Downloading Photon OS

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For Version 1.0, Photon OS is available in a few different pre-packaged, binary formats:

  • ISO Image
  • OVA
  • Amazon AMI
  • Google GCE Image

The full ISO contains everything needed to install either the minimal or full installation of Photon OS. The bootable ISO has a manual installer or can be used with PXE/kickstart environments for automated installations.

The OVA is a pre-installed minimal environment, customized for VMware hypervisor environments. These customizations include a highly sanitized and optimized kernel to give improved boot and runtime performance for containers and Linux applications. Since an OVA is a complete virtual machine definition, we've made available a Photon OS OVA that has virtual hardware version 10 and another OVA that has virtual hardware version 11; this will allow for compatibility with several versions of VMware platforms or allow for the latest and greatest virtual hardware enhancements.

The Amazon AMI is a pre-packaged and tested version of Photon OS made ready to deploy in your Amazon EC2 cloud environment. Previously, we'd published documentation on how to create an Amazon compatible instance, but, now we've done the work for you.

Simililarly, the Google GCE image is ready to deploy in your Google Compute Engine Environment, with all modifications and package requirements for running Photon OS in GCE. The Photon OS image for the Microsoft Azure cloud will be published shortly.

Choose the download that’s right for you and click one of the links below.

Download Size sha1 checksum md5 checksum
Full ISO 2.1GB ebd4ae77f2671ef098cf1e9f16224a4d4163bad1 15aea2cf5535057ecb019f3ee3cc9d34
OVA with virtual hardware v10 292MB 8669842446b6aac12bd3c8158009305d46b95eac 3ca7fa49128d1fd16eef1993cdccdd4d
OVA with virtual hardware v11 292MB 2ee56c5ce355fe6c59888f2f3731fd9d51ff0b4d 8838498fb8202aac5886518483639073
Amazon AMI 148.5MB 91deb839d788ec3c021c6366c192cf5ac601575b fe657aafdc8189a85430e19ef82fc04a
Google GCE 411.7MB 397ccc7562f575893c89a899d9beafcde6747d7d 67a671e032996a26d749b7d57b1b1887

There are a few other ways that you could create a Photon OS instance – either making the ISO from source that’s been cloned from the GitHub Photon OS repository, using the instructions found on the GitHub repo, using the scripted installation, or boot Photon OS over a network, using PXE. These options are beyond the scope of this document. If you’re interested in these methods, follow the links provided above.