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Youtube client in terminal for music ( lightweight youtube client )


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Listen to music from youtube inside terminal with sleek tui

Ytui-music Search Result


  1. Download latest binary from release page. If binary is not available for your platform, head on to build from source

  2. Give it executable permission and from downloaded directory, in shell:

ytui_music run
  1. You may need to jump to Usage Guide


Ytui-music depends on mpv and youtube-dl. You may refer to the official websites of mpv and youtube-dl.

If you have choco for windows or brew in mac or one of popular package manager in Linux you may run:

- Windows (In powershell or cmd)

choco install mpv youtube-dl

- Mac

brew install mpv youtube-dl

- Debian/Ubuntu Derivatives

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -y youtube-dl libmpv1 libmpv-dev

For other distributions, install youtube-dl and mpv packages in your preferred methods

Before running ytui-music

Before you start with ytui-music, make sure that the following directory exists and that you have write permission to ytui-music in order to save configuration file.


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming or anv var {FOLDERID_RoamingAppData}


/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support or $HOME/Library/Application Support


$HOME/.config/ or /home/<username>/.config or env var $XDG_CONFIG_HOME

Building from Source

Ytui-music is written entirely in Rust and building it from source is dead simple. All you have to do is download source, install rust and build with cargo.

  1. Installing rust. Head to Rust installation. It is basically doing
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
  1. Get the source code. You can download from the archives or use git clone:
git clone
  1. cd into source root and do:
cargo build --all --release
  1. The compiled binary is located in target/release/ directory. Copy the ytui_music binary and place it somewhere where it is easy to run. Preferrably under $PATH.
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/local/bin/ytui_music ytui_music $PWD/target/release/ytui_music 1
  1. Ytui-music is now ready to fire. Head over to usage


ytui-music is single binary so it shouldn't be difficult to run. Just make sure you have installed the required dependencies.

Run ytui-music

ytui_music run

Show help message

ytui_music help

Show current configured shortcuts

ytui_music info shortcuts

Show version information

ytui_music infor version


  1. Press / to go to search box
  2. Type
    • music:Bartika Eam Rai to search only for music result for query "Bartika Eam Rai"
    • playlist:Soft pop hits to search only for playlist for query "Soft pop hits"
    • artist:Bibash Jk to search only for artist for query "Bibash Jk"
    • Coding music to search all of playlist, music and artist at once for query "Coding music"
  3. Press Enter key


  • Use Left arrow or Backspace for backward and Right arrow or Tab key for forward to move between Sidebar, Musicbar, Playlistbar and Artistbar
  • Use Up arrow or Down arrow to move up or down in the list which will highlight the list item
  • Press Enter key to select an item

Playback control

  • Press Space key to pause/unpause the playback
  • Press s key to toggle suffle/unsuffle
  • Press r key to repeat single or all item in playlist
  • Press > for forward and < for backward playback seek
  • Press CTRL+n for next and CTRL+p to change track


  1. Highlight the item you want to download. Currently downloading of music and playlist is supported.
  2. Press CTRL+d to download the selection


  • Press CTRL+c to quit ytui-music
  • If download is ongoing, press CTRL+ALT+C to force quit

Adding to favorites

  1. Highlight the item you want to add or remove from favorites
  2. Press f to add or u to remove from favorites
  3. To see your list
    • Favorite music are shown in Liked section in sidebar
    • Favorite playlists are shown in My playlist section in sidebar
    • Favorite artists are shown in Following section in sidebar


This is what ytui-music looks like. It may even look better on yours. ;)

Click to see screenshots

Initial Screen Searching Music Search Results Responsive UI Music Info Playing Music