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@hermes-bot hermes-bot released this Aug 8, 2019 · 59 commits to master since this release

🎉 Thanks for downloading Patchwork! 🎉


Getting started

If this is your first time on Scuttlebutt you may need an invite to get connected. After installing Patchwork and choosing your name you should select the Join Pub button. You'll need to get a pub invite, paste it into the prompt, and select Redeem invite.

You can find more information in the Getting Started Guide.



  • Developer script to output release notes (#1095)
  • Documentation for which versions of Node we can support (#1115)
  • Esperanto translation (#1126)
  • Option to delete feeds from blocked authors (#1026)
  • Traditional Chinese translation (#1130)


  • Encode emoji as unicode character instead of :shortcode (#1105)
  • Switch input textarea font from monospace to sans-serif (#1120)
  • Refactor to remove unused code (#1122)
  • Increase size of emoji in helper (#1139)
  • Upgrade JavaScript dependencies (#1141)


  • Fixed corners of avatar images in private messages not matching up (#1075)
  • Spanish typo for public messages (#1113)
  • Bug where gathering was showing as "private" in preview (#1131)
  • Mistranslations in Simplified Chinese (#1137)


🤔 Any questions? Check out the Scuttlebutt FAQ!

🆘 Need help? Please create an issue!

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