubwise, Erdelf, Fotos, Greeny, Hunt3rKill3r, Lambert2191, Vursteen, Tuvia, Dunkhan, jnkyacc, Jalordon, Varmonger, funs777, olizit, Quelling, pongvin, zachary-foster, funs777, lex1975, evgeny-k, Moon, Leiarr.
And to anyone else we might have missed!


The content of all individual mods is licensed under their respective licenses.

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